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The Practical Approach To Seeking The Kingdom | Dr. Myles Munroe

Apr 25, 2023
but today we are going to focus on the topic of how to seek the


our theme for this series is rediscovering the priority of God's priority it is very simple and that is the


of God we are going to deal with Practical






the kingdom if I told you to do something but didn't tell you how to do it then my instructions would probably be flawed so when Jesus made the Statement of God's Priority which was to seek the kingdom first I am sure he intended that we knew how to do it and I want to start by reminding ourselves of priority or priority.
the practical approach to seeking the kingdom dr myles munroe
Why are we dealing with the issue of priority? The greatest challenge in life on Earth is the complicated daily demand of choosing between competitors. alternatives for our limited time. I want you to read that sentence as you write it. This to me is the greatest challenge on Earth and it is dealing with the competing demands of the alternatives that compete for our time every day. you have to decide what clothes to wear from that closet sometimes something that takes all night because you get one dress or suit competing with the other then you move on to the shoe which is another 25 30 minutes which one do i wear because she has too many i asked my friend Mike Murdoch once when we were at a conference together.
the practical approach to seeking the kingdom dr myles munroe

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the practical approach to seeking the kingdom dr myles munroe...

I told him man, you wear black all the time. Why do you wear black all the time? going to the closet i don't waste time trying to decide what to wear i just have a suit it's black but there are so many other more important issues competing for our time which route we drive to work this morning some of you have no other route except the one you use to which meeting do I go to which invitation should I accept what do I do with my vacations where do I go on vacations there is a constant demand competing for our time I want you to write this following statement that I think will help you because that is the secret of my life and that is that life was designed to be simple, not complicated.
the practical approach to seeking the kingdom dr myles munroe
God intended life to be very simple, but for most people, simply deciding what to do on one day is difficult on the third. the point i want to give you is my solution to the problem and that is the key to simplify your life is to prioritize the key to simplify your life is to prioritize normally when the media asks me questions anywhere in the world one of the normal common questions that they come up in their interview with me because I think some of them look at my life and they see me as involving a lot of things and they are trying to figure out how it balances in their life uh uh you are a father you are a husband you are a pastor you are a brother to sisters you are a son as a father you are a civic leader you are in the media you write books you travel you speak at conferences you do all these things how you keep your balance what is the secret to doing all those things successfully and i give you three answers that took me a while to conclude i will give you my secret to balance number one prioritize number two organize a discipline number three this is how I handle it successfully the pressure of competing alternatives repeats itself and if you want to be successful you have to do this number one is to prioritize and that is number one in my life the priority protects you from doing everything the second thing is organizing once you set your priorities that means the list of the things that are important and valuable to you then you have to organize them correctly in the correct sequence so that first things first, First things first, the organization of your priorities is important, for example, you can have priority as God, family worship, work, business, cut this list, but you can put business before God and spend more time on your business than It happens with God, so even though you have your priorities, the order can be out of order, so the second is important, you have to organize your priorities, and then the third is the most important. hard discipline discipline means that once you set your priorities, you have to discipline yourself to keep each of them in order and by the way, the word discipline you might want to spell it means self-imposed restrictions discipline means self-imposed restrictions that means you impose yourself yourself certain restrictions so that you can achieve a desired goal that is discipline self-discipline therefore it is the highest order of government it is called self-government it is where you govern yourself according to your own priorities therefore the key to living life and i want you guys to listen to this please as millions of people listen to this show today around the world i tell you life is too complicated not to have priorities and the way you simplify life is prioritization what do i mean by that number of points? four identifying the correct and correct priority of life is the key to a fulfilling and successful life now i wanted to underline two words here identifying the correct and correct priority my friend listen to me you can choose priorities that are not correct for example drug dealers priority today what first is to distribute drugs kill some children that is your priority is the right priority for our nation a thief's priority is to break into your house by all means that is a thief's priority is the right priority to build our social structure as country, in other words, your priorities are not just important because they are priorities, you have to ask yourself if these are the right priorities and I have chosen the right priorities.
the practical approach to seeking the kingdom dr myles munroe
Some people's priority is to eat the first thing they want to eat. t want to pray first in the morning they want food first is the right priority the bible says seek my face every day i will get up early in the morning and seek your face some people get up early in the morning and come is combined so the Priority can be wrong, the way you succeed in life, therefore, is to not only have priorities and not only organize them, but you also have to make sure that they are the right ones, yes. Here is the final introduction.
