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Jun 10, 2021
Gold, gold, stay away from that plate, what are you doing? There is a biological risk. Okay, get in the shot. No, that's going to make us sick. Yeah, first of all, you're not supposed to be on that side. Okay, there are


s on the loose and yes. they touch you, you get infected and yours is me, I'm this lady imagineer, well guys welcome back to the channel, today we are playing a



map on the


market and this is the backstory, the world is turned evil a few months ago after a scientist unleashed his evil science project on the world.
the minecraft zombie apocalypse minecraft adventures
This was realized when a self-replicating cyborg zombie-making machine began appearing in the city. Oh, by now, most of the parts have already been taken over by zombies. You and some other survivors, you, those, us. They barricaded themselves inside a building in the city and established a base, hence it is known as the shelter, so this is the shelter we are talking about. It's nice enough, not too bad, cozy as the world they once knew is slowly fading away. Other survivors spend most of the day searching for food and items while fighting the zombies. Survival is harder than ever, but giving up is not an option.
the minecraft zombie apocalypse minecraft adventures

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the minecraft zombie apocalypse minecraft adventures...

Fight this evil and take control of the city. Well, bye guys, go away, lazy, I can't prove it to Barney, but. I'm trying to survive. I don't want to get infected. I'm pretty sure this girl would like to eat us all, but what's in here? Okay, I'm weapons, do we have to do this? No, this is armor, it's great to survive, oh. This is some really cool armor and we have a laser gun, ladies I'm going to take that bomb. Oh, canned food, I'm going to take double that, guys, and then we have a sharp sword.
the minecraft zombie apocalypse minecraft adventures
What's going on? We're supposed to do it. Be a team, okay, let's get the pretty gun ready boom-boom-boom. I have a laser bomb, a sharp tool and I have a can of soup and we are ready to see the world. You're ready, friend. Uh-oh, that's nice. cool mask, how did you get that? Oh I'm going to turn it around wait so we put the turret on the ground and then we just walk over to it okay I already have one on my back this is cool I think I just lost this one you guys get your car but we also have a car, a rolling card, this is great, this is the best, nice, guys, ready to go, ready, they are wearing their clothes, they were going to die, they are going to get infected.
the minecraft zombie apocalypse minecraft adventures
I could bite you guys, you don't wear your suits, you stole all those suits, so I don't have any. Rainbows are literally going to die, so what do we do with the rainbow? How about in the survivor tent? You know what? I have a gas mask. I want the skull mask, guys, if we get bones and we can do something, okay, let's go out. I want to see what the world is like. Hey guys, zombies use their bikes, I mean their vehicles, no, I want to buy, wait, oh, that's a two-seater. Okay, let's get guys, let's go to the Lightning, are you sure?
Yes, that's where zombies come from. I really don't want to go to the Lightning. Okay, control what happened. Come on, what's going on. Oh, there's a pig. I'll take you for rations mmm Johnny, okay, let's take that pig, any zombie, oh, there are some villagers here, we have to save them, okay, let's save it, save them, oh my God, that's a dog, oh my God, that's a little dry, you only have bones why did you hit the dog we're just trying to throw bombs at the zombies he's angry Oh, we can't even help these villagers? They will continue to destroy this tower, funny, oh no, oh, this is the tower that Making the zombies jaco you have to get rid of the German shepherd, you broke it, okay, so let's get to this.
Oh, what's going on? Oh dogs, zombie dogs, no, I want to destroy this city with a baseball bat, come on guys, there were five of us. get infected at the end of this there is a zombie cat no why are there so many turrets all powered up how can we shoot this first let's place our little area this is how she this is crazy oh there is a crack turret turret turret turret we're fine we're fine I think Someone has to touch the turret, okay, let's dive into a turret, shooting that zombie head at me like a turret.
I don't like that guys I'm going to die soon yeah I finally this is scary. I'm running you guys. I'm not going to get infected, what is this Ilia soup? Yeah, yeah, ooh dude, I'm so dead, I'm so dead, I'm so dead, no, I'm flying, I don't feel so good, okay, so soup doesn't help. night paint bow what's that oh my god oh my god the roulette wheel will spin this is hectic I could survive with the love


