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The Plane Journey With Madame Gazelle ✈️ Full Episode | Peppa Pig Tales

Jul 15, 2023
Peppa and her family are flying on a


yes I love flying on


s but not everyone loves flying on planes oh actually I've never been on a plane before and I'm scared oh hmm oh I know what to do Miss bunny, Please, can you help me? the plane goes really, really hello, I don't see why not, oh come on, when the plane gets higher than the


, alien space, oh, can we go lower? Miss Rabbit, certainly a foreigner, let's do a loop, I don't think that worked George, look Madame Gazelle, that cloud is shaped like a bird, see, yes, I see, oh, and that one is shaped like a relaxing desert island, isn't it?
the plane journey with madame gazelle full episode peppa pig tales
Well, I'll close my eyes and wait for this to be over, oh dear, hello. You two like an activity book. They are very funny. Oh yes, please, would you like to do some coloring with us, Madame Gazelle? Well, I guess that could distract me from things, so Pepper George and Madame Gazelle did some relaxing coloring for the rest of the book look at these iron works the attention to say amazing is hey, we already landed but I was having fun, that didn't give scary at all. I told you flying is a lot of fun. Thank you for helping me, Peppa and George, now.
the plane journey with madame gazelle full episode peppa pig tales

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the plane journey with madame gazelle full episode peppa pig tales...