Point Jesus identified the right priority for All humans and that is why everyone race every color every Creed every religious person watching this show and listening to this CD today or watching the DVD wherever you are or in this Sanctuary I want you to listen carefully to the identification of Jesus of the number one priority for all human beings and did not leave anyone. So if you are a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Confucian, a Scientologist or an Atheist, I don't care, according to Christ, every human being should set this priority as the highest important and the first, and what is your priority, just gave. we two priorities that are worth following these two priorities are set by God and when i saw them in my life years ago it made my life very simple the first priority is the kingdom of god seek first means priority everything else is second the second priority that he gave To all mankind is the justice of God seek first the kingdom of God and his justice after that Jesus threw all things in that beautiful said look all you have to do with your life is have two things on top and everything else, you don't have to search wow, he said, look, I want you to spend your energy, your time, your concern with two things, one, the kingdom of God, towards the justice of God, in our last session we dealt with justice is very important and the kingdom. first of all, what is the kingdom, what does it mean to pursue the kingdom, to seek the number one kingdom, a kingdom is the ruling influence of Heaven on Earth, a kingdom is a government with a domain, so when he said Kingdom of Heaven , is saying the government of a place called Heaven he says seek first the ruling influence of Heaven on Earth seek that first in your work in your home in your business in your body in your investments in your children in your occupation in your hobbies in your vacation he said whatever you do look for the influence of Heaven on Earth in that area first and then he says justice justice means correct alignment or correct position with the government Authority that is what that word means does not mean to wear a long dress and a turban with an upside down caller and a cross in the pocket the word fair simply means right standing with authority or right standing with authority said two things that are important in life and that's all that is important in life says only two things one you seek the influence of God on Earth and two seek to remain in the right position with that government, everything else he says will be added to it, everything else will be added to it, everything else will be added to it, what two things we are supposed to see number one, say it out loud the kingdom of God what is the second thing to look for then what is God's priority the kingdom and justice what is God's priority the kingdom and what is right what are they God's priority say it out loud everyone what are God's priorities the kingdom and justice that's all he never says look for something else he said and everything after that we will look for you.
I don't think we understand it yet. I'm telling you, I don't think we understand it yet. I beg you to listen to this simple message. The last few months I have felt overwhelmed. things looking for me only last week remember that I told you last Sunday I told you that this week you are going to overflow if you receive the message and look for it I tell you friends it happened to me the next day on Monday Monday of this week you guys I will learn it later God It will, but some things happened to me on Monday.
I just preached on Sunday and the things I was trying to do for the ministry found me. angry at God and I said God it's a new year and I won't play anymore I said God you have to get your act together look I've been prophesying and prophesying telling these people you're going to do some things I said God I want you to show yourself strong he said just seek my kingdom what are god's two priorities what are god's priorities it's not that simple it's incredible god's priority let's read matthew chapter 6 i identify yours and then i identify his let's identify yours first matthew chapter 6 started like this in this speech verse 25 read aloud therefore leaving aloud that's why I tell you don't worry or look for your life what you will eat or what you will drink on your body what you will wear is not Life is more important than food.
Are you kidding? We're Bahamians, man. We work eight hours a day to eat. We work eight hours a day to buy clothes. We even skip church to get food. We took a second job. lunch meeting excuse me but I'm just a teacher I'm not bothering anyone you're too young to be tired you're retired you can't even come to worship comfortably because you're tired because you're working too hard for food too tired to worship I can't go to church this tomorrow man I'm tired I need Sunday to rest can you imagine people tell me that and I'm thinking who gave you the job that is tiring you don't worry about the food near a quiet house he didn't say you were irresponsible you know he says don't be your priorities said life is not more important than food and drink and close you know we all like to look good i think i can see you obviously look they look good everyone looks good but its amazing if ever receive this Revelation, they never spend more on themselves than they spend on God, see when, when you get hit, all your priorities change, it's easy for you, maybe maybe write a check for a 200 dress and then put twenty dollars in today's sale easy for some people don't think about it they look for the smallest build in their bag and their wallet and when they were shopping for the shoe the other day 160 snake leather they had no problem and god is saying i'm not first where whatever your treasure is that's where your heart is seek first is more important here is your answer but seek first the kingdom of God and his justice and what happened all these things will be added to you he didn't even say you have to go find them your Priority should not be things Your priorities should be a place and a foreign position Your priority should not be things and should not be people It should be a place Heaven and a position Righteousness Listen I don't care what you say about what I am saying God will get right I tell you he will prove you right cause too many people are killing themselves working themselves to death getting old fast and when they're done getting all the car and house and land and clothes they die and someone else moves into the house where his clothes drive the car no wonder why solomon says it is useless for man to work hard and another man reap his harvest therefore he says he ends the whole book saying there is only one thing man it must be consumed, but he says it is loving God and keeping his law and this is the law right there.
