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The Jungle Feast | Jungle Bunch | 45' Compilation | Cartoon For Kids

Apr 29, 2024
Come on Al, show us what you've got, it needs a pinch of salt. I've seen this 100 times, it's always the best. Miguel's belly loves kebabs, that is exquisite cuisine, well done. Later on, I'm sure you'll win the best chef award. the


competition, thanks because Tommy now loves dessert. Duty comes before good food. The


group, good mission and open up, oh my master, Hector, what brings you here? Oh, great trailer master. I guess you've heard about the best jungle chef competition. Of course, in fact, our friend Al will be participating, yes, and as you may know, interestingly, in the last four years, the same participant won, so this year, to be fair, I have to judge the competition, which is just great, I'm sure you do.
the jungle feast jungle bunch 45 compilation cartoon for kids
Perhaps I will be a very fair judge and as you know, my sense of smell and my palate allow me to distinguish the best flavors, but my eyes are quite old and tired, so I ask you to help me avoid any possible attempts at cheating , without a doubt Master. Hector I'm happy to help Patricia look for Alan Bob we're going to the contest for the best bergies C to Chuckies the daily special comes with fried termites our burgers are fresh, fresh, fresh, who doesn't like a good burger. Today just try our secret sauce go to Chuckies ah it's full of germs if the customers saw that and when I think Chucky is opening restaurants all over the jungle come on now cook like a culinary champion I'm sure you'll win hello and welcome to the best chef of the contest Jungle this year we welcome five particularly strong contenders: they are the creme of La Creme of Fine Cooking first the queen of slow food Sealand Emil the king of pots and pans Francois the queen of light Fair the super specialist of Pon Cuisine Al, that's my friend, that's my friend and finally the winner of the competition for the last four years, famous for the Chucky Burger Chucky for the best berries, just go to chies, the secret sauce is to be avoided and our celebrity judge , Master Hector, gives him a round of applause everything said first is the speed round shoot let's peel a pineapple contestants here we go well the surveillance mission begins now Miguel, stay focused on Chucky and his mole rats, you understand well, no lose sight of them and we will divide the rest between us Bob uh keep supporting Al let's go Al yay Al shoots the turtle is eliminated the second test the best vibe in the Jungle and Emil goes first judge Master Hector's face does not reveal anything with his reaction our second competitor France was once again Hector's face does not show anything disgusting well it's almost Chucky's turn he will convince Master Hector that he can do something more than his famous hamburgers is this smile sign yes, I think so and the next en Al the roll disappears in his mouth, he chews very little which is surprising for him, yes, it seems that Al has convinced Master Hector, the winners of this round are Emil Chucky and Al, the flamingo, is eliminated.
the jungle feast jungle bunch 45 compilation cartoon for kids

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the jungle feast jungle bunch 45 compilation cartoon for kids...

