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THE LAST KINGDOM Full Series Recap | Season 1-5 Ending Explained | Watch Before SEVEN KINGS MUST DIE

Apr 15, 2023
The Last Kingdom tells the story of Utrid, named after his father, the Saxon Lord of Bebenberg, when the Danish Earl Ragnar and his Viking army invade Northumbria. Lord Utread leaves the charge on the battlefield, but loses when he dies with his army. Ragnar then takes them as slaves. Ragnar takes a liking to the children and when Utridge saves Ragnar's daughter Thera from an assault at the hands of a young Viking named Spin, Ragnar blinds Finn in one eye, banishes his father Karton, and adopts Utread and Brita as his son. His own children are raised as Danes and Pagans and


y assimilate into the Viking lifestyle years later.
the last kingdom full series recap season 1 5 ending explained watch before seven kings must die
Utread and Brita now in a relationship witness Sven and Carton burn down Ragnar's Great Hall killing the Earl and his family but sparing Ragnar. fira to take as a slave utrad wants to avenge his foster father and makes plans to return home to bebenberg to claim his rightful lordship and command his army against sven and kyarton, unfortunately his uncle elfrik has taken over his lord and no has plans to relinquish his title, also complicating matters for utread and Brita is the fact that the viking warlords Abba and guthrum believe that utrid was responsible for Ragnar's death, making uterine as much of an outsider. in his native home with the Saxons as in his adopted home with the Danes.
the last kingdom full series recap season 1 5 ending explained watch before seven kings must die

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the last kingdom full series recap season 1 5 ending explained watch before seven kings must die...

Utread and Brita flee to Wessex, the


remaining Saxon


with the Hoping to find Solace there, they alert King Ethel Red and his brother Lord Alfred of an imp


attack by the Danes due to Utrad's warning. The Saxons win the battle, though King Ethel Red is killed, leaving the crown to Alfred. to Alfred for a year in exchange for Alfred's future assistance in finding utrad for revenge Earl Ragnar's son Ragnar the Younger returns from his own exploits in Ireland to investigate his father's murder believes his adoptive brother is utrid but he doesn't want to wait to enact his revenge and Ragnar and Breeda part ways with utrid while utra trains the saxon army to better fight the danes.
the last kingdom full series recap season 1 5 ending explained watch before seven kings must die
Alfred also persuades him to take a Saxon wife. joined the other viking warlords and their attacks on the saxons and has struck up a relationship with bridle utread and ada's most trusted general alfred leading many defenses against invading vi


a battle sees utrid kill abba in the end from


1 King Alfred gives a rousing speech to his troops and utre leads the army into battle using Viking strategies to fight the Danes, they are victorious and Ragnar and Brita are held hostage to secure a new piece with the Danes while Guthrum converts to Christianity after seeing the Saxon victory as proof of God in The Last Kingdom


the last kingdom full series recap season 1 5 ending explained watch before seven kings must die
Utra descends on a mission to rescue a Danish Christian named Guthrit from his Danish captors, being both Christian and Danish, the hope is May Guthrit unite Northumbria against heathen invaders. utrad rescues guthrit, who is then crowned. The Utrid king falls in love with Guthrit's sister, Gisela, but Guthrit proves to be an ineffectual ruler who fails to reach a peace deal with the Danish siegbreed brothers and Eric, who also claim the north, and to top it off, Guthrit is convinced for the naughty Abbott idra that utrad threatened his power so guthrit has sold utrid into slavery Ragnar arrives to rescue utrid and the former warrior without a turn hild helps nurse utrad back to health upon learning that guther had promised to his sister selling it to utrad's villainous uncle, elfrik utra interrupts the wedding saves Gisela and kills the evil Abbott idrid upon learning that utread killed a man of the Church King Alfred forces utrid to swear allegiance once more or Ragnar would suffer the utrid fallout and Ragnar then set their sights on avenging their father's death and rescuing their sister with Brita and her allies at their side Storm's Finn group and the cardboard house killing the father and son and rescuing thira father bayaka a longtime loyal friend to the utrid family nurses Saxon Theory recovers his health and the two fall in love and marry three years pass and utrad and Gisela settled down and had children, but everything is interrupted when Siegfried and Eric ask him to utrad to join his revolt against King Alfred Alfred has meanwhile married his daughter Ethel fled with the abusive Ethel red Lord of Mercia when Siegfried was captured and Ethel fled and held her for ransom in his Fort Alfred se forced to choose between saving his daughter or saving his