I know some of you have experienced people dying around you and you see your stuff. going to other people and you and you and me still killing each other just following them right in their path just going along with it the greatest legacy to live by is something more important than your house and that's a life that drew people into the kingdom of god two things seek the kingdom and its justice what is our priority in life so let's go Kingdom first that was the kingdom first say it loud Kingdom first Say never the kingdom is first say neighbor again the kingdom is first I will come in the face telling lies the kingdom is first hit them on the shoulder red light and say the kingdom is first take the neighbor the kingdom first say it again the kingdom first whatis for us the kingdom what comes first the kingdom what comes first what comes first in your life what comes first in your life what comes first in your life what comes first in your life since the day henceforth what is going to be the first thing in your life what is the first thing in your life what is the first thing in your life what is the first thing in your life add everything you need for yourself the blessings of God make you rich and do not add to it sadness the kingdom of God is the number one priority of God there is no doubt about it, therefore we must dedicate ourselves to the study, the search and the understanding of the Kingdom that must be our priority and we must do everything in our power to obey whatever it is that allows us to be right with God there are two verses I want you to write down these exploded in my mind last night on the way home polluted two words and be thirsty say seek and be thirsty now he said seek first the kingdom and then seek the justice listen to Christ in Matthew 6 32 he said but seek first the kingdom of God and his justice and everything will be added to you then in Matthew 5 6 it says blessed are those who hunger and thirst for what justice what is justice correct position with God says that of the same way you seek the kingdom you must thirst for correct position first it is a natural experience first it does not have to be created within your body the thirst is automatic it is natural that means there comes a time in your life when your body stops working because needs fluid then your body starts to crave desire to chase fluid the bible says that should happen to you spiritually when it comes to me I want to be right with God.
I just have to be right with God. I can't have anything between me and God. correct positioning is like a thirst which means that you don't casually seek the correct position it is supposed to be a passion so strong that it takes over your whole life like a thirst look at those words if you thirst for justice opposition you say if you want to be poorly positioned you I will position you are still not doing it right God listens if you are interested in doing the right thing God is not going to help you if you have a casual desire to do something right to please God God says you are interested how many you have been doing wrong but thinking it is wrong and you should be doing something right but you're doing it wrong it's your time to sin i mean this is not right you know it's possible to actually be doing wrong knowing it's not right right and thinking right he said i'll position you when the positioning is become your only passion like a thirst how badly you want to be right how badly you want to be right how bad some of us have it in God, you know, I'm slowly starting to realize that after 37 years.
I start to learn one thing about God and that is that God knew everything. churches remember i love you lord lord say you love me and scratch love me and think of food love me think of london he said look i know he said look you are hungry for me you came here like a desperate child look at that verse again blessed are those who are hungry and first after justice which is justice i want to be in the right position have you ever cried to be in the right position oh god dont let me do anything today to disturb me in the government i pray oh god i will do anything to be right with your government, what a prayer, let nothing come between you and me today, what a prayer he said, if you do that, you will be full of foreign justice, how much you want to do right, how much you want to be right how much you want to do what pleases God and like jesus jesus was no different from you he was a man he was god in the flesh he was spirit in the body that is what you are and he had to live under the laws of the planet and jesus said i cry he says i only do what pleases my father says and because my father likes my father nothing will deny me thanks for the poor hand listen to me jesus said look at this he the disciples came one day they said teacher oh I have a little load this morning sorry listen said teacher they said teacher we didn't buy lunch food food food food we didn't buy lunch they told him food food food food sea grapes food food food a lot of this restaurant food food food food food turkey waiting at the stove for food grilling full full food we don't buy nuts we have to go to lunch we have to go to lunch they told you they told jesus this is in the bible they said jesus we don't have lunch food food food his answer you missed this answer and i'm learning his answer more and more so i'm starting to see how blessed you can be if you just do what it says align said said said Are you talking about food? says Regis.
Don't worry about the food. He says. Are you talking about food? Look at this. quoting he said my food oh jesus in other words when i eat physical food that's a distraction my food is to do my father's will i can hear an amen at least i can hear another amen he said look if i seek to do his what does that mean? Whatever aligns me with him. That is more important than eating. In fact, it may require you not to eat like fasting. Can you fast some friendships so you can spend time with God? miss prayer meeting i have to go to rotary right on time but i will miss worship listen nothing wrong with rotary you know i have some problems with the lord thing but nothing wrong with rotary but what he is saying is what is your priority to which you pay your dues to the Key Club and do not give offerings, what are your priorities? you want to align with me do my will and you will remain righteous and then he says god will deny no good to those who walk upright no good whatever everyone says things he said the way you get things is by positioning yourself not running after them we are still in the Shallow Waters of the Kingdom but i'm believing with all my heart this is my prayer i pray for you all the time my prayer is that God will have a group of people that will fascinate the Earth because they can't explain why they are so rich so rich so healthy so confident so passionate so satisfied that the whole world is going to come and look at them and say how you did it stand like this and you got two answers Kingdom and justice clap your hands tell me what will happen tell me say it can happen to me the day is coming and you're going to pay your phone bill with the mouth of a fish I'm surprised what's going to happen Christ says the kingdom of God is God's priority Matthew 5 3 blessed are the pornographic spirits because theirs is the kingdom of God he said if you are spiritually poor you go after the kingdom Matthew in Luke 16 16 says that the law and the prophets were preached until John the Baptist came, but from John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of God is being preached.
