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The Pokémon Timeline (With Sun and Moon) - Ft Gnoggin

Feb 19, 2020
in the beginning there was nothing but an egg that became our chaos aka the pokemon god our chaos then created Giratina Dialga and Palkia to manage the powers that formed the universe Dialga and Palkia created the foundation for the world of Pokémon, while Giratina was banished by our chaos to the world of distortion for its violence with its labors complete dialga and palkia withdrew to their dimensions while our chaos continued its mission creating the three guardians of the lake plus legendary pokemon like Kyogre Groudon were formed in the depths of the world filling the seas with water and creating the land Rayquaza the third of these floated high in the ozone layer and intervened every time the two archenemies collided the only other known pokemon of these times where the meow was found throughout the world and regigigas who with his strength shaped the mini regions and created three pokemon titan Regirock regice and reggie acer or of clay ice and magma the age of creation drew to the end when our chaos fell asleep creating three space-time orbs hundreds of millions of years ago and the once great population of Mew slowly dwindled, the first humans appeared and the few Pokémon in the era of creation became many prehistoric types such as Kabuto Kabutops and Aerodactyl appeared ruled for 200 million years and became extinct after a meteorite impact, only the first bird Pokémon Archon and the turtle Pokémon Turtle thrived and they ushered in a new line of oh come on, hundreds of millions of additional years passed and countless evolutions passed until the end of the last ice age, leading to another reduction in the number of existing Pokémon.
the pok mon timeline with sun and moon   ft gnoggin
Humans had already settled in the world and worshiped several of the legendary Pokémon or, as they were called at the time, magical. creatures one of these creatures was regigigas until they realized the threat that his powers posed to the world pokemon fearing the unknown they sealed him and the rock tightens, but darker times are coming. A few thousand years passed before a fierce war broke out between two rival factions in the Kalos province. However, instead of sending their men to settle their differences, they sent their Pokémon to fight for them. The terrible conflict resulted in the death of many Pokémon, including King AZ's floette, which witnessed this horrifying sight.
the pok mon timeline with sun and moon   ft gnoggin

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The mighty AZ built a machine to revive the Fallen floette. However, this would bring another tragedy as the cannon had to take the lives of other Pokémon in order to power. to revive Floette he was brought back to life, but the plan backfired horribly as the machine would accidentally grant his fleet immortality and he himself was guilt-ridden as he could not forgive the parties responsible for the bloody war and in his anger he transformed the life machine into an ultimate weapon without remorse he fired the gun to end the war when floette found out about this selfish act he abandoned his master, the destruction that followed was so great that it caused a rift in time and the space and led to the creation of two different motor verses in the first instance the unleashed energy impacted specific stones in space creating mega stones while in the other mode to verse carlo's war did not take place floette did not fall and the weapon Ultimate was never built or fired by King at Zedd in the outcome where the mega stones came to be this event would mark the origin of mega evolution 1,000 years later It is the war of Carlos and due to the meteor showers of the mega stones in the Hoenn region Kyogre and Groudon awoke from their slumber in their primordial forms and resumed their fight for world domination once again requires an intervention but this time it was the result of pleas from the ancient dragon tribe ii when 1000 years later another meteor shower caused Kyogre and Groudon to fight over the primal source requires the first mega evolution and suffocation to be performed Pitted the two archenemies at almost the same time in the region what do you know Once upon a time there was a kingdom where the royal family had long ruled the land with a mysterious dragon.
the pok mon timeline with sun and moon   ft gnoggin
This balance of power was maintained until the day the two successor princes ended. in a dispute over what should define their land, truth or ideals as a result of this division the original dragons split into Reshiram and Zekrom to serve each of the princes while Kyurem was left as the empty shell of the original dragon a decisive confrontation between the two brothers took place while Reshiram and Zekrom fought but could not conquer each other, as a result the brothers put an end to their differences in a completely ruined Nova past time and the first pokeballs were designed with it, humans finally had the means to capture the store. raising research friends, and more importantly, training Pokémon through battle in a competitive environment to regulate and professionalize this official game activity Pokémon le agues were established in different regions to enter these, a trainer had to travel across the region in particular to earn gym leader badges from this point onwards, kids between the ages of 10 and 12 were awarded their first Pokemon, however Pokemon battles remained an activity dangerous until Professor Westwood developed the first modern pokeball in the year 1925 the results of his research greatly reduced the danger of injury and death involved in hunting and catching pokemon with a lucrative multi-million dollar business on the rise it was sure to be a Souls honest would try to exploit the situation, this resulted in the creation of multiple criminal organizations aimed at stealing Pokémon from coaches and blackmail executives.
