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The People of Murder Mystery 2 (Roblox)

Jun 02, 2021
Hello guys, today we are going to play Murder Mystery 2 and let's see what happens. That's it, the


of Murder Mystery 2. The first person is this guy who has achieved incredible levitation. What is the Do you care, hey, listen, it's sunny, where is the sun? This guy is just enjoying the nice weather, by the way, I hope you like my avatar on this account. I try to make it as horrible as possible and I think I did a pretty good job, why is the sheriff's photo so small? I guess the killer had some secret ability to shrink the sheriff or something.
the people of murder mystery 2 roblox
He probably would have made things easier. This guy just put up a wall of hashtags and then at the end, so I can't even begin to piece together what this guy just said or what his name says. Exit s40 yeah oh I just joined the server but okay what should I do if I try to lure


here to hide? detect and then just kill them maybe that's what I'll do there's really no who's hiding in this game they just collect coins all the time okay I'm going to go up here and I should make the most daring move ever oh that guy just teleported away and he just teleported back I'm killing you guys get back here dude I'm getting so many people right now and none of them were the sheriff oh wait yeah they were didn't you see me kill everyone before?
the people of murder mystery 2 roblox

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the people of murder mystery 2 roblox...

Where are you? Anyone here? No, someone got up even though I heard him walking. Oh, that's awkward, I totally smelled that he hadn't even seen you. He was too close for some reason, he didn't make me the killer again on a three. percent chance and you know what, for videos like these I prefer to be innocent so I can properly see what is happening. What is this animation you are doing right now? Well, I guess it's time for us to sit still and do nothing. Is this guy the killer? I feel like it could be. Oh, I guessed right and that guy just made the stupidest play of all time.
the people of murder mystery 2 roblox
He's struggling to catch the sheriff, but yeah, it may not have been a stupid move after all because he's not dead. he's coming this way he's so late it's like when you play a youtube video at 75 speed it's like that's this guy right now and everyone else is at 100 and somehow this still goes on oh he's going to kill the sheriff, okay she's going to get the dub here if she only shoots once if she can only fire the gun can you do this oh this is oh she fired her first shot she missed that's okay and she's dead okay I need to take care of this oh what are you doing Oh?
the people of murder mystery 2 roblox
Oh my god, oh my god, I think this gun is cursed, here we go, well that was an interesting round. Well, I guess it wasn't a stupid move because it worked out really well. Oh, who did it? I bet he was that guy. he just appeared out of nowhere, well I guess it was, I don't know what that play was about immediately ignoring everyone else and just accusing the sheriff, please, lack of weapon, please, yeah, okay, if the killer doesn't kill anyone. round, I'm blaming the map, okay, nevermind, so, oh, okay, I guess I think it's this girl here because she's like oh well, I was right, oh, what is this?
What is this face? Is she just standing on the gun, that's not how you win, okay, oh no, this guy is toxic and dead, damn, what if that guy somehow got the gun and won the game for us? What would have been legendary? You know, I'm just going to collect some coins, wait. oh damn I was just about to go in okay I'm going to be toxic too it's what that random guy there would have wanted and the game is over anyway you stupid idiot camper well I guess oh oh , I was about to upload my channel but we have to delay it, I actually can't, I can still do it, okay, so if you guys have made it this far in the video and you know that you are new viewers of my channel, then consider subscribing, It is only necessary to obtain it. send a message before he dies in this game, oh okay I'm going to investigate this area above, is there a gun somewhere, hey, how was that glitch?, oh okay, if he comes for here, the shot should be pretty free, here we go.
I don't know what that was, I swear my cursor was on it, but I guess not. Oh, there is a


