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THE MANDALORIAN | Global Press Conference

Mar 16, 2022
let's start first with writer executive producer Jon Favreau and director executive producer Dave Filoni ok this is our first live action Star Wars tv show can you talk a little bit about what's so compelling for you? As someone who grew up with Star Wars and was really shaped by what I experienced growing up with the first movie, there was a certain aesthetic to it that really appealed to me and my whole taste in movies was probably largely shaped by watching. the original George Lucas movie and I learned about cinema through the lens of that movie because my father would explain to me that you know that you know this is a lot like a samurai movie so this is a lot like westerns or horror movies.
the mandalorian global press conference
World War II and that became my foray and then there was a whole power of myth with Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers that was filmed at the ranch and that opened me up to the mythical structure and the The Monomyth and my understanding of mythology and storytelling, and so go back and go back to this with the freedom that this new platform offers because there's nothing to compare it to, nothing has ever been on TV other than the holiday special and the idea of ​​co nating a story for more than a couple of hours told every few years opens us up to this novelization of history and a return to the roots in many ways of the Saturday afternoon serial movies my generation grew up on. parents.
the mandalorian global press conference

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the mandalorian global press conference...

Everything is exciting. I think when you were a kid, you watched Star Wars. You thought you'd see this every week, and as TV got deeper and deeper into the genre over the years, I remember when the next generation of Star Trek came out and the promise of something better. visual effects and made huge leaps and you know as someone who's always been into fantasy, science fiction, you were always waiting for a moment where you thought the visuals on TV were like g. It's just as good as what you were seeing in the movies, but there was a big gap when you were a kid and now I think it's gotten so close and you know it's one of the exciting things we can do as Star Wars because technology has moved on and it's that's one of the dreams gorge had, even when i worked with him on clone wars, he was talking about the future being broadcast, the future being episodic, seeing star wars made because, like you said, that's what influenced him, so yeah , and it's great to do it. help make it so please welcome Pedro Pascal Gina Carano and Carl Weathers how are you Pedro did you get some sleep err so we could have a good time hi what was the moment you realized I'm really in the Star Wars universe Pedro What was it for you?
the mandalorian global press conference
Well, put on your helmet. They sure had it on hand at our first meeting and see if it was a perfect fit. looking in the mirror or you can't see through the helmet very well but i get a pretty clear im


ion and if you grow up you know how to play with star wars toys and obviously watch these movies and then you're looking at yourself and and and and and you're the image of that kind of childhood imagination. It's a super pinch moment. Quote me exactly. The whole costume came together and John and Dave came over and you know they made a big fuss with oh my gosh look how good you look and I was like wow this is really cool but honestly it was one of my favorite unforgettable moments. being on set seeing the other cast members but either behind a helmet or a creature or this and then actually my first day on set was a blur so I was aware of this big thing and i was like okay this is this is this this is this is my life e now wow and john did it john did kind of a slow roll on me it's like it's alright i have this thing i don't want to talk to you about and it's Okay, and first of all, I want to say that I had met John, so we had a lot of interaction even though it wasn't really personal, but we had had a lot of interaction and I really admired him and I'm honest about it, I really admired him because this guy he is super smart. ridiculously smart about a lot more than just making movies so that was the first thing so i'm fascinated and i say okay that's the kind of people i want to be with and know so maybe i can grab blood grab something he has. which I really admire, but anyway you know the thing is when we finally had the meeting about it and not unlike Pedro tells the story when you walk into that room that


room and all this art is on the walls and he's so passionate about everything and everything is magnificent I mean it's one of the most beautiful pieces of art and you could ever see if you were a collector you wanted to go and take pieces off the wall because it's so beautiful and then you started telling me basically what it was this and a little bit about this character and it's like are you kidding me?
the mandalorian global press conference
I'm working on something that Disney is going to be behind. I'm working on something that Jon Favreau is directing and I'm working on some kind of Star Wars invention and then I get to meet Dave Filoni and now it's like we're in good hands, we're in really good hands, so that was my introduction and I'm happy to be a part of this there's a lot of topics you guys have addressed I don't want to miss anyone so Bryce Dallas Howard tackles a TD Dave Filoni I mean can you talk a little bit about what his contributions are ?
It's Dave's first time directing a live action in a long time and the Rick Uwe family did a couple for us too and don't forget Debra Chow and Deb now. from Morris she's a show now going to do the obi-wan Keno bi show so Sara came into stores so this is really what you're going to see this, I think, enthusiasm that seems to be very contagious not only with the people on the couch here, but also with the artwork that you're talking about, you know, that's Doug Chang, who's been a part of a lot of people who came up from range over the years since the prequels. and they all little by little, like Tom Sawyer, come together to paint the fence and there's a real enthusiasm that's very organic as we tell the stories and it's a very collaborative environment, you know we talk about the story a lot and I write the story.
Most of that, but that's just a starting point for the directors to get very involved and very collaborative, and all the people involved, whether it's ILM or Lucasfilm, are inside the


