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The Most AGGRESSIVE Rider In The World

May 04, 2024
Look at Thund Thepool Guy from behind, but look at Therol on the left side. This is incredible. I had never seen anything like it in my life. I've been watching bike races for 30 years. This is the


extraordinary conclusion to a bicycle race. Never seen, never seen anything like it, on April 21, 2019 cycling witnessed something that no one thought was possible: the Amel Golden Race is the largest one-day race in the Netherlands and one of the


difficult classics on the professional calendar. It covers 260 km of narrow roads over the Lindberg Hills. For the Dutch, it had been 18 years since they had a local winner, but in 2019 their hopes were high.
the most aggressive rider in the world
In the weeks leading up to this race, Dutch prodigy Matthew Vanderpool livened up the Spring Classics like no other Vanderpool has done big on the road, the cyclocross star felt it was time to try road racing at the


circuit level , had accumulated four victories but had not yet achieved a big one, oh my God, greatness will come out. He sought to match the achievements of his father Adrio when he won this race in 1990 and live up to the legacy of his grandfather Ramón Pulidor, one of the greats of cycling. The first of the big hitters to do so is many people's pre-event favorite, Matthew Vander.
the most aggressive rider in the world

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the most aggressive rider in the world...

The ball has been the topic of all conversations, but going against his statistical instructions, Matthew attacked from 43 km, which is a very long distance, the vibrant youngster could not sit back and wait any longer. Everyone says that his tactics are sometimes a little questionable. showing little lack of maturity, normally a


would not be able to put in a similar effort later in the race after burning so much energy, he is returning to the fold that was ultimately unproductive, his attack fell short and lasted only 6 minutes before the final. the main group swallowed him up his race was over or so everyone thought with him out of the equation the experienced boys started their plans by dividing the race into several groups at the front were the Frenchman Julian Ala Philip and Yakob Fang of Denmark followed by multiple scattered chases Fang is to provide so much full cooperation between these


the most aggressive rider in the world
One thing about stakes racing that is different from other bike races is that the gaps are harder to close. A 10-second gap sometimes requires the cooperation of several competing parties for you and Bridge. Get riders who no matter what happens will not agree to work for the group because 99% of the time you do the job you will have nothing left for the end as the kilometers went by it became more obvious to the leader. that his breakaway would probably make it, they were told they had a 1 minute lead over the main group with only 3km remaining with this comfortable lead.
the most aggressive rider in the world
Al Philip and Fang focused on each other. Al Philip, they have a bit of it's time to play with this it's good to ride by fulang playing proper poker between them they started playing cat and mouse which significantly slowed down their pace to their surprise this allowed a hunter to join in Something was wrong with them. It's coming very fast. He's going to get there. Mia Kovski. He also has an end. Does he have any end left in his legs? He has been a brave and brave Chase. There came a time when they looked over their shoulder and there was Matthew Vandero.