I thought you should be preaching and he says, and everyone is making their way to him. and they're doing all sorts of things to try to find it that's why they're in their religion their religion is their attempt to find the kingdom but they can't find their religion that's why religion is such a depressing thing to most people including Christianity The christianity is not the kingdom it is a religion that is why you can beat christianity and still not be satisfied and not have the success that god intended because religion can never replace the kingdom so buddhism hinduism Hinduism, Scientology, Christianity and all the Rastafarians, all those things he says. all of that is man forcing his way trying to find it they are doing things to try to get it because they are missing the kingdom their spirit is hungry they are malnourished they are spiritually poor and he says the only solution to their spiritual poverty is the kingdom you are praying for me right now Jesus identifies with all humanity is looking for is the kingdom of God now look at Luke chapter 9 verse 57.
I want to show you what I call Set your priorities says as they walked on the road a man told him I will follow you wherever you go and jesus said foxes have dens birds of the air have nests but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head now what this man is talking about is he from the bahamas i am sure he is a bahamian and he says to jesus i will follow you wherever wherever you go you have convinced me you are a good man you feed the hungry you raise the dead you heal the sick i like you i will follow you wherever you go look at me look at me this is important jesus heard this man but he knew the man man I knew he was from the Bahamas or Jamaica or Barbados I'm going to Trinidad this guy was definitely from Guyana South America maybe he was absolutely from Haiti.
I'm sure he was from America oh definitely America the number one American here because Jesus knows man is looking for things read the next verse he says I know why you won't follow me. you're looking for a house looking for a car you want me to bless you with food and clothes he said let me start by telling you that i won't give you anything because i don't even have any of them so you go out and look at the verse he said in the first place let me clear the air right now i don't sleep anywhere i don't have anywhere to sleep you still want to follow me i was destroying the desire for things huh yell i was destroying your prayer list oh god i need a house oh god i need a car he said look look you don't follow me for things, oh, you want to follow him now, listen, how many times have you heard people say: give your life to Jesus. house bless you with a safe car that's Medina sure Madea sure will bless you but a cave said The bird has nests people have holes they live in you won't follow me I don't sleep anywhere he destroyed religion that's motivated by things, let me ask you a question why did you come here this morning don't answer quickly think of being blessed or just to know his kingdom Why did you come here this morning what motivated you for him to relieve you of a phone bill? your mortgage is two months behind, can you?
I have to go to church today, son, because God has to do a miracle. Look, your motivation is wrong. My business is not doing well. calls i have to go to church believe god they don't come here for that come here just to learn how to stay in position i want to stay in position i have to meet kingdom hearts if you do that it says i'll fix your business but don't come here for your business come here for my kingdom clap your hands loudly everyone is a kingdom we want you to talk friends he destroyed this man it gets worse another man came and a man you know jesus said uh do you want to follow me this time christ started the conversation do you want to follow me isn't he a man?
