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The Most Fun Learning Video Ever! | Learn to Count, Read and Colours

Sep 12, 2023
foreigner 82. 3 84 85. Hey, that's my sound, stop pinging me. I'm not well. I'm also kicking my soccer ball. Keep it in the air. Can't you force yourself to make actual sounds? No, you can't keep it to yourself. 96 97 98 99 Sorry, this alphabet isn't big enough for the two of Kiss, so there's only one way to solve this, you mean correct a contest versus OK, press this key e, oh, that's nothing that can do. Hey Cage, clearly Mike is the best. lovely, but could you let us out now? Loki, then I have the key, so let us out. It seems that I am the king of the cause.
the most fun learning video ever learn to count read and colours
No, keyhole, this isn't right, you got us into this mess, now you can both get us out, oh. shock, what is that rotten smell? Don't worry guys oh Rock listen let me have this oh maybe two 'cause they're better than one hey she catches ah here I am but I don't know who I am hmm let's take a look ah I know . Brown, oh, I say, a hat, oh, would it look better if it were brown? Foo boom, what a discovery. I can convert things. Brown, oh, the Earth beneath my feet, but it should be brown too beautiful.
the most fun learning video ever learn to count read and colours

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the most fun learning video ever learn to count read and colours...

A little piece of Earth, now it's time to explore, let's see what else it is. brown, what do we have here? binoculars with my brown binoculars. I take a look around me. I'm Brown. I'm down to earth and I've got both feet on the ground, so let's start walking. My name is Brown. I explore the outdoors at all times. the fields and forests and along the rocky shores I don't know where I'm going but I know I'm in Outward Bound my name is brown I travel


ywhere but I have both feet on the ground oh early in the morning I put on my big brown boots and then I go on a trip through the woods to see what I can see look there's a brown owl in a tree there are all kinds of brown things in my neighborhood I found a conquistador and a pine cone and a bunch of acorns too just be careful not to step in any puddles.
the most fun learning video ever learn to count read and colours
My name is brown. I explore the outdoors along the spaces beneath rocky shores. I don't know where I'm going, but I know I'm outside. football my name is brown I travel


ywhere but I have both feet on the ground so now I wander around my troubles in my brown scout hat there's a big brown bear but let's not get too close and now the leaves are turning brown and everything starts to collapse you can guess fall is my favorite time of year my name is brown I explore the outdoors through fields and forests and along rocky shores I don't know where I'm going but I know I'm in Outward Bound , my name is brown, I travel everywhere but I have big feet on the ground, a good laser eye, I go back to look for my cabin in the Glade, I collect firewood for the Fire and Life is Good with my table and my chair and that They fit everywhere you know that many things are brown because they are made of wood.
the most fun learning video ever learn to count read and colours
I have brown shoes. I have brown socks in a big brown cardboard box. I have clocks and logs in a basket by the door I have brownies and whole wheat b


