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The Phantom Troupe Backstory Explained (Hunter x Hunter)

Jun 12, 2024
Overseas, the Phantom Troopback story took us by surprise and has left a very strong impression on most Hunter Hunter readers. Chapter 397 is widely considered the best post-anime chapter and for good reason this


elevated almost every moment with the Phantom troops from the first time around. I saw them in New York, but the reception has been mixed. I've seen my fair share of people who were disappointed and didn't really like the


for a couple of reasons, some thought it was too generic an origin story for the trope, as well as thinking the backstory was too short, I will discuss all of those things later in the video, but before that we will do a long summary of the backstory, since the title of the video suggests that there are timestamps in the description if you don't want to listen to the summary and prefer Go straight to the analysis but I suggest you watch because I will be adding my own spin and interpretation of many things along the way without further ado let's get started.
the phantom troupe backstory explained hunter x hunter
Foreign Behavior Nobu thinks that the mafia family is a lot like the Ghost troop and thinks that he completely disagrees saying that they are nothing alike. Nobu responds by saying that they used to be like them in the beginning, they were groping in the dark for a purpose. resignation and anger were the sole driving force of the Ghost troop and this conversation serves as the trigger where we transition into the backstory that took place about 15 years before the start of the series. Crawler was 11 years old here and he is 26 years old in Yorkdale, these chapters are appropriately named formation as they show us how the Ghost troop came about in the beginning, they were just a group of kids from Meteor City and besides Crawler, they really They didn't stand out from the rest of the city's inhabitants, they simply lived their days scavenging through junkyards looking for something worthwhile among the wreckage, and most importantly, they didn't always get along at first.
the phantom troupe backstory explained hunter x hunter

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the phantom troupe backstory explained hunter x hunter...

We see Franklin and Xiao crash into each other. Uvorgin was with Machi and, to no one's surprise, Finks and Feitan were close friends. steal a tracker tape by learning Gelman volume 20, but it is revealed to us that he was hiding another tape, as we later find out that it was a sneaky trick by the tracker, as he didn't need the tape that was stolen from him, he had already mastered Gelman. and was hiding the one he really wanted, he goes to the Church of All Faiths, which is a quite beautiful building that stands out from the rest of the city, but before we get there, we get some brilliant narration that provides context to the Society of The People from Meteor City born there do not have social identity certificates to prove their existence, so on paper they do not exist and terrible people took advantage of that fact.
the phantom troupe backstory explained hunter x hunter
The people of the city were not considered human, which meant it was not a crime. to hunt them down and we can only imagine the dark and twisted activities that took place there. They were killed for entertainment payments because evil people could satisfy their deepest, darkest desires without repercussions. There were hundreds of victims each year, of which 70 percent were children. under 15 years old. To combat this, the people of Meteor City allied themselves with the mafia by exchanging personnel for a guarantee of safety, the city's Elders began to manifest nen abilities which gave rise to a promise that eventually became the law of Retribution. only life can make up for a life this is where Meteor City's motto comes from we don't reject anything but you never take anything from us it was constantly taken from them they were always in a state of fear until they finally decided to become the ones they feared that Pakunoda was one of the only people in town who spent time in church with Crawler.
the phantom troupe backstory explained hunter x hunter
The church elders saw a lot of potential in Crawler because of his natural brain capacity. He had completely mastered two languages ​​in a very short time. self-taught about 40 chapters ago, Crawler said that his sun and moon ability that he used against Hisoka originally came from an old man in Meteor City and I suspect it's the same one that comments on Carlo's potential considering there's a sun and moon behind of the. In the panel, Crawler and Paku play the tape he stole once again, but to his disappointment, all they see is a black screen; However, fast forward a few minutes and there is actually something on the tape, the show Power Cleaners, that is an obvious nod to Power Rangers. and there's also some really interesting symbolism in the choice of this specific show that I'll get into later.