Alfred decides to pay the ransom and save his daughter and act with the trusted general that Ada disagrees with while in captivity Ethel fled the falls in love with Eric and the two plan to elope together Siegfried finds out that Eric and Ethel ran away from the relationship and sees it as a betrayal.
Otta disobeys Alfred's orders and leads a charge against the fort while utread goes undercover to aid Ethel's escape and Eric's escape during it. escaping an embittered Siegfried kills Eric and Ethel fled kills Sigrid for utrid revenge Ada and the Saxon army defeat the Danes in the fort burning it to the ground and Ethel fled her return to her abusive husband Red Ethel Ada is killed for disobeying her king and Alfred releases utrid from his oath in season 3 of The Last Kingdom King Alfred begins to fall Gravely ill demands that utrid swear allegiance to his son and heir Edward, but utrid refuses when utread Gisella dies in childbirth utread Burns his body on a pagan pyre something the monk brother Godwin sees as a desecration against his Christian faith when utra accidentally kills the monk he is forced to flee from when Alfred banishes him from the kingdom and that kingdom was in a very precarious situation for enemies surrounded on all sides the bitter and villainous Alfred. nephew ethelwald wanted the throne for himself and rallies the danish armies to join him in battle after his banishment utra joins Brita Ragnar and Ragnar's cousin Knute along with the danish army and their effort to Invading Wessex on the way Utrecht meets the skade witch who places a meanwhile, Alfred calls on his son-in-law, Ethel Red Lord of Mercia, to send troops to fight the Danish invaders, but Ethel Red refuses.
Instead, Ethel fled and is forced to rally the troops and lead them into battle. of Mercia gathered around Ethel fled as leader in retaliation Ethel red tries to have his wife killed Ethel fled because she asked Utrecht for help and he abandons his Danish allies to come to her aid, although Ethel fled and utread have developed romantic feelings for the one for the other utri doesn't act on them for fear of the curse that skade has put on him and to lift that curse utrid finds askaid and drowns her allowing him to be with Ethel fled meanwhile Ethel walled conspires with knut to kill Ragnar after he ethelwald kills Ragnar Knute is placed in charge of the Danish army Knut also begins a relationship with Brita, who is unaware that her new lover was responsible for Ragnar's death as ethelwald and his Danish allies prepare for battle.
He also fanned the fires of civil unrest in Wessex pushing the people towards intolerance and bigotry thira, who converted to Christianity by marrying bayaka, is murdered due to her Danish heritage, as Alfred's health continues to deteriorate. He continues to teach his son Edward how to be a king. Edward marries a common woman who gives him twins, but Alfred's wife takes them away. away so Edward can marry a more suitable match Alfred, daughter of Lord Ethel Helm, before his death Alfred forgives utrid and the act tries to reverse it by imprisoning him once more Edward goes against his mother's wishes, forgiving completely to utrid and inviting him to fight by his side utra agrees to join Edward's army not under oath, but as a free man during the battle between the Saxon and Danish armies.
Ured finds and kills ethelwald on the battlefield, allowing his brother Ragnar to pass to Valhalla. the


kingdom season 4 uterud finally moves forward with his plans to eliminate his evil uncle elfrik and reclaim his rightful home of bebenberg attacks with a small group including his friend bayaka and son young utrid but it turns out that utridge is also a bit late as elfric's son whitgar also arrived to take control for himself, whitgar kills his father and babenberg's men pledged allegiance to him, then they focus on utread and his men, bayaka sacrifices herself to save young utread while the others flee from bebenberg.
The young Utrid, who resents the violent pagan ways of his father, decides to become a cleric of the Christian Church, but denies that his son will recover his name, so the young Utrid becomes a bishop. Oswald. Mercia to match that of Wessex Ird Wolf's surname had been tarnished, but Ethel Red vowed to restore it to its former glory if erdwolf helps him conquer all of East Anglia as they begin to fight to reclaim the land for cyclists in East Anglia Knut Brita and his army take the chance to invade Mercia Edward is persuaded by his new adviser Shady and his father-in-law Ethel Helm to hold back the sinful forces as a defeat in Mercia could rid them of the annoyance that Ethel Red had become the mother of Edward another person with different thoughts on the matter wanting to not only protect his daughter, Ethel fled, but also ensure that Edward would still hold the loyalty of the people of Mercia and thus goes behind Edward's back to ask for the help of the Mercian.
King of Wales, while uchard rushes to Ethel's side. he fled and on the way he meets the viking hasten who was taking care of the children of knut hista reveals the participation of two utrid knut in the death of Ragnar uterud kidnaps the children of knute and joins ethel fled in the mercian village tetanol as the danes attack the mercian and welsh armies defend their land soon ethel red arrives with her army as does edward with the wessex army with the combined christian forces the danish army is finally defeated during the battle between utread and knut and a Pregnant race learns of Knut's involvement in Ragnar's death, so she takes revenge by killing Knute the father of her unborn child while the battle ends, Brita asks Utra to kill her and send her to Valhalla, but utrad refuses and Brita is captured by the Welsh and made a slave during the battle.
Ethel Red is mortally wounded on her deathbed, he


