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The Mass Killer Who Murdered 8 For A My Little Pony Character

Apr 20, 2023
What's your address? The address is 8951 Maryville Road. How many shots did you hear? Can we come down here? Can we run away to the Indigo? worrying about him started as a child when young Brandon Hole insisted on wearing three pairs of shorts at once which seemed innocuous enough until years later when he developed an unusual obsession that soon went off the rails this was that very boy's bedroom only now he was well into his teens and his true love is depicted in the colorful posters that hang on these walls, the cartoon ponies you see are the central


s of a children's animated television series, My Little Pony, most of the time People would do anything for the love of their life, but few knew the lengths Brandon was willing to go for his and those who did would soon wonder how they didn't see the terrible results by looking them square in the face hello hello can I talk to Brandon please oh yeah this is Brandon Brandon was no stranger to tragedy on this phone call with the police.
the mass killer who murdered 8 for a my little pony character
He will quickly learn how his demons began to develop at such a young age that his mother, Sheila, estimates that he was only four years old as she describes the dramatic incident in which he finds himself. to listen, I mean he's like being really down one day and being like you know how to do what my father did, how did his own father do his, so he's okay, did he find it or did he see it? uh no and he was there when we had a really bad argument and his dad was like, "Hey, whatever, if you're leaving with the kids.
the mass killer who murdered 8 for a my little pony character

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the mass killer who murdered 8 for a my little pony character...

It's just me and I said go ahead and he was I think four years old. So it seemed like this haunting memory would follow Brandon wherever he went for the rest of his life before long, Sheila would see his struggles begin to manifest in unusual behaviors, including his insistence on wearing three pairs of shorts at once, the way he rocked back and forth while watching TV and how if his routine tasks were interrupted, the whole sequence would start all over again.Eventually, he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder sensing something was wrong.He was nine years old and would turn out to be his first of many, but with each visit, the results got worse, ultimately culminating in some of the most terrifying moments ever caught on camera, less than a year after being diagnosed with a host of disorders including disruptive disorders. . behavior disorder anxiety obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression brandon's behavior would soon become much more aggressive thanks to his increasing temper his mother took him for another visit a year later as it turned out his mother's fears were not a exaggeration and medical records are damning evidence to prove it, from excessive lying to disrespectful behavior.
the mass killer who murdered 8 for a my little pony character
Brandon's temper was now just part of a growing list of concerns, but for Brandon it was just the beginning. It is May 2013. Brandon is 11 years old. A police officer was dispatched to Sheila's house and Brandon shared with Sheila's boyfriend, Keith Larson, according to Keith, he and Brandon were involved in a water fight and when Keith sprayed him with the garden hose, Brandon unexpectedly flew into a rage and locked himself in the bathroom where he proceeded to destroy the items that Sheila claimed. that she picked the lock after which Brandon came out of the bathroom and Sheila became his target, that's when Brandon snapped, he punched and slapped Sheila in the face multiple times, kicked her in the legs and bit her on the forearm She followed him as he ran into the kitchen and grabbed two table knives from a drawer and then, in a mad dash, charged at her own mother, trapping her in the living room and not letting her out.
the mass killer who murdered 8 for a my little pony character
It seemed that something unthinkable was about to happen, but just when she thought there was nothing. The escape police arrived just in time and the madness for now came to an end. Somehow, not only did she sustain a minor injury to her right forearm, but her fears about her son's behavior that led her to this point were confirmed. The incident ended in Brandon receiving several months of probation after that incident with his mother, everything continued in the same direction and each year Brandon would climb another rung on that ladder to madness. He left school in 2014 and never got past the sixth grade level.
He stayed home. His depression always. present and isolated from the world worsening his condition seemed to manifest in his chilling search history you've already learned about his obsession with My Little Pony but while he was left alone Brandon had been investigating something much more Sinister in 2015 Brandon was evaluated by Riley Children's Foundation, his search history included an obsessive interest in