The show is obviously in a language that everyone in town doesn't understand, causing Crawlow to ask Pakunoda for a favor that he wants to dub. the show so they can share it with all the other kids in town, pakunoda agrees and then Crawler is about to ask for another favor when she says exactly what Carlo was going to ask for Sheila and Sarasa to help her. paku's voiceover was very clever for a little girl and goes on to lay out all the reasons why chrono would want help before he could do it, making him blush and say he loves her, that panel is just an absolutely adorable tracker when was child. this warm Happiness Board radiating his positivity to everyone around him and that is just devastating to see in the context of how he is now a crawler, it is a stark contrast to the child he was in this flashback, this specific scene really made me It hurt when I saw it for the first time.
Read it considering that Pakunoda is no longer alive specifically because she sacrificed herself for everything Crawler stood for. Sheila and Sarasa appear, who are two new characters in the main manga, but one of them we have seen before in Kurapika's backstory. Sheila is the girl. who was stranded in the Kurta Forest and befriended Kurapika and Pyro, giving them the Dino Hunter Book and discussing the outside world with them, which further inspired the two boys to want to leave the forest, there are a lot of interesting stuff surrounding Sheena's character, yes After subscribing, you've probably already seen my own theory, but I'll link it in the description in case you haven't.
There is a lot of potential for this character in the future of Hunter Hunter and I can't wait to see what Togashi has in store. reserved for her because she's definitely something crazy, on the other hand, sarasa is completely new, we had never seen her or heard of her before the name sarasa appeared on Greed Island in someone's folder, but apparently this is a bad translation and it's supposed to be written. like sasara, regardless of the spelling, it's definitely a coincidence because we see this sarasa die in this flashback, which explains why we've never seen her or heard of her before, she's definitely worth mentioning, although I've seen a lot of people theorizing with Greed Island. panel and there may be something there, maybe Sheila used her name or something, who knows, but since it's a bad translation, the chances of that happening are very, very low.
The chapter ends with a very sinister page of kidnapped children. In the center panel we see a man whose arms are covered in tattoos smoking a cigarette. This man looks a lot like Ceradnik's tattoo artist, who is said to have previously been a member of the Hialeah family, just one chapter before this one, which I don't think is a coincidence. 396 begins with everyone being invited to a special assembly which is obviously the power cleaner's performance, uvogin threatens the tracker before the assembly since he stole his tape, which is an interesting little detail since uvogen has this mini character Arc in him. who goes from initially opposing the tracker to becoming his biggest defender of the performance. starts and crolo pakunoda Sheila and sarasa are backstage dubbing as the show plays but then the video cuts off we see all the kids momentarily disappointed by that but what follows is even sadder many of the kids just accept that everything in Meteor City is broken and has been thrown away like garbage, so of course it wasn't going to work for long.
Carlo notices and takes charge of continuing the performance this time without the video and on stage alternating between the different voices and characters of the Power Cleaners until the video continued playing, it is a really moving scene and the fact that Crawler is this master performer as a kid is great, especially when you remember that York knew it and how he served as director of the Uvorgan Requiem, which is another type of acting, but Twisted in a much darker way than here, he also plays the role of villain in wait, which gives us the most notable page of the chapter and serves as a foreshadowing of his speech in the next chapter, after the assembly ends, it is time for the tracker to feel the wrath of uvogin, for which he is fully prepared , feels like she deserves it for stealing the tape, but of course sarasai intervenes and we get this beautiful moment where she walks over again, turns around, and then imitates him by calling crawling amazing and saying that they've done it.
A better opinion of him now essentially nicknamed him UVO, which completely broke the ice and of course he was absolutely right. UVO was delighted with the tracker's performance and asks to voice the next monster, then Nobunaga asked to join, then feitan, then think, will play and Franklin. Machi, although he is fine, doesn't really care, which is actually very appropriate and reflects his behavior in the present. This apathy continues for some time as Machi refuses to fulfill the roles offered to her, but she would happily play the role of villain. The group is relaxing and chatting when they decide to call themselves a troop, but there was still no idea what they would call themselves, for now it was just something, a troop and we still don't know where the Ghost part comes from. learns to dream, says that at first he was someone who would have been happy to do anything as long as it gave him a purpose, but now he has a clear and defined goal in life: the desire to travel around the world with a tracker in a game and be the best villain in the world really powerful with York context.