help find a suitable husband for himself and Ethel's daughter fled elfwind to ensure her succession to the crown. ERD wolf befriends Edward who then proposes that erdwolf would make a perfect match when Ethel red rejects this idea erdwolf kills him Ethel fled also rejects this proposal so Edward imprisons her until after the wedding utread runs away with elfuin and discovers that the ERD wolf had killed Ethel Red. tells Edward this river nation, the king realizes the errors of his ways and dismisses the treacherous Ethel Helm as his adviser.
Edward acknowledges the loyalty and respect utrad has. the Mercians and decides to name him Lord and protector of Mercia until a suitable match can be found for Elf win utreads first act on the throne is to immediately cede power to Ethel fled Ethel fled becomes queen of Mercia until the elf marries and takes a vow of chastity to ensure the succession passes to his daughter. At first this move infuriates Edward, but he realizes that he needed to stay aligned with his sister and Mercia to keep his kingdom under Saxon control, while the Viking chieftain Sig unleashes raids on Welsh settlements. and releases them.
Breida As they continue to decimate the Welsh army they encounter and capture Erdwolf, who was in hiding after Ethel's murder, Red Erdwolf tells them that Edward had left Winchester undefended so the Viking army turned their attention there. The Danes take control of Winchester and imprison him. many of its inhabitants, including Ellsworth Ethel Helm, elf lid, Edward's sons, and utrid's daughter Steve Aura, when erdwolf attacks Deora. Sig trigger kills him. utread leads a negotiation with sig trigger to reach a truce. his installment of Winchester Sig trigger also takes a willing stoora as captive to ensure the legitimacy of the truce as the truce is established between the Saxons and the Danes and the season draws to a close. son Ethel Stan in the care of utrid in The Last Kingdom season 5 several years have passed and utra now rules rumkofa while continuing to serve as a vital ally to Mercia utread is also raising and training Edward's son ethelstan to become a Formidable warrior, while Brita has become the leader of a fanatical band of Danish warriors, one of her new loyal followers is Ronvalder, the long-lost violent brother of Sig Trigger Breed.
His army captures and castrates the young Utrid before s


him off. return to his father as a sign of aggression ronvalder then leads an army to invade yoforwick forcing Sig trigger and his new wife stoira to flee upon seeing her people slaughtered stoora reveals herself to face Brita in a trial by combat upon learning Invasion of Yoferwick Utread leads an army to fight the Danish forces of Breeda on the way to he is joined by Sig Trigger, who helps


ture the city in battle race, his young daughter Vibikiis killed and Brita is forced to order her troops to withdraw when seeing that her army has lost ronvalder tries to defect and return to his brother's side to win forgiveness ronvalder subjects himself to a judgment of the Gods in which a defeated race passes by who remains determined to kill utrid which leads to a final showdown between the former lovers and childhood friends Hutra defeats Brita but convinces her to move on and start a new life unfortunately just as Brita gives in Stiora arrives and her kills after the victory at yoforwik utrid is called back to Aylesbury where queen Ethel fled dying of cancer she replies that she names her daughter elf win as her successor before dying in neutrid's arms despite Ethel fleeing the line of succession being known the transfer of power quickly becomes complicated the villain Ethel Helm plans for his elf grandson Ward to be named king of Mercia and Wessex but in reality it is Edward who steals the crown for himself with fleas with elf victory wanting to protect his granddaughter of Edward's power-hungry schemes, while Ethel Helm continues her own schemes trying to stoke a war between the Saxons and the Danes in hopes of weakening both. sides and create another opportunity to put his grandson word elf on the throne due to this plot.
Ethel Helm has his own daughter Edward's wife accidentally killed, despite discovering Ethel Helm's evil machinations, but it is too late for stop the war between the Saxons and the Danes. The Danish army is finally defeated and Sig Trigger is taken prisoner. Edward agrees to release Sig Trigger if the warrior agrees to be baptized and squared, but the pagan warrior refuses and so utread is forced to execute Sig Trigger on his son-in-law elsewhere. Ethel Helm. establishes an alliance with King Constantine of Scotland, the alliance would have the Scottish army help in an uprising against Edward to install Alfred on the throne in return, Ethel Helm offers a captured elven victory to marry Constantine and agrees that the Saxons will not they would invade the Scotia land in the north the duo along with a captive wind elf camp in bevenberg as guests of utrid's cousin whitgar, though uchard wishes to avoid battle and retire with his family the uprising beginning in his original home of bevenberg moves utra to believe that God's plan is for him to fight and so utrad rallies the armies of Wessex and Mercia to put down the uprising despite Edward's resistance to utrad's battle plans and threatening to execute anyone who does not comply. withdraw Utrid's allies ignore the king and prepare for battle resigned to the inevitable 4.
Edward relents and joins uterine's side utrid and edward lead their army to bevenberg for a final battle against ethel helm and constantine joining the fight She is the daughter of Utrad Stiora and his Danish army in Bebenberg. The young Ethel Stan confronts the villainous Ethel Helm admonishing him for all of the horrible acts he has committed in an effort to put Alford on the throne, a disgusted goblin word abandons his grandfather leaving him to die meanwhile utrid finally faces his cousin whitgar in battle and kills him once and for all when the battle is over edward emerges victorious the king named utread the Lord of Northumbria but utra later reveals that he has come to a secret agreement with Constantine to rule Northumbria as an independent region of England.
Edward is furious at this Revelation, but further degrees agrees to keep Northumbria an ally of Wessex and promises that one day a king will come who will unite all the kingdoms under one rule and so, when the


comes to an end, the new Lord of bebenber is finally at peace in his family's home.

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