caster, so it becomes this really f a collaborative thing that takes on its own life and personality and I think you'll see with each of the directors, unlike a lot of television, the directors are really being given the opportunity to have authorship as if it were a movie, so it's been very exciting for us to have that kind of advice to come to work every day john you posted a photo of yourself and george lucas on set can you talk about that experience who was on set that day po Would you talk about Karl was there that day?
I think Gina was the other thing. I know for sure. I know for a fact that this guy was there because I met Dave because he was at the ranch mixing Iron Man and he was secretly working with George on Clone Wars before anyone had even heard of it. and I showed him Iron Man, he showed me Clone Wars, I thought if you ever need a voice on this, I'd love to do it, which led to me playing a Mandalorian called Pre Vizsla on his show, but the good thing is that George had worked with him for what 10 10 years and they had worked together, so a lot of what's great about working with Dave is that that continuity of vision has been something really special for me, it's something that I really do live action.
I became interested in working with George. and the way he talked about how we should shoot Clone Wars and he was always talking in terms of live action, the terminology was always there but I didn't always understand how to apply it over the years, although I got a little better with it and he's so steeped in technology George and he's pushing technology from earlier systems things like Clone Wars that became part of the FileMaker language for me as well and working with John is really natural, it continues that way because he's so advanced. - thinking with technology and using tools to help enable better storytelling and I saw that you know a Jungle Book is incredibly inspiring II and with the work that he's done on Lion King and w However, for me it was a great opportunity to work with someone who functions in a similar way, but could really be challenged and John has challenged me.
Carrying on a legacy of being, you know, frankly being mentored. I see it as very Star Wars. All this way through me. Well, I think at this point we'll open it up to the audience here. Hello. Congrats guys they looked amazing thanks for John and Dave you mentioned Taika Waititi he's obviously also voicing a character and the show can you talk about what he brings to the show what it's like working with him well you know when you bring to a director like Tyka who is clearly doing it because he wants to because the guy is a creative powerhouse right now and I think everyone is really discovering what a talent he has.
I'm having a wonderful run and when he shows up he excites everyone because he's such a fresh energy on set. Find opportunities for humor. He brings his brand of humor, but he's also a fan and that was it for me. it was the ultimate prerequisite, you had to love Star Wars and you had to want to do what you wanted, he had to want to do something great and he helped invent this new thing and have tyka there as someone who was battle-hardened. veteran who could come in and he just has a tremendous instinct and to work with actors and bring that to me, you know, to be able to work with him, I've known him for a while and from the Marvel world we had been sharing experiences that we just had to be on set and witnessing what he did was tremendous and then and then having him voice IG 11 and bring that specific tone to that character but also the tone to what he directed was fantastic, I'm grateful to him for that fi First of all place, congratulations on the show, the footage was amazing.
I'm curious about the making of the first season of any show. You're learning the infrastructure of how to put it together, what you can accomplish in the time frame, etc., for each of you. What did you learn doing the first season that you're now putting into the second season medicine every day and I think for me one of the things is I was on set every day for the whole season so I learned from watching each one of our directors? I learned from watching our great cast, all behind the scenes, I treated it like you know, a boot camp for learning this kind of filmmaking, but then I tried to offer the knowledge that George had passed on to me for the Star Wars stuff and just the way in that he liked to film things but it definitely affected the way that I look at you know one day what I can accomplish in one day that's a big difference to me film wise we hit a back lot and the DF Craig it's like ok the sun is up we have to get go i'm ok because it's going to bring down the animation we don't really have that problem so you know you're coming in at six o'clock and everyone is getting nervous and you're like the sun the sun was going down it's going down at that point we're screwed and this saw whole sets going down so there's a lot of very tangible stuff that's going to happen and you know I love having this experience and knowing the difference between animation , their advantages and disadvantages for each one. frankly, at this point, i don't prefer one or the other, i like both experiences and they are both unique, but i love it and am talking to kathy quite a bit about this as she asked me about the differences i've experienced. something about the concrete nature of the live action is incredibly spontaneous, it's going to happen right then and there and then that's where I can tweak a little eyebrow or a little smile or give Sokka a little nudge in a direction that will be drama to change the character in a special way, you have to get all these variables together and be aware of it and it's not like you're controlling any of it as much as you're guiding it and you know John