shootings. He told the counselor that he quotes I feel bad for the victims, the families when asked if he could put himself in the shoes of the perpetrators, he denied it and said I don't want to waste. my time doing something like this is a nuisance and that I wouldn't want to cause any trauma to the families chillingly, the counselor concluded that Brandon seemed to empathize with the victims even though he also admitted to sharing memes and jokes about them with his friends . then the day came when 18 year old Brandon made the decision to go ahead with something he had planned to do for quite some time, it was March 2, 2020.
It was like I was driving to the gun store and I'll just look around. I waited for a gun store we saw a sticker that said hashtag and he said that's your sign and I said ok well if you buy a gun there's your sign you know I have to take it off you know what I get i mean and he bought it out of bullets the store ran out of ammunition that day that night Sheila and her daughter came up with a plan the situation was too dangerous and they couldn't just sit and watch to see what happened they had to act otherwise Sheila feared what might happen Maybe Brandon would go ahead and take his own life just like his father had done several years before or something much worse. he planned to point his shotgun at the police thus ensuring her death later that same day on March 3 several officers and members of the Indianapolis Mobile Crisis Assistance Team or MCAT responded to Sheila's home upon entering Brandon was handcuffed with the police reports which indicate that Brandon had become quite anxious and his main focus was making sure no one was looking at his computer.
What the police would find on that computer would leave Sheila completely shocked with the search revealing extremist websites in her story. At the time, Brandon's gun was impounded under Indiana's red flag law when Brandon was taken to Eskenazi Hospital for further evaluation. She expected to be put on hold for 72 hours, but somehow he was in and out in less than two hours. To Sheila's surprise and the ER doctor determined that there was no diagnosis and Brandon denied any problem, most shockingly, there is no record to indicate that a formal psychological evaluation of Brandon was performed during this visit, despite Sheila's cries for help.
A few days after the visit to the Eskenazi hospital, a detective contacted Sheila regarding the confiscated shotgun of hers. He just needed to talk to her. about what happened with Brandon my role in this is just to see if we're going to file a lien case if they file a lien case he would also be considered a dangerous person which just means he wouldn't be able to buy a firearm fire this isn't a criminal record and it's not you can't even look at it like someone goes looking for criminal cases and stuff these cases don't go in there because they're just civil once they get filed like you need to check one um , I can't even do it, I have to email the prosecutor's office and ask them to look because they are the only ones who can access to see how the status is.
On top of that, when the FBI visited Sheila the following month, they would unknowingly add fuel to the fire. An agent along with another officer visited Sheila's home and asked to meet with Brandon when the agent asked Brandon what he planned to do with her life. Brandon replied that maybe he could join the FBI in response, the agent made it clear that it wouldn't be an option for him, maybe this was the final straw, it would be exactly one year to this day that Brandon would unleash the inside demons he had been harboring since early childhood by the end of the meeting all the intelligence that had been gathered on Brandon revealed the last thing Sheila or any mother would want to hear about her own son Brandon had all the qualities of a


