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The Pete & Sebastian Show - Episode 439 [FULL]

Jun 06, 2021
They will close the business or come back at 150, oh yes, open it and it's the little one, it's the little clock where they can arrive at whatever time they want. when you're teaching a kid how to tell time, they literally used their finger saying oh I have to run an errand at the bank, I better put it on 150, that's a Mexican thing, it's a small town in Mexico, they do it in all the town. take a nap in italy i did that in italy when i was there it was like the one to three no small naps four hours yeah done but the at least they are that's the way we do it everyone does it this way it's in our culture I tell you today you should not go to a business and the door is closed and you should and it is to say come back at 1 30. there is no turning back as soon as you open, you are open, that is, open and close, that It's, that's it, oh God, I'm right there with you, brother, right there, by the way, talking about being men. you have a note here get drunk I wanted to ask your opinion I see you have the wine sometimes I know you've been out of the sauce for a while but I'm back you're okay oh yeah oh yeah I think you would bro I'm sorry today we're in Facebook, sorry, yes you can't sit by the fire without a glass of wine, sorry, you can't if you have enough weed to choke a clydesdale, but no, I hear you passive. line you need something to enjoy that dancing flame, I'm right there with you, I love a cold blue moon by the fire, but I'm thinking about telling Jackie that she's not a big drinker, we both participate like you know, and uh, I.
the pete sebastian show   episode 439 full
It's just that I'm dying to be so depressed and like no one hangs out anymore, so I'm thinking about telling Jackie to listen one of these days this week in my office, I just want to grab a 12-pack like I used to do on the shitty days. I'm going to play my music with my headphones. I do what I do and you know, when I get up and fall on that bed, you know, don't judge me, but I'm going to do it. And do you think you think it's strange to be totally buried in a small room in your own house with your wife and go to sleep?
the pete sebastian show   episode 439 full

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the pete sebastian show episode 439 full...

I don't know, it's just a pandemic situation, boy, that I haven't faced and you don't know when you know, I mean so drunk where I am like you know, yeah, yeah, no, listen, I'm all for this movement. , yeah, I think it's fantastic, I think it's a pandemic, appropriate for me too, uh, yeah, you know you're at home. you really have nowhere to go everything is closed they've taken your livelihood i i i i don't see any problem with a 12 pack and a fifth of whiskey and uh yeah just do it and uh and uh yeah and come back go uh sleep or come I'm going back to the room and pretend you're back in college, that's all.
the pete sebastian show   episode 439 full
I usually have that moment when I do that where, uh, there's a beer that I can't go down any more and I'm just. So, when I wake up in the morning, I always have to throw away the only beer that was the last one I had before I fell. Know? Are you more of um? When you take a few on your own, I'll just be done. this one or do you drink it sometime I don't do it I don't leave anything behind it's okay I open a bottle of wine whatever's in the glass I'm finishing down there's nothing I should pour in At night, now we had pizza the other night, Prince Street Pizza here, have you ever heard of it?
the pete sebastian show   episode 439 full
It's in New York, they opened one in Los Angeles, so they came, they gave us four, four pizzas and I have to tell you. Sorry, I don't know what pizza is and we talked about this before. I could literally knock over an entire cake. Oh yeah, and just once, but let me ask you this because for me pizza has always been one of those things that