He is definitely from Baytown but the man replied Lord first oh now there is another first that Jesus has sought you out first the man has a different first he is the first to leave I go and bury my father Now ladies and gentlemen nothing could be more important than enduring your dad's crisis and enduring your mom's crisis. I don't even care about that when it comes to the foreign kingdom. Now listen, he's not disrespectful, he's just positioning you. he said, look, you want to pay for the funeral, it's better that you find yourself seven thousand is a lot of money, your mom doesn't continue and the bill for you, it's better that you find yourself so you can pay for the funeral home, there's someone here, he's telling you that there is something more important than even death in your family seek my kingdom i buried my mother uh she lay right here in a meeting right here i remember standing here preaching and touching the coffin i mean and Sherry was singing her a song on a coffin i love my mother but she left i have to see the kingdom for myself she was the king everyone said get over it said look Barry your mom is not more important than seeking the kingdom actually let's read the verse again Luke 9 6 Jesus told him he said look at this look at the answer Let the dead bury their own dead but you go and Proclaim the kingdom of God is here he says your mom left but the kingdom is still here that's the good news the parents leave but the Kingdom still here and you do not live in your father you live in the kingdom you do not live in your mother you live in the kingdom he says you live in a kingdom that is your priority look at the next verse another one says I will do it I follow you Lord but first let me come back say goodbye to my family let me be respectful before joining God Jesus answers no one put his hand to the plow that means he decides to come to my kingdom and follow me look back if he does he is unfit for kingdom service if he you say to god today if i want to give you my life but i'll do it after i come back and cut it off with my girlfriend you know cut it off my ex having a talk about the person i'm surprising myself with, see if i can work things out then i'll come and give him my life to Jesus, he said, you are not worthy of anyone, you put before my kingdom is an idol if you listen to his voice today. don't go see things first before you make up your mind he says you do it now what is the test of your priority luke 18 28 we have to read this peter told him sir i'm just going to bfm i dropped everything to continue you listen to everything you have luck i left some friends i like i will not go with them yet but just because i want to impress you god i will give it to you my friends lord i left them all good chances for business to become a believer sir i left to work in that place to be able to become a believer Lord, I give up you know that relationship because and all these things that we say we give up look at his response he says I tell you the truth Pedro no one who says it loud no one says neighbor that is that you are you no one who has left a home or awife or siblings or parents or children for my sake and the kingdom of god will stop receiving oh i'm getting excited now you give them yours enlightened host said are you crazy? you would receive many times more when when i can't hear you when when this life this life listens that destroys the religion i used to be in called christianity that said i have a robe you have a rule all of god's children have a rule the way means they know clothes beautiful when I get to heaven I'm going to put on the tunic I walk all over God's heaven I have a shoe you have to shoot I have a house you have a house all of that now that song they will say was still written by slaves It was written in the fields of Cotton in the Caribbean I'm in Carolina and I'm in Florida I'm in Louisiana was written with slaves in front of a white master and they saw the master drove his nice and beautiful carriage and they saw that the master wore fine clothes and had rags and were barefoot and both served God because the master taught them about Jesus and the master told them that their job is to be my slave right now but later if you are a good slave you will have my carriage you will get the clothes that I have you will get the shoes that I have and so the slave believing with the master taught him about God that God will bless him after I wrote the song.
I have a roll. The teacher has a rule. All the children of God, me and the children of the teacher. The mass is Children of God. I am God animating. where does the song come from i get my shoes when i get to heaven read the verse christ says you dont have to wait for heaven to have no shoes and not just a pair how many now let me say this friends listen to me i beg you to listen to me this is i know somebody he said I think Pastor Miles doesn't want to serve tanks I want you to get too many things You don't have space to put them but you don't chase them you have a house and you say you're leaving it for god's sake god says you're crazy the one you have is mine and the other 20 I won't give them to you to rent so you have a lot of money it's also mine but since you are so B but you won the ten I give them miles they never know full of my house they don't say don't worry my house this they give a big compliment to their houses he says look yes You are looking for my kingdom I will give you not just one house I will give you many houses look at the list I like the list if you leave home I will give you many many times more in this life he is not in the light to get together everything resolved but he said that he also comes in this life check this out if you get a wife that's a bit tricky it says if you give up your wife for the sake of the Kingdom in other words you put the kingdom in front of your wife before your wife he told you I will give many more wives what are you talking about he says look I will bless you with so many people to take care of you not sexually but they will serve you you will think they are your wife I think I am buying bring your cookies bake cake for you they can buy you things they can bless you you can go omg everyone loves me brothers he says you don't have any brothers come into the kingdom i give you so many brothers some of you men feel that no one cares about you and you feel alone and you have no brothers in the lord you will have brothers in the family and you feel lonely he said look seek the kingdom give your brother company you never dreamed you had sisters you have no girls to be your friend no lady be your friend you have no girls to be you know you are you are your friend he said that first you see the kingdom I give you sisters you can't even count God is telling us he will give us parents when you lose one I'll give you five that means a citizen of the kingdom will never be an orphan every time one dies they give you a little more your father dies you gives parents mother died and if your mother is alive but not living well God will give you many mothers right there in the Kingdom your alcoholic father God said to give you good parents around you you seek my kingdom I give you ten men to be your parents there is no excuse to go wrong in life if you seek the kingdom then he says children all those children today are our children can you imagine some of those children came home where they had never been? some of them some of them leave I heard the boy this morning we are doing the worship he had and I say where is your dad he said he left where is your mom she left so I hugged him they took him to church so he father I was waiting for him right in the house of the Lord he said if you seek the kingdom I will give you children the child you hugged this morning was a very important gift from God I want to finish this morning on what he says about children in the kingdom the priority of the kingdom are children please take your notebook write this very quickly the first thing you should teach your children according to jesus is about the kingdom luke 18 15 people also brought babies to jesus to be touched some translation says bless them when the disciples saw this when the disciples which are the adults you know in the body when they saw the children coming to Jesus they rebuked them the word rebuke means to stop to stop something they prevented them from coming verse 16 but Jesus called this dissuading children and said if real children come to me and do not prevent them because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
Now I just want to comment on this very quickly. I pondered on this for years on this verse for years because I wanted to make sure that I had checked the Hebrew and Greek translation to try to figure out what he meant by this and I was surprised, it's a simple meaning, what it means is that it says the kingdom of God is for those who are not yet religious oh some of you don't understand he says you must people are so confused i have to work hard to teach you the kingdom but kids are like a blank sheet of paper they will believe. just like that they will accept it like that they were just walking it like that they don't have to unlearn anything we have to fight and that's why i wanted those children here this morning i want them to learn to worship from the beginning i wanted to feel special before the king from the beginning.