I have my favorite chocolate sp


and I like my whole wheat bread toasted so that it is even browner than before my name is brown I explore the outdoors through the fields and forests and along the rocky shores I don't know where I'm going but I know I'm Outward Bound my name is brown I travel everywhere but I have both feet on the ground, which means that, for what it's worth, brown comes down to earth , oh, calling all number blocks 15 here, looking for hidden talents, are you hiding a team of jugglers or even a team of musicians?
That's probably what you're made of. I'm 25 years old and I'm here to show you the five fives. you can do this 26. look deep inside yourself um, I can make a team of some, how about a dance number? Can you form a team of two? I think so, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen of them, that's a lot to remember that was fun good luck tattoos 13 two and 26 and I can oops what was it again oh yeah don't say it two thirteen well I liked it that's my chair two tens two three mix 26. thank you hello twenty one are you there maybe she took the elevator wait a minute I lived agent 15 here you can be just the number i've been looking for follow me the talent show is just a cover the real work continues down here oh in our top secret number base in mi-15 our math research agents are always looking for hidden numbers.
I'm looking for bonuses. numerical bonuses. oh, there are all kinds of ways to find smaller numbers inside bigger ones once you start looking at some of our bigger agents. you can take smaller number teams where they are needed a circus that needs rainbow jugglers an explorer that needs a triple dose of luck or if you need a full set of one to six steps you can take 21. How did you get down? Here I took the stairs actually I'm the stairs I'm back to work I've been looking for a number like you 26. I'm passing by oh hi I'd like you to meet my main agent, agent 13. excels at breaking things bigger numbers into smaller numbers pull yourself together I'm happy to be and the problem is if someone says 13. then the agent 13. falls apart.
I get it, you need someone to carry the 13 with you. And not just a thirteen but a team of two. thirteen I discovered myself thank you I'm agent 26 and I'm fine it seems that agent 26 numbers you can't catch me yes I can we're playing cops and robbers it's against the rules oh it is oh oh oh that's against the rules too oh listen beautiful letters let's hold hands and oh oh what is a law a law is a rule that no one can break if you do I will arrest you because I am in charge of the law and my first law is oh the weed I arrest you in the name of the law oh he is he is in the grass oh he is now I arrest you in the name of the grass oh I mean the law Outlaw arrest him oh no oh he has no pets aw oh poor oh I risked you in the name of the poor oh I mean new bouncy balls stairs don't pretend to be a policeman oh wow oh draw oh oh oh it's investigating come on oh bouncy ball oh shower on the stairs I arrest you in the name of pineapples are gifts for the friends who chose the place and nothing that starts with urine lovely letters, let's take hand in hand oh oh hello everyone my name is Paul p a u l night with p p no, I'm not chasing them unicorns no Jelly monsters oh um hunt I'm chasing you arrest me for being a ghost, no ghosts for me, no astronauts, oh, throw three, two, one, throw in the name, I know, let's play cops and robbers, you are, oh, what's up?
Hmm, I'm sure I've seen one before it's uh um, what do you think is blue? I think it's a lever, but what does he do? Let's find out what it is. It is round and goes around like a wheel with seats for four colors. What's happening? Okay, everyone, sit down. Blue, yellow, green. Oh me. I thought it would go around and around and around and around maybe we are sitting in the wrong seats yeah what if the color wheel only works when we are in the right order? Hey, oh yeah, yellow, then green and blue, it worked, you can see all the colors. someone is having fun means stop I see it's something round it's a color wheel purple any place for us oh I'm afraid not orange there are only four seats oh we're pulling that lever imagine one two three four five six six seats space for everyone us, but we have to sit in the right order and the orange is a little yellow, so now I'm the one who goes next.
Green is close to yellow so naturally I sit here and green has blue so this seat is for me. I've saved the best until last purple goes between blue and red six colors orange yellow green blue violet wow this looks bright yes it's cyan and magenta. My printing team loves a spinning room for two more. We're going to need a bigger wheel. look who wants to pull the next lever we need to find the right places for magenta and cyan okay on blue so I should go yeah and I look a little red so I should go here okay everyone take a seat , orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, magenta. eight colors thank you good day hello I'm very excited I'm having a great dance party who's coming to my party I will I will of course yes I will it's my party who else is coming I'm you just called yourselves I can't say I It's my name see mine I could just say I'm just the best I found I'll never do it so don't even try I don't need you others around my party alone I don't need friends who want to dance I do, I'll go first I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i igh you're going to see now stay here because the night is a party I the night you said I all did it only I can tell when I'm with e it's as easy as making a cake I go with e like a clown with a boat trick ato lie I'm a bright blue butterfly I made a stinky cheese I don't need friends I mean, no one likes me Someone likes me, we all like it, you're our friend, it's true, I like you and I like you too, me, me, me, me , me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me too I'll be fine, I feel good, this is fun, I like to share my name with everyone when I'm with and we say I and when the magic and works its magic on me we say yo yo yes you can be my friends friends and be by my side we are going to fly abroad thank you nine by two to go up and away twelve by two super stupid food race I can't run five races but I can go to three yes, but the only weird track is actually shorter A race no way Raise one bigger than one Ray actually looks shorter thanks for the 24x1 tip and what's up three for six four five six better put my skates on until then alligator oh team Focus take the two-way oopsie Horizon uh-oh blocks away um, what's up, don't give up, you're not out of the race yet, six by four, that dad increases the age.
I can't make a rectangle eight high, but I can make three Rays, four by three, that's a big jump, but I could make it. It's a try, oh I'm going to make it, I'm going to make it, I'm not going to make it, thank you, whoever finishes that first will receive a special power for the turn, also hurry up to block the power Twinkle Toes 20 takes the stage for a night in the race five race thanks to my power increase I can take this lead four by five okay two by ten four by five five by four ten by two oh I can't ride a six Ray lose the four twenty zero two by six three by four what took you so long six by two and he's back in the race is what I need six by three I'll have to make the jump it's the only way to reach him you didn't make it last time so I'll try again three by eight whoa super silly here they come they are blocking the block who will win 24 takes it boy same time tomorrow oh


