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THE MAGICIANS Cast Panel – Wizard World Virtual Experiences 2020

Mar 13, 2022
We have some amazing


members of


that we are going to bring here, let's bring out this amazing


. You may have seen him most recently as Guillermo in What We Do in the Shadows, but we fell in love with him first. the


is Benedict Pickwick please leave him for Harvey and what's up Harvey um you know the next gentleman from Mad Men and Frasier but we know and love him as Josh from the


please leave him for Trevor Einhorn hey how's it going? I've seen her on Chicago PD but we know her as Julia please stand up for Stella Maeve what's up?
the magicians cast panel wizard world virtual experiences 2020
Stella, yes, you can applaud each other. I guess we can't here, here in the


applause that is taking place, you can applaud each other. from Paranormal Activity in 5 second movies, this is Allison, we know her as Olivia Taylor Dudley, hey Olivia, it's okay, you may have seen this nest, next actor and crossing, no queen, but hello King Margot, please leave it for the summer Mitchell and last but certainly. not least, let's hear it from this actor from the teeth, we know and love him as Elliot from The Magicians, please stand up to say hello, Apple man, everyone, thank you and welcome, first of all, congratulations, I know we are fans and we are very sad to see him go, but Congratulations on these five seasons that ended up being a shadow to all of you, what a beautiful way to go out, you know, on your own terms on the sci-fi network.
the magicians cast panel wizard world virtual experiences 2020

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the magicians cast panel wizard world virtual experiences 2020...

Very well done and congratulations to all, thank you, thank you, well, what I would love. To start, we've got a ton of questions from fans on Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook Live. I mean, we had the finale a few weeks ago before all this craziness happened. Have you had a chance to quit? established, it's established at all that the show for now and I'm sure we'll get to this it might as well end and end if you've noticed yet. I just found out now after you. I had no idea Mike, thanks for sharing the news. I guess I have to reevaluate my life now that it's over, okay, no, I mean, we did a very similar group zoom for the last episode and we know when you're.
the magicians cast panel wizard world virtual experiences 2020
Working with a group of people for five years, you build it as a family aspect, so we've been communicating constantly and I think once the episode aired, once the final episode aired, it felt a little bit more real at any time. that there's nothing more to look forward to, that's why Wizard World was so perfect, another chance to see everyone, so you know, I feel lucky to have had the series, but I'm also constantly reflecting on the show and the work we had Done well said Trevor great I'm just waiting for the audience to sit down right now this is the craziest standing ovation we've ever had crazy what's up with the rest of you?
the magicians cast panel wizard world virtual experiences 2020
I've potentially had the end of your series, at least as we know it. I cried a lot when the last episode aired at the beginning. I was like I didn't accept it or not. I wasn't internalizing it yet. then in the last episode aired I was a mess and I don't usually cry, so it was a strange night, there were a lot of tears, yes, I think I cried a lot that last day, I didn't want it. To hit me, I mean, it's been five years of our lives and like Trevor said, we're all family and not being able to see the team in Vancouver is heartbreaking and I miss them a lot, so it's all those kinds of things that started.
I sunk once the last episode aired, but you know, here we are again. I feel like the distant cousin who came to visit you during the holidays, we don't know, but you are very welcoming, so when it was over, I thought. uh I'm not going to be able to go to Christmas dinner like he does every time I went there last time I went as Trevor and I like that we're just having fun and saying hello and everyone's always like that. cozy, so it was sad when it ended. I was like, oh no, I'm not going to come up and say hello, you know, no, we will we will because here we are right now we love you Harvey and we love love your character and that's.
The best thing about the show and I want Stella to inhale, obviously, but it's that everyone, every character, is important, even the secondary characters are more important than the main characters in the story and I think that's why people identify with it . So much so that even though you had a brief stint there, it was memorable, so thank you, but yeah, Hale Stella, how do you feel now that it's over? I guess I'd just say that, given the state of the


