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The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 337 | Critically Acclaimed

May 05, 2020
one, that Trump supporters correct me if I'm wrong, you can fake me. I think he said that in some places on May 1st he wanted to start. phase one obviously not in New York because New York is tit artists individuals vulnerable people shelter in place teleworking and return to work in phases schools remain closed gatherings of no more than ten people travel minimize non-essential travel large venues restaurants gyms open with strict social distancing Phase Two I didn't hear a date. You here came out in Phase Two, right? I think it all depends on the percentage of cases and hospital openings, so for phase two vulnerable people in the shelter workplace continue to encourage teleworking. which I think is work at home schools are open in phase two meetings more than fifty people should be avoided non-essential travel travel can resume large places restaurants bars gyms open with social distancing when they didn't give a date for things not there are you going to slow determine I don't think it's the day, it's a percentage, it's all, yeah, we won't have any concerts or sporting events in New York, if we are loans and the n-dimensional mall definitely sounds like they're Mars, no .
the joe budden podcast episode 337 critically acclaimed
No jokes, let's fix that, Mike, yes, work, we all thought he was a good guy, they are good guys the night my reasonable doubt registered in the carrier phase, three individuals, vulnerable people, interact in public, but still there is social distancing in the workplace, no restrictions, large, open and limited places. distant physical sanitation protocols and then phase four, I think it's doom, oh that's like Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat in another well, yeah, we've been playing Mortal Kombat, well public unrest I can see that's a real concern, I'm already starting to see that people are getting a little nervous about staying here to announce I'm oh yeah oh yeah like there are more people there more and more people actually outside there are more cars on the road and I hear every time New York breaks 62 degrees we all saw people in the streets would have to do it I wonder what this will be like when we start having eighty degree days, that's one in two if you keep these businesses closed long enough.
the joe budden podcast episode 337 critically acclaimed

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the joe budden podcast episode 337 critically acclaimed...

I can imagine rioting and looting. I mean, I don't know if I'm an extremist, no. you know, but we've seen it before, so you know it's different with this. I don't think people know about the riots right now because there are eighteen million people unemployed, we're setting aside more than that, I meant. I think it's more than that, yeah, this morning I think it was 18 million, maybe that was around here, maybe I don't know, Jay, but the unemployment numbers are breaking records right now, yeah, so that's which brings me to your mall, yeah, but I think that's just because they realize that this is a real health situation that I don't think people can really understand, but I understand that people are concerned and everything. that, but it's not like this is just a government like them.
the joe budden podcast episode 337 critically acclaimed
I just wanted to close it for you. You underestimate stupid rich white people. No no. I'm just saying that I think the people you know in cities like New York that have been hit hard have realized it because by now everyone knows. someone just happens to have family members who have actually died of this disease so they understand that it's real, so this isn't like a game that you know the government is just playing, although there could still be something going on in the government. I'm just saying people realize this is actually real and people are dying so there's not much that seems like people get angry and I hate when I see this at the airport and the weather is bad and the flights are delayed and people get angry. to the person behind the desk it's like it has nothing to do with the delay of this flight, like why are you yelling and cursing at them, it's almost like people come out and start rioting and start trying to loot and break into stores and it's kind of like but that's nothing, this doesn't say anything, that these people are suffering like you, their businesses are closed like they can't make money, so I think people understand that we're all in this together, they're all friendly In the same boat, I have heard many when rich, stupid white people in positions of power echo the sentiment that if they die, then they die.
the joe budden podcast episode 337 critically acclaimed
Yeah, I heard her that Trump said at the beginning somehow that they're old, so I. If people died, yeah, they said I'm paraphrasing, hey, basically, they can be a stupid white people, a stupid stupid dr. oz, did you see what he said? No, I only see what dr. Phil said yes, but we could talk about it, dr. oz was the first and he said uh and I'm paraphrasing here he said that opening the schools will only kill two to three percent of the kids oh cool that's crazy and dr. Phil said yes, dr. Phil said we don't stop the world because people die from drowning or accidents. comparison that I have ever made, yes, well, what are you waiting for now because let's see here.