on it champion hello and welcome to today's show the colored blocks pray with pride gifts a colorful performance by Little Red Riding Hood once upon a time a color block called Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood prepared a basket full of wonderful red treats for her grandmother's party she had a red pillow a red cake and some red strawberries Little Red Riding Hood went out through the forest and wait a minute we need a forest can I help oh green let's have a forest please follow me naturally green green green where are you oh no I'm all alone in the forest huh I'm the big blue wolf.
Ah, why is everyone confused? Oh, phew, that was close. It wasn't exactly how the story was supposed to go, but where were we? Oh yes, Little Red Riding Hood was still lost in the forest. Who are you? I'm Goldilocks, my three ducks are hungry. I accidentally ate all their porridge and now I don't know what to do. Goldilocks, that's not right. This is Little Red Riding Hood, not a little golden yellow hair. Oh, they said okay, yeah, hurry up. I continue with the program Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks traveled through the forest but soon got lost oh no, which way to grandma's house mix red and yellow to make orange run run we are against the clock you can't patch me I'm the block of bread Gingerbread, what are you doing here? she's Little Red Riding Hood, not the little orange gingerbread block, well I know the way to Grandma, so you can follow me or get lost in the woods, he's waiting for us, Goldilocks, the gingerbread block and Little Red Riding Hood.
Hood came to Grandma's house and found a big blue wolf, but no, Grandma, big bad wolf, did you eat Grandma? No, not like grandma's, like blueberries, eh? I am the big blue wolf. I'm not a bad wolf, where's grandma? wait a minute who's grandma oh, I'll play grandma, my grandma, what a purple base you have too, much better. Is it party time? Still, oh no, I forgot the balloon popped, the strawberries were eaten and now they ruined grandma's party, okay. red we have everything we need here this is the


colorful party ever and everyone lived happily ever after attention yes, no time to know zoom zoom zoom bright stop sleeping start marching laughter it's time for march Alpha box 18. actually I could use a nap room for some more fun my turn oh shoes I hope the 10 comes back here soon I want to fly to the Moon Ten's rocket rides are really waiting for me to take off we fly to Planet 7 where the heavensthey're made of rainbows thank you ten I'm lucky to have a friend like you it's a pleasure for me seven so who's next um but only if you're not too tired what if we all go at once?
Then it will be just a trip. I guess I can try, oh, sorry. I need to rest, no more rocket rides for a while, this feels like a job for Step Squad Ten with a four step plan to reach the stars. Step one, let ten feel good. Step two, build more rocket towers. Step three, build more rockets. step four blast off to the stars hooray big plan leave me the towers octoblock build one two three four five six seven eight build hahaha buddy that should be enough let's make rockets what one plus two plus three plus four is ten five you're next five plus six leaves a block outside the frame.
I'll slide it down and start me next one plus seven is eight plus eight is too high whoa you have six sticky blocks on top slide them down for the next rocket plus nine is ten plus five my turn I feel very sorry better for that break, yes five plus ten is ten and five, could you look at those five rockets with five leftover blocks together? What do you have ten twenty Thirty forty fifty fifty five the Starship Explorer? My tense admission to take a bold step where no number block has trod before. Wow, how lucky. is that we all add in a step team, um, well, think about it, start with a sum in a line, you will get step squats every time the next number is the next step, once you spot the pattern you can see. each step is one bigger than the previous step, you don't have to