, it's a bit of an unprecedented strange thing to have your show and during that period where we all take the time to reflect on everything, so in some ways it fits very well, for On the other hand, it's weird to want to talk about it in any kind of public setting because we're living in such a fun time right now and there's so much going on that everyone has a personal story, you know, about the events that are happening in right now, so I'm grateful for the program. it gave us all a community and it gave us five years of work as actors, which I think is a really rare thing nowadays, so I'm very grateful for that, grateful for the character, grateful to John and Sarah: I'm Webb Grossman for creating this


, so I'm glad we have the opportunity to meet again and, you know, kids, thank you for everything.
Summer just yawned as they talked. She just wanted to let him know. I found it very interesting and my passion one summer was definitely yawning, guys, whatever, give me the secret signal, maybe the secret signal when everyone is in the waiting room. I will totally do it. I challenge you, what about you and then we'll get on? Some of the questions from our fans that are coming in it's like it's a little surreal and then you also know it's cool because we have this forum where we can all connect so you know it's not over in a sense but it's the Getting Started with another awesome one, Netflix won't have season 5 until December and then the show will air for a while so people will continue to find it and respond to it.
Oh, they will, and that's also the beauty of having a program that lasts. I know that 100% and that's a great point, damn, and now that we have this time, you know, I mean, what an incredible opportunity to go back and watch the entire series, whether we've seen it a million times before that you keep yawning. I will do that. Say fans are saying your yawns are what it's all about right now. Let's talk. One of the questions comes up again now that we're talking about the series finale first, so then you know I'd love to go.
Go back and talk about how it came about, a lot of people ask Ryan Berg more specifically and then also John Segal, is there anything you feel? Let me quote him directly. Was there anything your character couldn't understand? do that thing that you wish you had the chance to do or maybe not even do, but like a story or something that you were hoping for for the character that just wasn't fully developed, yeah, I mean, this show is so rich with different stories and different combinations of characters and I wanted more scenes with Summer and Stella and Trevor and hey, there's never enough, I didn't have enough, but I mean, I'm sad because Alice can't write off the cozy horse with Quentin like that it will always break my heart because it's one one of my favorites in the book, so you know, there are little moments like that in the books that we didn't get to do, but overall for me it's that I don't do it. to work with my friends again, there are so many unexplored things and the relationships between these characters that I feel sunk I will never be able to see some things from the source material of the books like I knew there was a scene, Miss Julia and Elia. and Margo where they like they're all at this bonfire and even though there was a bonfire it's a little bit different it was like after a period and like they lost their minds and then they came and saved her which is really cool Quentin out of corporate America, it's like actually the next scene: I wanted like crazy sexy, there weren't enough crazy sexy, yeah, like everyone, like everyone, it's all the members I didn't have, I didn't have any good sexy, Trevor has a giant , You know?
This isn't really a spoiler alert, but they introduced Josh going to his nephew's Bar Mitzvah and I don't know if he had a brother or a sister and I would love to meet my nephew at some point and you know, or my brothers. I think it could have been funny if we had seen Josh go to another bar mitzvah, it would have been a good moment, oh my god, if Josh had talked about it, yeah, it's a good idea for Josh to have a twin, it's funny, but yes, we are writing. six I hope so, you know these great ideas, we're just killing them, although yes, we know it's a joint effort.
I know he wanted me to come back to earth. It would be cool, like if he somehow came back to earth and mixed in with the rest of the cast, but that's another universe, another time, you know, that sounds amazing, I mean, because phen, obviously, the character he fen arrives, but no one else from Fillory can go back and explore, you know how that would be cool. You know, I would have liked to explore the fact that she was a queen and that I never got to be a queen mm-hmm, how do you feel about that?
Are you upset? Okay, well, don't wait, Danny has to wear the corona once, so you know, a lot of people ask this. I know people ask this throughout the series and obviously people and people now ask Chaz Gomez specifically, how do you think? We have already captured some of the feelings about it, but how? I feel the differences because clearly you all read the books and did your research and there was a huge fan base of the books and the TV show made its own decisions, and you know you can't necessarily rule it out, it was still great and artistically. creative, but do you have any strong feelings either way about the differences between the book and the series?
I'm wondering, just out of curiosity, how involved Grossman was live in the writing with the show's creators. Really for anyone. I thought about it well. I thought so. It was when I came on the show at the end of season 1 and I remember the welcoming response of just having the character Josh Oberman from the books that he introduced on the show was like a really big deal, they handled it like you know they handled it. carefully and then I was very impressed and I thought it was cool how involved the lab was and we've all developed a nice friendship with Lev and he feels very close to our program and I know we take a lot of liberties, but it's really like a tip Of the hat, we had the best shot with these well thought out characters from their original story, you know television is different, you have to fill 13 episodes no matter what, so I think we took some nice liberties.
