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The Monster Behind Gender Theory, and the Atrocious Lie He Based It On

Apr 27, 2024
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and he had no way to prove it because I mean, how do you prove something like that until this family showed up on your doorstep? and it was a Canadian family from Winnipeg, I believe. right, I think so, yes, and they were the Reamer family, a very young working class couple, 20 to 21 years old, and they had a horrible tragedy in their family, which was that they gave birth to twins, the children were fine and when The boys were fine, they actually had phimosis, phimosis is an abnormality of the opening of the urethra, so the doctors recommended a circumcision for the boys and they went when they were eight months old for the circumcision and the first boy to go.
the monster behind gender theory and the atrocious lie he based it on
For the circumcision there was Bruce and the team, the team, there was an equipment malfunction and they were cauterizing the penis to circumcise it and instead of just that small amount of tissue that was supposed to be cauterized, apparently the uh, you know, the settings were incorrect and the entire penis was burned, so Bruce's penis was burned, you know, beyond any functionality, so these poor parents went home, the other one, the other boy was not circumcised They obviously went home and what are they supposed to do? Do you have a child without a penis? What the hell are they supposed to do?
the monster behind gender theory and the atrocious lie he based it on

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the monster behind gender theory and the atrocious lie he based it on...

Months later they were watching television and John Money was there and you also have to know that John Money was an extremely pompous, um, self-confident man. individual was sophisticated uh when he spoke, you listened um, it seemed definitive being you know how to make the decisions knowing what was happening knowing the investigation knowing the truth and he he in this television interview said that a boy can be raised as a girl and a girl can be raised as a boy if it's caught if it's done early enough and that early enough means before two and a half or three years old um and the parents, the reamer's parents immediately took note of that and thought here here's the answer. this this is the answer for Bruce this is what we're supposed to do so they contacted Dr.
the monster behind gender theory and the atrocious lie he based it on
Money in Baltimore and made an appointment and they took the twins to Baltimore and we went there again, you have to understand that this was about a young, blue-collar family with no education and when they were interviewed later about their meetings with John Money um, they described it as if we thought he was God, we just thought you know, this is I mean, he's a professor and, you know, he got all the diplomas and he is the director of this entire clinic at an exceptional university, one of the most important universities in the world, which was a Johns Hopkins, right, yeah, so you.
the monster behind gender theory and the atrocious lie he based it on
I have to imagine this young couple coming and they are lost and they are looking for an answer, they have been praying, they are looking for an answer to their prayers, what are we going to do with Bruce and John? Money says, well, us. I have an answer for you because male and female are not actually related by chromosomes, they are not related by hormones, it is not innate, we can take little Bruce and we have to operate on him, we have to castrate him and we will remove his testicles. He no longer had a penis.
We're going to remove his testicles. We're going to make him. We're going to model, you know, a kind of um elementary type of female genitalia. You're going to give him a girl's name and you're going to give him pink dresses and give him dolls and create them like a girl and you will never be. Dr. Money told the parents to never tell him that this is really what happened and you know after he was born, never tell him because that will ruin it. everything and it's up to you, you have to try your best to raise him as a girl and make sure that everyone around him considers him a girl because essentially he is a girl and therefore not only this was the response to the reamers. prayers, this was how you can now understand the answer to Dr.
Money's prayers, right, he had an experiment, this was the experiment, this was his proof of concept, his concept was that being male and female is completely separate from biology. , it is imposed by society, it is social. built and this was his proof of concept and then the reamers went home, well, they operated on him, they took him home, they named him Bruce Brenda, they put him in All the Girls clothes and they gave him dolls and you know they did. all the things and sometimes he would pee sitting up because as we will learn later he actually preferred to pee standing up which is surprising, later we found out that he always wanted to pee standing up hmm and from the time he was in diapers I think they told him He was a girl, so that's really fascinating, but anyway they took him home and raised him as a girl and Dr.
Money started following the twins every year, they would come visit them and the parents would spend time talking to them. they. Dr. Money and then the money, I mean, the money, there's a sly Freudian slip for you, yeah. Dr. Money would take the twins without the parents to his office and spend time with the twins so this went on for years and Dr. Money started reporting on his study which became a famous landmark study um and he them. called uh uh called her Joan in her studio was starting to write about it and give lectures and claimed that Joan uh AKA Brenda AKA Bruce was doing very well, I mean uh she was adjusting, she could be a bit of a tomboy, he I would admit it, but in every way, you know, she was adjusting and doing well with friends and with schools and she liked to play with dolls and she imitated her mother and he was giving this glowing report year after year and in his um in his uh, you know, professional writing of his studies, his report and he was giving talks and he was getting, as you can imagine, tremendous attention for this, I mean, you have to understand.
This was already maybe, you know, in the early '60s, this is feminism, okay, this is the sexual revolution, this is a time when society, or at least part of society, didn't want anything more to say that masculine and feminine are a social construction and that in order to achieve total equality, women must be considered equal to men and you must have a study like this study by John Money in which he reported that this baby who was XY, you know normal chromosomes, everything is normal biologically, but it's having been successfully raised as a girl because you have a girl's name and girls and dresses and dolls and everything you know, your whole society, your teachers and your grandparents and everyone They are reinforcing the idea that she is a delicate girl who likes to cook and you know. is going to grow up to have babies, I mean, this was huge now, um, what happened is this John Monies