The new Tagashi is an evil guy for giving up and paku, some really powerful moments in this short backstory, have the most focus of all the members of The Troop besides the tracker. and that's actually a brilliant choice, they're dead which unfortunately means we can't get more of them in the present, so tapping into them in the backstory was really cool and makes these moments feel even more special. The chapter ends very similar to 395. with a sharp cut to another very sinister page of the kidnapped children this time although someone we know is on the page sarasa goes alone to the forest to look for tapes for performances and at the same time the kidnappers They have something absolutely detestable in mind.
They've done their share of delivery, so they want to find a Lost Boy to have fun with, and that brings us to Chapter 397, possibly the best Hunter Hunter chapter since 339, the Final Chapter adapted into the 2011 anime. The group is missing three people. Franklin Nobunaga and sarasa, those two are just late, which is standard behavior for them and something that was actually mentioned at York New U. Volgin thought that their lack of punctuality was unacceptable and Nobunaga actually mentioned that, while he was mourning his death, Sarasota, although this is very out of place. character for her, so the group is getting very worried, they look for her everywhere, but she is nowhere to be seen and Crawler is visibly distraught by this, he begins to cry while canceling the presentation and then they check the forest and the forest is where we arrive. the page of the infamous tree panel that tagashi used to announce his return to drawing this manga after four long years, no one expected this from the first storyboard he posted on twitter, no one expected that tree panel to be one of the most horrible and painful of all history. manga sarasa's mutilated body parts in a bag hanging from a tree with a single note on Gelman and of course Crawler is the only person who can read and understand the words and refuses to share.
Uvulgin asks several times what the note says, but Crawler refuses to say. If he swears never to speak those words, his mouth will be sealed even if uvorgin tried to kill him. Honestly, this is one of the coolest mysteries in the series for me. I don't see why Togashi wouldn't just tell us what he told himself. Yes it was something simple but the fact that it was kept a secret tells me that there is something very dark and very heavy in those words, words in addition to Crawler's reaction, of course, the group of children is completely distraught, this tragedy not only It traumatizes them, but it defines them.
From this point on they take the bag back to the church where an embalmer named renko uses nen to reattach sarasa's body parts so they can give him a proper funeral. Machi is the first member of the troop to wake up his men. to see the aura emanating from Renko's body, Renko offers to teach Machi how to perform the special power and that explains the origins of Machi's abilities in thenews stitching wounds and so on, they bury sarasa and then the troops have what could be their most important conversation. To date, the crawl asks for three years, he is 11 years old at the time of these events and promises that he will be fully prepared when he turns 14.
He will prepare himself and the system in Meteor City for the troop to execute their revenge. The people who killed his friend Uvulgin initially angrily refuse and say he wants to go find them right now, but Crawler, being the smart kid he is, says that trying to find him would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack and then Crawler . lays out his master plan the world is on the verge of a communications revolution infrastructures are being built that will allow the entire world to be connected at the speed of light a single individual will have the ability to transmit something seen by the entire world, of course, is describing technological advances much like those we have personally seen in our own world over the past few decades with the creation of the Internet, which allows people to communicate from opposite ends of the world.
Brolo realized that the Salas murder scene was created with deliberate framing in mind, it looked like a theater, there were a lot of cigarette butts, which meant there were people watching and enjoying the murder while it was happening and that led him to believe that someone was recording images. from that place and consider this kind of thing to be a kind of art, a work that they can share with like-minded people in the world. The tracker's plan is to essentially create the dark web to prepare a loophole for these vile people who wish to communicate. On the Internet, a virtual hideout where they can evade police chases and by doing so they will find Sarasa's murderers and execute their revenge.