We took a lot of things from the books that you know were fan favorites, but also, like Olivia said, we missed a lot of opportunities if we had more time, if we would have liked to achieve it, but I liked our choices and like lives involved a lot oh go ahead, Hell no, you're just going to say lives. I think moving forward mainly was as much of a consultant as the writers, but I know John and Sarah sent him all the scripts as they came in, yeah, and I feel like we all had our oh sorry cow is a delay on this like I did. when I booked the show like it was very important for me to talk to one and I love that he blessed me in terms of what he was doing with the character and because I fell so in love with Alice in the book in my character.
I know all of us fall in love with the characters in his books and I think we've all had our own loving conversations where he tells us, you know. how much he loves what we have done with him and everything I have received from love, you know, what I have most about love is that it is exciting for him to be able to see his characters live a different life. than what he wrote or beyond what he wrote really and that's a lot of fun for him you know he put them in the world and now they grow up and I know that's been very entertaining and a lot of fun for him and um yeah so I don't know, it's just that I love the books that my books destroyed and I wish we could do it in every moment of those books, but that would be like 30 seasons of television because, by the way, it takes a long time, because of the way everyone supports me a lot.
I'm saying you're screaming because you're a new mom, so congratulations because it's okay as a new mom. You know, I don't know why people say that, correcting them now, what were you going to say about the difference? between the books and the show Trevor there is also a lot of love for your people, I wanted Josh's cookbook, yes I am working on that right now, there is a lot of reusable frozen food during this time in quarantine, no, you know, I've been In fact, I'm pretty proud of my cooking skills during quarantine. I took advantage of my Josh Oberman skill set that I learned on set.
You see how I did that skill set on set. I'll start working on it. Tell fans to stay tuned. Cookbook by Josh Hoberman. I'll be reaching out to our producer Henry Meyers, who definitely took a lot of inspiration from Josh's recipes,so maybe we'll prepare something. Many of you have mentioned some of the specific details seen so far and fans are specifically wondering Laurel, it's a very emotional show, oh my gosh, the amount of things these characters go through, is there a specific powerful scene that you ?Remember that that really stands out, that it was really difficult to film or just incredible to film this Laurel um Briere thing again.
I think I'm pronouncing her name right, but yeah, the most powerful scene you remember from filming the show took for everyone I can remember. The second season filming Alice's death when the yeast in that whole sequence took was a complete marathon for you and Charles and we were there to support and play in little moments in here, but I remember that day was only or 2 days, I don't know. memory. I know it was really, I think it was like 2 or 3 days and they were definitely the most difficult scenes to film properly, physically emotionally overwhelming for everyone and in particular, I imagine for you and Jason, and that was just I remember thinking that it was incredible. how consistent and how we kept the ball in the air and how you guys handled it wonderfully, yeah, I feel like a lot of the scenes with the screaming and yelling because you have to do it like 30 times at least, it's really exhausting for you. body and that one in particular, yeah, for me, I think the most difficult scene was Quinton's death scene in the classroom, there were a lot of them, we were shooting a lot of slow motion and those cameras required us to do it with a bunch of times over and over again and every time I had to scream and scream and cry and fall to the ground and get grabbed and all that and after that like your body just fell apart and it was a very emotionally draining day but also super fun Quentin's how super funny there was a scene in season 3 like I think the first one, so Estella and I, Julia and Josh, strangely, we struck up this friendship at a rave like a Bacchus King swamp had a party and in the middle of all. these like naked people and bond squeezes, we actually had this, it was just a quick moment where she explained that she had magic and Josh at that point was so exhausted that he didn't really know what his sense of purpose in life was if the Magic doesn't exist and it was this little in-between moment between two friends that she said I needed.
I need to show this boy, even if it's just to show him that I have some magic to show him some wound of hope. being one of my favorite scenes that I've ever filmed just because it felt real, it felt like you know this was a moment or two where people had to introduce themselves to each other and she was being vulnerable by letting me in on that secret and I was being vulnerable by telling him that, you know, I miss making magic tomatoes, so it was nice, it was a nice moment for me, amazing, amazing, I think for me, and I mean Benedict liked jumping ship and they took that line of the story because that's not what happens to Benedict in the books and when that happened, I called it as the suicide episode just because all this time we didn't know what was really going on in his head and when you put that key in hand.