the pok mon timeline with sun and moon   ft gnoggin
The most notorious of these was the Kanto-based Team Rocket, headed by coach-turned-entrepreneur Giovanni. Rocket quickly gained notoriety for the organized faith and sale of rare and valuable pokemon on an industrial scale resorting to brutal methods aga Inst Pokemon and its trainers, the team was hell-bent on conquering the world, but their leader had an entirely different obsession, namely , the legendary Mew after long searches. Giovanni and his scientists eventually managed to replicate and alter Moo's DNA to give birth to the ultimate Pokémon Mewtwo. learning that her origins turned against Giovanni and the scientists and she hid inside the cerulean cave, but this was only the beginning, as in the world of distortion, Giratina was finally freed from her imprisonment in this harsh reality, the renowned pokémon or research professor of Pallet Town prepared the new pokedex and the three starter pokémon Charmander squirtle and Bulbasaur for red his grandson blue and trainer Green soon after leaving the lab blue who was bent on tormenting red challenged his rival In a battle on the way to Pewter City in the city's gym, the two rivals would meet their leader Brock and earn their first badges.
Red went on to earn the cascade badge. e of misty and the Thunder insignia of Lt. Serge finally arrived in the lavender city where he confronted Team Rocket and together with blue solved the mystery of the Haunted Tower, resulting in the touching reunion between an orphaned baby cubone and the spirit of his murdered. mother hereafter, red defeated four more gym leaders and faced off against Team Rocket boss Giovanni twice, the last of these being the fight for the master ball, red and his newly evolved Charizard were crushed but refusing to give up, he sailed to a Cinnabar Island where he learned of the discovery of a new Pokémon, however, nothing could prepare him for who was the leader of the eighth and last gym in Viridian City.
Giovanni after a long and hard-fought battle, Red finally defeated the criminal mastermind and taught him a lesson. Pokemon are really close to him. The final hurdle for the indigo plateau had become clear when Giovanni's change of heart led to the path of victory conquered by the dispensed red. defeated the pokemon league Final Four only one challenge remained the reigning champion blue after draining the remaining pokemon it was time for the final showdown fire vs water Charizard versus Blastoise both had come a long way but only one had a unbreakable bond, this difference became decisive when Red defeated his archrival and became a Pokemon champion, but the journey was far from over as the Pokedex was yet to be completed and Red resumed his quest catching legendary Pokemon like Articuno Zapdos and Moltres and then set course for the cerulean cave and you too. this battle had a result but two different means in the first we are mega stones and there are mega evolutions the battle was actually lost after charizard and red were sent flying just at that moment the mega stones reacted in charizard mega evolve and just -He hand-weakened Mewtwo and served him cornered on a silver plate to turn red in the other reality, the battle was much tougher as Mewtwo continued to regenerate. ate or do you know red just launched his master ball in battle meanwhile, in the Hoenn region, two of the trainers, May and Brendon were about to go on that quest and discover the dark secrets of the province, the father of may, Norman, who had recently taken over. the position as petalburg gym leader sends me his friend professor birch to collect his first pokemon Treecko Torchic or Mudkip by saving the professor from a wild Poochyena he was allowed to keep the pokemon used in battle and along with Brendon departed from the claim of eight gym badges and challenged the Hoenn Province Elite Four, however, two opposing criminal organizations, Team Magma headed by Maxie and Team Aqua headed by Archie, had set their target from the start. next meteor shower to awaken the legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre. chaos in the May region awakened Hoenn's legendary rock titans regice regice teal and red rock battled against the many grunts and administrators and slowly learned that the two teams aim to use the red and blue orbs in the cavern at the bottom of the sea ​​to summon Groudon and Kyogre two respectively expand the landmass for humans and expand the amount of water despite being warned that the team leaders woke up the sleeping giants this was a big mistake like the old pokemon had no interest in obeying the teams and headed for the city of sootopolis making the weather go crazy to prevent the apocalypse could have the orb claimed to weaken the Giants the final showdown was about to occur when Groudon and Kyogre unleashed their true power luckily, when all seemed lost, May rushed to wake up Rayquaza, who flew off and died. plowed the two, thus preventing further devastation with the eight badges, the time finally came to challenge and defeat the Elite Four and reigning Pokemon League Champion Stephen May was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the Mega Evolution.