Very suitable for the spider to use the web to attract its prey. Very very appropriate. In fact, Crolo claims that for this to happen, he will need a strong will and mental fortitude to dedicate his life to this cause when he was an 11-year-old boy. He claims that when the time comes he will end up killing a lot of people. He recognizes that that's not what Sarasa would do. They have wanted to but he believes that it is the only way with how twisted the current criminal justice system is. Crolo firmly believes that this is his only way to receive reparations and prevent something like this from happening again to another resident of the city so he can fending off the villains he lives out the rest of his life as a villain that everyone will fear, so he spends the next three years redesigning himself and his hometown to prepare for the group's master plan, but before that has designated the leader of the troop by uvul everyone approves, except Sheila, who left the group a few moments before they pointed up to show their approval, showing their unity by serving as a declaration of their determination to achieve the goal of the tracker.
Finally, we jump forward those three years to the scene we first saw. in chapter 114, the birth of the spider and there we have the story of the ghost troop


, but this video will obviously not be just a summary of what happened in these chapters. I want to go a little deeper and talk about this in a more critical and analytical lens. I have a question for everyone watching, what do you think this backstory was meant to accomplish before 395? We never knew we would ever see The Troop's origin story, but assuming we did know which ones you would say are the most important. things for me to expose things about the troop in the present that needed to be further contextualized for me, I needed to establish their original motivations to show us the inciting incident that made them the people they are today, that was the main thing and perhaps the only thing necessary plus it would have been brilliant to see their dynamic as children and the consistencies and differences in their characters in the past and present and also answer several looming questions like why they conveniently kill innocent people without a second.
I thought, but I have a lot of empathy for each other, they support each other, they would kill for each other, they cry for each other, but they rob and kill other people very casually, why is there so much religious symbolism in the character designs of some of the members? the structure of the group why they allow those who murdered their friends to take their position in the group despite the pain and anger they may feel why Crawler is the leader and how his identity crisis came to be these are just a few of several things about the truth of the Phantom that haven't been clearly


to us, a summary of some or even all of these things may not be necessary, hell the whole backstory wasn't necessary but we got one and these are some of the things he was hoping to see in him, but the irony of this flashback is that despite all the answers he gave us, it left us with the same amount of questions, the backstory ended up giving the troop a very clear goal and defined: They would create a platform for corrupt individuals who murder for entertainment to use that platform to find sarasa's killers and finally get their revenge.
They will also dedicate themselves to a life of villainy to protect the inhabitants of Meteo City from other villains by instilling fear in the masses. Basically, they took it upon themselves to become a necessary evil for the safety of their hometown and their loved ones, that's the origin of the Ghost troop in a nutshell and it tells us a lot about them, but what's interesting about all of this is the fact. that they have changed considerably since then. in fact I firmly believe that they have completely moved the goal post and that is no longer their mission, as Nobunaga said in the trigger of this flashback, this is what they wanted at the beginning, I think they said they are nothing like highly and Nobunaga disagreed because They were like them at the beginning, which means that many things have changed since then, maybe they already got their Revenge and felt emptied by it, losing themselves in the search for Revenge and now they wonder without a fixed direction, without a defined purpose, perhaps they have not done it yet. they got their Revenge or just gave up completely, maybe their Revenge was deeply tied to Cortana Jessica.
There are many possibilities, but we are not here today to elaborate theories. My point is simply that things have changed a lot since they arrived. With this Mission, there are so many Mysteries surrounding this group and they all come from the years between the formation of the troop and the New York. The Spiders were formed seven years before the Healer's Massacre, which changed them into ruthless killers of innocents. people or if they were there, could he even be innocent? I think it's absolutely necessary for Tagashi to explore those years and I'm not worried because I'm sure we'll definitely see more, maybe we'll get another extended flashback prompted by another member of The Troop. or we could get several small flashbacks that serve as pieces of a larger puzzle, that's how Netro's flashback was presented piece by piece, starting with the dragon's dive and then into his fight against Meruim for people who think the story The ghost troop's background was too short.
