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THE LORD OF THE RINGS Panel – Steel City Con December 2022

Jul 18, 2023
smell, is it really okay? Okay, if you asked me, I'd rather be, if you said, if you said Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, I'd hesitate for a minute, um, I grew up. I'm into Star Wars and I love it, so, yeah, I've often asked myself, what if I want to be in it? I'd like to be asked to be in it, but I don't know what it would be suitable for. um, does anyone have an idea, a crowd idea often works very well, um, I don't know, but using a lightsaber would be cool if you could.
the lord of the rings panel steel city con december 2022
You know I'm not good at that. I'm not a Jedi, but I pick it up and I have to wield it. I'm going to think about this tonight, so someone said an Ewok or whatever path, my friends, bow down to no one, well, thank you, oh, thank you, sorry, I had to do it. I have a question for Sean and Elijah. I was wondering, in the second movie, how difficult it was to get used to acting with Andy Circus. Stranger when you saw the final movie and he wasn't the one on screen. I mean, it was pretty amazing what Andy did.
the lord of the rings panel steel city con december 2022

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the lord of the rings panel steel city con december 2022...

He really embodied that character in person in such a transporting, immersive and believable way both physically and with his voice oh sorry, couldn't you hear it both physically and with his voice? You know we would do these things called cue passes for the cheer team and we would do a pass with multiple passes with him and then he would walk away, he just did. the voice off screen and we would have to act and interact with the air and his performance was so incredible that it made our jobs easy to imagine and, as you know, obviously, the incredible feat of seeing the complete Gollum in The Second Movie for the first time it was something extraordinary to see because it was real, but to be honest, he sold us that character on set as if he were so real and I never liked that stinker hmm, I don't care if it's wearing tights and being nice off camera Or if he and his circus when he arrived in New Zealand we had already been working for seven or eight months if there is, as you know, in the lumbar puncture they say to take it to 11, like a 10, the scale makes it 11, like more than his. , he's like a 4920.
the lord of the rings panel steel city con december 2022
He's got that guy's power and the intensity of his personality was like shit, you know, we gotta step it up a little bit because we can try to keep up. this guy and he would say that the phrase passed reference, do you remember how that word that phrase became very annoying because it was new technology that was new what we were doing at least to that extent? I mean, they did Roger Rabbit and they did it, but he you I know it's like he's giving a full performance here and they call it a reference pass, like no, we don't have to worry about this moment where we're doing it with him, we will worry once he takes a step. so they changed it, you know, I think they called it a column pass or something and, but you know, he uses the phrase uh coded, he says that the performances were coded in Our Minds when we do those rehearsals and he would get off, we would be playing that , so that was an interesting way to put it, think about it, but um, yeah, and then watching it, we saw the same thing that you all saw, which is just this amazing piece of art with that character. and seeing them realize, seeing Peter and Fran realize what he was capable of, what technology and art was capable of, and they wrote about it, they said, oh, let's put them up against the tree and he's having a scene. against himself, so yeah.
the lord of the rings panel steel city con december 2022
It's pretty good, I think I'm sure you've seen it or maybe you haven't, but in the making there's a sequence where you see Andy, you know, fighting to eat his fish breakfast in a frozen stream. and you see Andy in the Golem suit sliding over rocks and in very shallow water trying to catch a fish that isn't there and he obviously likes to make a real mess of his knees and his ribs and his chest and he's going 100 percent. . and if you just look at that, you'll realize that what Sean said is that he was there the whole time yeah, amazing, yeah, I have time for two more questions, oh no, just two more.
He was wondering if you guys had any Lord of the Rings tattoos. ideas for me, oh I mean let's see if the condor tree is lovely, yeah he said the god tree doesn't speak loud enough. I apologize, I would, I would suggest my face, we've seen some Marion Pippin tattoos, yeah, they're pretty. Didn't they see some Pippin getting married tattoos, did they see a few billion Dom tattoos, which is actually quite strange when you see that yes, there have been a few billion Dom tattoos, that's cool and I've seen one cheerful that is Mary holding a broken carrot and says I think I broke something amazing, see, do you like hopeful and optimistic things or do you like the dark side of things because my face can be both?