Universe Team Magma and Team Aqua started a project that had the goal of returning the world through the use of animal pr reversion which, unlike mega evolution, does not require a bond between people and pokémon, but rather natural energy when the blue or red orbs were thrown by ivor Maxia Archie can fail to prevent the ground or Cayuga from reverting to their primary forms, instead having to corner fight and eventually catch either primary beast without summoning Rayquaza, since who was able to calm Groudon or Cayuga down in time, however, there was another threat targeting the Pokemon world from space, the meteoroid originally Zinia, a Pokemon trainer from the ancient tribe Draconian and infiltrated Team Magma/Team Aqua to awaken Groudon or Kyogre and encourage Hoenn to destroy the oncoming meteoroid when this could not happen due to May's actions, he changed his plan and broke into the Professor's house Birch to steal Mays Keystone's apprenticeship. about this, the new hoenn league champion set out to fight zinnia, who to prevent a teleportation from the oncoming meteoroid and thus doom to another dimension destroyed the device and revealed its great secret in sky power xenia told me about ricotta and the two teamed up to summon the Legendary Pokemon with their Keystone, however, in an unexpected turn of events, Rayquaza was too weak to Mega Evolve and went first after Mei gave him her meteor for her to consume that evolution eventually. took place Mei then fought and captured mega Rayquaza used it to fly into space destroyed the oncoming meteor fought and captured the Oxus at the edge of space to create a labyrinth big disappointment zinnia had already left the sky pillar leaving only a note to Mei thanking him for releasing her from her lifelong duty in the non-megaevolution universe.
Three years passed to the neighboring region of Johto. Two new trainers with quite different principles embarked on their great adventure. Ethan, a young trainer, had just chosen his starter Pokémon from theProfessor Elle when she caught the stolen silver from the lab. and challenged him to a battle in this first encounter, Ethan set out to claim Johto's eight badges in the way Ethan met Kurt, a special pokeball maker who persuaded the young trainer to fight the restored Team Rocket. It soon turned out that Rocket growls. they had hijacked the goldenrod radio tower and relayed a plea to their former boss it had been three long years since police forces stormed the Veridian gym that Giovanni had just left traveling from gym to gym Ethan found silver numerous times and fought against the members of Team Rocket who tried to track down Giovanni after his decisive defeat Ethan captured the legendary Cole while Silver caught Ludia he eventually met up with Suicune after awakening the other legendary beasts raikou and Entei from their slumber in the tower of fire but the real test was yet to come after ethan was entrusted with the clear bell in tower ten with the eight insignia ethan returned to the professor's realm a professor handed him a master ball and told him to head to canto he even crossed Victory Road, beat Silver for the last time and challenged and defeated the Elite Four and the reigning Pokemon Champion, Lance Etha n was greeted by Professor Oak and inducted into the Pokemon Hall of Fame and then went on to challenge the Kanto Region Eight Gems with all Kanto regalia.
Professor Oak eventually granted Ethan passage onto the route. 28 and up the silver mount awaits the true Pokémon masterThe long-awaited red with his Pikachu Lapras Venusaur Blastoise Snorlax and Terra's was an incredible final challenge for Ethan. The grueling and decisive battle began and the two masters went on Pokémon after Pokémon each delivering one spectacular blow after another at the end. They only had one pokemon left. Red's faithful Charizard fought valiantly until finally, after a long struggle to yield to Ethan, Red defeated. He left Kanto to explore the other regions of the Pokémon world.
