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The Pizza Show: Detroit

Jun 03, 2021
So what should I get a hot dog? the best in the country. I need a little break from


so I came here to see my boy. He came up with the best dog in town. This is good. Another one to be good. It's also a


city, yes we're Motown, but we're also the city of dough, like the pizza here, it's unique, it's rectangular cooked in a blue steel pan and it has that iconic caramelized crust, it's easy to see why this pizza is so popular not only in


but all over the country there is even a


style pizza place down the block for me in brooklyn look at that cheese im trying the classics some newer places even one of the larger chains built in the city.
the pizza show detroit
I'm headed to Detroit. to see why the city is a good place for pizza hello check out a pizza


on munchies welcome to detroit so we're standing outside friends one of the most iconic pizzerias is in detroit and really in the country is the place to birth of Detroit-style pizza. I'm so excited to go in there and look what it's all about buddy's been around since the 30's but didn't always serve pizza this was a place to play and drink after hours until gus croire put pizza on the menu in 1946. I will meet Larry Simone for a long time.
the pizza show detroit

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the pizza show detroit...

Buddy's employee and Detroit-style pizza enthusiast, how would you describe classic Detroit-style pizza? Detroit style is that deep-dish pizza on a blue steel pan that's seasonal in an oven that's prepared a certain way and made fresh every day. Is incredible. Thank you so much. well what we have here is the original friends pizza and then we made it in honor of the spiciest pizza detroit people and called it the ER of Detroit. I'll tell you what just looking at this pizza looking at that caramelized cheese in the corner. my m Outside this restaurant water is quite a treat ok we can eat let's eat get that pass on the corner i want to get my eyes on this mmm get some of that crust on the edge there it is where that taste is pleasant. on the edge it's great but really what strikes me is how light the pizza is amazingly light and fluffy heavy rubber area it's like angel food cake a nice crunch on the bottom then you have your pepperoni your cheese and that's it out with the sauce your friends in 1936 this was a Blind Pig in 1946 became friends quote Conny pancetta I helped us develop the pizza recipe she and all these women we call the Supreme Court kept the secrets of pizza without veer true to this day, well just the fact that you guys are kind of iconic Detroit pizzeria you know when people talk about Detroit they talk about friends, when they talk about Detroit Pizza this is a style that they mean and it was the I was born here a lot of people go to Philly they eat a cheesesteak when you come to Detroit you got a friend's pizza guy no doubt we have stood the test of time yeah it's a great oops story . and downs but buddy's been there in every way 71 years ago and pizza is what people love in detroit and mrs.
the pizza show detroit
Detroit-style, like any other major pizza city, always seems to be a pizza family tree. It all starts in a pizzeria and branches from there because 11 square 1953 to open a new Cloverleaf place. I was lucky enough to sit with Gus's son, Jack. who's in the back right behind this oh that's my dad back there my mom is on the other side on the left side he's been an inspiration to me and my whole family for as long as i can remember tell me about your dad tell me about Gus what did Wow my dad came here in 29 with about 18 bucks in his pocket until he worked in the stone quarries when Ford announced the $10 a day job he moved to Michigan and when the Detroit style pizza came along for which it's so famous Well in '44 my mom and dad's two uncles bought friends and now the war is coming just like 1945 and they're all coming back. that day or sometime in my life he or he chose the pan or how he or she chose a pan all i know is that they were working with the worn out stuff from my grandma's peach how would you describe the detroit style pizza your dad is famous for create for some of your clients?
the pizza show detroit
Downtown was a hundred times better than buying a sandwich and it would come out nice first thing we do sprinkle some oregano on top it's just to spice it up a bit and sour elegies this is a mix of mozzarella and bricks yeah there's a pepperoni in the top now we used to put them all under in the old days and our customers always say no pepperoni here you could take a fork anywhere on the piece and find a pepperoni but if they don't see them they don't. Don't believe it now, we're a pretty liberal way of popping, so the goal is to have a little bit of everything for everyone. a customer came in one day they got it yeah i should just put them on my piece so just have two green peppers now it will probably take about 20 minutes to bake this needs a little bit of time to get the structure it will take a long time its like baking in home you don't want to rush and here we go Wow I can't wait to dig right do it let's do it you have to eat one with me you can't belong no one should take a corner