You see he made everything come together and he's so structured and so perfect in his work, but he's also dealing with some of the demons in him. Oh, and unfortunately for him, he jumps ship, so it was very difficult to understand. I filmed that scene and the response I got from the fans and how do you know at the end of that episode we had the suicide prevention hotline number and it was really like wow, it was really hard to dive into that part of Benedict because I never saw that for him, I always thought he would just make maps, just send them to work like I was doing my job and then when you asked me the truth, you know it's you, you really have a chicken with your friends and see that everything is happening, which are fine, so it was very important for me to write that, so I like that amazing summer, it's not the most difficult scene, it was probably my scene in the tent and the fourth season when she goes on her Search in the desert.
Physically, that was probably the hardest thing, but it was also the most rewarding, so that was great, but physically that whole episode was quite difficult and particularly that scene, but they didn't make me do it over and over again, which was great, but I also wanted to do it again and again, it was still season 1 of the show, so we had a different showrunner at the time, who didn't, you know, I don't know, he's long gone, thank God, Chris bought a place. Fisher, which is great, but it was a disaster, so he filmed that scene in pieces and, like me, we were there until 3:00 in the morning, it was brutal, that was hard and also like what we were doing .
In itself, you know, not just the technical stuff, but also what it was, you know it's hard to portray something like that and keep it true to form and you know be in it too, but it was important and it was. I know I was happy with how it came out afterwards and Mackenzie Astin was an amazing scene partner and you know we partnered with Rain and I know her call center went up by 70% after that so it was important it's good no, that is. okay Kenzi was like the nice one is like the nicest guy ever an amazing actor he's the best guy like I can't I'm like we understand we have this thing we can do he's like I feel terrible I'm like I know it's okay Isn't that always the way villains are always like the nicest people in real life?
And that's what's amazing about their ability as actors, and you know, thanks to the points that you guys made, Harvey and Stella. I think what was amazing was the show and why it affects so many people's lives if it really deals with real issues that you know in relation to a magical world, but you know all certain people aside you know the show did a great job of partnering like you said with with different organizations and having those hotlines there, because it's important to address those things, there are real world issues and as you know, I think they are addressed very well in the show and I think a lot of people's lives were changed because of this show, I only watched it for the fan reaction so again, thank you all for being a part of this, that's a credit to our creators John and Sarah and you know we tackled a lot of issues and they were always ready to deal with any kind of reaction, so it's a big thank you to our creators and showrunners John Sarah and Chris and everyone who was a part of that decision making and sci-fi for letting us talk about that kind of story that they actually made.
I really don't hold a grudge for anything we were able to set the bar for. I mean, that part of science fiction before was doing different kinds of work, you know, and now you're really between the language and then the sexual situations and so on. Difficult circumstances really paved the way for many cable shows. You know what I mean and what you can and can't do on cable. So once again, that's why we love it so much. Joe, thanks. We also open. They created the platform for talking bunnies. They had a hard time getting acting work before our show, but we also gave them a good platform. working on this show that I've seen on the boat, you know, I think I was 23 and I was surrounded by bunnies and I was crying, the typical scene and like I broke out in hives, which is very easy for me, but I was terribly allergic to the bunnies, which is a horrible thing, it was amazing, yes, it was very good to cry, you know, that's why you can't be queen, that's why you can't be queen, because you can't get the messenger puppies that you also have. "You have the longest monologue, but there were 18 bunnies making so much noise around you if you were standing, what is shown in your directive never happens, it's so charming, impatient and I'm, oh, the bunnies were running and scratching, yeah , yeah, that was great, good." I know what a good Segway.
I missed the bunny so hashtag on mr. Bunny, that's also what's amazing about the show: We were talking about all this serious stuff, but then he can flip the coin, you know, flip the penny right away and be that hilarious, heartwarming tongue, without maybe mouthing the wrong phrase. Not even, but it's a comedic show and very self-aware, obviously one of the most surprising episodes. Four, four or five of them that we got were the musical episodes that everyone is dying to know specifically, let's see who I have here. Yes, that's the only thing I regret. I wanted so badly to be in a musical episode, so good, so bad, and yeah, I asked, I said is it possible?
It's like we'll see and it's like because it wouldn't make sense and I said please let's listen to it. listen about those musical words one that stands out is how to be your favorite mary-6 13k ask laurie ruff ask what it was like I would love to hear from you first like the end of summer like the first musical number and then I know we know all about Joss, which was great for everyone, but yeah, I'd love to hear a little bit about your