would be with me and he talks about this you know you're seeing it all at once time we are in animation it is like a recipe that I can keep adding little fat and you have a lot of flexibility thank god and digital and your post we can do a lot but capturing that moment right in front of you I think the true magic of everything and something you long to try and Thankfully we have an amazing crew and cast that can capture those moments like hopefully you saw in the foot, but yeah that's what I learned. most, um, so I wanted to ask you T's in the footage that the Mandalorian never takes his mask off, so when are we going to see it and I think you really want to know if you want to come? wrapping christmas presents wrapping christmas presents your real qu The question is do we ever take off our masks you know stunt doubles they are essential for every big production just so you know even for the strongest or most agile people nothing Much of that can be done without the amazing stunt work.
I mean especially what you watched today as 27 minutes or something you watched as a whole. clip, you have no idea how much star power from each department is beingdedicate to doing something like this, from you know, the person who is like you know, working on the shine on my shoulder to the person who built the whole ship that we are. filming or on the whole set is is I've seen I've seen some I've seen some I've seen some pretty big ones and I haven't seen anything like this so I noticed that the footage we saw was a lot of references to the Star Wars Christmas special and, of course that's where we saw our first Mandalorian, yeah so can you talk about why you wanted to draw a picture connecting those little dots?
I didn't realize there were many I guess. there's like we got it right it was definitely the right weapon than the pulse rifle just because here's what i wanted to have we're starting with new characters everyone there's all sorts of guesswork as this really when it is will really reveal that it's going to be Boba Fett all the time it's a character we already know, we wanted to start fresh with a whole new group of a whole new set of characters that you've never met before and so there are ways that even though we have new characters and you could participate because it's chapter one we wanted to make sure that if you're watching it and you knew it and this is where dave has really been a treasure because we try to push ourselves to work things out, whether it's with humor, like making a reference to a day in the life or a reference to an accessory that has been cherished by a core group over time by simply putting those little Easter eggs or big moves into the story. ia that reflect storylines in the legends or in canon that people have known and had and by the way and all the animated content that Dave has been working on, how do you tie it all together so that you don't have these split and segmented parts of the story? audience, but could you start to put it all together and merge it? in a way that creates an overarching narrative and rewards the people who have put in their time over the years since they were kids and growing up with it.
John writes these scripts. I'll be on the phone and we just start to come together and come up with a whole plot for an episode, boy you're not on the phone and he's like okay it's in my head I gotta go gotta go boom he's okay and then like a day later here read this I'm like oh wow there's a script now and it was great I mean it's so funny and it's fun to read you know Jon's version of Star Wars I would read some of them like I see the holiday specials back and give them a hard time you know because well it happened I've been doing it. that's right yeah I know that's a long way of saying you really like the holiday special and I was hoping that's okay there's nothing wrong with that we know you got the gun on this show because you liked it and wanted to have it on cartoon is now in your office and i get it like i never experienced it before like you say i want to design this i'm going to have this and then someone literally makes him come up to you and make it better for you i haven't had that animation that's what it's been really good and there's a discipline to it that we make sure that we're true cohesive disciplined and that no matter where you come from and what your background is in Star Wars you know that what we're doing is not being done, it's being done because we've really deliberated and discussed it and thought it through and so if we set off in any way, it's that we know we are and if we do it, but it's with a plan and part of it is also what's the big arc sa You know that's the other thing that's what's fun is the plan and there's a few things that I'm like oh I wonder what people will think of this but then we think about what you're going to think about it and then get ahead of it. and then we'll be like okay so we'll see why you might know this move but you don't know that move and that's just the fun part especially in the series yeah we can make it work even better create a dialogue yeah yeah well I think that i can speak for everyone when i say we would like a special holiday party thank you so much guys thank you guys for all your wonderful questions thank you


disney plus remember club hey i'm lisa stick with me for more on tv 20/20 will be a great year for new tv series and here are three series to get excited for which i won both series which will feature Superman Fame Henry Cavill Lord of the Rings now the series will be set during the 3440's a and a period of one year before the ev Fellowship of the Ring and Blood Moon prequel The Game of Thrones participants know which series they are most excited about in 2020, let me know in the comments below.

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