I wanted to feel like they were supposed to be in front from the start. The kingdom of God belongs to children because they don't have to learn or unlearn as much crap as they can get their hands on. first the last statement is important it says but as for you I have a problem with you it says anyone who does not receive the kingdom of God as a child will never ever enter it oh I need help Holy Spirit Holy Spirit first of all open the context why someone that means going to church Playing bible tune talking tied up giving prayer meeting attending someone is everyone listening to me they don't understand me for sure look at me look at me look at me distraction is very dangerous look at me says anyone that's me i got to my last points now, anyone, anyone means anyone, that means you could be attending a church for 20 years.
I haven't entered the kingdom yet because you didn't accept. it's like a child, let me put it this way, you don't get into the kingdom because you have been coming to church for a long time, do a good attitude, not longevity. beautiful look at their faces do you think it's a human yes how about an adult is that an adult doesn't look like that too often anymore look at their faces they talk about listening and thinking and they are wide open it's like they are saying wow wow wow they are thinking so deeply everyone said come in say it again come in i want to remind someone come in right now come downstairs i'll show you this before we go the word enter doesn't mean enter in this verse the greek the word here has to do with experience experience for example , let's say you go into an experience, that's what it means you can go to a pool hall where there's a pool and not swim, hello, that's what it means, he said, look, it doesn't matter how long. you've been around no matter what you're doing no matter how much bible you know how many people you know people you give into what it says look if you don't accept receive the kingdom like a child you'll be in the pool room and never get wet to get in doesn't mean that go somewhere the word here means you will experience something you will not experience the Kingdom lifestyle it will be like the two packs in the Old Testament who were sitting outside the wall and talking about food but were afraid to go in because they thought the people who they are behind the wall they were alive and all the food and he was behind the wall and they were starving outside the wall with all the food inside let me put it another way i tell you the story of my ship i think that is the best way to tell this story a couple won a prize to go on a cruise i think he was in the bahamas too you know it has to be bahamas he became a bahamian probably from my street where i was born and they got this full ship cruise ticket which they won with expenses paid oh, they were so excited, man, they flew to Miami, got on board the ship and before they got there they stopped the Kmart. they picked up some extra crackers and bought some extra tasty cheese lots of daisy cheese packed in their bag they got on board they were so excited they trembled after the courtesy and y'all know we aboard the ship have been on the ship before bringing that little cabin, oh lord, they were excited and kept saying this is great, praise the lord, praise the lord, praise the lord, praise the lord, give us a smiley face and lord, we want to board, praise the lord, and they were happy sitting there. and the first day they were so excited they woke up that morning and looked down into the little cubicle hole in the water the water is beautiful you're beautiful beautiful beautiful yes we're so excited and then they started opening those little cookies you know breakfast time eat lunch time open the cookies eight cookies in the afternoon ate toasted some soda now the Lord has also blessed praise the Lord happy the property and they never left the room for five days eight cookies and tasty juice ah so the attendant those who make up the room followed coming into the room and they were saying ok ok we made it up ourselves that's ok let's go to bed themselves and everything is ok don't bother we're happy to be here we're making the band ourselves so on the fifth day, the attendant went and told the attendant Captain the mate says look we have a couple in there so the mate says yes we noticed we had two guests missing huh two seats in the dining room was never taken at all the week where the people who said they were in the room so the captain was concerned i mean they totally did Capital you have a couple in there maybe they're sick or something so for the last day of the crews they're on their way back now to florida getting ready to dock the captain says look we have to find out what's going on so the captain went down to the cabin opened the door and hit these couples sitting on the bed the crackers set their last batch of cheese that soda and smile go Captain, we just want to say thank you very much, this has been the most blessed gift that we have ever had in our life, we have never been on a cruise and we have never put on anything just the phrase the Lord God can bless you you know Captain you are a good man and we just love you and love God and you know we had a good time and the captain said you were in the room all week yeah but it was a good trip it was beautiful and you know we just thank God and the captain he said you never left the room no no he said why didn't you come to the buffet at the banquet well you know you know Vivi you know we're not richer than other people you know we can't afford that he said you didn't go to the shows no oh no definitely no we can't afford to go to that show we don't have that kind of money he said you didn't come to all the gala banquets and nothing from the buffet no no no we definitely can't I don't know I didn't know what sir you mean I didn't know I didn't know what sir he didn't know the ticket he won included the whole ship everything on it all the food all the entertainment all the amenities the pool the bar everything is on the ticket it's all yours and they really said and the ship touched the dock boom it landed that is what christ means when you enter the ship but do not enter into its benefits the one who gave us christ jesus how was he not going to do it also