You're probably wondering how he got there first. The leading duo underestimated the Hunters and chose to ignore them. Second, teams and broadcasters relied heavily on real-time GPS data, which is not always accurate. Later, everyone realized that the gap that was given to the Horsemen and shown on television did not actually reflect the situation on the ground, but none of this would have mattered if Vandero had not decided to go on one of the chases. most epic you've ever seen in professional cycling. Now we see that Vander Ball is making his bid for glory. He has a lot to do to reach an agreement, but he wants to get involved, at first it seemed like a desperate move, but then the individual Hunters jumped on the bandwagon one after another despite the challenging pace set by the Dutchman and, as seen from the distance, with maybe 6 or 7k to go, you see this. group of eight and you see this animal Vanderpool in the front he is throwing all of them they can't even pass MMA he is on the 8th wheel and he is like swinging he can't hold the wheel 400 m vpol behind the clock with him, Shakman B Mad, the finish line was finally in sight after closing a seemingly impossible-to-cover time gap.
This seemed impossible almost a kilometer ago. Vandero tried to get someone to step in front one last time, but to no avail. man to himself at that moment after having done all the work for 10 minutes straight, you wouldn't expect him to have anything left for the Sprint, however the unthinkable happened: he's outside, take the right side, look, look at vpol who It comes from behind, although look vpol on the mat on the left side V is going to do it vpol mat this is incredible. I had never seen anything like it in my life. This place explodes.
It's Roy from the RO. Things for vandero. He ran in the colors of the Netherlands, a privilege he earned. In the summer of 2018, when he won the Dutch national road racing championship, he spent most of that day at the front, but the breakaway faltered near the end. Matthew Vander B well people have questioned the folly of making a move on a circuit like this with such a long distance to go when it came time to Sprint for the line vandero resurfaced and going for Glory is uh sinking may be possible let it be Matthew Vanderpol bursts through the inside and what about that, that is the most notable finish at the break for much of the afternoon and Matthew Vanderpol survived to take the win, however this wind caused some controversy as a Camp believed that Vandero should have been disqualified because he grabbed and ran his opponent out of the way during the Sprint in a complete violation of the rules, others argued that fdj Ryder was wrong in the first place because he veered out of his lane to prevent passing Matthew, who I was wrong, let us know what you think he reached a peak power of 1700. watts and averaged 1300 watts throughout the sprint, but is by no means a sprinter.
Vander's cyclocross experience has honed him into this powerhouse with a skill set that allows him to compete at the highest levels of four different sports, cross road cycling, gravel and mountain biking, in addition to racing, he knows very well Well against the clock when he has to ride his bike, he is Elite and is resistant to cobblestones, but his most powerful weapon is his explosiveness. Vandero is possibly the best prick in the


