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The Miz On Wrestlemania & The Partnership With SNICKERS®

Jun 10, 2021
Hello world, what's happening? Welcome to build. I'm your host Matt Forte. We are here live in the construction studio in New York City. Before we give a quick shout out to our friends at Macy's, they brought a little spring. to the construction stage, that's right, their annual Flower Show is happening again, it's happening from now until April 7 New York Chicago San Francisco has an amazing theme this year trip to parody SEOs, you can't miss it , visit slash Flower Show get Some info, check it out folks, Wrestlemania 35 is just a few days away and for the fourth year in a row, Snickers returns as the exclusive presenting partner here to tell us all about that


and tell us the impossible amount of things that are happening right now. the only one the incredible microphone the same dead ones on his back what I feel for the Miz fans of The Miz I'm a fan let's get them out real quick just a moment but first with the recent premiere of the new Sarah the batch of season 1 episodes for Miz and Miz.
the miz on wrestlemania the partnership with snickers
I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at the show, so we have a clip. Let's move on. Let's run that clip like I do. I know Monroe picks on me all the time. I walk into a room all she does is look at me and wait for me to come out with her I know you're laughing at me I know why you're laughing because I'm so pale you'll have the same skin and you'll be a pale person Tim II even if she's in the room if my mom Marge oh, there is someone in the room she will look at me you want to walk the kingdom I want to relax congratulations on the program and I have my third however, the fourth, oh, this one, Oh, the fourth is this, se will be asleep.
the miz on wrestlemania the partnership with snickers

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the miz on wrestlemania the partnership with snickers...