I wonder if you felt the same way reading Nettero's flashback when he first appeared in chapter 265 and then how you felt 30 chapters later when we got so much more? I don't think the backstory is over like I said. I'm sure we'll get more flashbacks but it's a matter of patience and I'm sure I could be wrong and if I'm wrong then we'll have to talk about it because in my opinion it would be incredibly disappointing for me, the most interesting moment. The story of this group is the years between their formation and York New, watching them slowly but surely fall apart as they work towards their goal, being eroded by the harshness of the world and absorbed by darkness while committing terrible sins that would be incredibly significant and significantly uplifting. to each character within the troops.
I really don't like the idea of ​​Togashi leaving that moment in his story completely ambiguous because it could be the most important part of his story, of course the inciting incident with sarasa is the most important event, but that period of time is what It transformed them into the people they are today. I've seen several people criticize the tracker's motivations. Generic, disappointing, even childish, are a few examples of things people have said about chapter 397, nothing will satisfy everyone except the The last one is a lot of fun because, ironically, that's the point. The tracker's motivations are many things and one of those things is childish, but guess what he is an 11 year old boy, he and the rest of the troop are young victims of a dehumanizing civilization in which they live. where their existence is completely ignored and the rest of the world considers them literal trash and of course that has devastating effects on their mentalities, but it's not like they had a natural disposition to become the people they are today, they kill and steal, no because they were born to do it, but because they consciously choose to do it, yes, Crolo's original motivations were somewhat childish, but his behavior was incredibly mature, he was very firm in his decision even though he knew it was morally wrong, he knew that Salasar I would not do it.
He approved of it, but he felt like he had to do it to prevent something like that from happening again. This backstory doesn't attempt to make the troop a redeemable group or justify their actions, in fact, it accomplishes the complete opposite of that. They went into this fully aware that what they were doing was wrong Corolla and by extension the rest of the troop choose to become a necessary evil who is aware of their evil and everyone has a firm responsibility in that decision they fulfill this role willingly and with Justice. Just because this backstory humanizes them doesn't mean Togashi is promoting his actions.
That's the beauty of Hunter Hunter. Almost all of the characters are humanized, even the evil ones, because that's the point. Evil is an undeniable truth of the human condition and we all have the capacity. to do bad things before I finish the video there are some other interesting little details that I want to quickly go over the show Power Cleaners that they dub and present for everyone in Meteor City it has some very interesting symbolic weights it is a show about heroes who clean up the Streets and Meteor City It is literally a huge junkyard. Chrono is the person who discovered this tape and came up with the idea of ​​dubbing it and sharing it with everyone.
The same person that the church elders had high hopes of even saying would be wonderful. If you could help solve the various problems plaguing the city, then what would you do? He redesigns the city to protect them and even beyond this, he plays the role of villain in the performance, which is exactly what he ends up doing in the next one. The chapter of events in this backstory explains why members of The Troop have a rule to never travel alone. They are traumatized by the death of Sabasa, who was alone when she was attacked. Of course, they don't always follow this rule, but they are usually found in At least one duo in York, New Kilua and Gun, did not want Kurapika to become a revenge-seeking assassin, and upon seeing her memories, Finks revealed that she was very grateful to them for having that mentality with the context of the formation of troops and the death of Sarasa. she probably saw herself in the children and remembered feeling exactly the same way in the past and lastly, probably my favorite aspect of this backstory.
Kurapika and the tracker's dynamic is increased tenfold due to the events of this backstory. They are tremendously similar, but there are obviously clear differences. However, in their characters, the main parallel is that they are both members of marginalized groups who experienced firsthand a massacre due to society's failings. In Kurapika's case, Crawlow is responsible for this massacre. I wonder who was responsible for the Sarasa massacre. if he was the kurta somehow, man, I don't really believe it, I really don't believe it at all, but that would be pretty crazy. It would be great. I really, really doubt it, but I'm just pulling.
There is much more to discuss, but for now I think I have said enough. The Hunter Hunter videos on the channel won't stop despite the hiatus because I have a lot of ideas. which I want to turn into videos and I really hope you are here to watch them if you are not already subscribed please do so for future content on various different Hunter Hunter topics and with that being said thank you all so much for watching and have a wonderful day

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