Can't wait to fly home hmm, who's ready for a beach adventure? Hooray, Peppa and her family are going out for the day. Oh my god, I think I forgot to put gas in the car, never mind, let's take the train to the beach, Peppa and her family. They are taking a train to the beach tickets please let's go to the beach and mom didn't put gas in the car how exciting I love the beach I think it's time for lunch pepper let's look for the dining room carriage Daddy Pig and Peppa are walking on the train to the dining car, it wobbles a lot, oh, this car must be for the passengers who want to sleep, this car must be for the people who want to play on the train, wow, hi Danny, hi, this must be the movie car , excuse me.
the plane journey with madame gazelle full episode peppa pig tales
Peppa and daddy pig have found the dining car, this car must be for people who want to have lunch, oh, your belly is rumbling, dad, I'm afraid the train has broken down, oh dear, we'll have to take the bus now . Peppa's family is waiting. take the bus to the beach next stop the beach oh the bus broke down I think someone forgot the gas again now how are we going to get to the beach well we can walk the beach is just down the hill this was the best trip to the beach I can't wait to see how we get home today Peppa and her friends are at the water park hello everyone hello before you go swimming I have some important rules to teach you miss bunny is telling everyone how to be safe in the pool, The first rule is no splashing, no splashing, Mr.
the plane journey with madame gazelle full episode peppa pig tales
Bull, sorry Peppa, sorry, Miss Rabbit, okay, Mr. Bull, oh, the second rule is no running, silly, Mr. Book, no running, sorry another one. Once again, Mr. Bull doesn't know any of the rules and the last rule. Everyone should have a simply splendid time. Oh, have a splendid time. Mr. Bull Run, his Peppa, enjoy the pool. Everyone, what do we do first? Let's go to the water side. Hooray, everyone is so excited to ride the slides. Hello again, who wants to come down? slide me, well, you're in luck, there's a slide for each of you, let's have a race, good idea, luck, I brought my flag to your marks, get ready, then it's Gerald the giraffe and Susie the sheep coming after, it's very near the water slide race. at its best hello granny hello oh who will be victorious let's all win Peppa and her friends love the slides but they have forgotten the first rule of the water park at home that car was going very fast don't worry that's why it's very important to stop look listen and always wait for the green man before crossing the street remember what we learned children stop let's go it's safe to cross Now Peppa and her playgroup are learning about Road Safety today hello daddy hello Peppa Peppa's playgroup oh green Light, well, until then Peppa, thanks for helping us, Police Officer Panda, all in a day's work.
Peppa is helping Police Officer Panda make sure everyone follows the road safety rules. No, no, no, Emily, you need to stay on your side of the road. I'm sorry, Peppa. the wheel is stuck we will come to help you we are keeping the road safe for cars and people Andrew hasn't noticed that the green man has turned red Pedro the Red Man means don't walk thank you Peppa all in a day's work wait a minute Freddy is dressed like a thief we have to catch the thief we oh the red light means stop there it goes now we have it Freddy you're dressed like a thief because you're a thief oh I just like Stripes oh so you're not rubber, no, well , you can go then, but not so fast, okay, bye, Peppa, oh, great job, Officer Pepper, everyone remember to stop looking and listening and just walk when you see the green man, that means we can go all out in one day of work. official Panda Peppa loves to keep everyone safe and everyone loves to feel safe Peppa and Emily Elephant are having a lot of fun today at the beach they love the water look Emily I'm a fish I have an idea there are so many fish Peppa how did you do that?
Emily, did you hug? No, I can use my trunk to breathe because it's very long, oh, what's wrong, Peppa? I wish I had a trunk like Emily so I could breathe underwater and look at the fish I know, come with me, Peppa, this long tube goes. in your mouth and it means you can breathe underwater like Emily's trunk exactly like Emily's trunk why your voice sounds funny Peppa is my snorkel it means I give rib underwater like you don't look Peppa foreigner oh Peppa you must have Be careful, yes, the snorkel did not work and the water had a horrible taste, that is because it is salt water, pepper, you must keep your lips tightly closed around the snorkel to be able to breathe through your mouth without letting water in, you must breathe deeply and in a prolonged way, like this.
Peppa practices deep breathing. Do you want to try again, okay, I did it. I saw many colorful fish. Yes, well done and thanks for helping Emily and for removing the salt water taste. George and I thought you might like some ice cream, yeah. tomorrow and Peppa is having a delicious breakfast what happened to this cereal April Fool's Day April Fool's Day What is that today is April Fool's Day? It's a day when people make each other laugh by making silly jokes like I just did with your cereal. I like silly jokes. Can? Make one and dad, it's a great idea.
Daddy Pig is reading on the sofa, but Mummy Pig and Peppa have come to play a prank on him. Could you pass me my glasses? Mummy Pig, of course, Peppa and Mummy Pig are playing a prank on her. Thank you. You, how strange, these glasses have made it even harder to see. Oh, these are joke glasses. Very funny, but you won't be able to play another joke on me. I'm too smart for that pepper. He's playing another prank on Daddy Pig. Oh no, me. I can't open this tube of crisps can you help me dad of course Peppa oh that scared me April Fools you got me again Peppa well done would you like to help me play an April Fools prank Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig, Peppa and her family have finished dinner and now they are eating dessert, huh, Peppa and I have made a delicious chocolate cake for dessert, haven't we put pepper in it?
Yes, how delicious it looks delicious. Hi, my fork doesn't seem to work. Try with your hands. Peppa and dad are there. play a prank on Mummy Pig oh, this is not a cake, it's a sponge cake with April Fools' frosting what a clever prank it reminds me of George brought you some cookies Peppa thanks George I love April Fools' cookies Peppa loves April Fools' Day April Fool's Day Everyone loves April Fool's Day Peppa and her family are watching a movie at the cinema Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom, okay Peppa, we'll go to the one outside, we're just going to the bathroom, the bathroom, good idea, My God. the bathroom is closed for cleaning but i really need to go there is a public bathroom just at the end of the street follow me everyone Peppa and her family have found a bathroom here is the bathroom pepper let's join the queue I'm afraid the queue starts there but the sign because the bath is very, very long I'm not sure I can wait that long hmm there is a bath in the supermarket, let's try there Peppa Mummy Pig Daddy Pig and George look everywhere for a bath, try the supermarket aha oh oh, try the zoo Sorry Peppa, this toilet needs to be fixed.
Oh, they even tried to cut off the toilet. Sorry, but these toilets are just for show. There are no bathrooms anywhere. Laughter. Oh dear, now I need the toilet too. Hmm, look, the movie theater bathroom is open again. Hurrah! Finally Peppa and her family have returned to see the movie, but now that the movie is over it looks like we will have to watch it from the beginning. Does anyone need to go to the bathroom first? Pepper and his friends are at the movies. They just watched a movie. They are also called vegetables in space, don't worry Pedro, I'll save you.
Everyone enjoyed the movie so much that they pretend to be in it. Would you like to play vegetables in the space at my house? Yes please, everyone is very excited to dress up. for the game Pedro pony is an astronaut Susie the sheep is a robot Gerald the giraffe is an alien and pepper is a space hero go out and pretend that we are in the field Peppa and her friends imagine that they are on the moon just like in the movie everyone has a lot of fun pretending to float on the moon, oh good job world, we can use the Rock ET cars to drive, oh geez, there aren't enough rocket cars to go around, do you want to ride in my car?
Susie Susie. She's pretending her boots are rocket boots now everyone has a fun way to explore the moon abroad and I brought them some cheese sandwiches for lunch. Everyone loves pretending to play on the Moon, but today everyone loves lunchtime even more. Peppa and her family have I've been shopping at the supermarket, goodbye, the supermarket is a robot, oh oh no, Peppa, it's a vending machine. In it you put money to buy the food and drinks inside. Can we buy something from the robot? Please, okay, everyone can choose one thing as a special gift, yes. Peppa is very excited to buy something from the robot vending machine here you go Peppa bye bye coins now press the button that matches what you would like I would like some orange juice hooray delicious George has found a dinosaur shaped cookie here you go George Now press the button with the dinosaur I think I'll have that drink.
Oh my god, she's stuck. Daddy Pig's drink is stuck in a sandwich. The sandwich is on the way. Naughty sandwich. We'll have to buy this sandwich too so the drink goes down. with that, oh, again, naughty pineapple, oh, let's buy that too, it got stuck again, the drink finally falling to the bottom. I can finally have my drink, oh no, my drink has turned into Fizz. Oh, dad, why don't you choose? something else from the vending machine good idea oh the vending machine is empty that's what we bought everything Pedro pony sweet cat Mandy Mouse Gerald giraffe and Danny Dog are playing soccer look mommy my friends are playing soccer hello Peppa do you want to play with us yes Please, whoever scores the best goal wins the trophy.
Peppa loves shiny trophies. Team Peppa. Thank you. I don't think you should play Peppa alone, but then I can win the trophy for myself. Peppa will play alone against everyone. if not, oh dear, try it Peppa, try again hmm maybe I need to kick it harder um almost here you go Peppa maybe if I use my other foot wow, you have to score with the ball, not with the squeak of your shoes, this is very difficult, why not? You have a chance to score, good idea mom, I'll be a great goalkeeper, mom, why can they score on a girl but not me?
Because Peppa's soccer is about teamwork and you can't work as a team if you don't have a team in the first place, can I join your team? Please can you. We have a spare t-shirt just for you. Hooray, but who plays goal? If you try to pass me, you scored the goal, Pedro, so you can get the trophy. but we all scored the goal together Peppa as a team that's right, you all win the foreign trophy

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