, you know that it will be an excellent work team and now let's do it with the numbers one plus two is three plus three is six plus four is ten plus five is fifteen plus six is twenty-one, that is, seven is twenty-eight plus eight is thirty-six plus nine is forty-five plus ten is fifty-five crew waiting for the countdown ten nine eight seven six five four three three two one thief waiting for the walk space ten nine eight seven six five four three two one zero gravity this is one small step for numbers one giant step squad for numbers guy get involved okay whoa where am I who am I oh I'm yellow happy to be here oh this is a good clue to dance whoa sand I've made sand happy moments oh, that's a nice circle.
I bet you would like to be yellow, yellow, the sun much better, oh, hello, rubber duck, yellow. You have some friends, aunts, uncles and cousins, and they want to be yellow too, yeah, come on. Yeah, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yeah, I have a lot of new yellow friends, so let's have a yellow party, hello corn on the cob, hello butter, did you get your invitation? Sunflowers and Canaries, join our celebration, hello cheese, oh hello bees and yellow bouncy balls, mustard. dandelion custard, you're welcome, an animal. I'm so bright you'll need your shadows. I turn lemons into lemonade, super fun, come join me in the sun.
I'm happy. I am yellow, bright and bubbly. I feel good. Today is the day. party time with yellow the dress code is strictly yellow wearing hats or anorax it's yellow cups and yellow plates and yellow finger snaps mmm I have a yellow tablecloth and look banana seats a pineapple piΓ±ata that's full of yellow stripes I'm so bright you I'll need your shadows I turn lemons into lemonade hello I'm yellow smiling bright super fun come join me in the sun I'm happy I'm yellow bright and bubbly feeling good today's the day it's time to party with Oh yeah, it's a map a search of the treasure will be the perfect yellow party game, turn right on the yellow digger to turn left next to the big lemon, big lemon, I think it would be easy to spot. whoa x marks the spot with a big yellow X, the treasures buried here, ah, phew, this is it.
It's going to take a long time to dig up oh, great idea, oh, we found the treasure chest, what's inside, oh, a yellow cake, perfect for a yellow party, hello yellow, smiling, shiny, super cool, do you want a slice? of yellow cake? I'm happy, I'm yellow. bright and bubbly feeling good I hope you had a happy time with yellow I can make you go because I'm magical I can make you go I can make you go I can make you go because whenever I'm around I play a little game, my magic will surprise you when it makes you say your name when there is magic nearby.
I can make you make a different sound if you wear a cap. If you have a leaky faucet. I can get you an ape. Teeth, if you're making dinner, I'll invite you too because when I'm around I can make you make a different sound, if you spill all the stuff, it'll slide down the slope, you'll need a mop, but you better not know that we can give you a hug, but it will be huge because as long as it's around I can make sound, if you have a little bit I'll take a little bite out of it when you're building a kit.
I can make you a kite, give me a can, I'll make you a cane, show me the plan, I'll make you a plane, 'cause whenever I'm around I can make you make a different sound, I can make you go, I can make you go, I can make you go, oh no, I can make you go, cutie, I can make you go when I'm around, I play a little game, my magic will surprise you when I make you say your name, where's the magic, I can make you go. Make a different sound and it seems like there's a 10 jump progress as we speak, there's the jump, there's nine and four getting fit, nice tall friend, look at me, don't say it. 13.
Time on my own action replays that seem a little fast. don't worry here is someone who can show us how to do it please welcome eight the first thing you need to know in the vote of 10 is who is your friend of 10 are you a friend that is a block of numbers that takes you up to 10 yes, that's right , come on here little buddy, so eight ten buddy is two and I'm 12, you see a little bit of this and a buddy training session on the beat, find your ten buddies, go, go, that's it, do those tens, ten friends, nine and one, eight and two, seven and three six and four five and five I'm friends, the same friends, so once you meet your tanned friend, you can do 10 jumping jacks, that's right, the trick is to find your friend ten along the way, come on six, let's show them how it's done, it equals fourteen extreme. we will see that once again in slow motion eight loss look cool tricks there are two H ten friend have done the ten hello ten fans two came from six to go out four abdominoplasty Square floor what was 14 key end is much clearer only in It's time to the objective round where our vultures need to do exactly Seventeen, which is a great objective.