I'm boring, no, she's so high, oh my god, that's the cutest thing about her. Life, ladies and gentlemen, makes incredible noise. MS is here, thank you oh, I love seeing that, I can imagine, yeah, I love seeing it at that age. You know, it's amazing how quickly time goes by when you have a newborn like we just celebrated her first birthday. She now she has hair, she has teeth, she is actually eating. Things like she's standing, she hasn't quite walked yet, she's walking on things like she's leaning on, but she hasn't walked alone yet, so we're still waiting for that moment.
the miz on wrestlemania the partnership with snickers
One of the amazing benefits of having Miz and Miz is just all these home videos that you don't have. I said, I said, I have professional editors, like for the first season, the first six episodes were about Maurice's pregnancy, we got to watch it all the way to Maryse. I actually gave birth and we got amazing edits and we like music and I can't do that stuff, but guess what I got people to do it for me. It's pretty incredible. I want to enter. There is so much to talk about in such a short time. There's a lot going on, you've got too much, sir, I know, yeah, I don't know how I do it, to be honest, you're very busy, man, but we really appreciate you taking the time to hang out even more.
the miz on wrestlemania the partnership with snickers
We guys are kidding. I always make time when I'm in New York. I come to AOL Build Man. A round of applause for that Essen love because you know what that means, it means she's coming to see you. He knows we have big fans. I have great fans, they come to see you, so okay, let's jump right into one of the most important things to talk about right now, of course, with WrestleMania in a few days, we'll get into the nuts and bolts, no pun intended , but for four consecutive ones. years, Snickers has partnered with Snickers again, it's very exciting, but not only that, I don't know if you noticed, but I have my own Snickers bar, weed from Parma, Ohio.
Boom has its own Snickers bar. I remember my wildest dreams when I was drinking Snickers like a ten year old kid begging my mom, can I have a candy bar? Have I ever thought that my slogan would be on a and it represents me like I can get them at Dollar General, yeah, general. Hey, guess what you need a Snickers bar? I'm going to get the MS because I'm awesome, you can get the MS and it's true, yeah, the MS is awesome. I noticed you have one. Lana has a stunning Bobbi is glorious. AJ is even the only one you need.
He is there, he is the only one. one of the best selling Snickers bars of all time and the Snickers story is the only one I had to make a giant chart of this is life size. Here I say amazing if the Snickers bar was a contributing member of society. this is what size it would be this is what it would look like this is you next to you like chocolate I'm just shining I mean look at me I'm just you just see a big smile I mean how can I go wrong here? I mean, I'm ready for Wrestlemania, now give me a Snickers, bring me to MetLife, put 80,000 people there, whether they're booing or applauding, I'm ready to go.
Shane McMahon will go down to the Falls Count Anywhere match. Come on, welcome back. I'm going to follow this energy here Falls Count Anywhere, has your strategy changed before this match? Yes, of course, my strategy has changed. I mean, Shane McMahon put his hands on my dad and it's one thing to put your hands on me, but every time you put your hands on me. my family is a completely different realm and I say it's a you know with The Miz. I've been there for over 13 years in WWE. I've been able to do so many things, but I've never felt so much passion and so much emotion going into a fight and the reason I wanted to make it count anywhere is because I wanted to be able to know that what I want to do to Shane can't be contained within the ring, we have to go all over MetLife.
I want people to be up close and personal about what I'm going to do - Shane McMahon, which is a pretty incredible place to do it. MetLife, you said 80,000 people, 80,000 and I usually get booed, but to be honest, the past. The month has been changing and the crowds have been changing and it's just like oh we like it because we don't like it anymore, it's like I really like it and this has never happened in my experience as WWE, it's pretty surprising that have you played a lot to heal in your life, dad? I've been the villain now I feel like you know Joker or Freddy Krueger, where that villain is starting to become a good guy where people really root for that person and And what movie did people root for Freddy Krueger?
Are you kidding me at the end? You're always looking for that quote for Freddy Krueger. You're always looking for that writer. Are you kidding. How many times did you do it because I didn't? I can tell you that for at least five years I was Freddy Krueger on Halloween, so supporting Freddy Krueger is a valid point. You were, I never was, I was never the guy who lifted weights and then you know Freddy Krueger scratches me. I was Freddy Krueger, that shows you like Freddy Krueger. I guess so, when you put it in that context, you're right, we all did it because of the way all the kids watching right now are saying who is Freddy from Freddy Krueger, who is that.
I will have to do it. explain what a VHS tape in the trunk is. I had to explain that to my wife because the real world, oh, I have all my real worlds, but if someone doesn't know I was in the real world, there was one person who thanked me. thanks to one person, but I have all the VHS tapes from my real world, my wife likes not to watch this. What do you mean these are my VHS? I'm not VHS tapes, come on, grow up, kid, give it back to me the day we didn't have social media I barely remember when the internet was born I remember when I had to remember my phone number or remember someone else's phone number now I don't know their phone number nobody I don't remember any phone numbers but I remember having to remember them, you know, yeah, exactly, I can do that, do you think you know it's really fun not to go too far down this rabbit hole, but do you think you'd be able to do it in the real world with a in this world with social media with everything I'm doing, I'm doing miz and miz right now, but I see that ours is more about a hybrid reality, you know, it's completely different from the real world, it's completely different than, for example, the Kardashians or or or the housewives, you know we wanted to do something different, my wife and I, that's why we want to be executive producers, you know, there's so much negativity in the world and you know things are happening, we wanted something more positive, we wanted something. where the whole family could sit and watch TV together and be entertained and just laugh and I think we've created that you guys have done that 100% and I was thinking as I was reading some stuff last night, do you think the way the crowd embraced it? you go to WrestleMania yeah Shane's been kind of a jerk but you know that doesn't hurt but the way the crowd has really embraced you do you think Miz and Miz are out there and then they see Mike and they see you to you and do they see you?
No, oh, you know, that guy helped you, you know, the worst part is that I was known as the ultimate bad boy, like people were like, I really, really hate you and I was like, this is great, this is wonderful, this is exactly. what I want, but now it's like with Miz and Miz's people got to see the real me and got to see my relationship with my wife, he had to get involved with my family and I think now they're starting to support that because they enjoy it and that's how it is. What I do?
Yes, I'm going to WrestleMania. We are days away. I'll make you a question. You have to be in the best mental physical condition. Are you allowing yourself a treat? Have you cheated? Have you had an amazing experience? Be honest. I had this bar here today. What do you have? It was fantastic. It's like almond butter Snickers. It's creamy. It has a lot of nuttiness. It's very creamy. It's, oh my god, called cheating. It's almond butter. I mean, almonds are good for you. Anything that contains almonds. it's good if there are almonds it's going to be good it has to be good well that's great I'm glad to know that I'm glad you're taking care of yourself stay in the present moment you know we have uh great history coming out of Wrestlemania, the first woman to headline the main event with female superstars leading the charge they deserve yes absolutely Ronda Rousey Charlotte Flair for the women's title they are combining them I guess or their women take it all like there are two titles involved and they are the headliner they are the main event for the first time.