with the musical episodes and how fun they were, at least from our perspective as fans, we had a lot of fun watching them, yeah, I was really terrified to do it under pressure.
I think I'm still terrified of doing it under pressure or that scary proposition in the desert quest. I think it was the most fun to film because I was working with Alex, who happens to be Trevor's wife and is one of our amazing choreographers, and she really made it beautiful. It was the only day that there was not torrential rain in the desert, an episode in which we were filming with five or six days on location. They created a quarry in the desert, I don't know how they chose, I mean, tons and tons of sand, they just piled into this rock quarry to go through a desert and you know, I got to UM, you know, friend Alex's choreography, this weird dune thing that Actually, it was a very beautiful day and a very fun experience that day, so I had fun with it.
Yeah, I remember in New York we were there for press or something and you and I walked to get coffee and you were there. So they want us to sing well, we are you in particular because I was not an apartment beer like Bowie or not. It was when I took on like Bowie and Freddie Mercury, you were like what and I thought it's going to be great, I just remember it. Because they're like two of the most iconic, like how can anyone do them justice? You know, the first one, the Leamas sequence, just another day, which was so cold that our costume designer built this incredible blue ensemble and I was like, "No." I don't need pantyhose, I have tall boots on and I felt this crazy wind chill, like I was so mad about how cold I was that I just channeled it into my performance, you get up, I mean, I still call you Josh, oh my god, I just know and you love, okay, yeah, no, I was very lucky that that episode came in a very similar way.
I've never talked about this before, so why not share it with a bunch of random fans online and with you guys right now? So there are episodes for some of our characters, you know, we're only allowed to do a certain minimum and I was out of two or three consecutive episodes at the time, my father passed away during that time and the first part of the work. always and I really wanted to get back to work and I really wanted to and everything is fine. I'm not mentioning that in a sad way. I'm talking about how nice it can be to work with people you consider family and who like gifts. that Jobs has the first episode I had was a musical episode called all that Josh and the time I needed as the biggest distraction of my life was an episode that focused on my character and it was a musical where you have to sing and dance, so I know he was in this grieving process, but he couldn't have been happier to have this gift and the writers knew it and I talked to John about it recently and he mentioned at another comic-con