s up around the house and then you have to reheat it, yeah, yeah, and depending on where your pizzeria is in Los Angeles, there's nothing really close, so the guy's going to take about 20 to 25 minutes by car.
This guy brought the pizza piping hot, I don't know if he had an oven in the trunk or what the hell this guy was doing, but he was hot. Nice if you buy pizza in frodonia, are you going to pick it up and bring it back or not? They usually always deliver it to me, I always pick it up and we always set the oven to bake at 200 and we open the pizza again, we take our first slices and then we put the rest in the oven and, you know, it goes well with it. lock the whole box in there, okay, what do you think of this move?
Let's say I go to your house and I go, Pete, I'll bring the pizzas, okay, let's go watch the game, I'll bring the pizza, I'm coming. to your house with the pizza in one of those pizza warming cases, a nice touch, I mean, ready to go. That just happened to me before the pandemic. I forgot to tell you that a friend came to visit me with two pizzas in a pizza case. and he was warm, I didn't really need to warm him up, I know, that's amazing, why don't you think about this? Go to Amazon, you can get a pizza case and when you go to pick up the pizza you put it in your own pizza case.
I don't even need to do it oh um I thought he was making the pizza so he's still buying the pizza but he's not like that bro okay I want to buy mine like this it has my name on it or something like a monogrammed pizza , bacon, what? How come not everyone has this? They should come integrated into the car like Sirius xm. I'm serious, every passenger seat card has a pizza bag right under the airbag. Could you just take the cake and slide it down there? Oh, are you? Holy shit, how much on Amazon, I haven't even looked at it yet, oh man, it was one of those things I thought about when the guy came with the pizza because he was coming out like, oh, I remember George came with the pizza one. day in a pizza bag that he had, you know on Amazon, this is like that, I mean, why is it a little bit white to bring it to your house like your friend, that's fancy, but having your own pizza bag to carry?
Buy your own pizzas, I don't like them, can you imagine if you walked into your local pizza place and you were Fred? You have the two big ones, yeah, here and then you put them on your sleeve. Where is the pizza owner going? oh, that's a great idea or is that going, yeah, oh my gosh, the crazy guy brings his own bag of pizza, you know, I don't know, the man could go both ways, he could go both ways, he could go, would you I'd be more surprised if it were, Pete, what are they? you're doing it and then you have to explain hey, you know we have delivery drivers for that, you know that well, yeah, or he could go the other way and go, oh yeah, but the 708 people that come here do the same thing, if you do?
I think it's common, I don't think it's common, but I think if a guy does it at a pizzeria and the owner of a pizzeria sees it, if he's smart, I wouldn't be surprised if he goes alone, I'm going to buy. a bunch of those with our business and I'm going to sell them for not a lot of money, as you know a grocery store sells those bags you can still use a canvas whole food bag, a Prince Pizza pizza bag or anywhere you know what I'm saying yeah, that's a great idea, that's awesome, yeah, I think I gotta take that seriously, man, is that you? are you? uh, before I throw this out there, I have to ask you, are you going to church on Christmas or Christmas Eve? or anything or not, are they going to help them?
No, no, I'm sure it's a complete church-wide shutdown, our church is crazy, but they're going to have church, but you had to make a reservation, and we made a reservation right away. A couple of weeks ago, for Christmas Eve, the five o'clock boom, yeah, they're not even doing midnight mass and my in-laws decided they didn't want to go, so we got two extra tickets, and I literally was like, uh. I can get like 50 bucks each for my scalp. Do you have to pay for them? I don't have to pay for them, but it's sold out and everyone says I didn't realize we had to make a reservation.
This is crazy. I'm not going to be able to go, you know, so people really want to go, so my sister, my sister, my uh, Jackie, we have two extras, so, uh, people, yeah, but those that are, uh, no. you can allow no stranger to come with you. This is going to be sitting next to you, my daughter's friend and she played Barbies upstairs all day, it's weird, you know, yeah, no, I hear you, yeah, I hear you, but everyone has to stay masked anyway, so we'll see, I've been trying to do it. a closure of everything together these are crazy times brother talking about crazy times I have to


you something I can't I was wondering if you would see it I'll show you something before we finish the show are you ready, you see, that's it's a boy with a ponytail, look at that, you see, oh my god, oh my god, bro, I don't think pandemic hair did this, are we just playing with it and come on, ah, let me open this steven seagal style? or were you, I'm going to grow it out and I'm going to make this thing a beautiful tail, no, before it got long and I haven't been cutting my hair and Jackie says you have to cut it.
Of course, I'm just going to let it grow, so what? I'm not going to do anything, let me let it go. And then the other day I combed it and saw how much time it had right before this. I got into hair and makeup, uh, which is just hair and when I was getting my hair ready I had it like a serious mullet, you know, it was like and it was curling, so I started doing it like that and I'm like. What the hell, let me grab one of Sadie's little rubber bands here and I just knew how to do it because you see ladies do it all the time and you do like that and then I looked and I just stood there, look at that.
Look at that, I'll save it for the cast. I'm telling you, if you can get it to grow even more, you could have a nice bushel back there, bro, that looks fantastic, thanks buddy, if you'll just take a quick look at me. You'd think I was a professional football player God, I love doing the show bro, how fun, how fun, man, it's so much fun, okay guys, listen to Pete Sebastian's show. Thanks for tuning in once again, another phenomenal


. It's free, free, i heart radio. Apple Tunes wherever you get your podcasts, share them, uh, and we'll be here throughout the pandemic and into the holidays, we'll never have a good lunch again, bro, take care.

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