shooter some of the Red flags that the FBI may have recognized in Brandon were that he was a loner with feelings of rejection by society, as well as a feeling that he was being treated unfairly and his belief that he was a victim. symptoms of depression homicidal thoughts violent fantasies and anger issues along with the other warning signs were his traits of narcissism and most troubling of all his fixation with past school shootings and mass murderers despite the exchange with the officer from the FBI Brandon for a while seemed to be in 2020 he found a job and seemed to enjoy working at the local FedEx Smart Post facility maybe this was the fresh start Sheila had hoped for after all those hard years maybe Brandon was finally getting better but he wasn't was the case and in fact he was only moving up to Peak Madness and the months before he did the unthinkable Brandon stopped showing up for work he couldn't seem to get out of bed in October his stint at the FedEx facility was officially over he arrived at its end it was mid-March 2021 and Brandon had moved back into his mother's house once more.
Sheila had to fight the system to get her son in front of a mental health professional before several pages of notes were finally evaluated. named a variety of Brandon's conditions including generalized anxiety disorder recurrent major depressive disorder meanwhile even while in therapy this is an actual list of items he was buying while doing these shopping attended another session with a social worker, but now Brandon had reached the point of no return the next day, attended a session with a different social worker, and claimed he had no empathy or concern for the lives of others, including his own flesh and blood , two weeks later and what would be your last counseling session. he said the same thing again, but what he added this time was chilling.
Brandon claimed he was a danger to society and society should fear him and he was right Marion County 9-1-1 how many shots were fired a lot started the night Brandon left home quietly never to return and headed to their final destination, the FedEx Smart Post facility, sometime around 11 p.m. m. on April 15, 2021. That particular night was nothing out of the ordinary. in a pleasant mood after eating, he took a relaxing bath and then they both went to bed, or so Sheila thought once inside the FedEx SmartPost premises, Brandon broke through savagely opening fire at everyone in his path and then moved around the lobby murdering employees at random as they try to run for their lives shortly after he returns to the parking lot and immediately opens fire on those unfortunate enough to be nearby.
Calls to 9-1-1 flood local dispatchers as Brandon continues his murderous enterprise. them out I'm in the control room he likes to stay downstairs make sure your door is locked put something against that door if you can to keep yourself safe it's ok it's ok in a matter of minutes the premise turns into a nightmare july with the shoe rifle we have the guy here they have but I know at least they have an assault rifle they are still shooting. with me, stay safe. I need to be notified of anything that happens. It's okay, I know.
I just hear a lot of shots. The emergency calls continue to come in as the casualties mount. they fired shots they fired we need police ah they're still shooting as we speak he's already talking about five people with shooters you said there were five people shot there or here first officers are arriving on scene dispatchers and responding officers are communicating in real time However, in the midst of the chaos, the details are still unclear. Can we confirm if we have Warner jerseys? I'm assuming one is ok, are they in or out? Why are we really outside?
Alright? I am receiving information that he is still inside the building from someone who is leaving the lot but carrying out his plan. Brandon moved back to a previous location at the FedEx facility. Without even an ounce of hesitation, he proceeded to take one more life, his own employees on site continue to make calls begging and pleading for help in this surreal nightmare that has come upon them without warning, as far as they know, the shooter. . he's still taking advantage of the victims is there somewhere you can get to safety i want you tostay safe it's ok don't be shocked cause i still hear gunshots is there somewhere you can hide there's a desk something you can get me under there's a trailer on this door slide under this place where you guys agree with me ok as Natasha and another employee remain hidden over a hundred officers are dispatched to the scene two more in the car and parking lot white Toyota Camry another in silverware four front row checkpoints advise Eskenazi will have multiple patients advise them to be ready Had to get everyone out people couldn't get through the turnstiles but he's getting the gun in so when he got out to the parking lot I rushed everyone back through our third turn our second group of a thousand converts sent him off in his truck is there a certain number entrance or door? that we can write down here on the run so they know where to get to you and how many people are with you I can get the police through uh oh someone has the gate out there is it a police officer or is it him again Judy meets him the officers fight their way through the building to secure the scene dispatchers contact callers who have stayed on the lines officers know where you are you are ok i put you there ok you want to stay on the line with me until so please don't leave me ok I won't let you I won't let you then ok I'll stay with you then ok you're fine ok that's perfectly fine after 30+ minutes with the dispatcher Natasha's wait is over no no no I'm low Supposedly due to the facility's policy that employees could not carry cell phones into certain areas, some workers may not have been able to phone for help or contact friends and family during the shooting The Killing Spree had come to an end, but the aftermath of the attack is hard to fathom.
Half-year. They are dead here. Eight innocent and unwitting victims. Lives ended abruptly. A disturbing motive was revealed. Brandon was heartbroken over a My Little Pony


in his last Facebook post on April 15, 2021. He wrote: I hope I can be with Applejack in the afterlife. My life has no meaning without her. It's not real, so my life never mattered anyway, but I just need to talk to you about what happened that day and how you feel about whether you'd want it back or if, oh, I'm so sorry to try to interrupt, but I don't. i dont learn anything ok what would your goal be for us to do with the gun oh just Shredder ok well yeah i would say that because im not worried about what im worried about huh im getting my life back on track and i dont have any mental health issues far as I know. it's because i wanted to show my best friend who is really into hunting and stuff mainly and also for the fun of shooting. that you didn't get your good high school I mean eat well I mean I'll keep going I mean yes well yes it's bad I mean would I say I mean do you think this like doing nothing with your life is on the right track I mean I don't think so, but i also think that could make me sad and depressed if i felt like a failure or whatever, but apparently that's not how you feel, so i enrolled in GED.
I'm going to get my GED I'm going I'm going to go to counseling or therapy or I'm not quite sure what the correct term is, yes and I'm going to try and get my life back on track and I'm really trying really hard, the FBI concluded. Brandon's purpose was to demonstrate his masculinity and ability while he fulfilled a final wish to experience killing people. It was a moment in time that he further reinforced the importance of not only recognizing red flags, but also acting on them. Those eight lives lost that day ranged in age from 19 to 74 and include Matthew Alexander Samaria Blackwell Emerged Joe Hall Jose Bender Cringe Jaswinder Singh Emerged II Carly Smith and John Weissert Brandon's mother wants her son to know that when cries these days it's not for him it's for the victims if she could talk to him today i would say i grieve those people more than i will to you

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