Patricia, have you seen anything suspicious? We didn't see anything, but we can feel it and we really looked everywhere. then we will return to our seats and watch the next round the last round before the final the competitors have to cook an original dish and of course tasty pickled fruit casserole with freshly squeezed red worm juice the worm juice is the rarest and most sought after in the jungle sausages wrapped in fattened worms enjoy uh-oh Chucky is trying an unusual concoction, his risk will really pay off so tasty water lily gun Grape and banana carpaccio Salina dazzling Al has started a recipe that calls for a perfect combination of Simply Sublime food the two finalists are Chucky and L.
the jungle feast jungle bunch 45 compilation cartoon for kids
I don't like what's happening in Al's way, too strong, okay guys, we're going to have to grind this worm-eater's mind into the famous pulp of Chucky, you two go grab your friend and hide him somewhere, wish me the best. good luck Bob, you don't need it Al, you'll do great Hey, where's your friend Bob? I don't see him in the stands anymore, we have him locked up and if you win we'll fry him, it's up to you, friend, what Al You don't look very good Bob, you have to talk to Bob. Where he goes? It was with Chiron Al before the final round.
the jungle feast jungle bunch 45 compilation cartoon for kids
He should have returned by now. Something is not right. Bob would never miss seeing his friend in the finale. Youth peripheral vision. There is something suspicious Miguel, did you look at the rats like we asked you? uh, yeah, Miguel looked at ugly moles all the time and Miguel looked at beautiful bananas all the time too. Which one did you observe more, the bananas or the rats? uh, Miguel prefers bananas. Incorrect answer I think there is a small flaw in our observation system. You're right, Gilbert and the mole rats took advantage. We must find Bob and apologize quickly, gentlemen.
Sorry to interrupt my friends and I are looking for Bob. A chubby bag, he was the last one. seen somewhere in this area, even if we saw him, we wouldn't tell you, yeah, and even if we kidnapped him, we wouldn't tell you, even if we locked him in one of Chucky's restaurants, we won't tell you anything, ah, I see. We're dealing with real geniuses here, yes, about that restaurant, you wouldn't tell us where it is, by any chance, no way, we're not going to say it's there, at the bottom of the hill, yes, very well, since you won't say it . one thing we will leave you with your food, what do you think we should do if we go to interrogate them?
We don't have time I think we'll use Miguel's favorite strategy dumpy dumpy dump what's going on here this is terrible unsanitary it's not a kitchen it smells disgusting full of bugs and germs everywhere look something is moving finally it took you long enough it's over competition and now he won not yet not since you disappeared Al has been totally unmotivated what are we still doing here see? in Quick, hurry, oh, oh, I'm here for you. I knew you would come back, mhm, after you, eh, no, impossible, not my perfect plan, your FL, oh, master FL, where is FL?, no, his plan, he kidnapped me so that Al would be forced To do it. lose Chucky, you're eliminated, you're officially out of the competition, oh no, and you'll close all your Jeremy Gross restaurants forever for the nastiest burgers, just go eat Master Hector, even if the contest is over, you can still try Al's delicious dish, of course. why not a little push to recover from all these emotions is welcome, allow me master Hector Atomic fly on the half shell that is delicious delicious tasty what is fried fly on mushrooms ah so I understand that the wing is the tastiest part actually each pot It is Very good, today's training is about the art of dodging, we must reach that tree over there avoiding the traps that Alen Bob has set, count on us, morce, let's do this trap number one, dodge, do trap number two , dodge, come on, we're almost at the trap. number three I have to do it no, it's my turn no, it's my turn come on my B Dodge Dodge is mine it's mine keep dodging but things are getting complicated we need to turn it off Gilbert you need to get the emergency stop button no no no, no, It's too far, Miguel, help him, okay, Mr.
Maurice, no, Miguel, don't help me, don't help me, oh Bob, what did you do with the joysticks? It was Bob, he did it. Okay, training is over for today, let's go back to the lair. the group from the jungle to the good man Open mission they are going to eat him Mara what brings you to this part of the world who eats who the baboons are going to eat him the emerald dad the emerald dad the fruit that grows once every hundred years I was sure it wasn't true, it is absolutely true, it exists and will mature soon, after years and years of research, I found out where it grows, but the primates came and stole my map, they are on their way to pick up dad and eat it h The legend She says that whoever the paa becomes Invincible the primates believe in this Superstition this dad has to be preserved for science H she is right this fruit could teach us so much we must prevent those monkeys from eating a Maurice well let's help you where It was the Mara primates, they are on a raft and they are already heading down the river.