with him give us all the things I want to give you this list very quickly I would have been thinking like a child this is all here this is what you have to go home and study a little number one the reason why he says but is become like a child to experience the realm number one is the spirit of dependency children are completely dependent he said don't you come back independent and you will experience the kingdom of god the biggest threat to a kingdom is independence the only thing children are known for is dependency in the womb they will depend on you to feed you so they eat when they come out you have to catch them they can't feed themselves dressing themselves they can't clean themselves they can't think for themselves so you have to do everything he says be like this in the kingdom don't dress don't feed don't wash be like a child sir you are my king i am your citizen and it is monday morning number two the spirit of Simplicity kids don't complicate anything god says turn right why and why that right and why do i have to turn right so fast why can't i turn right next week God why look why are you going to this discussion in the kingdom he didn'the wants your argument to be like a child's he says if you give it will be given to you don't try to figure out how just give him he says love your enemies he said don't choose which one to love just love your enemies sir yes you know what i mean that time ago you would not understand how it goes look now that mother tree I can forgive but that god said look I did not try to love you enemies why are we going through all these things children are very simple number three the spirit of trust I will never forget my son who he's here this morning sitting here my oldest son carol apartment on raspberry street there and i remember the american day it was he was a little boy and i put him on the table you know he's playing and playing playing and i stepped back i said jump he didn't even think about the table he total jump Trust God says go tomorrow it's going to be a good day well how are we going to be good and how good can it be and what do you mean good and define it for me because I said look it can be a good day the day that the Lord has done, just rejoice, at least let me hear a place, but we do not trust God, the boy, I keep reminding my board for the last 25 years, I keep saying don't forget the Godfather when I when I say that means that i know what i'm doing 90% of the time i don't know what i'm doing secret size i have to listen to you because i know they're doing either trust the kids trust you when they get home they don't say you worked to get money to buy food they came and said what are we going to eat today in other words I imagine here God said do that to me do that to me this week believe me I tell you friends children they are the Kingdom thinkers number three the spirit of obedience even if they only obey they do not argue and number five the spirit of acceptance they accept anything you tell them because if you do this I will do this just accept it Christ said to Pedro Santiago and Juan he said to feed the people and they begin to calculate they said let's see we get Five Loaves two fish We have to go to town and buy more bread, it may take three days to come back, he said, look, I didn't ask you for any of those things in a minute, we're going to give you the opportunity to surrender, give your offerings and your tithes and bless the Lord, I just want to give not even what i think he said do it that's the way the kingdom works i do i use that calculating man how much i can keep i have to buy some toothpaste i have to get some tomato paste has to hold that dollar because let me tell you something that you know something you don't accept what i told you yes children the spirit of what the expectation never promise a child anything see yourself a child remember god said to be so if i promise you every morning i hope it will happen today if it will happen tomorrow pick them again i hope it happens today any updates i expected him to say be like a child keep coming back waiting except becoming a little child you cant live in this Kingdom the next one the spirit of transparency oh lord this is what we desperately need you know trying to tell you ugly see let me tell you what I mean can they tell you the truth now adults you look good you know they mean they don't mean you look good you know they tell lies he is a bit like a child be honest with people me I can't go with you because I'm married to you transparent what you're doing is not right trust better I can't go transparent don't promise me so you know you can't come that's your ABA your Navy name nothing else in this and he said wrong look yes your boys do something say a guy if you couldn't do it say you could do it and if you say you could do it do it be transparent boy professionals in Deception is the adult we are professionals we would tell people today God bless you inside let's say curse you 20 times it is not transparent he says love everyone love even your enemies that there is nothing between you and your world that there is nothing in your heart towards any man without deceit without jealousy he said be transparent like a child children are never jealous you know that you check them kids so they won't be jealous they tell you exactly what they think and then it's a spirit of innocence said have that spirit with me be so dependent on me then just do what god says if you said in the word it must be true so i do i am innocent number nine the spirit of faith boy do the kids believe you i heard uh minister andrea scott today say you know yeah be careful to watch them even what you do wrong they do it right they believe everything you tell them he says , be like this with me, believe everything I tell you, wow, if I tell you something, just believe it, believe it, seek the allowed Realm first. all this is just believing like a kid just believing like a kid i'm a big kid a big kid i remember putting a squirt in my fridge and saying god loved you i'll never forget it childish but god said if i believe it can happen like this that i put this gin in my fridge and for a year i might have to say that to you softly every time i pray to god thank you for this squirt do you know what happened next year? the