sometime I'm sick of you here we go it's a good thing you just hit him with a baseball bat Jack, oh, don't run away, it's okay, those towers are still there, who placed all this.
I take it to the defense line, oh, that was me. Sorry oh friend there is literally nothing left raka what's wrong with you? It's okay, my God. I don't even think we lived, that was the first night and we barely survived. The crew doesn't look so good, maybe we should go exploring and get something from Raya. I think we should get rations and bring them back instead of fighting zombies, yeah. go get some vehicles let's go this way it sounds like a song ok there's another tower let's just avoid that where's the supermarket where's walmart why do you always ask about walmart of all things we'll find you one night on the wall, come on, what is it? in the air, very dark, I think this place was looted, there's chess, let's go see them though, this is Walmart Walmart and they're going to grab all this, and some more gun ammo we need, it's any food I found, cookies . this weapon let's loot this but what you can't immortal totem oh nice oh I have one too so that someone can keep this let's not be shouting outside, far away mr. zombie, stay away, we have nothing, oh, there's a tank.
Oh I mean the Drakh, well I think it's safe, come on guys we're going to die and that tank crashed into me so what are we going to press that button again in our lives? These are spawning. everywhere and we're not avoiding them, you know, let's get rid of this one, we can handle this, okay, it's not a zombie, it seems friendly, just sit here and hit it with a baseball bat, come on guys, do this, where is the golden dress? He's getting angry. It's funny, guys, you can't run away, we have to get rid of these zombies.
I don't like this way. I hide in the ice cream truck. You know what? Sometimes they escape from me. Zombie, oh no, guys, help. I can't, I'm almost dying. I'm climbing the buildings. They can't take me here. Please talk. Tell me you can't climb well. They can not. Nice ring. Is there a chest full of music? of the villagers want these music records I would like 13 okay, I will wear this eternal totem as if I walk with it Luna, do you need this? I think you need this. Yes, I stop here, you go, let's give. the less you want me to bite you again Oh some pegs and a gun thanks hello poisoned zombie in the building trying to eat us then kill it we shouldn't even like riding motorcycles we should just walk I think we should leave the city because zombie so you know what , let's just abandon them, it's actually a smart idea, you guys follow me this way, we'll sneak across so they can't see us, yeah, we're totally.
I'm not going to abandon them or anything, yeah. You're not getting old, oh, that town is going to die. I'll see you zombie, oh I think you think I infected you, I didn't kill you, there can't be witnesses who were sleeping, you didn't think you killed her, that was unfortunate. oh my god, you did that, oh, this little sheep that's still alive, you just killed a little lady, okay, let's move on, I think we're trying to escape the city, what's it like, let's just go? I don't want to live here, what if there isn't one? ending I think it has to be like this, I mean, there are no zombies here, it's so peaceful, I like it here, yeah, me too, so peaceful, let's just get rid of our people for shelter, ah, I think we should go back and help them , believe. should we leave them forever no, I don't think it's a good idea to leave your teammates behind, you can, here's a nice house in the woods I think, but you can't just leave all those people, yeah Drock, oh no , let's go back, no.
Yes, you are a bad teammate, let's go back, I see a water tank and a tall commercial building. I think we go to the tallest building in the whole tallest building just to see how the city works. Yeah, yeah, okay guys, all my um B's are there. More lightning means there are more zombies there, let's try to avoid all the zombies. Honestly, I don't want to meet any of them, okay, let's take a look. I think that tower sees us, oh, it's fighting zombies. I'm too hungry, we're smart. uh, he saved Rocco, you guys were going, you came back to this place, it was a bad idea, come on, run, run, come on, come on, come on, Gold is watching our backs, that little cat dog is chasing Jack Oh, let's get into this building here. lunar is breaking in it's not like no one lives here anymore there are no rules this is a restaurant and in the restaurant of course there is a zombie machine because let's start running let's turn around stranger wait until that what do you want mean by not going up the stairs?
Oh, Bonnie, yes, come on. So dark, can we even go up the stairs? I can not see anything. Oh, up here guys, these are the swirliest ones. It's... there are those of all time. Look at everyone. Have you ever swirled more? I have more knots in the world than this, no, not yet. Spinning I hear something disgusting I'm not going down these stairs we're going to keep spinning upstairs guys oh there are zombies up here why would we do this now? We are trapped at the top of the tower with a cool group of zombies. We're only on the second day guys, they're not going to take it down, wait this long, we could have climbed, yeah, I'm feeling pretty good, let's take a good look at the city, the city is practically down, there are zombies everywhere, right? how is it supposed? to climb the yam at the same time, wait, I don't have my eternal totem with me, eh, well, guys, you can stay there, hello, companions, we bring good things, so I crashed when I selected that villager, we won't talk about they.
We're just going to put together this mess that we got from Creative, but if you guys enjoyed us surviving two nights you barely know we actually survived be sure to check out the market map to see if you could survive longer if you enjoyed leave a like no. Don't forget to subscribe, thank you very much for watching and these terrible survivors, see you in the next one, bye guys.

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