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Jun 07, 2021
I want to die sing cries until she falls asleep oh shit Yana proceeds oh my god bang chant unknowingly eats some toxic berries he's dead he's dead his bench singing dad is now bang stuck I'm dead Cameron honks tributes to Riley I believe in me I believe in myself I'm killing it, I'm killing it wonho receives explosives from an unknown sponsor ok, wonho jackson receives clean water from his own sponsor oh shit oh shit Kiana and Minnie work together during the day we did mini we broke up with Tay? Minnie and Tay broke up last night or what did they have? good time or what Jin is after Bam Bam oh shit the team collects fruit from a tree in the jeongu collects flowers in the hopes of trying to nail a fish it was a trident, did he do it?
the k pop hunger games it s lit
Joshua got pricked with thorns while picking berries poor Felix becomes a pro There's not much going on right now, honestly, Bang Chan died from those toxic berries, but that's it. Bang Ji had died because of the pear stems, but that's it, everyone is doing their own thing. right now I can't believe I'm still alive I'm killing it I can't believe I'm still living I believe in myself I believe on myself i sent a mini tho tinnie tinnie min Min Jung Min Jung Taemin taem mins ya lot Taemin's Rd oh shit im gonna say min min V V V men V men oh my god it's literally just Jimin okay come on Joshua convinces jungkook so he can snuggle with him, which not everyone is Bam Bam destroys Taeyang's supplies while he's asleep oh my god mini sees a fire but stays hidden Cameron hoby Felix tells Jin and Jun they tell each other light humor ghost stories oh look at me I'm still alive people Keanu falls into a frozen lake and drowns or Yanna feels like she's I was just chilling the whole time she died.
the k pop hunger games it s lit

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the k pop hunger games it s lit...