I remember a couple of months ago we had the first evolution of the all-women PPV and it was at the Nassau Coliseum and it's literally the best PPV we've had all year because the crowd was at every match, I mean they were flying the roof of the venue and say that these women absolutely 100% deserve it, they deserve to be in the main event and it's not just them that fight, it's the generations that fight. I'm talking about generations like my wife Maurice when she was there since Fabulous Moolah when she started, they all fought for this moment and my only advice, whether you want to accept it or not, is to savor it. that moment and create a moment that will last a lifetime and let them know that they are making history, so it will be incredible as someone who has done that before, who makes headlines and has been in those shoes, when did you learn that? of advice that you just gave at some point you helped me after I did it, you know and I was like man, I wish I would have taken my own advice, but you know, yeah, I wish you knew, I wish I would have done it like that, but I took a moment when at WrestleMania 27 it was my main event, I had the WWE Championship and I will never forget John and you would think that your moment was during the match or after the match, no it was before the match even started.
My entrance happened John Cena's entrance continues I'm dressed in black because everyone's watching, you know, John and I look to my left and I see all the guys that used to watch the main event of Wrestlemania like The Rock and Austin, the WBA . championship they were in my living room and they were all sitting there all ten of them and I looked at them with the W championship and come on guys we did it like that and then there's this crazy, like that's my moment that we're In just a second because it We're running out of time and I want to make sure we answer our fans' questions because we have some amazing fans here with us and we will, but I'm really excited and I have to give you like a million congratulations, second son, for the way you another twenty episodes of the show have just started.
You got this WrestleMania. There are so many things happening in your life right now. Did you celebrate Monroe's birthday in New York? You did that? We're celebrating in New York, yeah, and my wife hasn't made it a birthday, she's made it a birth month, so I guess this is what happens when you have new parents, everything is special, the first time who crawled, we had a celebration. The first time he had a tooth, we had a celebration. The first time she had hair, we had it, so I mean, everything is a celebration, so we'll have a celebration in New York, we'll probably film it at you and Miz and Miz's house.
I'll be watching that in the next few episodes. Were you guys rolling cameras when you found out baby number two was coming? Did you catch that moment? We, yes, well, when she told me, when she told them, yes, we had that moment. Oh yeah, it was pretty amazing. moment which is such a cool thing, there was a moment where I thought she was pregnant because she speaks French and I heard herSometimes she speaks her mother's French, she knows I can't understand it, so it's just that I notice. things and I heard her say I thought I was pregnant, but I was really old and I screwed it up, yeah, I was like, oh my gosh, oh yeah, and then it actually happened, so it happened to you.
Put it in the universe, okay, we have, let's answer a quick question, Kate, you say we have a Twitter one, let's do it first on xx, music is love, it says many of us remember your start on MTV, the real one. The world is arguably the model for all reality shows. What were some of your favorite memories from the franchise? Are you still in touch with any old co-stars? By the way, you are amazing. Everyone is in contact basically through Twitter. I mean Twitter, something like that. It keeps you in touch with everything. Sometimes I hear things from Coral or some people from the challenges.
Favorite memories. There are so many things I remember experiencing in New York City as if I were from Parma, Ohio. My wildest dreams would never think that I would live in New York City and I would have to live there and share, you know, a room with seven strangers and the struggles that I went through, it's not just a memory, it's everything, but if I take one thing. It was at the end of the show that you saw me standing on the railing with my fake WWE Championship that I bought at a Halloween store and I was being them.
Sometimes I look at that photo and say wow! like you, you held something real like you bought it for 10 bucks at a halloween store and you were on a reality show and now you're a WB superstar and a former WWE deputy and it's crazy, it's pretty amazing that you had so much A trip so far, man. Thanks for that question. We have a few more in the room. Reach out to as many as you can. First. Green sofa. I remember the original railroad so it was less than a mile from here 18 years ago. That this all started in Greenwich Village, what's it like to know that you walked in with seven strangers and now you're met with 80,000 people screaming your name?
Hey, yeah, it's a lot different walking into a huge mansion in Greenwich Village and just being in awe and then having to live with seven strangers you've never met before in your entire life and then going to MetLife Stadium in front of 80,000 people, whether you Whether they're booing or applauding, it doesn't really matter, it's just the show that becomes like this, these story lines are so appropriate, these characters are larger than life, the crowd is interactive. I mean, it's everything I ever wanted as a kid, you know, everything I loved as a kid, I loved The Ultimate Warrior.
I put streamers on my arm, my face hurt when I was a kid, I cut promos for my mom, you know, and now I'm sitting here, sitting here, cutting promos for, you know, the boss's son, Vince McMahon's son, you know, and I'm about to go there and perform in front of everyone, but one thing is definitely for sure: every time I go out and that WWE ring, I make sure to create a moment that will last a lifetime so that a family can go home and have something to talk to. your sons or daughters and you can talk about your sons and daughters like that, those are the things we try to do in WWE and you did it very well.
Snickers bar launcher, why can't we give them away? I asked for it beforehand, be awesome, be awesome, okay. we have time let's ask one more question we only have a few minutes left and it will come from Green Cay you have a microphone so I guess it will come from you too go ahead hey with a card this week the longest event possibly ever seen in the story of WV and the takeover of NXT tomorrow night, which match are you most looking forward to seeing? I have to say that it would have to be the main event, that one with Becky Lynch.
Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey, but another one is Kofi Kingston against Daniel Bryan for the WWE championship because I imagine that after finishing with Shane that's exactly where I'm going and I think that Kofi, with 11 years of strength in his career, finally uh, already You know, he's got his due and I think hopefully we'll see a new champion at WrestleMania, but the one thing that's certain is that you never know what's going to happen, it's WrestleMania. I want to thank you so much, you understand, man, thank you now. It's always an incredible honor and I want to thank you guys for being an amazing audience and for those joining at home, thank you for tweeting a question, you guys are fantastic to watch.
They can get a general dollar. There are five unique ones. Snickers bars available obviously objectively the tastiest one is the amazing bar so go ahead grab the amazing bar and I want to thank you all for watching WWE of course WrestleMania this weekend check it out. Miz and Miz are back in the US, anything else you guys want? to plug in, ah, how about Snickers peanut butter? Snickers good butter, get it Snickers peanut butter almond butter WrestleMania presented by Snickers look at it there, it's late and gentle. I make an incredible amount of noise for MS, do it.

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