. A French cycling term given to those who are very explosive in short, steep weather look how fast he overtakes his opponents on this hill Swift Train here comes vandero mat vandero the gap is closed mat vandero now makes his move can anyone reply? this is a perfect ending for vanol mattio van VPO travels to The top of the climb here in Kendall Vanderpool takes this stage with this Arsenal.
You would think it has been total dominance for him in the age categories, however there is one man who time and time again has presented him with a tough challenge. Some say that cycling is a religion. In Flanders at some point every Flanders child has dreamed of winning the Tour of Flanders and Vander Pole, who was born and raised there is no exception, met another antp child with the same goal, his name was W vanart and this was the beginning of one of the most legendary sports rivalries, although no two cyclists are the same, this boy was a rival for MATA in many ways, their paths soon crossed and they soon gave Moniz the podium places in youth cyclocross and then they changed to the elite category and he converted it In a two-horse race Vandero at 20 years old has distanced himself from the entire Men's Elite field year after year They continued to push each other as they climbed the ladder of success It was only a matter of time before They took their rivalry to the road and in less than 2 years, Vandero and Van Art became two of the best road cyclists in the world.
The 2020 Tour of Flanders was where things were destined to end with two cyclists at the same time aspiring to the same thing. The goal is on, we are for the tour of Flanders as they move towards the city of Antp and on the big day today, Vanart participated in this race twice and finished 9th and 14th, while Vander la He had raced once and put on a spectacular show that day after his accident. on the sidewalk and finished fourth in 2020, they came in as the top favorites, but before they could have their ultimate showdown, they would first need to eliminate other favorites.
One man in particular who threatened his chances was world champion Julian Alf Filipe on top of his raw. strength, he was smart, stubborn and had more experience and Al Filip, once again, just becomes once again, a lightweight guy who just jumps over the cobblestones at that moment, as soon as he made his move, Vandero saw the potential and decided follow Vanart. Minutes later, well, there's Wvard and watch him cross that gap. And when everyone thought that nothing could separate these three men, a stationary motorcycle brought a surprising Twist ph on the ground. Oh, he crashed into a bike like that.
When Philip was out of the race, it was finally between Vandero and Vanart. There are some moments in sports that seem almost predestined. This was one of those moments. The finish line they had imagined as children was right in front of them. The Belgian refused to give up. another turn to the front the Dutchman at a disadvantage could not stop because the hunters were approaching him he was exposed to the wind and had to keep his eyes on his rival at all times one blink at the wrong moment is enough to lose in a situation like this to finish with all the suspense they tried it at the same time after all these years it was reduced to a few millimeters in the end vandero was declared the winner Vander reaches the line first just as he did in 1986, but the rivalry continued his transition to road cycling coincided With the arrival of a new generation of cyclists that transformed the scene, many enthusiasts described it as the new golden age of cycling, however due to the differences in their styles you do not always see them fighting for the same thing. race, but in March 2021, the dusty roads of Tuscany were the scene of one of those rare encounters.
The start list for this race was packed with top talent, including names like wing Philipe van art, Pat Pitcock Bernell and of course Matthew vandero, all in great form. A cloud of white dust rose over the Tuscan hills once the Gladiators ignited the race. Vanard started the attack and only the elites were able to follow him, resulting in the first serious selection of the race with 50km to go. It's see with Gogle Simmons and Kacha Matthew had done it. So far I've been mostly reactive, but that would change with the last three sectors. They are short but very steep and at this point in the race these sectors often expose the weak.
Now we are 3 km and 1/2 km from the next sector. In the queue, against all odds, it was the defending champion who suffered the most after Al Philip surprised the movement in the first of these three sectors, which simply lost a few meters, since Julio Al Philip sees it at the end and continues pressing. Number one is number seven of the group, who has now smelled blood. Vander picks up the pace on Ashel's smooth path leading to the next sector in hopes of eliminating Ral's arc from him, but getting rid of the Belgian wouldn't be so easy with With some help from Pitcock, he gradually made his way back to the leading group.
It was a brilliant recovery by Walt Vard and it must be said that Tom Pitock finally seven elite riders were at the front of the race with only one sector of dirt to face the final. The sector proved to be the most decisive. This is the final sector. There is little to see how it begins here. Initially, it was Vanard who led the way, but when the slope increased to 18%, he could not continue on the 18% slope. It's hell here and Patar is losing the steering wheel in the back, also Tom P just starts throwing and here goes the matchpool takes off from vpol with a blast in vandero, he didn't waste any time, the acceleration of his sword left everyone in the dust, but Al Philip made it.
Once the gradient eased, Burnel joined them a few minutes later to form a trio with 10 kilometers to go. Their small Gap grew into a comfortable lead that gave them the opportunity to recover and prepare for the climax of Strada biani with ratings up to 16% the final war in Sienna is where the race is often decided there is the flam Rouge there the road rises the sand is ready the Gladiators are here vanle approached the climb