that he and Sarah lost their parents. at a young age or they lost their parents at a very inopportune time and we never talked about it, but it was a certain feeling that they were there for me and I can't.
I think it's wonderful that our show achieves the level of commitment that a musical episode requires and we do it within the same amount of time that each episode has, so it's a really cool feat to be able to say that we accomplished these things, but also the Musicals are an emotional thing for us, we really put everything into it and I couldn't be happier that we had the opportunity to do that, so that's my personal experience with it. I've never told anyone about it, but that's how it was. It was a good moment for me, well, that's what the show is about, right?
Are the people you know caught up in your individual moments but then coming together as a group of people to support you as friends and stuff like that? Yes, it seemed like you were. I'm going to say something Olivia oh, I look like that a lot, but I did it. I was going to say that, um, the musical episodes for me are my favorite part of the show and they weren't at the beginning because I'm terrified of singing in front of people. and I have never done it and they werelike a lot of conversations with John and Sarah about I really don't want to sing on this show, you're not going to make me do this and then I had to do it and then that's the way it will be.
It quickly became my favorite thing to do because the process of rehearsing and the process of recording and then performing with what you've already created just added all the elements to the art that I've been doing for so long that I'd never done before. this another form of expression through a character that I had never done before and I found a different version of Alice version 572 of Alice while singing with her and in the last season I was able to sing a lot in the episode, I think it's the 11. with Hale We recorded the Kate Bush Peter Gabriel song and that was my favorite experience on the show.
I mean, first of all, Kate Bush is like one of my heroes, so it was a huge honor and just working with Hale and experiencing something so emotional singing is a very vulnerable place. and so is acting, but singing is a whole different level and doing that was, I don't know, literally the highlight of my career so far, so hey, I love you and thank you for that, yeah, singing that song was very special to us and your voice is so beautiful, yes I was amazing there are such beautiful moments and again you can't see the chats right now but people are just expressing love for the musical episodes and Shannon people are upset, They know they are giving you some love.
Hey, they said you were great, it was their all-time favorite, so don't feel bad about being under pressure. You just know that it is like devotional respect towards idols. Would you say you're under pressure to deliver something so incredible? It was incredible, there were a lot of people. Some of the following are more about, you know, fun times. I'd love to chat a little bit about those. A lot of people would love to know why there were so many interesting things. Fantasy and sci-fi shows are, oh my god, the costumes, the sets, you know, the worlds that are created are so beautiful and surprising and electric purple. 9 Sarah Levitt 5 Shannon Worley of 203.
I know a lot of others are just curious to know if there's anything the costume eyes put into practice and combine a bunch of questions that particularly caught your eye as being awesome and if there's anything you can say here in front of the camera that you took home from the set as a souvenir of the show. Go get it while we get some air after the quarantines end. My classic Alice dress is the one that is iconic to me. I would love to burn my Kniffin dress because I wore it all season and anyone you know has to wear those outfits. like 16 hours a day five days a week so it was brutal um yeah I went to burn that dress but it looked great I just can't.
I was thinking about that with Penny and I brought it from her for when she's in that suit non-stop. Oh my god, you smell bad. Yes, they actually packed the physical cabin for kids. I still want to claim items. Thats not all. Who knows. We should talk to him. Some. Nobody has to die. specifically about the tada sign, a big shout out to our costume department and set decoration team. I mean, really, the way they turn around, they think like they're making suits hours before we wear them and they were super impressed, I mean, at some point. period, the modifications were like really yeah, to this day I remember, the only thing I could say is that Fillory doesn't have pockets in his pants and I don't know, I don't know what happened to me, but I decided to make a big pit a medium size think I'm a pocket actor and I like to put my hands in my pockets because I need a place to put them and sure enough the next day the wardrobe department made my pockets and all my stuffing. pants, it was the best I've ever seen.
