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The Office but it's Everyone Impersonating Each Other - The Office US

Aug 22, 2023
David Wallace's


this is Kevin Malone this is David there I am I'm mad at Jim because he's asking us to give him money to pay him this is Stanley Hudson Jim Halpert is a threat this is Toby Flanderson listen things are getting really bad down here I'm Meredith Palmer listen boy, I'm going to be drunk as a skunk and you don't know what to tell me about the crotch injuries, but Jim Halpert is an asshole, my name is I hated the voice, it's a little derivative, parody is always derivative, It is not organic. Do you know what I mean?
the office but it s everyone impersonating each other   the office us
Jim makes a great one, make your own, oh guys, you know, I really refuse to participate. Michael Field Cookie just opened in the mall because when we leave the parodies to the professionals at Man TV, I'm sorry Gabe, but that show doesn't I haven't been to so many cookies, okay, Pamela's conference room, five minutes, that is what he said. Hey, can you help me find Michael Scott? Angela, my boyfriend, can he be a state senator? Oh no, it can't help because that title has no meaning. I can help Jim, do you know where I can find Michael Scott?
the office but it s everyone impersonating each other   the office us

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the office but it s everyone impersonating each other the office us...

Oh, I don't know where Michael is at all, man. Hey, you want to listen to some records. Nobody listens to me. I'm running out of time. What are you talking about? I'm bent over and can't get up, maybe I just need to look into my heart tonight. One of our most ethnic coworkers. Kelly has invited us all to a dwally celebration hosted by her community. What is Diwali? You can ask well to have it. Kelly explains it, it's blah blah blah, it's super fun and it's going to be good, lots of gods with unpronounceable names. 20 minutes later you discover that it is essentially a Hindu Halloween.
the office but it s everyone impersonating each other   the office us
No, oh, no, stop, oh, no, yeah, take my right, okay, seriously, okay, yeah. I have a wig for every person in the


, you never know when you're going to need to Have a passing resemblance to someone cool, I'm hip and I'm jab, but I don't care about anyone, you know who? I'm happy, Halloween idiot, I still don't know who I am, I'll give you a hand, I check


people's heads, Michael, this is a bad idea, what's a bad idea, dressing up, is it someone, I mean, when do you Has that worked? DeAngelo Joe is on the phone for you Hi DeAngelo using some serious horse manure here the Dundees are on tonight and we don't have a host oh no luckily I have someone for you Billy Crystal better Neil Patrick Harris it's a little shop of horrors on Broadway we don't need to Michael Scott, the best garden.
the office but it s everyone impersonating each other   the office us
The house in Dundee, on both sides of the Mississippi, can I buy you all coffees or cookies? I'm here because the company told me so. I just want you to know that I laugh like crazy. You have to be able to, you have to be able to laugh at yourself, one of the gang, yes, I have to go back to the zoo with the stick insect. exhibition ciao okay I say raven because I'm Tallahassee chic when we say son of the Impressions okay oh hi Creed oh I've shown you pictures of my new cats I think the impressions are dumb it's not my job to add those columns oh feet that color makes you look could you be more?
No, that's Chandler, okay, I give up, what are you? I'm sexy, gross Toby, I love it, it's a little blurry, it's better to ask what kind of bear is better, it's a ridiculous question, fake black bear, well. that's debatable there's basically two schools of thought fact the bears eat beets the bears beat Battlestar Galactica the bears don't what's going on what are you doing last week I was in a drugstore and I saw these cups uh four dollars and it only cost me seven dollars to recreate the rest of the set and that's a total of eleven dollars, you know what imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I appreciate the joke, Jim, millions of families suffer every year, Michael, oh that's funny, Michael , I wish Kelly was here, her always.
I knew what to say um great, Ryan, you're so smart, you're smarter than Mark Zuckerberg and all those Google guys combined, you're so ignorant that you barely know what you're talking about, so ridiculous that you really need to read a couple of books, do you? what is it? book oh my god you're so embarrassing hey Dwight you look great today like an idiot hey Karen hey Dwight looking dapper yes that's because I'm your boyfriend Jim Halpert hey Karen I want to meet up later and have sex because you're my girlfriend, Right, well, thanks, I'm Jim Halpert, I got a little comment right hmm, I'm too shy to tell you this, but I have flatulence, she farts a lot, Michael is a wig, no, that's how it is, sometimes I wear it So.
It's a wig This is from Hooters Yes, it's a business lunch Did Toby approve this? No, he didn't. I don't need his permission. You just cut up your corporate credit card. You really want me to take it off again. It's ridiculous. They took mine away. card away because I spent 80 bucks at a magic store what they don't understand is that I bought the stuff to impress potential clients, so business related, I put a cigarette in a damn quarter and you know, Toby, They almost bought us. I'm not prosecuting us. Look, Jim needed a relaxing lunch. He has been depressed and it has been affecting his productivity.
How is that not work related? That seems fine to me. You are not his friend. You don't know that he is in love with one. girl he works with who is engaged so cut me some slack please Pam but not everything makes him laugh he has very specific tastes hey Toby hey is that me yeah oh my god , thanks, it's funny, right? Do I have to go to the meeting? Hey, Michael, you're an idiot, hey boss, what's the problem here? Is this effort I keep on my desktop? right next to my mung beans when I was in a prison in Cambodia.
I did an Elvis Presley impression that brought the house down. you still hear it Clarice the cries of spring Lambs I'm Joe Bennett I'm not comfortable doing that actually the thing about impressions is they're never good enough Michael asks Michael come in here right now damn it Jim idiot warning Dwight Who are you? Who I am? I'm Jim, we've been working together for 12 years, we're jugled White, you're not Jim, Jim's not Asian, seriously, you never realized, hey, hats off to you for not seeing race, so Jim, uh. Why don't you tell me about that sale you made yesterday?
Did Wellington Systems sell them 10 boxes of 24 pound cardstock or were you talking about Creek or Murphy because I haven't closed that one yet, but I hope to. I have a voicemail from Paul Krieger waiting for me. Please enter his password. A new message. No, no, no, no, that is confidential information only for employees, not for outsiders. Oh, I cut it. I'm trying to work, you don't work here. You're not Jim Jim, what's that dinner reservation? Greek is 7 30. Oh great, I can't wait. Jim is at the dentist this morning and Steve is an actor friend of ours.
I don't know who you are, but you're not Jim. This is Jim. Dude, oh how did you do it?

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