I'm going to read something that I got from one of my favorite gossip sites was the shadow room, I give you Jeff, yeah, what is gossip in the sea. Me with my feet, this is not this. It's a shadow of the feet, I don't know, the feet is the person who spreads gossip in the city, Ashley, that's a sick industry fever, wait, wait, and Joe is a fly job, oh, you know, Why does the word you want to use sound like you? just shout it, that's fly, you got my sponsors flying sleepy when I do it, I bet I'd run away, shut up, no, but this isn't, this isn't feeding him, I posted this.
I'm just going to read this because I found it interesting. In fact, I have it. I reviewed this but have read some variation of this in the past. This person says: I'm going to tell you some things about dr. Phil, and I'll save you a trip to Wikipedia, he's not a doctor, sorry, sorry, he has a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of North Texas, but he's no longer licensed to practice in any state, why, well , in 1988, the Texas State Board. Psychological experts determined that he had hired a former patient without adequate separation between the termination of therapy and the beginning of employment;
The patient also claimed inappropriate contact initiated by dr. Phil, not you, dr. Phil, this was dropped into the case, but you know how interesting it is to know that she continues? He was indicted on ethics charges for having an inappropriate non-physical relationship with the patient in 1989, which I read about, and in 2008 for practicing psychology. without a professional license or certification and also for violating doctor-patient confidentiality regarding Britney Spears, so everything the doctor should not do, yes, okay sir, he got his Texas license in 2006 and has never had a license to practice psychology in any other state since then, despite not being a doctor, he started selling weight loss shakes in 2003, the name of the shakes was shape, come on, they're great, everyone had them because is first to shake it up, if you have to surrender any type of license in Texas, you know what you have to do to give up a license because it is illegal to practice psychology without a license.
Their TV guests have to sign papers that say they're only getting advice, so it's like I like your ID. first water just Phil, we recognize this guy Phil, I like Phil Jackson, we can get you what we can't, we can never call him James Avery, right? Don't think it's a little disrespectful, James Avery, yes, but he plays like rappers, come and just ruin the entire legacy of someone who made us a man, rest in peace, yes, but no, rest in peace James Avery, No, don't kill me to death when I'm gone, no, don't make me a song, I can assure you we're going to roll.
Okay, I can assure you, Joe, yes, you can rest, you can rest easy, in there, you are fun in this little corner before we get back to work. No, okay, what else are we saying? Dr. Phil and dr. oz two idiots, didn't Oprah give us both? I know, dr. Phil I don't know and dr. Oz, it was for the man, I don't know him, okay, Oprah and Jordan, look at all you ready to wrap, ready to wrap, we'll get to that, that's where you bull, I'm chilling, man, he's just like you guys, guys, a patriot. He's a cowboy, he's everywhere Sunday will be fun, that's what I got, okay, it'll be fun.
Oh, Dax will die to part one night. He better behave like a straight student. I tell you I'm killing it. No, he's already doing a press spread saying, "I'm going to sound like a yes, but that might just be to get it out there, so might as well look at this, y'all, I'm being raw and unfiltered, being hoes raw and unfiltered in the room, yes." He could have you like a normal Joe Surya, come on, no filter, come on, lick it already. Hey, look at one more. I'm just trying to see how you started it, the new way he's hidden.
I think Mike, like I said, Mike only released that because you know a lot of his fans that were young and you know us included. We've probably never seen Mike use the language that we'll see him use like in the documentary about him. I think that's all. He will curse, yes, if you watch ESPN. Whenever we remember that Mike didn't grow up in the era of social media, we didn't have access to Mike like we have to all these players now, but we don't know what they're doing, what they're eating into their career like we didn't.
My mother saw Mike. drunk like with white girls in crazy photos and I don't want those to be just photos you didn't hear what I was saying imagine if an audio would have to put on a stone saying what an audio is listening no you're going to hear some things you know let me ask you something which one it's the line between respect and Stan respect and Stan Stan I think it's when you wait I don't think it's a thin londo you wait outside like in a hotel or something, trying to catch a glimpse of someone and then you like to dress like that, that's a story that talks because if I respect someone I'll probably leave them alone, yeah, because I was going to say I think The best question is between the fan and Stan because I respect, yeah, you probably just nodded and kept it moving or you dealt a quick punch or you know what I'm saying, respect is just acknowledging someone and you know it's like saying Park told you. giving them a little nod or saying hello to Stan was when I knew you were going to be in that right spot, slower, slower, slower in the stands defense you posted, you're at the restaurant and then he would order the same thing he did that everyone was slow.