er. He's not doing a very good job of masking the fact that he's a


er, although maybe that's what he wants to do. just jumping around and it's working and he's fine wait a minute oh we both have the same idea oh this is kind of like no, don't stand still wait why am I so close I'm coming down here oh god I'm stuck I'm stuck Oh, did you see me? He just closed the door, oh God, he doesn't know I'm here, even though I hit the door, I hit the fence, no, I'm pulling, oh well, that was some kind of friend, this is so damn.
There we go, geez, what was that? That was a damn round. He's not doing very well with my sheriff taking aim right now, so he better not be the sheriff. Okay, it's definitely not the sheriff, so maybe I think it's better than whatever. He was doing the last round. Well, wait a minute. I have an idea. Does anyone know I'm here? They probably think a ghost stabbed that guy or something. Why were they trapped in that room? I'm going to take out everyone other than the sheriff just killed someone for no reason I heard the gun go off, does that guy have the gun? oh, his head is huge, okay, I'm going to come in and no matter what happens hello, are you real? oh, that was a real person oh, there's the sheriff come here, he's okay, that would have been very awkward and this is very awkward for you.
Bye, she came out of hiding at the wrong time, that was a bit unfortunate. Okay, what's going on here? I'll try to make another comment. Alright, this guy is very fascinated with these prisoners. He is trying to give you the teddy bear or he is trying to get in. Oh, I think he's trying to get in. Well, what's going on here? This is very long. interaction between the killer and the sheriff and this guy just got caught and the killer missed, this guy just jumped into the door frame like in that video and someone's pet is exposing them, that's unfortunate ok I feel like the killer He's just going to do it right. on that and she was right and we're under attack right now oh there's so many people going into the hallway at the wrong time oh she's throwing a knife I have to go wait where I'm going I'm going to her um okay we'll just go in okay just I'll stay with the sheriff for now Oh, there's a killer, okay, let's see what happens, he can probably come back Oh, this isn't going to end well, Oh, we're all dying, oh no. oh, that scared me, well she's just going to hold that corner and here she comes uh-oh oh, she just hit the wall, okay, smash the sheriff, we run, we run this way she don't know, probably not I should just be standing in this room but my footsteps are too close right now oh that was risky being too close to be comfortable there but we have who oh we're just jumping right into this round which was oh no I don't know if this is It's going to end very well.
Where is the murderer? I do not know who is he. I just saw knives coming out of that area. Okay, so he's that guy. Where is the? But he's just ignoring it. He's having fun right now look at him oh okay I'm going to check the xbox man okay he's innocent he wants to check me so we clean each other up we gotta check this guy now I don't know if he trusts this guy though Dude, he could be the killer, he could be the innocent one, he could be the imposter, hey, you're the killer, I know, yeah, just kill all these people for me, oh, oh, this guy has the same idea, Well, I guess we do.
We're all coming in here, imagine if the killer let himself be controlled, that would be a pretty powerful move and I don't know what kind of move that was, but it definitely wasn't a power one, there's a killer, has something happened in this game? Right now we're at the point where the murderer hasn't done anything yet, speaking of which, but I was going to say the murder hasn't really done anything, but there are two people dead, okay, there's a lot of people here. . you could kill at least one of them like that, that would be a pretty reasonable play, okay, okay, so what I like to do on this map is run away from this guy, that's what I like to do because he's going to kill me , oh, oh, okay.
I'm not sure why that keeps happening. I think this new sheriff is looking to do that again. I can help? Well, I guess not. Do not do that. I don't like. Don't stop doing it, please. I'm just going to cross here to get all these coins, so don't shoot any random people while you're at it. No, and there he was the murderer. I don't know where that guy is. going oh okay, intense 1v1, come on, I have to look at this closer, maybe too close, oh god, what are you shooting? The killer is simply not visible at the moment and we win.
Good job sheriff okay the highest level on the server has a username that's just gibberish so you know this is going to be good oh okay well I mean it worked despite the slight delay that this guy is experiencing, what's the play now? Oh, he's just going for it and it's not very, it's not. it's going really well this time does anyone care that this guy is the killer like we're a little creepy right now probably pretty frustrated with how slow this is going oh oh you got the snipe new trade request i don't have anything in my inventory i got the default knife and gun, are you looking to donate them?
Oh okay, that girl is just making fun of this guy who just walks behind him and doesn't even have a reason to be. Oh, he just got another kill. Being slow works like being overconfident, I think. Obviously he's not the sheriff, so this isn't really necessary. This guy is getting too close. What is this? That? Oh, the round is over. It's always very confusing when there's no timer. Why did I just receive another trade request? Okay, you know what you're doing. you can also donate to me because I don't have anything nice suit man uh-oh run don't run faster oh wait what's the killer throwing everyone else is throwing what why what hello she had a knife in her hand he just started running towards her oh and the sheriff is like afk or something oh oh no look this dodge pattern is working very well too this is an amazing fight I'm witnessing oh you shot the corner of the wall that's it okay I feel like Maria Julia here really wants someone to trade with them, okay, I feel like this is the time for the sheriff, okay, I mean, should I try?
This guy is like standing here. Hey, okay, we'll come back to you later, so why are you running away? Guys, I have to hide from the killer, the killer was nearby, wait, oh, that was the sheriff, oh oh, I'm exposing myself. Bye, okay, hold on, we have to take care of you real quick. Oh, that wasn't the sheriff's game. Here one of them is coming this way and they're going to die for it and oh, I missed it, yeah, take the gun please, and the last person, where are you? Are you here? No, you just disappeared.
What the hell? I will never find this. last person wait oh oh please please uh oh don't just die okay there we go ugh wait you didn't even get the gun the gun was there it could have been grabbed but whatever I won so okay uh we'll do it we'll do it I'll leave it at that , thank you all for watching, leave a like if you liked this video and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and also hit the bell icon if you want to receive notifications of any future videos, but that's it. I have for today and yes, I will see you in the next foreigner.

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