Come on, my friends, let's catch them as soon as possible. It's time for us to go look over there. Look, oh, it's Coro and his thugs. Hey, mandrills, don't eat the emerald, dad, it's the jungle, group, you want to stop us, eh, well, try to stop this. Goodbye jungle, group, enjoy the swimming crocodiles, so many wonderful crocodiles, no need to swim, no time to waste, let's go to Coral Croco bues. look Miguel got something extra special faster COC bunes faster look they went there those signs we are in the territory of the terrible Umba ba Umba tribe let's be careful Maurice look here Footprints the footprints of cororo and his gang and then the other Smallest prince there was a fight here the baboons were lost they were taken away hm H is on guard H the tribe of the terrible oaba oomba the jungle Group position get safe Mara this could get ugly wait I will try to negotiate let's go as friends friends well done Gilbert is working they are dancing Let's dance no no no no no that's a war dance what you're doing you're actually challenging them they're using a paralyzing agent Miguel is very sad Miguel can't get rid of now we're the terrible ones baa the Guardians of the Emerald Dad My tribe has been waiting for this magical fruit to ripen for 100 years we use its wonderful juice to cure all our diseases you are a group of thieves like that Mandel gang stay paralyzed forever we have to try something if we get the emerald poaw we will reverse the effect paralyzing in the jungle group three drops of his magic juice can cure anyone do you think you can reach him junior junior what are you saying open your mouth? but why well done Junior uh except I can't move my arms three drops Maurice had to swallow three drops not two no wait don't get angry this is a misunderstanding well oaba then Bai big tiger Warrior open ah thank you Mara now hamsters get ready to experience the wrath of the great tiger warrior W, we will catch her, she is using Papa emerald juice to release well done my friends, the oaba BBA has become harmless, what should we do with Cordo and his gang?
We can't just leave them. we feel it long before we deal with it, what's the magic word? Oh, sure, please, okay, but then you leave, we give up on Umba Umba and we all go home. Thank you very much, great tiger warrior, you can fully trust us, look right there. a huge monster pH that trick is as old as the hills Chorus I'm not going to fall for something since hey we can't let them escape but where is the monster forget the monster and catch the baboons Miguel I'll take the other side dumy dumpy dump that jungle group is really annoying hey, big one Or try to catch us climb me, climb me, climb carefully girl, it's a tra by tra Dodge the surprise attack of the warrior tiger, I hope they are all here if there are only four. against me it won't be a fair fight you want the paa Tigre Come and get it right then but you have been warned buai and finally I eat the emerald POA and I will become invincible Mr.
Maurice Gilbert like the training you can do no no I don't like the training no I don't like the training, help him Miguel okay sir mace no Miguel don't help me the dad is mine Patricia quickly a timing Chorus was leaving with the dad not so fast I confused them as thieves in the name of my entire Tribe, I would like to thank you for bringing us the emerald of dad. Now we can use the powerful juice of it as a cure. The great leader of the hamsters, Mara and I, are scientists and we would be very grateful if we were allowed to study. a little piece of your dad, oh yes, that would be wonderful.
I'll make it even better, here you are, you can grow one for yourself. Can you imagine Gilbert? We will have our own Emerald Pope. I understand, Mara. but we will have to wait 100 years to study them when there is danger where there are bad guys. I am there. I am Mace, the great tiger warrior. Bai Junior. Now up to you. I. Miguel selfie if we are playing jungle. I'm going to be Patria because she flies and I can fly, no, Gilbert is the best, he's the brains of the group, so I'll be Gilbert since I'm the smartest of our little gang, you're the smartest, I don't think so . so you can't even catch a fly without tying your tongue in a knot no, I'll be Gilbert sign we're going to see it we're going to see it there they are they're going down to the jungle cave wait move I can't see anything oh oh look hello my friend who is that bird well, he needs the help of Jungle Bunch oh no, the bber village is on fire you must do something come on my friend, they are leaving, let's go so we can watch they fight against real villains and that's it, run away all of you, flee before the power of Melina, the Empress of the Jungle, no one can oppose my absolute power.
Bai, get to safety, my friends, the jungle. Bunch will fix this in no time. Well, look who's here. Great tiger warrior and good ol' Gilbert, so Gilby, how are you enjoying living with those smelly losers? Don't worry, it's nothing. Molina thinks she's better than everyone with her absurd inventions, but she's just the lone otter, well, at least I don't get involved. Gilbert bed, but it's a lie, that's not true, she doesn't have any proof anyway, besides, I don't know who she's talking about, I'll crash you, attack withthe eyes, catch him, yes, great tiger warrior, how cool, go get him, give him everything.
I have Buddy Bud Miguel is the strongest chubby chubby hey look Patricia just did something crazy Dumb Dy hey look Gilbert is in the robot he's going to disconnect the guidance system that's not true it's not the guidance system it's the cable of the clutch do you have to do it? Argue with everything I say, you're so annoying, can you two please keep the volume down? The rest of us want to watch the show, yeah, come on. Come on, we can't even hear Meigel's punches, we can't hear, it's all over now Molina, your master plan to gain control of the jungle is ruined, some are getting married, children are in danger.
H oh no, we have no choice, son, this is up to you. the