mmm this is really delicious it's light you know what I mean it has many textures but it's light , so i grew up on the beach Rio what jobs did you do yes i did everything i washed the dishes i made the floors my dad used to make the dough my hand because if we didn't have mixers in the old days just talking to you i can say that you are a very humble guy and the pizza your family has created is really resonating across the country you could say I am happy yeah thanks dad another classic Detroit pizzeria is Loui's se and of course Louise started the pizza from her. run in friends from the formica tables to the Chianti bottles hanging on the walls Louise is a total throwback to the 70s Louie passed away a few years ago, but his grandson Nick and daughter Kathy are running the restaurant like he did.
That's my grandfather, that's Louie. himself that's Louie that's the boy Wow you look a lot like your grandfather yeah that's what everyone says they know yeah yeah Louise is a well known pizzeria here in Detroit how it all started my great uncle slash The godfather owned the apartment from that friend and he called my dad and told him I needed help. I gave him 17 and he was made kitchen manager when your father came here. What was the style of pizza? He was naked he tweeted it was square and deep but as for I know it was just like two days before uh huh he said customers started calling in little baggies with cut up peppers and they cut whatever they wanted it can always happen that grandpa was a total traditionalist, not too many ingredients not to. or too many items too many toppings make a doughy pizza how would you describe the look of a Louie's pizza? a dark golden crust nice deep thick walls good amount of cheese so you get that nice cheese pull when you take a bite one slice will fill you up Wow look at that cheese this is more what everyone calls a fork and knife.
Delicious pizza. Oh, Mike, doing it, the robot. on the side is really my favorite you know I'll tell you what Detroit has some pretty good pizza and when it comes to the classics the best you guys are really doing it with me whoo magic ain't magic how old have i got a little bit of guts since we opened never changed never changed i dont just work on them as important as cooking pizzas yes take care of your pans now we spray can we clean them then we really and then they are ready t or start the next day its a very important job i mean if pizza stunts aren't nice to get an extrovert piece on your dress there's more yeah there's more there's the storage area oh my gosh it used to be like a banquet hall supposedly it's going bankrupt. well, someone has to play that piano, right?
This is when we used to sell spaghetti by the bucket. I don't know who doesn't want a bucket of spaghetti. Come on, I visited the classics and they were really delicious, but I really want to. see how other people interpret this detroit style atamora pizza in hamtramck they have a unique approach to detroit style pizza so our pizza is owned by four brothers who grew up in hamtramck they wanted something they could put their own street spin on , so create a tandoori pizza naga pizza with the flavor of naga pepper that you find that in all of them took me out I will meet in one of them are as regulars Jason hall is best known for spearheading the slow roll Detroit a weekly community bike ride through the city, but his most recent project focuses on pizza.
Jason has challenged himself to eat at least one slice of pizza every day for an entire year. We have here. This is a square bowl. Now we have homemade pizza. Naga sauce, chicken, red onion. and cilantro this is our tandoori in a regular hand toss it has Teodoro sauce also made here chicken red onions I go to this corner yeah yeah oh you're a corner guy oh yeah like me oh wow all those flavors from the herbs really comes out it also has some flavor mm-hmm the crust is really good we're in Hamtramck which is really right next to Detroit when you look at the history of Hamtramck when you look back it was really predominantly polished at one time since it's become this amazing mecca of your muslim life bangladesh life all kinds of people mingling here and that's where you get pizzas like this this doesn't exist anywhere so you have to come love if you want this for yourself eat a slice of pizza every day and then you write about it or something like that or well I don't go places and say this is good this is bad I just want to enjoy pizza right?
The goal of that was to meet as many people as possible, there are a lot. places and engage people in my own city and talk about what's going on with pizza this is the platform that brings people to the table now at the table you could talk about people and that's what Pizza does and there was one more pizza for me to try this is our dried fish pizza on our thin crust crust it has fish paste as a sauce and then it has dried shrimp and garlic flakes on top cilantro onion i can tell i am going to love this already i can smell it a little spicy spicy is ok well i'm brave you're on your own in this one you know what dried shrimp smells like something from south east asia.