guy gave me a jet no, it's not free nothing now that's childish because an adult will say I have to save money I have to borrow money I have to calculate I have to get money it will take five years to get a million dollars because it seems that a boy do you think i do i remember landing our jet right next to another jet the other day it was two days ago and from the other jet he walked isn't that my limbosh members of rush parked next to me close to him we all got out i say hi rush said how did you ok man i said yea thats how you are man he looked at me a few times just to make sure i was who i was as far as the colors came in i said yea but you're seeing it real bro that's mine yeah you're no better than me and guess what you pay for yours and mine paid to end it kids look at it kids say it again kids God can pay all your bills with juicy oil. oil I challenge you to raise your hands and say Lord go ahead and do it if you want why go my daughter came here today she goes to school she is a dad I need a car so greetings do you have money and how long do you work say no I don't need a car sees that the children try it no matter how old they are still cheer up I have to go she can't imagine you can realize that rest alone that's right god god said look just tell me what I promised you and I can't figure out how I'm going to do it raise your right hand say lord i'm your son baby me this week give him a praise just drink me just give me milk and give me napkins and get some Pamper for me I don't have to figure out where you got them that's not my job my job is just to cry sometimes even come to pick you up look at this next Spirit of boldness to be like a child live in this Kingdom you have to be bold huh you have to declare things you can't afford let me say it slowly you have to say things you can't afford for children don't calculate all they say is what they want you have to be like this to live in this realm in this realm you can't calculate just calculate why it can't be done let me say one thing about the danger of growing up growing up is dangerous because you have experience an experience is the worst teacher now i know you have been taught differently my father is here this morning and they taught us a lot of things they would say let me tell you about some experiences he is not the best teacher because the experience is taking you away from the body that god has for you right now because of your experience already tells you what cannot be done children have no experience and guess what that is an asset that makes them daring so you ask your four year old son what you want to be when you grow up the president how come you don't say that and so you kill the little boy's dream with your experience, you president, you can't be a president, i just gave you an education, you get a job, but just like me, break you, i see you, you killed it, you killed that dream, it makes no sense . children are daring because they have no experience Jesus said except you turn come on don't talk before I leave he said he turns like that he said talk to me for crazy things tell me your dream give me your vision Surprise me he challenges us Surprise me, tell me something you think I can't do, So I told God you're going to build him a four thousand seat auditorium there, we can build him a shopping center there, we can build him a tourist center and address everyone, I think I forgot. big reveal that school for the kids there we can build a huge center we can build our media center I'm crazy and I don't want to grow up like you telling me how it can be done leave me stupid this is how it's going to happen praise God shout amen to someone and the same is true for your dream whatever God has told you don't let the adults around you dissuade you from doing it they are too experienced except you become like a little child you can't. live in this Kingdom look at this next Spirit of Confidence you're not that confident uh i saw those kids not reading this morning and i'm thinking most adults wouldn't do this but you know i'm not good in public you know i can't do well in front of people and you have everything complicated because I was born shy you know that I am the fifth child in the family and the fifth is always negative and every idea you have to All the children said rubbish the bible let me read the thing trust if god said so I did I think that settles it even if you don't believe it trust the last Children of the spirit of bravery they are fearless to live in this Kingdom you can be the fearful children are not afraid we used to live on the corner of West Bay Street there trying to remember the name of that street what's it called is baby tree i used to live off the best mystery for paul clue thank you so much yeah she got a little old numbers for four clue ok i mean we used to live there in a reddit house and one day my girl jarissa a little girl four or five years old another girl she was running around the block she went for a run and came back from jordan she comes outside the house in the yard she sees me the girl i don't look to the right or to the left she is not in her car or truck she is not swimming all she saw was her dad think about it she saw her father no matter what was coming no matter the dangers she saw her father and took dad and I am sitting there thinking oh my gosh I had to look for her I'm close enough I the father had to look for the traffic for her because she was also focused on the father without fear without fear she saw me and there was no fear she thought that if that's dad everything is fine God he's telling you today no matter what the world looks like how your life looks how you're threatened what they say can be done God is on a little higher ground and you're down there and he's saying come and guess what you won't let's watch laugh and he's the one already watching he's got you covered this week he's already watching the traffic for you we're not going to look for my pressure he's not watching the traffic for you he knows exactly what's coming and what i like about God is that it is not just a father, it is the police, what my son is coming, come on, press this morning, he said, hold my little one. children come to me and the kingdom comes first

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