I stay down for two seconds while I try to explain this complicated thought that for this moment will exclude Parks and Rory because they are white, okay wait you can't exclude us what is my original question and I would still like to hear from Parks and Rory, just I'm excluding you from the mall better than anyone else. My original question was going to be: isn't he a cold type of man? If you're from certain parts that you can't fan or stand a man, am I laughing? a career thing, well yeah, when the men came, when the t-shirt era came, I was like 13 in the Jersey area, so I was trying to get all the t-shirts.
I remember my father yelling at me, how can you wear another man's last name on your back? That's gross. oh you added a last name you wouldn't floss, those were real throwbacks oh no, that's not cool, that's a guy thing, it's not a runner's visit, oh yeah, yeah, it is. I think respect and position are two totally different things that you can respect. someone from a distance then that's when you try to emulate and do everything this person likes. I guess I'm saying respect because as a Knick fan with Mike it was a thing of respect, the same with Kobe it was an iguana.
Kobe fan, I knew a lot, but I was just getting started. They are there? Co never killed him, but he went from hate to fan respect with Kobe. I don't have that escalation of emotions with Mike, so he's just pushing me. It's crazy to hear that you're a Mike fan, but that will make sense. I know. I know it doesn't make sense. I am your. If you're a basketball fan, you'd have to be a family. Yeah, I think you got me. After retirement you like when Kobe was active even when I was like in the Sixers wave when Iverson was nobody.
I didn't like Kobe because he was on the other side, but after that I had to respect him, he was incredible, never like that. He could be a rival like he's a big Kobe fan, but I mean I'm a LeBron fan, aha, Tom. I would watch them play. I'm still a LeBron fan. It's a good game as a Patriots fan when Tom Brady. and Peyton Manning came and went in the AFC championships I hated Peyton back then, but I respect him, no pain, he's an amazing quarterback. It would be strange for me to hate Peyton Manning right now, it would be strange, yeah, I think it's different, if so.
I don't have this opponent on the gridiron it's out of your division or conference in the store we're both Knicks fans we hate Reggie Miller I don't hate Reggie Miller now I know but let's open this up outside of a sport actually let me refer to the music to me would be the same (and I'm not saying it's exactly the same) in Mike's case, but it would be the same as being a big fan of a rapper growing upexactly my baby and Big Show being On that topic, my car was scammed again with a different card and I'm on the phone with Bank of America and I say: Hey guys, this has happened twice in the last three months, what can you tell me what's happening? here and then I hear in the background it's all that demonic time you're paying for yeah that's a true story when I'm not paraphrasing that was an exact quote we thought in that room no I that was the bottom of the sedan at my house the bank not your demons keeping track of the damage no bee boa didn't know my demons huh, okay, I got it right, yeah, yeah, that's very white of you to bank at Bank of America.
I guess that's all in Tom. I'm Jojo. I'm American, I'm not doing, where else would you think we are? Are you telling me you hate America? I hate big, are you Isis? America seems over, you don't like the possibility of everything about America being the scanner, duh, you're part of a bank, that's Joe, just that title, okay baby, at least Chase tried to scare you and not let you know what they would say, you could chase units, oh let me see, Mellie gets close to Kanye, what does that mean for your body, immature or mature? We never got to drink we talked about Teddy and babyface last week, right, but it's good that it kills you, you know, Covey and Alan Alan Alan that was aggressive, that was an aggressive cough, socially distance yourself from Joe, are you hungry? y'all have an appetite yeah I can't wait to close this laptop Teddy babyface let me just let me give you one.
All of you mall just have a microphone nearby, um, it's not even close to him, it's just a move you want him to make. Get to it, that's just in the video, it doesn't matter, you got a hole, you can have a whole new mic tomorrow night, don't worry, but it's like a hole, yeah, I want me to put this in, I could have both, I understand. right, I'm leaving like right here, no, no, there's not much between that, I'll get you a new microphone and yeah, Rory, um, that's all a cost we're all going to have to bear oh, don't say, don't say, I just want . to see yes, I'm a tycoon who likes to take the time to show them all the costs, it's very difficult because I do so many things, we stand next to them, all the good Mike and we sit and wait, damn, no, me.
