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The MOST *DANGEROUS* STRATEGY In Fortnite Battle Royale!

Feb 22, 2022
we can alright guys we had to sacrifice someone to the serpent gods ok let's chill here guys we're chill chill chill oh it's the degrees right now cause it's just a building they're building forts For each other, oh please, look at everything you're building, look, don't look guys, just don't look. up guys guys try to be stealthy cause oftentimes this we're going to be full of this like it's for us no dude I'm sweating yeah rock rock paper scissors he's got rock paper scissors yeah they're building , they're building up and everything man this is a big


i wanted i want to do malaysian but i figure he's going to pull me out of the abyss now you'd be sweet yeah i got you now there's five in total not yet , I think we could build them down because we don't have any way down, yeah, okay, ready for this, everyone stay ready three two one guard down deficit better together for dinner together - total - Tara - Tara - Tara - daddy - daddy - yeah drop come on guys we're al


there please don't look up there's no time for that I can try to push to see you guys outside your own little base not a good idea let's take a picture , all right, guys, everybody get ready, shoot, yeah, well, t I got this guy he didn't see it coming one down one down one down one down no Steve Golf Steve everyone's really hurt the one that was fighting is blank I'm up in a tree so lemme see me behind you
the most dangerous strategy in fortnite battle royale

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