I'm going to wear delicious black, it's very unique. as far as pizza goes nothing look there's a small one actually it's not that bad no it's good I don't know if I'd say it's good but it's not as bad as I thought it would be I'm obviously here for the pizza and we really wanted to get to the classic places in Detroit one side of Detroit, which is the mom dad. I'm also very excited to get over Little Caesars headquarters and hear the story behind that Empire. I'm in the bottom of that storm with that and how do you turn one pizzeria in Garden City into two great sports teams and I mean it's literally building five neighborhoods in Detroit.
When you come to Detroit, there's a pizza family that pops up time and time again. Ilic is in 1959. Mike and Marian Ilitch founded Little Caesars in suburban Detroit, today it is the third largest pizza chain in the country. I used to love ordering a deep Detroit-style pizza. I have a deep one this year. headquarters so this is the Innovation Center in Comerica Park has our research and development group as well as quality assurance team here we are yeah like i just walked into a little caesars this is our kitchen try we have a double deck oven like we have in our pizzerias ours is orange though ok since we are talking in the background all i see right now is one of my favorite products ok , the crazy bread, wait, I don't have any questions, what makes a crazy bread so crazy? i have a wobbly smell that oh that garlic garlic i'm not at breakfast of champions how this all started Little Caesars started in 1959 our founders Mike and Marian Ilitch you know they decided they wanted to open a local pizzeria in Garden City Michigan they opened the first pizza delight Little Caesars Pizza, is a delight that is known as mr.
Ilic wanted to call it a pizza present and mrs. alert i wasn't sure you know she said hey it should have some italian you know it should be like caesar she was her husband said you know you haven't done much of yourself so you're just a little caesar so they call it little caesars pizza it's a gift so a lot of what you guys make now is steeped in tradition from that first store absolutely and mr true you know he passed away earlier this year but he was very proud that we will be using the original 19 59 recipe one of the things that is unique to our Jo process is that it goes through a double proofing process so this is like Shelley said after we love to let it sit out at room temperature they're all proofed these doughs we're going to square and they're going to get white on these trays right? here now we're going to do the deep dish yeah yeah well you know being here in detroit and making pizza detroit style there's got to be some pressure coming along with that, to absolutely, there is somethingconversation out there if the sauce needs to be on top to be traditional detroit style what happens what we found is you put it on top of the pizza you cook it so the flavors change you are essentially reducing the sauce so there we have it Now it's time to go in the oven, yeah.
Crazy bread powered pizza. The R&D team put me to work. Your task is to create a pizza that we can take nationally with Little Caesars, so we'd love to see what you come up with with some fun toppings. and let's just say my pizza works great and you guys love it. They pay me? The first thing my eyes caught here was the fresh prosciutto and mozzarella they have yeah so I'll take a couple of these motorola balls and kind of just smash them with arti sts and it doesn't yeah you know what when you smash that cheese by hand and you give us that little bump so now this is where we have a little fun with our herbs and you can't beat the tomato and basil throw this guy on top some more this olive oil ok can't go wrong with that ok no we can go wrong with that oh wow okay so it looks great smells pretty good yeah it definitely smells that fresh basil aromatic it's elemental yeah and we're not done yet yeah another thing that caught my eye was the arugula something i've been seeing a lot lately, it's like dressing a salad, you know it's a pennant, take it lightly. it's very tall here in the middle what we have here is the Panello at Little Caesars Test Kitchen Pizza Pizza it was time to present my pizza to the judges on the left we had EDH SVP of Global Marketing and on the right David Gray - VP of Marketing Services franchise basically we got your round pizza I layered a few layers of prosciutto that you guys had sprinkled with some fresh mozzarella and then did some vinaigrette and topped it off with the very nice salads so let's just add a lot of layers of flavor.
I get that absence. sweet, some of the spicy notes what are some of the things you look for when you're making a pizza like this? The question is how big is the population appeal for pepperoni pizza, 90 percent of the population, so knowing that your dough, the way we see it, is fine, if I add arugula to it, that expand the putt, you know? Give me two a hundred or it starts to shrink nicely the higher the move the fresher I can rotate those ingredients right and it has to appeal to everyone so the bacon will appeal to everyone from the Midwest to the coast but maybe Once a Rizzuto pizza with arugula might appeal to you, you know certain cities around the country, so next time you see it, it will have bacon, it will be our idea.