ly leading the way it is mach vul who is in the Saddle 500 M, to reach the middle of the climb, he sat on the saddle in which It seemed like a sign of weakness and just when everyone thought he couldn't accelerate any further, this happened.
He goes for Glory and Al FIP can't respond. The light of day opens.Vander opens the gap. Vander for Glory here Bal is defeated will fight to try to get his maximum attack to max out at 1300 Watts, a power that neither Al Filip nor Burnel could match, unlike the All Pro riders' attacks are not powered solely by the desire to save time or score points. In the following example, a very unusual reason was behind his long-range attack and it ended in regret. The morning of stage five of the 2021 tyo adriatico was sunny and dry, but rain clouds looming on the horizon signaled trouble ahead, unsurprisingly the Dutchman opted for a second attack. while he had a snack just after his first attempt had failed, this time he successfully pulled away from the leading group with 52 km to go.
There is still a lot of effort left for this VPO man to achieve it. I know it's capable of incredible things, but as it progressed the weather conditions worsened as rain and strong winds hit the race, causing temperatures to drop here in support, apparently wind, yes. And it's on that open road where the small Junction the runners who tried to do something quickly threw in the towel in these terrible conditions, however, the Dutchman was in full lead despite not wearing proper winter clothing, in the next 15 km he would gain a minute. and a half above the group, he was on the mountainous and classic style technical circuit that suited him very well here is the man with the whip hand and he is away by a large margin on the marker with 20 km to go, his advantage It was in 3 minutes from outside.
He seemed invincible, yet the next half hour would become one of his most unbearable experiences. I wonder how much he has left in the tank at that point. Matthew had been fully Pelt for over 50 minutes non-stop while he was exposed to sub-zero temperatures as a result. His body burned more calories than usual to stay warm, he did not foresee this change in weather and his nutrition plan was not appropriate. It's interesting that Vanderpool had a solid bar, usually R, for staying in jails in the latter part of a stage. I think that could be a sign that he is starting to suffer.
Going that far alone and without protection from the freezing cold proved to be disastrous and to make matters worse, the race leader decided to attack with 17 kilometers to go. He sticks a knife in the ambitions of others. Pater senses an opportunity to attack his lead. Van Deole wasn't a threat to him overall, but Vanart was. Pacha was looking to extend his lead over Belgium and possibly even go for the stage win. the Gap still hasn't fallen, but GR drops to pay behind him, the then Tor champion in France settled into time trial mode and reduced Vander's 3 minute lead to 1 and A2 minutes in just 10 km, 1 minute and 18 seconds, 5km to go, no go. lose him now surely by the end Prime Bacha had him in sight here we are, he's still climbing, don't forget, and the man behind him is more Adept at a time like this, has he done enough here?
Matthew Vandero Vandero gathered everything He has strength left in his body for one last push, enough to reach the finish line ahead of the Slovenian and here is the climb. I think he's going to get there. What an incredible day. What an amazing rug. Congratulations, but why? Did you start from so far away because they called me? I wanted to do the race to warm up again, but the last 20km were really hell for me today in the years after he transitioned to road cycling. Vander Poole continued to be entertained. The world with stellar performances became safer and more capable.
He stays active all winter, but those cyclocross world titles will become less satisfying for him. His eyes were on something bigger among thousands of t-shirts. The rainbow jersey of road cycling has the greatest prestige along with the tours. yellow jersey his ambition to wear it in 2022 was shattered by controversy, he returned in 2023 wanting to win it all and that CH in a PA is going to do exactly what his grandfather did in the 1960s, he crushed the competition in Sano and rube and Flanders only lost to an exceptional T pogacha, but the title he most wanted was the World Road Championships in Glasgow.
The world championship proved to be a true race of attrition. Many big names quit early on, including title holder REM Iole, which just goes to show how brutal this circuit is. It was the endless loops of ups and downs from left to right that drained the body and mind. This led to the formation of a small group of favorites involving Vandero with 40 kilometers to go. Pacha p p What group is this? They worked together to bring the last one back. escaped from a chase that cost them more than they expected, Vandero sent his weakness and when they were about to catch Betio the Flying Dutchman instantly took off, opening a gap in one of the steepest parts of the race Vander Paul with a rocket attack here he goes and mat thul has some road, he has free space, he has daylight and with 44 corners per lap he quickly disappeared from his sight this is what he does in syoss this is what he does every day in winter he knows his effort he knows how to judge and there aren't many better people in the world than this Matthew was in a league of his own with the technical circuit giving him an advantage over the rest, he gained half a second on every turn and is fully committed to 100% of his effort until the end.
At this finish line, the gap extended to 34 seconds. Things were going too well for him. Then the stroke of misfortune could be returning to your Qui. His rear wheel slid in a right turn. He tried to regain his balance with his foot, but stumbled with a speed. parts of his clothes and his right shoe were broken, that's what happened to the shoe, the adrenaline was rising but instead of affecting him, he used it as fuel, these guys don't know what happened, luckily the Hunters didn't even know about his It crashed due to the absence of radio communications, otherwise they would have combined their efforts to catch it.
Vandero had increased his lead to 2 minutes with the red kite and that was when he finally let go. This class of Rider embodies a majestic performance a majestic victory of a world champion. for Vaner Paul wins the world title in Glasgow

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