made perfect fun they shouldn't turn their backs on me tiger warrior M Gilbert oh please you fools you are at my mercy let's go to the volcano your careers as heroes you are about to not dive into the lava pit that's horrible Is there something we can do? We have to get some groups to help them, but there is no time. Buddy Buddy Buddy Buddy Tuco is right Junior saved our lives, we can't let him go alone, it's our turn to help him Junior, hey. wait, you can count on us, the mini jungle bun to the rescue, you are not a big number, jungle group, I will get rid of you once and for all and nothing will stop me from taking over the jungle completely, forget it, Molina , You know?
We will free ourselves and win, we will see when you are at the bottom of the volcano in 3 seconds. Gilbert, save us some time. Save time. He got it. Molina before we throw ourselves into the lava, are you willing to do it? explain how you had the brilliant idea to build a giant cape trap robot Venus you're just trying to buy time, birs skills no, not at all, it's just that I think you're brilliant H yes yes, to begin with I understand that I actually wanted to build a transforming robot, but then I thought no, that's what you have, you have at least a moment of an hour, why not build a robot that can actually trip flies?
So I'm thinking a colle robot, Gilbert one and Gilbert 2, what's your plan? Try to distract Molina while we free the Jungle Bunch from those fly traps, yes, but how are we going to do it? The bell from the lair, the steam signal will create a distraction that will allow Freddy and Milo to fly to the Jungle Bunch without being seen uh fly uh I don't know if I can oh yes how is he going to do it oh yes with wings uh eh there you are with these wings the hot air will take you spread your arms and it will work really perfect me the real Junior and Junior 2 will attack the villain from behind mhm, so I'm thinking of a garbage collector robot, what's the use of this?
So since I had some compost and some Co, I ended up building a giant fly trap robot, well, all I could do. over and over again, but I still need to throw you in the lava anyway, goodbye jungle, group, huh, what's this? I can't see anything, jump, Milo. Now, isn't it dangerous to jump into a volcano? Just don't look down. I said no. to look down silly I'm flying I'm really flying I'm flying oh little chick and frog come rescue us no, don't stay here children, it's dangerous don't worry, we will get you out of the jungle punch there are the roots that control the plants, throw that one there, no, pull that other one, throw that one that way, little RS, it's a shame everyone goes to the lava and you're done, don't touch that bad otter, get ready to experience the mini jungle. bues W, do you think you can take me on alone, you silly


