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The KINGS OF KITING! Jellybeans & Chanimal SPECIAL! | Jellybeans Highlights

Mar 11, 2022
2500 this guy has 2500 he wants to play two right now are you serious? actually we got a q that's my warlock nah he's mine now he's my he's mine now hey what's up boss how you doing relax you're playing tvc heck yeah get me outta here dude you wanna drain some people dude, hey dude let's kill a hunter druid and just drain everyone yeah that's what I want to do dude all wizards all wizards all teams. I wish I would play. I'll play a normal trap. I don't know. That's good. They bought me. They bought. I hit it good.
the kings of kiting jellybeans chanimal special jellybeans highlights
Is there yeah I'm pumping this guy okay sure I could start if he brings someone here no I think I'll be fine forever I might send a friend if you wanna set a trap sure yeah yeah I'll keep throwing it away, oh come on come on god actually the real kobe guy actually dude i'll melt 'em he's alright he's running all over me it's up to you. od alright alright the banner im killing it he gonna hodge me yeah but im too far ill call him now im setting this exactly to the left like two feet oh im gonna hurry could you be a trap a second no no no still i quote put the stamp not a second could you boss I'm sorry no no no it's not right I think he loves me I can root it here I didn't go for a drop for a second sure messing it up now I did good grab drop nice I'll send a charge yeah , yeah, I'll fear this, okay, I'll beat George to get you out, son, kill in his ball doing this ball.
the kings of kiting jellybeans chanimal special jellybeans highlights

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the kings of kiting jellybeans chanimal special jellybeans highlights...

Can't. really do the goodbye this one has to feel worried for a second i think i'm fine pretty sure i'm fine kill myself ok i have freedom i saw it don't convict me please wizard mate ok sure kill more better better yes i got it good now you're hudson warrior before oh boy are you alright e triple one no bubble bubble wobble we gotta lift let's cure it yeah sure chain i got a son dude yeah yeah dude im trying to try coming i cheated for a cheater i went that's why i went that's why kobe got it dude he ain't got no reflexes man got a half son if he charges well well well I started to catch this I'm trying to take well a son hasn't fired man please someone please let me shut up please I dropped it said said hell yeah dude yeah cody dude this is so troll this is so troll we already here probably 23 24.
the kings of kiting jellybeans chanimal special jellybeans highlights
Who would have thought this cop would have worked two classes dammit? 23. Yes, I'm thinking again. sorry i dream about it keep your distance forever son yeah that's my drink and my mobility i might quit this in reality uh you're just gonna fear me man the fuck you just have to pull your teeth dammit ok just she gonna go with me yea i forgot to say coil unfortunately this is really bad ok i was turning them off you are pretty killer now ok ok i need to get out of here now ok i just saying this honestly we just robbed him i'll never have to leave him i think it's about yeah it's ok it's really bad if the guy gets on me though it's ok i'm watching i'll be on my feet as soon as he does he he's drinking i'll knock on the door okay okay or i'll let him kill me yeah that's good if you can do that somehow keep doing it he ain't gonna go crazy. uh, why the event here? cs, but I had it, yeah, um, where did the reason fall, baby?
the kings of kiting jellybeans chanimal special jellybeans highlights
I read the warrior actually what is it? That's really good, okay, I think you pushed the reflector to the right or even though he did. he messed it up on the roof no no no y'all get a room again oh my god crazy dude I'm just sucking it sure he helped her t though no it should be alright alright I'm gone sure I'll kill you he's coming towards you, I guess I don't know if you need it, I'll be energy if it charges me, it's very sketchy, it's okay, it's you. You're fine you're fine outside nice nice loaded I don't have cs though make this reflect nicely got it from the priest too.
I see the ball somewhere, yes it's really good. I still know son some nice nice nice grab him baby beard he ain't got it yeah I'm just in it okay he'll go with me You can still die, how did you get out of it? Can you buddy? Don't get it. This is crazy. I like how all the signs are warriors and the two of them are so nice. This guy just asked me why I'm venti. What happens in the middle of the game? dude, wait, jelly, can you do something with the images, for example, can you read them somehow?
I mean, I have a route, okay, do you think the old man's trap will be good? No huh dude I don't know I feel like if I don't play normal drop then the monk just sits on us but if I play ok the other shop I'll play normal drop again ok let's see what happens. get this man off me it's alright it's no good if he's touching me dude I got it got you oh boy explain it I thought I put it I bought it I put it dude I messed it up again he didn't He is lost.
I'm lighting so you can't come with me, friend, so you can't hurt me. You are old. I feel like you're going to figure it out. find yourself a room again root you're fine you're fine ok ok i'll listen to everything you say too so i fired buddy what this guy is getting me excited he's so mad holy buddy this monk actually has it he hasn't shown up yet yes you can't get to my pocket keeper i'm drinking two i'm freaking out assistant go to traffic back here it's alright nice nice really good dude uh i might die alright i put it all here alright alright alright well spent huh why did you say good?
Yeah yeah yeah I ain't got nobody slaying I'm afraid of the free kick it's alright we're winning every game dude holy man this card is crazy it's actually a little crazy it's so much fun it's fun because I feel like our classes die faster but together yes if they go with him I have a lot of poses but if they go with me he has so much damage and everything slows down which is perfect for surviving because I don't have any. like a range slope i feel like that's what's missing in survivability i don't have a slow range that's really awkward but also my pet dies in two seconds it doesn't help much either hi i forgot to reflect and roll this is very bad saint this is very very bad man he's playing like uh he's not playing charlie board help him stun him good good good he's going to punish me I'm going to fight for the sheep I have to drink this I like this bust you're going to piss on my boy I'm trying , yes I can root them on your line to use a few more Ok sure you could, though I floated in case db is firing me for a second.
I'm a heel, yes I'm healing. aoe pump it's ok you can't catch you can't catch ok ok i can help that just win the game now like ok i'll say no i can pull i can pull so it feeds it through the scary, it's a game, it's a game skin. it's actually done there's nothing else nothing nice i can react i can read i saw this in this ok crazy kill it i can't oh friend wait i should come here yes yes yes yes yes i can see holy friend this is actually coming is this It's crazy what is going.
Oh, he's going to take the CDs out of the circle. Yeah, I can feel the double tap kick. the priest kinda ok i'm going to freeze him right here i can start it right now i'm not going to ok i'm killing his pet he kicked me we got there double tap can i fear ok i'm out of the no it's me i'm trying to kill my ass i can cure my pot in a suck i'm gonna suck on your pet in a sec i might do a trick you wanna kill me oh yeah yeah see i got kicked i mean son i sure gonna suck a his pet though he's ok i got him i got him i got him for sure he's ok i gotta feel this too please he deserves it i'm sucking him i was dreading it. he is not resonant i can walk three i walked around three yeah i messed up too he left early you said good dude i have a tweet i have a tweet i want to show you guys who saw this two years ago little did i know dude this tweet is still true still true it's been two years what the

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