What counts is precision. You have to choose your partner carefully. The good thing is that we train for that too. Let's go eight. That's all. Those first two take you to ten. Now continue. going plus three equals eleven plus four equals twelve plus five equals thirteen now let's go down the band plus nine equals seventeen so to make 17 you need to partner with nine yeah, taking away my friend ten two out of nine I'll leave the seven I need or like us the professional 10 volters say find the ten see what's left slide it down and place it there that's a work of art eight is our 10 pin champion and who better to award the trophy than 10 um where is he and where is he?
They're right here you just need to put yourself in the photo, thank you, but this trophy isn't just for me, it's for 10 voters everywhere. foreigner, thank you, thank you foreigner. Gray dots, dots to make a mix of dark gray and white to make light gray. Thank you, white, light gray. gray dark gray black alien oh for a second we are going to be late stop oh fantastic a perfect bus what are you doing oh someone thinks of something sub s someone stops them the plate is not in the right shape I just went down the stairs and there is no driver oh , we're in a tough situation right now so you know what time you know what oh mail has arrived great finally my bus pass no what oh tremendous can I use my bus pass two two where are we going oh welcome to the team tag arena for another exciting game There is only one rule for tag team if you tag someone in a team of two and they can team up with you they join your team with big numbers first to give them a chance to run and hide and see how many different number blocks can tag 24.
The bottom 20, then come the teams, there are 12, the first of the Hunters looking to tag 24, who needs to stay away from two, three, four and six, 11 already has 22. the smallest numbers they start to oh the tin is going off looking for an early tag in 20. team of ten no, Tim freezes for 10 seconds and 20 is safe for now oh no it is, it's not even five team of five someone is in a fantastic start there they only need 15 to complete the set hush hush and Defy is here at six and seven they are already lucky and here come four oh look how many blocks of numbers these two champions can catch and with no one chasing them you have to imagine their possibilities team of sevens oh bad luck for some hello oh can't you catch me on a team of nines team of three and some problems octo problems team of four team of teams 24 still strong she might be the last rectangle standing I can do this all day, oh, and all night, of course, teams of tunes and sword, you have me, team of twelve, team of six, team of six, three juices, what sound does it mean, its last rectangle standing, only one player left who can be divided into teams. but who is it, are you sure there is a rectangle left? tag that was fun I need to do it again set up now I wonder where I am and I wonder who I am let's take a look no I don't recognize this color oh wow what was that?
It was fun, what is this? I'm a bit like this color oh it's red I'm like red but paler I'm kind of a light red and this here this is a light color it's oh it's white I'm also a bit like white I'm somewhere between red and white a little of both I think pink I'm pink and pink is fun oh that looks like fun fun like me pink I colored it now it's pink like me wow Hmm, this place looks like it could use a little fun. I wonder if this can also be paint Ah, that's better, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun for everyone, oh here we go, pink is for everyone, pinkies like pink it's fun and when the sky It's grey, pink and brightens your face, I'm pink to choose from. me-up that's guaranteed I think pink is what you need pink is for everyone I think its pink lights are fun and when the sky is gray pink and brightens your day I think it's fun, fun and pink is for everyone I'm a little bit red I'm a little bit white um the roses in a row I'm the feathers of the flamingo I'm pink a little bit red and a little bit white that's fun pink pink can make a splash with fancy boots and a pink carnation think of anything under the sun, Pink makes everything more fun, so grab a balloon and a fart hat because pink is where the party is for everyone, pinkies, lights, pink is fun and when the sky is gray, pink and brighten your day , pink is fun, fun and Pink is for everyone yes, pink is for everyone, strange tea, anyone, not for me, hmm, oh no, so what's a note?
It makes the music super, oh, spectacular, oh, excellent melody, excellent, pleasant noise 10. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jump, fantastic noise enough ass you're making too much of everything silly me right yes oh oh super Mitch tremendously exhausting work beautiful lullaby oh oh Lots of nice time to stop for tea silence three you're early I mean you can't come in but it's the three of them club meeting, yes, but it's such a beautiful day, why don't you watch the birds first? I love bird watching, great, see you later, oh oops, I forgot my rhinoculars, try not to.