, they are not alone, give up, no one, no one, woohoo, too close, they will never catch me, the self-destruct system has officially been activated, your giant Venus flytrap robot? will explode in 15 seconds 10 seconds 9 8 7 6 all down 5 4 3 2 2 1 zero self destruct activated have a good day no what a pity Molina escaped again yes, but we sabotaged his ejectors SE everything SW that ends well kids next time something dangerous happens go and find safety we will protect you we promise we will Maurice we are so proud of you mini jungle


mini chicken so strong morale is a baby mouse in the service of a lion oh kby jeez Lola show me one or two the fight free has an Al J kung fu yeah super cool friend friend we are friends Dan, come back fat lizard, this jungle is not big enough for the two of us, you asked for it Bonsai, I have been defeated, he is too strong for Maurice we need to use my latest amazing invention, Gilbert r robot, extra big hit ah, my invention is not as good as I thought oh, I don't help him either, let's run away, that's a horrible impression and besides, I never shout for help, let's run away, super Bob to the rescue . bam super Bob is the best he's super uh wait that's not the story at all super owl he's supposed to save the day no he's super BB isn't super owl super BB super oh okay superheroes duty calls us to the group the jungle to the rescue well Mission open hello friend what brings you to this part of the world my mom I lost my mom she is trapped in a cave don't worry little one we will get her out of there in no time take us to that cool cave They are all so kind, the little koala must be in the wrong cave, there is nothing here, you find something, my God, something super Miguel, find bananas, eh, I wasn't exactly expecting bananas, uh-oh, I think this is a trap, help, let's run away from no way.
They're passing, go to the back of the cave, don't worry, I'll get you out, bye, jungle, group, you guys okay, are you there, please answer me, oh, this is terrible, we're stuck here, you escaped, good job , we will do it? You'll never make it out of here by hand Patricia, you have to go back to the lair and get some explosive powder, okay, stay there. I'll be back those dirty Thieves mission accomplished boss, your banana trap worked like a charm, the jungle party has been neutralized, you really are the best boss, yes, yes, I know, I know, but my true genius lies in the fact that now that we've gotten rid of the Jungle Bunch we can plunder the jungle without anyone stopping us.
I'm the best. love me, okay, let's see what things they have, so we attack or not, wait. I'm thinking, what are you thinking? Who should be the first to go? Calm down, it's me, pH, we thought you were those bullies I wanted to attack. them, but Bob is a scaredy-cat, that's not true, you back off like a tadp and stop fighting with you two. Maurice and the others are trapped inside a cave. We have to get some explosives to take them out, but there are still some of those thugs left. standing guard in front of our lir we will never succeed let me take care of this anyway the boss is the best we have a super cave and it is also full of delicious bananas go back these are my bananas you already ate your share you just hear something I don't see anyone Something suspicious It's happening here eh my bananas you stole my share of bananas but I didn't do anything liar you just waited for me to turn my back on you to stuff yourself you're a liar and a thief I may be a thief but I'm not a liar hey hey calm down what's all this about discussion hey he stole my bananas boss Ling boss it wasn't me it was the explosive dust what was that noise?
I heard a noise, I'm sure of it, search the whole place, something just passed by me maybe it's a ghost, you guys are surrounding me, I think I stepped on the ghost, no, that's me, fool, put your foot up, you're crushing me Patricia should have returned a long time ago. She does something that is definitely wrong. I hope the koala hasn't set another trap. What do you mean? I see the glass half empty Junior I'm not a pessimist I'm just thinking about all the possibilities It's different We're stuck here until Betri rescues us The keg of explosive gunpowder is still inside the lair.
We should be able to scare away those fools if we act like ghosts, but it will take the help of two super toads, a banana for you, for me, it came from there. I don't. listen nothing I'm not going it's not my turn to watch okay okay I'll do it I'm sure it's nothing anyway YooHoo someone there you someone there what's that ah what's that we're the jungle BS and we want our cave Come back, help the ghost, oh no, again, don't you see? I'm in the middle of something here, why are you shaking like a ghost?
Miguel ghost, it's not like people touch his bananas. I think we better go into the lair. chubby chubby chubby I'm Gilbert and I refuse to let you touch my stuff with your dirty little paws dpy dpy I'm the ghost of the Great Tiger Warrior good job keep acting like ghosts while I get the explosives please have mercy Mr. Ghost we did it It's not My intention is to bother you, it's your turn to play Maurice. I want Miguel's puppet. Don't start that again every time I do something. You have to do it. You are jealous. No, that's not true.
I have no jealousy. Yes, oh, yes. They're Al, admit it, hey, what the hell are those tadpoles catching? Well, well, the losers thought they could make a fool of the biggest genius in the jungle, no, not at all, Mr. Biggest Genius, it's not, it's not us, it's Patricia, who Patricia, the bat, is alive?, where is? she we will not say anything we will never never abandon our friend never exactly if she is alive then your friends are too and she went to the cave to free them right no, not at all, not at all, not at all, not at all, not at all, not at all .
Everything, no, not at all, thanks for confirming that I have this lily pad boss, that vulture is too fast. Patri will never make it to where she went. She's back hur again, but she waits until you see what I have. store now right on target it's going to explode it's going to explode save yourself never super toad to the rescue ghost is the ghost is ghost we are a ghost chubby chubby chubby well that was an adventure Patricia told us that you two acted like real heroes, yes, especially me ,uh. Hey, without me, there wouldn't be any, especially me, Mr.
Al, oh yeah, and remind me what you did to help me clarify, you have a tadpole's memory, butri is the one who told us what to do, sorry guys. It's over, we won, eh, thanks Patricia, it's especially thanks to you that we made it, you're welcome, super Toad, anything for my friends, yes, we are a great team when it comes to fighting villains and we are not going to stop .

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