Not long after, in Johto, a mysterious red Gyarados was sighted in the lake of rage, an event that was televised and watched by future trainer Dawn after selecting a starter Pokémon from Professor Rowan, the time had come to venture out and explore the region. From Sinnoh just like in previous cases, Dawn had to claim all the insignia of the region. she fights against an evil organization called Team Galactic and later challenges the Elite Four and the League champion. The interesting thing about Sena is Team Galactic with i. Their leader, Cyrus, their goal was to recreate the entire Ahman universe in a spiritless utopia, such as summoning the legendary Dialga and Palkia to alter time and space.
The banished Giratina stopped Syrus from doing yoga and pushed Iya to prevent the destruction of the Pokémon and a distortion of the worlds. Giratina returned to her world and Dawn followed after thanks to the help of Esprit Xen as an elf and Cynthia, the Dawn champion, was able to navigate. through the gravity-defying environments and there it was rks is banished and misunderstood creation Giratina, the legendary and infamous Pokémon, was a tough foe, but in the end, the dawn weakened it enough to be captured, calmed down, and then used In the final battles against the Elite Four and the current champion Cynthia with these victories the time had come to awaken and catch the legendary titans regirock reggie ice and registeel and fin Ally Regigigas at Snow Point Temple A few years passed until a new coach, Hilbert , he set out on his own search in the, you know, very generous, this region also had its plague.
Team Plasma claimed to fight for the freedom of Pokémon. It soon turned out that their leader. He gets the true goal of him was to be the only trainer left with Pokémon by learning about this. Hilbert was cooled down by one of the legendary dragons to rise up against the Getss Lackey. It soon turned out that he had the opposing dragon which led to a decisive battle between the two, as a result of their defeat they realized their mistake and turned on Team Plasma and yet similar to Team Rocket's disappointment. , the destruction of the plasma was nothing more than an illusion, since no more than two years after his presumed defeat, a new trainer.
Nate found them and learned of his new label, the complete genetic takeover from his past defeat and the new nuisance decided to use kirim to clean up. On his way to rule and get rid of any opponent, including Nate, at that moment, the repentant n showed up to save the young coach, but instead he fell into the trap of his former superiors. Nate was left alone, but he accepted the challenge and defeated him once and for all. the dragon with the phret out of the way Nate eventually took the step to become nova champion and as a token of gratitude he received the remaining dragon from n he would later go on to compete in the tournament of champions of the pokemon world tournament in the Innova region where, Among many challenges, Kanto was read, welcome to the beautiful and elegant Kalos region, where everything is fabulous except Team Flair, after choosing his starter Pokémon from Professor Sycamore, the strong and independent trainer, he embarked on the adventure of his life after victory against the leader of the first gym, viola Serena entered the gates of the spectacular luminous city without having a way to enter the gym of the city in which she is located.
Tead went to fight Grant for the cliff badge, along with his neighbor's column, they first fought against the ideological syndicate team blaze and then visited Gherkin, the mega evolution expert here, Serena was told that challenged her daughter Carina in the chaleur gym and then in the tower of mystery for these two victories, serena was rewarded with a mega reem rumble badge and a special lucario, serena defeated ramos and won her the earth badge, defeated to the flare scientist of team ileana and restored the power supply to the city of lumiose there in the prisma tower Clement, her electric type pokemon and the voltage badge were waiting for her, then she challenged her and was victorious against the psychic Olympia , but he didn't have time to celebrate when Flair's boss announced his plans to use the ultimate weapon on Kalos.
Syrena challenged Lysander and discovered the imprisoned and immortal AZ Lysander told about AZ and his involvement in the Kalos war 3,000 years before and went on to blackmail the self. She used a trainer to defeat Zero SiC, but this was just a trap, as Liz Anders' true goal was to create a better world and eliminate anyone who opposed her. he left Lysander to be destroyed by his own ego and the so called ultimate weapon full of confidence and determination Sarina defeated the last gym leader Wulfric conquered his way through the Victory Road crushed the Elite Four in the pokemon league and the champion diantha a true legend had finally achieved her goal of becoming the pokemon master of Kalos, captured the 50% form of zygarde, and was even responsible for the touching meeting between the former AZ king and his floette some time later in the exotic region of Lola Islands. , lily and cosmic had been seen and chased by employees in a strange laboratory fortunately thanks to cosmic the two managed to escape safely from this suspicious place three months passed and son who had just moved from Kanto was greeted by the local howl and taken to the professor coop, us and his assistant Lily to select one of the lowland starter Pokémon Rowlett Blitzen or pop leo, naturally It wasn't long before the criminal team's skull appeared and tormented the two young trainers trying to steal their Pokémon and, in Sun's case, his precious greninja, however the skirmishes against Skull Head had to wait while the son was enrolling in coaching school and soon after received a stone that was carved into the powerful Z ring by House.