, um, was accepted for decades, we didn't find out what really happened to the twins until decades later, um, and in the meantime, during those decades, his theory became Doctrine.
Well, his theory was incorporated into um, you know, in so many fields of both soft and hard science, so it was standard that whenever you had um, for example, an X Y uh or whatever. judgment that had ambiguous genitalia if they could be raised as a girl, they would be raised as a girl, so they would be automatically castrated why because of the great success because of what John, the money, showed us, showed us and so on. Heaps, Lots of children all over the world. I mean, this was written in endocrinology and genetics textbooks. I mean, this became a truth, so to speak, not that there weren't people.
You know other scientists. who were standing up and saying uh John, we know this isn't proven yet, you know, let's look a little closer. No, this is not necessarily the case, but what did he do? He wouldn't tolerate that money from John, uh, you know. he was a tyrant, he wouldn't tolerate another psychologist, biologist or geneticist standing up and trying to publish something that challenged his grand


theory, he would fix it, you know, intimidate the editors of the scientific journals. not publishing those articles, it's a lot of what's really happening right now is very similar, right, right, so what happened with the twins is that, after decades, in fact, John Money wrote a book in 1997 in the one who said again that his twin study, um, that his


theory had been confirmed and supported by the results of this twin experiment and the following single-person experiment, by the way, a single person, yes, but even with that person it didn't work.
Okay, in 1990, yeah, in 1998, um, what do we call them now? Not Brenda, not Bruce, but what happened is we found out that he stood up and said that he just blew the cover of all this. It was all a hoax and he was now called David Brenda had become David and not only was he not only a man but he was married to a woman with uh and had adopted three stepchildren and worked as a janitor in a slaughterhouse so he was David David Reamer and people can go on YouTube and listen to him be interviewed about his experience of what it was like to be told for 14 years of his life that he is a girl and never ever feel like that was what was his.
The truth and and um what happened is that during all those years he was not happy with his dresses and with his dolls uh he was he wanted to go play with his brother's tours he wanted to um urinate standing up he wanted to uh you know he was tough, he was so boyish that he was aggressive that um the kids called him uh cavewoman, okay, they made fun of him because the way he walked, his mannerisms and his interests were all very masculine. and he was a miserable child and the family was miserable and on top of it all, when he came back, when the family came back for those annual visits to Johns Hopkins with Dr.
Money, Dr. Money was sexually abusing those twins. Okay, how was he? forcing them to undress and um to uh to imitate sexual intercourse and he was like, you know, that's how men and women do together and he was like, humiliate them and show them pictures and it got to the point of why they stopped coming down. to Johns Hopkins the kids refused to go, they refused to see Dr. Money again, and the parents couldn't understand why you feel overwhelmed by the madness of the world around you. Do you find yourself constantly searching for peace and stability in the midst of chaos?
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Yes Yes, yes, that's the outcome of that particularly true and his twins, so not only was it a failure, but it was a and on, oh no, it was a disaster, a terrible disaster, he committed suicide and his twin brother died of an opioid overdose. Before him, his twin died first, the whole family was, you know what kind of words are, what do I mean, traumatized, it's not enough trauma, it's not enough to describe what that family went through, my parents didn't. They knew a lot about what was happening. and if they had known that would have never happened, why didn't I say anything, the medical community was under the impression that my case was a success story.
I was surprised when I heard that people thought my case was a success story, so what? The thing we need to point out here is that this experiment couldn't have gone more catastrophically wrong than it went right. Not only was what the money said not true in the scientific-technical sense, but it was an anti-truth and falsified the data. and it culminated in the death of two people, the demolition of a family and the perversion of an entire culture, that is John Money's legacy and he never, never publicly acknowledged it, never publicly acknowledged that the twins had, well, that one of the I don't know what John's money died, I think it was in 2006 and I think he had dementia, but when the book came out and when John Colpinto's book came out that exposed this whole calamity, there was none of John's money. still alive, he could have made a statement, nothing.
I'm just saying that's just another indication of what this person's morality, immorality is and the lack of recognition, you know what he's guilty of. to do, I mean, you know, I guess it's too much to expect

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