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The Most Cursed Dating Shows | JonTron

Apr 19, 2023
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the most cursed dating shows jontron
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the most cursed dating shows jontron

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the most cursed dating shows jontron...

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legendary heroes yes welcome to






show part two I see you all are back on schedule because you remember hitting the subscribe button and the bell icon last time as you may remember we looked the button and dating in the dark, but alas we're still halfway there, contestant number three is Sea Beasts for when Being human gets too boring. I guess Netflix thought turning off the lights and shoving people into a dark room was too obvious too. old fashioned, dare I say the budget is too low for their standards, so they came up with a similar idea to dating in the dark, but this time, instead of darkening their body shapes, they darkened their entire body. species to get into the sexy beasts, a show that was al


certainly conceived because one of the producers always wanted to know what it would be like to go on a date with Falcor, hey falcore, you seem like a really nice guy and all, but I'm pretty sure you the italian restaurant was like 20 blocks back, yeah i saw it.
the most cursed dating shows jontron
This is not my idea of ​​Romance. I'm not ready to join the mile, sorry, but I felt compelled to add that anyway, so yeah, basically, this is a show where they dress people up in hideous monster prosthetics so no one would know. how each one really looked and then made them go out on dates to see if love could be true without the goods immediately on display huh, just trigger Primal instincts like smell of musk Ratio of muzzle and credit score the concept sounds potentially interesting, but what I can't get away from is that they didn't even make a proper attempt to pull it off because not all costumes are created equal, either in craft quality or just general disgust, so even though I'm trying to making it like a level playing field ultimately, if you get this one you'll just lag behind no matter what you do, like your reptilian brain isn't able to look past that.
the most cursed dating shows jontron
I don't matter who you are, no matter how into your favorite band, you know you're not overcoming the limbic system on that, okay let's play a little game here. I'm going to see all the costumes and order them. sort them into categories of medium acceptable and abandoned all good first there's Panda ok this one is pretty standard because as I tell you some are really normal like this one it just looks like a standard fursuit and some are not. yeah i'd say uh panda's pretty standard so i'll put her at acceptable number two Mrs Mouse you see it's like she's normal like panda but somehow it's worse not even me.
I'm not sure why, oh, it's not quite abandoned, but I don't know, it's really unsettling to me. don't turn your head or look like i'm telling you you're facing the panda or you're facing that who's going to win i don't care i don't care what you tell me is that a blowhole or a third eye oh god i thought i shouldn't Say it, what are you going to do with that blowhole later, that's all I ask? reasons why but that's a big one and then we have the zombie sisters ok which one would you pick? Yes, we have brains in a jar here. definitely better because this one just looks like let's say this one looks like the Survivor of a horrible accident the other one looks like something you might find in Spirit Halloween Sorry but like the zombie sisters it's like the beloved forsakis is down here she gets it Me i forgot to even make a category for it brian frankenstein whatever is right i'll put it in the middle it's better than the dauphin as i could see at least like maybe have a nice date with the france type girlfriend but no i wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of that blowhole now that we are getting into strange waters because what is this?
Did the Grinch have an affair with one of the Who in Whoville that we don't know or something it seems? the product what they were looking for with the others you can tell the dolphin Panda Mouse what why the costume designer was bored she has a hangover what happened she gave up for the good it can't get any worse it can and will and here is a mistake mistake mistake realistic because there are others bugs in this show but it's pretty bad there too but that's right it's like a hyper realistic bug that you have like what he calls a probuscus ok I wasn't planning on doing this but I'll put it here just for reference like this that you have a variation of errors here you have as the frog you have as the error but then the error you know because even I will put I will put that the frog is even impassable.
This is an intermediate error. We do not talk about this error. That's all I say. makes it passable I'll have sex with the tree that's the next pateridon or something I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to be You have to worry about the teeth and the Beak minute better minute better Shark Terror Unforgivable Unforgettable I honestly think there's something underneath forsaken oh god, look at that, okay, fuck it, I'm leaving, no I can't, I can't do this anymore, we can look past the biology here and you know, let's see if they're actually having some good dates because after all, that is the point of the program.
Get in touch with one of our couples. I definitely feel like I have a good chance because I'm ready as a titty. We're going to do it, and Nigel has the perfect opportunity to set up a romance with Devin in private. apple pie making class with celebrity chef jean christoph novelli my wife and i when i first met the look of it we'll just go with upside down apple pie and no one has to get hurt now if there's something you don't like now it would probably be Time to tell you that I hate apples. They think it's funny.
It's a joke to them. What am I supposed to do with this? All of Leon's albums are currently in this building. Are you serious? you can ask me to do it so i don't know exactly how to square this circle but lady and tiger make up apparently her biggest fear is apples so she was brought here to deal specifically and only with apples today she's like a low version economic pirate from that Mario episode where he likes to catch that girl who is terrified of pickles and immediately traumatizes her with them oh I respect that because I hate bananas.
I think they taste like saliva. It's good to know that we stop cooking. and texture you mean this yeah yeah yeah thanks that's what i meant yeah thanks you mean like this is what you're talking about foreigner i wasn't a fan of sound so i jumped in and cut it for her just be a nice guy because that's genuinely who i am she can still hear it dude you're like within earshot close to earshot really if you really wanted to help her what i would have done just take a whole arm wrap it around the cover Both ears like that hand cut free, that's what I would have done and then at the end we found out that everyone is conventionally attractive after all, what a surprise, so it was staged and pointless the whole time. there's only one more to go so please everyone give a warm welcome to Room Raiders the worst thing MTV has done since it started so I've saved my personal favorite for last you know because we've tried to make an app of dating in real life I've tried turning off the lights.