Grandpa Allah, unlike Mega Evolution moves, the Zed Ring could be used by all Pokemon to perform a Trainer-Pokemon combo attack. However, this attack had its drawbacks compared to Mega Evolution, as it required the correct Crystal to be applied to the correct Pokémon. and could only be used once per battle, unlike other provinces, alala had no designated city gyms, instead having the Kahuna challenge or Island ges appropriately Halla was the Kahuna of melee melee Island upon defeating him Sun moved to a kala island and received a zygarde core his son defeated kahuna island olivia and soon after was introduced to loose amine the president of the aether foundation who invited him to aether HQ on artificial paradise island his son was informed about the Foundation's purpose of protecting and healing injured Pokémon from the clutches of Team Skull and its enforcer Gladion.
Surprisingly, an unidentified type of Pokémon Ultra Beast 0 1 and 0 2 appeared and the son was forced to defeat the uncontrollable zero 1 as a gesture of gratitude. Lucemon told the son about the origin of the ultra beasts that were derived from a dimension. alternative called ultra space and they reached Lola through an ultra wormhole son set off for ulla ulla island and defeated team skull leader Kuzma not long after Lily and Cosmo met again just in time for Team Skulls plumeria will grab Cosmo and surprisingly the Lady Anne show. got up and led the three to the secret ether base where Cosmo was revealed to be an ultra beast capable of opening the ultra wormhole that the skull team leader had collaborated with loose amine to open and ultimately massive spoiler alert Lili was loose amine loose daughter Amine stopped in time and Cosmo was saved from death but loose Amina and Kuzma escaped through the wormhole that was closing into space from here.
Lili followed her son to the island of ponies. She obtained sun and


flutes and played them on the


altar to awaken Kozma and transform him. he entered the legendary Lu Nala or Sol Gallio to open the wormhole to ultraspace there Guzmán and Musa awaited his arrival and it was finally revealed that ub1 was in fact Naya Lego angry Lilly confronted her mother and her son was forced into a battle final against the corrupt fusion loose amine and Naya Leggo back on Pony Lily told the son that Loon Allah is his only target AO wants to continue traveling with him after catching him son we nt and found out about the Pokemon League in the region and was shocked to discover that his former Kahoot las was the elite because the son remained calm he continued and eventually challenged and defeated the current champion shortly after the son was approached by the international police officer with the task of hunting down the ultra beasts. remaining and drop the bombshell that a human parent, Anabelle, from another world, had ended up in this world via an ultra-wormhole, but this was only the beginning, as the watcher continued to explain When you bees didn't willingly come into this world in an Anna Belle who inherits a strong ultra wormhole aura had been recruited by the UB police special task force as bait, in fact Anabel originally derived from the hoenn region make a different world guarding a tower on the battle frontier cooking annabelle really being from the hoenn region in a universe without mega evolution it seems that would be the case and more importantly that there is a way of traveling between the US niverse where mega evolution exists and the other where it doesn't, there are in fact two


Pokemon will never be the same after son nabbed the remaining UBS with the newly developed East Fall. He fought against the mega evolution universe. Red and Blue were visiting Aloha for the battle. tree by beating the former champion of Kanto, the son finally had time to assemble the form of 10% and then 100% of the powerful legendary Pokémon zygarde, then they would catch the mysterious Nick Rosa for Guardian's taboo Pokémon and finally the null Pokémon of synthetic human type. to complete the Aloha region pokédex and that's it folks thank you so much for watching the full pokemon


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