I want to know, start a fire. Jackson starts a fire. Is it the same fire? Is it the same fire? If they're frozen, I guess you can still fall through them. I guess she must not have been so frozen if she fell and died. Cameron severely cuts Bambam with a sword. I'm a bad bitch. I'm a bad bitch. I'm a bad bitch at this, he's dead because it sounds really bad but he doesn't sound like he's dead Jin and jungkook look for other tributes yes Mac made hyung together mini collect fruit from a tree joshua explore the sand monkey think about home he's thinking about everyone the others in monsta oh my gosh, hey, he falls, he fell off a fly fillet climbing a tree anyway, what are the chances of him falling on Hobie anyway?
the k pop hunger games it s lit
What the fuck Hobie and Taeyang, poor guys, Felix convinces Jackson not to kill him just to kill him? Oh my god, Felix did it. Dirty Jackson, you convinced Jackson not to kill him and then he killed him, he found out about that bank and bank thing and that had to start with Ulen, brah, oh my god, these are these, uh uh, they were the members of the stray kids What are they. the most straight members cunning are cunning proceed five people died me, daddy Keanu bamm-bamm daesil bambam died I killed bambam a former champion look at me go take the young dead ho be dead Jackson dead oh my God, little by little we are falling from your parents Jin is still alive and won last time Bam Bam dead I killed him: dad wants to beat Felix a live explosion Chen dead with two deaths, although today the machinist Sun Quan is dead Josh is alive Mark and Lucas are dead Lisa dead IANA dad mini alive young G dad John Cena and Hobie dead no, I'm June Jackson dead Bieber squad K dead jungkook Slive Cameron alive I only have one two three four four five six seven people left seven people left you seven people left seven people left seven damn people, well here we go, this is it, I believe in myself, I've made it to the top 5 every time I've done this, I really want to win it now, I want to win it, here we go, jungkook is starving, oh no, no, Why doesn't Jin finish? feed him Minnie thinks about winning Jin Cameron and wonho happily sing a song yes yes yes I'm still alive Josh sets a fire Felix screams for help from who no one is trying to kill him I don't think he's trying to scream for help from the happy songs or the or the fire oh my god brah proceed court open replenish food supplies weapons and memories for Chuy Jin's family decides not to go to the party the one who decides it's going to snow kam kam don't go to the feast kam don't go to the feast you're going to die that's how I died the last time I stepped on a fucking mine when I went to the feast kam don't go mini and Joshua fight with Cameron Felix Cameron and Felix come on, come on oh my god Felix and I killed mini and Joshua I'm sorry, mini, you're my new love, but I'm sorry, I had to survive five, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, man, come on. come on oh we live here man we live in oh my god we live in I'm so nervous I'm so nervous I know I can do this I believe it myself Cameron you're strong I don't want to just be back top five this time I want to win this shit I want to win this shit here we go oh my god pussy Cameron beats Gin in a fight but spares his life no, we should have killed him, why don't we kill him? we should have killed him we should have killed him we should have killed him we should have killed him we should have killed him we should have killed Jane Jen will come back and kill us I know if we beat him in the fight we should have killed him he killed Jen no, Jen is going to win now Cameron, why? would you be such a sweet and nice boy?
the k pop hunger games it s lit
No, no, no, no, I'm going to die for Jen, I know it, next tomorrow, I'm going to die for Jen, I know it, I know it, Felix picks up. Fruit Mono bleeds you out due to untreated wounds oh one who is dead oh my god but three people left oh my god oh my god come on I have to win this mini Jungkook's dead dad Joshua dead wonho father Jin could be dead Jin could be dead , except we played with him, we played with Jin, we should have killed him, it should have happened, we should have killed him, oh I know Jin is about to kill me, he wasn't willing to kill me, I know, poor you know who. when I wanted him to get hurt teachers like to have a nosebleed and never treat him awesome I here we go people here we are going to continue I need to win this come on Cameron pushes Felix off a cliff during a knife fight I'm sorry Felix but you are a bitch boy this is for men here oh my god why do we have a knife fight that is so random?
Brah, we're going to win this, come on, I've got to win this, it's Cameron vs. Jin, it's Cameron again. Jin right now is Cameron vs. Jin right now oh my god, oh my god, I'm so nervous, I'm so nervous, I'm so nervous, I'm so nervous, I can do this, I believe in myself, even though I know I can do this. come on Jin one last time oh my god he's okay oh my god Jin had it he was at the end he just couldn't take it. No Jade for Jin, but I'm a gem, poor Jin, but wait a second tonight, come on, come on, you did it.
You didn't believe in me I know you didn't believe in me I know you didn't, but I believed in myself, that's how it's done here, man, that's how that shit is done, that's how it's done, motherfuckers, That's how you win. the Hunger Games right there there's nothing about me there nothing about me nothing there nothing about me I was I'm the winner big winner kam I need to take a picture of this this is this is really one of the best things that has ever happened in my life, honestly, this is fantastic, oh yeah, put that shit away, oh yeah, oh yeah, we put that shit away, that's how you do it, baby, that's how you do it.
Camryn winner, I have four kills. Jin came second, oh my god, oh come on. Take out this summary is basically what happened in the summary. Okay, long story short, your money was on Jen, well, you were wrong, you were wrong, okay, so let's get this over with. The bank's song convinces Gila not to kill him or commit suicide. youngji kills Jim without deaths the night one day two namjoon contaminates Kwan's food killing him young accidentally steps on a landmine jong-kook hits the marks on the head with a mace John Cena - out of thirst Jin's trap kills Lisa Lukas falls into a well and dies hopi Banting in jackson tracks down and kills Case Squad, fuck you guys Joshua kills Justin Bieber tries to run Namjoon falls into a well and dies no deaths at night by bang Chan unknowingly eats toxic berries Keanu falls into a lake frozen and drowns cameron civilian slices bambam with a sword hey hyung tries to climb a tree but falls, he will kill them both Felix convinces Jackson to come alone to kill him in sub Jung gook died of


Minnie and Joshua fight with cameron Felix Kevin yes you want to survive, wonho bleeds out from untreated wounds, cameron pushes felix off a cliff during a knife fight.
GKL's circumcision commits suicide. The winner is Cameron from District 12. That's right, that's right. I had the most deaths. I had the most deaths. I arrived first. K Squadron everyone came in 16th, sorry asses, they came in 16th, amazing, it was so much fun, although it was so much fun, I hope you had fun. I love doing this with you, like I said, downloads in the links in the description. I do live broadcasts. I like this every day there, I only like to do them once in a while on YouTube because I know not everyone has something but you guys should because I live stream there every day, but congratulations to myself, I'm awesome and I love you a lot. this will be if you didn't see it everything will be on the channel later don't worry I'm going to have a good night I love you very much I love you very much

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