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The Panel - with Ron Atkinson, noted racist

Jun 05, 2021
uh, one of football's most flamboyant characters, a coach of men united among other teams and one until recently, uh, one of the game's most prominent experts, would you please put your hands together for Mr. Ron Atkinson, ladies and gentlemen? the job on the island, how was the interview? You have to understand that I am very nervous with microphones. Okay, didn't I warn you? You go to the long list of everything. Actually, no, no. It surprises me, I expected. I stayed up later. But I know, would you be interested in the job, Ron? I wasn't until I walked in.
the panel   with ron atkinson noted racist
This is what happens in Ireland. Yes, I imagine, because it's not, the work is not as difficult as it used to be right now. They, uh, we're not as good as we used to be, no, I mean, you lost a lot of great players, but you still have some good players, yeah, I still have some useful players and you're a little unlucky not to. I'm not going to the World Cup this year I thought I thought you're a little unlucky and you know your turn will come again. I'm telling you, I have to tell you that I'm just thinking about one of the nicest nights I've ever had. in football, remember the night David O scored the penalty against Romania in the 1990 World Cup, no one remembers that, sorry good BR, well I actually made a game comment and I'm going back to a place called repella, which is just outside of Genoa, where the match was played, so that night I picked up my wife, we go to Repella, which is a coastal town and just as we walk towards the city another result comes: Italy ends of winning a game that means that Italy is now going to play against the Republic, they are going to play against the Republic in the eternal city that was everyone's dream and whatever, suddenly out of nowhere all these blue shirts come out of the aouri in motorcycles and everything and it's wonderful like the biggest cavalcade going around the front and uh this ride and I'm sitting I think this is great not a threat not a little bit of a problem not a little bit of anything suddenly in this cavalcade there's a van going big truck, I wonder how you're doing gaffa, look back Paul McGrath John Sheridan Tony Cascarino the whole team is hanging around with the fans and you know, everyone's celebrating the game on Saturday, they don't realize the team they're playing him he's going around in the Kev can with absolutely brilliant your own playing career you know him as the tank yeah I was good in the arena how do they compare?
the panel   with ron atkinson noted racist

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the panel with ron atkinson noted racist...

I mean, how would you have fared in today's League? If they. done right, I think I would have been sent off in most games to be fair, to be fair, in all of football, why the Phenom phenomenon didn't exist or not, no, not the way it did, I mean, just because the players didn't have the money to pay the wives to stay home and cook, but you know that's where the women should be. In fact, I have done it. I've been down that road once before. Yes, yes, we are aware of that. We will leave it for a later part of the interview.
the panel   with ron atkinson noted racist
Me while you're at it, like Jesus, you're not. I'm really disappointed because you're not doing the bling bling that you used to do and that's all a rumor honestly, I promise you, yeah, I thought I was going to buy some gear, yeah, but you're a great man. for pink champagnes and parties they don't want well, it was mandatory at that time, you know, people said that you had a lot to spend, it's fabulous, have you ever sold a player in one of your clubs to pay for the champagne, Yeah? yeah, that's so classy, ​​it's so, so stylish, it's amazing, it's cooh, now, that's pimping, that's pimping right there when I was in Cambridge.
the panel   with ron atkinson noted racist
I left the defense wasn't going to be good enough. Another great character in the game you want. put it on Barry Fry Great character amazing character Barry Fry so Barry wanted this to get away from me I said well I'll tell you what B, you show up with a big champagne, a big moan and you can have him turn around. Upstairs, Barry gives him full marks, gives him some excellent champagne, and Dusty takes the player away two weeks later. He calls and says Ron. I have to tell the players that there is no hope. Can I get two of those bottles back and the rest of the team doesn't get a spes? you're in the corner anyway every play ahead in the you're not just good enough to play who do you think is the best player in the world right now? for 10 minutes Zidan is still the best player in the world for 10 minutes uh and Rooney Rooney is capable of becoming the best in the world um we give you Rooney by the way I just want you to know that we don't know I don't know how long ago we gave it to you but it's ours and frankly we would like it to come back, yes, do you think a kiss from a princess will ever bring it back?
He's ugly. An ugly man with a big Irish head. He's what put him in guard uniform and he's perfect. He is absolutely. I have to say Colin. he put his wife in a guard uniform and I think that would do it, he's old so you know when he must have felt really inferior, you know when he must have really felt inferior when he was at Everton and Peter Beasley used to stand next to him in the photos of the team and insisted on being next to him, oh, it's a sign, do you miss doing it in the comments?
Yes, I miss it, this week I'm starting to get dressed, the clothes to play soccer in Italy. Yeah, which you know, I like it, I like Italian football anyway and I like Milan and I like Rome and the teams are good there too. mistake, think in a couple of years um that depends on other people um why you do it Ron what why why why you say it I would. I'm sure there are some proper


s in football, but you were the one who gave Black players a break in the 70s, 80s and 90s, so why?
Well, as far as I'm concerned, I don't. I've apologized enough already. I don't want to go down that path anymore, but it's a totally different scenario than what was reported the first two or three days and yeah, well, I suggest you don't listen to so much hip-hop. Hey, it's okay in Hip Hop, they use it. By the way, we met Ray Hton, so we met Ray Hton during the week and he said that he was the best coach you've ever had, that he was the best right-sided player I've ever had in my life. Life, right, R was a good L.
I had some great Irish players. um, you know, speaking of Mack, when you get the job, then you'll be small with the h group of big Irish P, but they all lost, they all lost some. pace yards right now no I'm not saying get the job and bring back P mcgr that's a bad tactic sure don't say that in the interview okay I know just the guy told you the other thing about that. The night after the loss against Mexico, the American police were preparing for what they call the hooligan affair, so that night in Orlando, Orlando Main Street is apparently home to about 10,000 people, that night there were 40,000.
Dutch and Irish on Main Street, the place, came out in riot gear and it was the most incredible thing. The Irish boys in general are on the horses, on the police horses, the police are playing DS and everything with the with the. p and there are 40,000 people on a street that normally holds 10,000 and I'm telling you there was no one to bother brilliant absolutely brilliant so what's the problem with English FS? So, we don't like horses, ladies and gentlemen, Ron Ainson, we are, let's take a break. We'll be back in a couple of minutes with more of the P.
Thank you very much.

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