No problem. He decides whether or not you know he's hot. She gives us something. that we really like and then we have to decide whether or not we can do a million and a half of them or how many of them are is a constant challenge when they know they have a home run on their hands within that process is that when you try it here like a knowledge, it's about eight weeks after we released it. He's a developer who has to call purchasing and says we need more product. Thank you for having me at the table and taking time out of your day I'm trying my pizza thank you so much the sungold Wow here's a delicious one I'm an Eastern Market one of the oldest and largest historic public markets in the United States on the other side up the street is supino pizzeria run by dave mancini this place is unique because they serve east coast stye le pizza it's the kind of thing like i said there wasn't a lot of it around here when i first opened and they're still really Isn't it still that Detroit style and not a Troy style it seems?
I keep reading about open places like Las Vegas in New York. I just opened a New York style place in Charlotte but it's a good style of pizza, well not only do you have the East Market but you also have an employee who grows amazing produce yeah. she's one of those local farmers yeah we're Glen and Alison they run coriander farms and now they grow some amazing stuff head over there and check it out check it out if you want to walk around here you can see part of the production space and then we do intensive vegetable production so we have beets here, lettuce here, herbs further east this was all housing so in the 80s and 90s there were six houses here that were demolished so we bought this land which is like half an acre we have about half of this basic production so we're going to take some things in the piece once I shared some tomatoes yeah and then these guys you know are those that's what you are I got some that they have matured, yeah, that's the calibration, yeah, yeah, great how a restaurant owner can work so closely with the farmer like this, how does that make you feel?
Is incredible. It was when I first opened Supino. You'd hear about a couple of urban farms here and there. but it was hard to understand like there's not good communication and now you know there are people like when now they're clearly committed to this process and they're doing it right and we're picking these things we're bringing it a mile away to my restaurant it's like you couldn't beat that there's nothing better than the restaurant is packed right now dave is in the back making pizza i'm going to go back there and make a pot we're just making a base cheese ok i make a combination of shredded knots and we're going to do some fresh mozzarella on this as well but just a little bit of sauce because we're using the tomatoes so we've got the chopped Calabrese and a bell pepper they're good San Marzano tomatoes we roast them Take advantage of your time and a little bit of tarragon from Gwen's garden too, although those ovens Marcel is using those ovens have stones on top so they really get saturated with heat and cook a really pizza nice so the pizza really looks great looks beautiful this is going to be perfect amazing no this is a I think it's a neuromuscular Z from the north face of mount etna perfect for this thank you thank you ma'am.
Wendy Wendy and thank you this is great a lot of your customers here told us it's your crust that makes you come across a special here you want everything to be right without a good crust nothing scared no matter what you put on it tastes good it's nice and light a tarragon really leaves a nice aroma i love tarragon with tomatoes i love that it blends so well very french i guess yep you're right when i first opened pinot i knew i wanted to open downtown my family thought i was crazy you know , you can open detroit and a gourmet place which i hate the word gourmet anyway but like i say no i'm just where i've been for 20 years and i knew i would make it here and i'm glad i did it couldn't be a better place right across the street from the trunk yes sir two men my time in detroit has been amazing the pizza is great the people are great and it had one last stop for me.
Larry welcome to cafe du monde goes my club I have been here since 1985 and have enjoyed ed every day Larry comes from a long line of speakeasy owners in Detroit he always has a story to tell here is a picture of me grandma Michael Jackson, Burt, get out of here, so when they say Russ, the smile, Larry can talk to you too. pizza our pieces in Detroit are so good you wouldn't even try to compete with them I swear to god our pieces are great key pieces in Detroit seven days a week from a different ethnic group and they have a whole different taste and experience that's Detroit that's where I love this city and the people of this city brought you something for you and your family to share yeah my favorite yeah that's what we yeah man somebody been snitching I swear to god and They taste better, that's what I call it. soul, the city is special, you know, and I really got to know some of the people here and it really opened my eyes, but that's Detroit, y'all, let me bring you all the drink please.

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