We have tried to change species. You know it's not working. It's okay, the person there must be the root of the problem. I want to date a woman I can't even see in theory and that's exactly what MTV's Room Raiders is about. I'll let them explain it to me. The girls have no idea that KJ is on his way to catch them. with your guard down they won't have time to clean or hide any of their belongings, kill their identity, we have deleted all photos and anything that would give away what they look like right now, oh my god how are you feeling?
Do you know how you feel afterwards? Seeing that you feel good, do I have to say something? Know? That will help. Will it fix something? If I do, the psychos did. this show from what i can gather is that they lie to a bunch of women and tell them that they are going to be on a normal dating show like they film their testimonials beforehand and show them at the beginning and all my name is Natasha I am 19 years. I am a student and also a model. I love dressing up. That's one of my favorite things about modeling. they're actually thinking if this is real i should resist i should yell i try to feed my dog ​​my dog ​​so yeah to recap basically our guy KJ here he goes to these women's houses while they look at him in a way remote from the back of this truck and even if they wanted to get away they have to deal with this by looking at it from the opposite angle okay you're not going to pass the guy with the boom pole I'm just saying and yeah he doesn't actually know what they are doing.
Seems like he's supposed to figure out if he likes them based on his house that they didn't even get a chance to clean or put away his sensitive stuff, so what else do I have to say? Enjoy this, what's up girls? My name is KJ. and i'm going to pick one of you out for a date today what's up he's cute though do you think all it takes is that i've been getting it because i'm skipping the kidnapping step that's why i don't I'm going to get the girls? I mean, you learn something new every day, okay, they're giving me some spy tools to help search your rooms, we've got some white gloves here.
I'm going to check the whole room for dust. We have a black light here. I'm probably picking some underwear out of the drawer with this man, my spy gear stinks compared to his, all I got was a silent gun Fiber Wire heart attack causing a swarm of Nanos. He controls the dolphin with the laser on his head, but honestly, it's pretty impractical. anyway, literally, Vicks nasal spray here in western ny looks like a nice urban neighborhood. He lives right above a garage here. The downsides, it could smell like WD-40. Far, but you know what's been missing, he's been short of harassing an innocent hispanic man who works below where he lives. the girl upstairs the girl who lives upstairs yeah yeah she's ready sir do you need an oil change okay we're here in the first apartment see a bunch of trophies here see some maybe softball or baseball I guess she's pretty athletic and we have a closet we have some clothes so you like her how do you think you're going to choose her well she has a butt well the house isn't overly decorated so I'm thinking her bedroom will probably be the same no you're not well so yeah, now he walks through a room, does something weird, talks to a gerbil, smells his underwear, and basically reveals his absolute genius. kidding yes a little dust that hamster is disgusting you would never find that in my room i would throw my drool in the washing machine the dishwasher if i'm in a hurry what do we have here oh we have a uh a naked guy oh my god what the hell is that now what is it a mid 2000's Peak spyware if I've ever seen it, holy crap, most people settled for Bonzi, man, but damn, she's just running naked Trojans.exe over here, don't interrupt. he ok he's busy stealing her identity the dance is just there to distract you while you check your aiming messages ok we're done here can't wait to see what's in room number two my first impression when i first arrived time. the place was yeah it was obviously a little different from where I live when I first walked in I saw all the awards and but it's not really my style so it ended this with Natasha's house and now it's headed to Pauline's God . only knows whatyou will find there a cool house it has some style nice big comfortable sofa oh they are all polish magazines what is that russian and the phone is ringing god hi how are you free joy on the line to confirm a massage appointment for next week you know the family joy joy was telling me that they are very good people as is the relatively athletic figure of pauline thank you very much to tell you that hello one of my number one smells good so after all that go around eh, investigating a little more olfactory vibes from his underwear, as he's prone to, and he moves on to the final house.
It looks like a very nice house. He likes art. I just uploaded this photo here. It's like the monsters throw up banners or something. Don't know. for me personally yeah this is the one I'd be putting in my house so anyway KJ ends up at the last house and they finally let the girls out of the back of the van so they can find out in this epic. conclusion which one of them was chosen based on the consistency of the grease on his macbook trackpad or some other factor we hope kj is about to meet the girls for the first time hello what are you doing?
I love this part because from the whole episode, you know he was, he was a big man, but now that he's face to face with them, he's a totally different KJ hi, I didn't expect there would actually be girls at the end of this sorry , I smelled your juice he's made his decision and there's no going back it's okay he laughs it's so perfect I can't even joke about it just look at his face it's like oh man that's right this is this karma, these are the direct genuine consequences of my true actions. much harder when you guys are standing here but obviously i have a tough decision to make but i have to eliminate one of you right now sorry but we all signed the same contract always read the fine print so go for andrea and I suppose. she wins and the other girls just scold him relentlessly on the way out i'm not a jerk you said i wasn't definitely you should broaden your horizons a bit when it comes to picking girls i found those wives and then when i was reading the letters from miami ok , your room is definitely clean but i must say i think i hit you oh you think your room is better than mine?
I give until they get to the middle of the driveway okay time to announce our drum roll the lucky winner please it will be Milk Manor because you guys told me you wanted that here. I looked it up and cried for 25 straight minutes I hope. you can live with yourselves. I'm not talking about the milky moms. If the children are in the back seat. What's wrong with you, sick? I just want to confirm that this is it. it's not another category of things this is what it does for you hang on you won't believe how it sounds when it's been in the air real fast make it explode

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