Where did you want your face? Okay, let's move on to the last question now, thank you. your last question, no pressure, no pressure, kind sir, okay, hi Billy Dominic Sean Elijah, wonderful to have the four of you with us, thank you very much, absolutely, thank you very much, okay, so before I move on to my question of two parts, I mean quickly, great. work you all did on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies and Elijah Wood Stellar Voice work you did for Spyro the Dragon Mumble and Happy Feet and nine thank you and your last resume oh your last lines and nine were phenomenal oh greetings thank you Okay, there, yeah, okay, so my two-part question to all of you is, one, what were your favorite scenes and moments from The Lord of the Rings and, in particular, working with Christopher Lee and Ian Holm as Bilbo Baggins and for Elijah Wood, how would they do it? describe your voice work experience on the three movies I just mentioned along with Over the Garden Wall, wow, that's a lot, you get in your part first, I'll do my part first, um, uh, all those animated projects that you mentioned, uh.
It was a pleasure to work on um, I will highlight two uh, Happy feet and Happy feet. Two were truly incredible experiences. I got to work with um, Robin Williams, on both and it was an absolute pleasure that I will treasure forever, um, truly incredible and and um Over the Garden Wall uh oh and George Miller also George the great George Miller uh directed those films um and Over the Garden Wall I just adore it, I love it so much, so to be able to do a voice on that was just a total pleasure. I got to work with Melanie Linsky who I love and the animation style is so beautiful and it's something that people see every year, it's such a lovely thing to have been a part of so it was amazing and then on to Christopher Lee. stuff um I got really lucky one day uh Andy wasn't in New Zealand Mr.
Andy Circus and um they had to film an angle of young Ian Holm finding the ring in the cave for the first time and Andy wasn't there and Pete Jackson called and me He said, would you be willing to come in and just replace Andy because you know he could play with the golemy voice and had a golemy body? um um, so I went in and worked for a day with Ian at home just me. and I mean all of us worked at home it was just an incredible experience but it was a day with Ian and watching a true Master work he never did the same take twice he was just incredibly sensitive and intelligent as an actor he made incredible decisions and I like actor. young, when I was 24, I just stood there and tried to learn everything I could from Ian, so I think that was my favorite kind of memory of beautiful Ian.
Foreign Hole didn't work with Christopher Lee, but I did it. We became friends and we were fine. I don't think I'm allowed to say that we traveled together and there's one place in particular that we traveled to where there was a club that he was a part of and he invited me to go to the club and it was very clear that this was a weird thing and I just remember that he has a very powerful story during World War II what his mission was, he was the army and, in retrospect, he had a very intense calm.
Being with him and feeling like he was putting his arm around me was yeah, I remember us flying together once around the world and smoking cigarettes together wow, yeah, it was pretty special, all the sounds were made up, you just flew. Yes, now you can fly. Was there a plane involved? Sean. I was in seat 4D and he was in four years. Yes, he was a very, very special man. He joined us in the makeup trailer we were in. We've been there for six months. or more and he just joined and it was like one of the teams immediately took his, we would have days each of the music that we played and he came in and said well, I want to participate in that and he brought his music, which was pretty heavy , heavy metal, yeah, so it was amazing to be able to work with him, yeah, we like him.
Billy said we would play our music really loud in the morning to wake us up and Ian McKellen sometimes had trouble with that, he would close the door and say, "I just want a little quiet in the morning." We didn't want it out loud, but Christopher Lee said, "I enjoy this Eminem, you're playing wonderfully." I know there were times during the process that were frustrating for everyone. You know, you find something technical or just the hours or whatever and there was a time when I had finished working on orthank and we were in the parking lot of the studio for this painting. factory abandoned paint factory we're filming it and, you know, this man had forgotten more about acting than I'll ever know, you know, he was a very experienced man and a performer and actor and, legend, you know, but he told me I was looking and he was like, I don't understand how this and blah, blah, blah, and we've been doing it for many months and I was like, well, you know, I really approach it like this and think about this.
I just remember it. looking at me and being like this kid, you know the stones to look at me and tell me what he thinks about something, so I think he, uh, had my after I walked away. I thought like he was telling Christopher Lee what, but, but. We were colleagues, you know, very special thanks, thank you man, yeah, thank you all, thank you, thank you Pittsburgh. Hello fans, just a reminder that this Lord of the Rings


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