Wow, that's my little greeting. I couldn't even pick those pockets, but if I could, I would. Some you could maybe steal for me somehow. You're the ninja, yes you are. That's perfect, summer isn't better. I wanted to steal the little thing that Benedick uses as a pen, the original got lost and when I came back they had made one that had like the moon chalk tree in it and it was really cool and I was like oh my gosh, can I keep this and finished? It's like, when we finished it it was fine and I never understood it.
That's Mike Summers' house. I just reviewed something a while ago and got a little cut off from you. costume sets props no, I just asked him if he took anything that was trapped in his wardrobe hmm, yeah, I want to steal Hales, that's what I asked him. I wondered if you ended up in one today and the beginning of the second season, when we first arrived. one of those, the pair of pants that went with that outfit and I think I have the cape from season three that was very velvety, yeah, I might get it, I don't know, I might get it at some point because I have a great photo of Hale just a few weeks ago we went to the writers' room before the quarantine and they let us take, as you know, some show posters or whatever we wanted and the season four poster is greeting like the monster that just points with blood dripping and There's a huge sign there that says: Do you want?
He says yes and he's completely framed and he's like, "We're leaving the office together" and it's just Hale holding Hale like he's the monster and it's an incredible silent failure that I'm going to have to ship. that's pretty perfect for you, well that was quote, it was really fun Trevor Trevor seeing that with you picking up everyone in the car, that was cool yeah, and then just shout out Trevor, you met him, you mentioned everyone said the same thing. What is always forgotten is that the creators are right, the set designers, the costume designers, the writers.
My God, they like to make a show like that, with all that fantasy and all that science fiction and bring the text to life. Greetings to all of those. friends, because my God, incredible, incredible work, absolutely no mass, it can be pockets, they gave you pockets. Trevor gave me pockets, yeah, we talked about choreography a little bit earlier with the musical episodes and I don't know specifically, you obviously do what the same choreographer because We have a ton of questions about your favorite Tuts. This comes from Mary and your favorite magical top was something intricate and cool they came up with.
You know, making magic scientific but also beautiful if you have a favorite and what is it like? how to work with the choreography with that and how to sink the moon destroying crash weddings with Vince Vaughn pretend to have lost like he can't hear and he can't talk and it's like we're doing it absently, we had a separate choreographer to answer your question Kevin Kevin Lee was our main choreographer from day one and he's like a world champion cutter and he sends us videos and shows up on set to make sure we're doing it right and I mean, I've never been able to.
To do Tut justice, I have a lot of the skill that he needed, I would just do it with my face and you know, he's extremely talented and we really wanted to add that element to the show. I remember before, like before filming the show. The pilot Sarah had emailed us all tutting videos because in the book it just says intricate hand movements or something and I didn't think twice about it and then we booked the show and then she sends us this email that has everything . these YouTube videos of people juggling and she's like this is what it's going to look like and I was like call my agent, I'm done, I can't do this like this, I don't know because that's like the most amazing thing and none of us sorry that Hale could be so good, so I think Hales is the best, I'm the worst.
I could do those things or I like my nipples twisted, but yeah, Livia did a lot. I know Stella, you had a lot too. any difficult to single you out Stella seriously she was really cool and I loved how delicate she was and she was amazing and we started to like the experiments and then as the series went on it became like a fad and the bogie is found with pop like I don't I can't like it, I don't know what's going on, but there's no way I can do this without looking like a fool. There was a good part.
The progress of the series was supposed to be improving with magic. Interestingly, there was a good part. We all thought there was a point like at the beginning of this year where we were all doing our own separate Tut's and then, like the last two seasons, there was so much co-op magic that we had to call each other out on that bad Tut's, which I mean seriously. It was unbearable to reduce time with everyone. I'm like you're doing that with your index finger. I'm not doing that with my index finger. What are you doing? Yes I like it. good in the delicate, yes, the world sees one who is hard, the world sees one, he looked hard.