Killers, oh, some kind of party 15. She told me not to go in, you better not let it. she sees me two three it's six thank you six you're early yes just me definitely not three silence remember what you do don't let three understand how excited we're not supposed to be here let's go before six quickly hide three three is nine hello nine what looks good you haven't seen three it's just me and I have my reservations but I'll be back in a flash oh nice hat oh that was close let's go before it's real nine hide oh 12. funny I thought I heard three, It's just you and me, remember, don't let three eat you, come back here, I have a plan, we do one more, three and then we can walk out the door dressed as five, three is fifteen, what? about us, I know five three is fifteen, you can't have 15. we are 50, the party is here, let's all go, it's 15. everyone hides eighteen there, everyone finds a place to hide when 30 comes with three, everyone jumps and he says surprise I got it um um no 21. no just put me back here oh next one what a good place to hide I hope I'm not late everyone and one more than three years Super Duper I mean it's me 24.
God it's three here but It's me nine three, I mean 27. ah, here we are, we're all here. Wow, did you say thatthree had gone bird watching? 15. I couldn't find her anywhere Tourette, we can hardly have a surprise party for three without three the party is for me well of course you are the founding member of Club three everyone in Club three is maybe three there would be no club three without you the one and only three one free yay I'm here oh what's up this feeling oh, it's energy okay, I'm full of energy, but who am I?
Oh yeah, oh I know I'm orange, but what is this? oh wow, I colored it like me yum, it's full of energy, also like me, I think I'll call it orange like me Can you feel the rhythm? Can you feel the energy stand up? Feel the energy of the orange. Energy. I put the orange in orange juice. I'm bouncing like a basketball. I'm fast as a ginger cat. up all the orange fall leaves where they are I'm warmer than yellow I'm brighter than red I'm right there in the middle How do you feel the rhythm Can you feel the energy stand up feel the orange energy energy I put in? the orange in orange juice I am orange and I am loose in all the traffic cones I am blessed with orange I am in jam I am here and I am the best I am warmer than yellow I am brighter than red I am right in the middle I can reveal I am in an easy peel I mean apricot and tangerines Can you feel the rhythm?
Can you feel the energy stand up? Feel the orange energy. Baked beans energy. I'm jumping some skins with toothy smiles every year on Halloween get up feel the orange energy I put the orange in orange juice hello miss tiger thank you ready to run yes but first I need a little more orange energy okay come on ready go go , go, go, go, yay, a tie. Can you feel your feet? Can you feel the energy? Get up on your feet, feel the orange energy.presenting the six step plan to explore numbers and solve them step one tens and ones find out for yourself this is where you sign up find out for yourself where you fit into this alignment how many tens and how many ones can you count to three tens and one three tens and two that's how you figure out what 31 32 equals then you can figure it out that's what this is all about step two rectangles no, let's see how rectangular you can be find your matrices make your screens Master the power of rectangle Ray positions with a rectangle some can make many and some can make two that's one way to


who you are and what you can do three look inside find out for yourself what are you afraid of find out for yourself?
Show us all what you're made of. How much equipment and how many parts are you hiding? How do you look when you're splitting buns? Number of buns. Equipment. Many teams. Then you can find out. That's what it's about. step four play with patterns find out yourself what shapes you can throw me find out yourself what kind of patterns you can show me a square with a hole or maybe a cross on the wall there how many zigzags we can install that then you can find out that's what it's all about Arrow butterfly lo whatever it's fun cross square with four holes or donut cool and there's still two steps left step five join a club find out for yourself which clubs you're here for find out find out for yourself how many clubs you'll cheer for, one for odds and one for squats in the tree house, the Three family can call it three houses, odd blocks, Prime Club, even Jobs, super rectangle Club, then you can find out. what this is all about step six more to explore it's time to go out and explore the world to find out what clues it may contain it may take a day or a week or a month to see what adventures play out well after 31 days I thought to myself I am 31 years old and I love double double calendars I discovered myself I am 32 years old and I am a duplicator Now you know who you are I know you will go far The world of numbers is getting bigger and bigger, so imagine thank you

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