I don't even remember at the time that we had worked as much as a team as if it were just a reflection of Margo's extreme powers. I got the emails for the best and just make up mine that day so you stole everything and made up the thoughts things you learn better is a wizard you don't have to do so much good so yeah she's more powerful yeah we've spent it all too long time on Tut, no offense to everyone, Harvey, were you jealous of the kids as much as you were of the musical episodes? I was jealous because I loved to dance, you know, the bad days, like if I ever had this opportunity, it would probably be something very It would be a little annoying, unfortunately we ran out of time, oh my God, we could talk about this show all day and I know people like it and love it so again I speak for all the fans with all my heart and all the love there is, thank you so much for giving us this amazing series and really doing it justice.
I'd love to just go around and you know, whatever final thing you want to tell people and we're watching. I have thousands and thousands of people on the hunt, most of them are begging for season 6 or a movie, you don't have to talk about it if you want, you can, but I know we are living in difficult times and people really appreciate what you are doing in the summer right now and give you that little break from reality, so everyone have a little chance here, just give your final feelings to your fans and I mean, none of this is possible without fans. the fact that we have people watching our show and that we can communicate with you during this difficult time, just know that your voices are heard and that you are not alone in any of these situations and I'm so glad that we can have something in common to come together through this program that has really meant a lot to all of us so thank you for all the support and I can't wait to meet you very soon thank you forever I will just say that some during This is a very strange time some days you are going to be really productive and other days you may not be productive at all.
You know you could just survive, but every day you stay home and take care of yourself. your loved ones it's a victory so just hold your heads up and we'll get through this it's just a matter of when I love you thank you yes I love you and it was so fun to do this today and see. All of you, so yeah, I hope you all stay inside and don't go crazy anyway. My life was quarantine before quarantines. I feel like I was prepared. I just want to thank the fans you have. This is the first time I've done it.
I felt so much love when I joined this cast and got to meet them at cons and all that, it's probably always been my favorite thing about doing these things like going to cons because The Magicians has been a great show and just being a Una small part of this has been a great honor, so thanks to the fans, thanks to you, to the cast that always welcomes me and thanks for having me and thanks to the charity that I am donating to you, you are having a great impact specifically. with their families in need, so thank you, thank you, it is a really beautiful participation and I am very grateful.
I just want to thank the fans, you guys are the most amazing group of people I've ever had. It is an honor to know you and I want to thank you so much for the number of times I have been in a dark place or felt alone or invisible and you are showing up for me and I can't thank you enough. Enough and my times are weird right now and I'm so grateful to be able to see my friends right now. I miss you all and I wish the whole cast was here and hi mom, this is the first time my mom has been able to. going to a convention so that's great and I love you that's been a big point Olivia a lot of fans even when we get back to normal and we have these conventions we were able to see each other in person a lot. of people you know are from different countries in different parts of the world and they can't meet each other and that's been amazing and there's also a lot of love from all over the world so again thank you all for being here people.
I want to see pressure, but it's impossible to sing in unison on the serum, so we'll save you that with a quick reminder that you can still buy those one-on-one video chats with these people if you have more one-on-one moments or questions. I'd like to chat to them about the ones that are still for sale, so if you can do that now you'll get an emailemail with a link to that, but without further ado, help me give a


standing ovation for this. amazing cast and look at the wizard it's all on Netflix and then the last season is sci-fi look what we do in Harvey's shadows we're so excited for all the things you're all giving a big round of applause for more Harvey Trevor Stella Olivia summer and he will be the cast of the wizard.
Everyone, thanks guys, thanks for thanks, Mike, thanks everyone, hey guys, this is Alex Malari jr. and you're seeing featured fandom, be sure to hit the like, share, and subscribe button. Your Emperor orders it, thank you for watching.

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