I know I don't know right, the way they said I'm saving my old Wednesday arcade about the brother I got, you should catch up buddy, oh yeah, yeah I'll make it at least eight, yeah you should finish the balls 'cause ten. I guess I think your opinion might change guys, I just got drafted to the Broncos and my franchise Madden QB so I don't know. I'll have to reserve some time. Secure your game book and visit your player now. I bought I bought an Xbox, man, oh my God, we have to go out again, no, I'm right, that big, no, no, no, uh, I've been thinking about it for a while too.
I thought what are you guys? I'm going to do an Xbox, the Madden game, yes I played it, but this is what they killed me. I didn't know the player. I didn't know the gaming community was worse than the gang community. As I just saw, it's like Android versus me. I just passed on the tweet that I bought an Xbox and was murdered, oh yeah, because you have a fan of the console, but I didn't know that and then I didn't realize that you can't just put the disc in and I don't try. to be old, I just didn't know that you can't just put the disc in and play anymore, you have to download it for four days and then you can play and then when you're playing, you have to.
Technology is not supposed to make our lives easier because you can put the game before and play it, yes, now. I think it's better now that you can download all the games, yes, but they need to be updated like iOS. every day and now I'm in the middle of my Madden game, oh yeah, I got an update because Tom Brady got traded to the Buccaneers, but that's cool, at least like in the past, you would never do that under a team, yeah. you do that manually i can watch video games in ten years i played it in ten years yeah it's been a while it's been a while for me to listen everyone said Joe no one said everyone needs this big house get out of here so I'm moving out from the house which is a big long pause parallel it was it was a high era this force because I just want to know that Joe will never be able to call me a hipster because Joe has an elevator in his crib that has that door that you have to go through what is the most hipster I have ever seen he's a rich hipster yeah he's like a great gatsby yeah mostly every house elevator unless it's a million dollars we all know about half of the hipster door.
Bet I know, redneck, yeah, now the one in my apartment on the same floor doesn't do that. I should have called Fab to see who he thinks. When is the mixtape battle too? It's not too late, no, no, we. I already had it oh listen man oh I'm out of breath this was great this was good I think the audio sounded a lot better than our moon music


yeah we had to restore to fill in a little yeah it's hip-hop yeah I had to give them a bread. They say it used to be like that it still is in some circles ah I say pop might be a little up is the history of hip-hop is this our no love lost


uh this one knows Neil Mario has never seen all the reasons like they don't that's the buzz in the house about even giving you a second verse backwards and yo some of that is a formula for success Omarion you rat you got Joe I'll take the second one on this back rub what's he talking about Kalyan's heavy bucket We hang in there and if my mom tells me, my mom hates me the other day she says, hey, maybe I should get Kalyan to be my coach, she was playing and I was like, oh, okay, right? why is that?
And she said it was a photo of Caitlin and Kalyan looks great in the photo so I'm going to our Instagram page just to see because I've never seen that page and of course you guessed it. I am blocked. Edge Edge Save. Can you write this topic? I want get into the blocking part of Instagram let's save this for next time so we're ready we are yes we do I don't understand really let's go into it we have it we save it please I don't know if you You're still here save I just saw you , okay, score, we will win, if that strong Instagram block or social media block or mall block number, tell Caitlyn speak, the trifecta is really what gets you, okay, she starts blocking emails emails, blocking my emails, okay?
I'll give you a dollar with a message, don't block me, we saved her from fainting, it's okay, your life is a series of events, the moments in which events happen, if they're not going to happen, so fall 2021, it's well, let's do the little poem. That's what life is, listen, thanks guys, guys, I want to thank you, your life is a series of moments, hopefully, if Trump lets us have a moment, yeah, yeah, in the face, surely they'll give us a little phase Teen? One will have a moment of moments if You are a big business, Disney, if you are Disney, you will be rescued if your moments and Amazon moments passed, so let's make this one last like it's all we have again.
Shout out to all essential workers. Greetings to my partner. the hosts did an amazing job from home yeah everyone who's in lockdown trying to get through this turbulent time and say hello to anyone who's personally affected by Co V 19. You're in my prayers honestly you're with that said come on. help man oh I can't believe Rory made me smoke at five, not five you would have said three I would never have called the banks but five I said five I warned on a phone call yeah let's focus. Nona Banks was great, thank you it was great.
Okay, until Wednesday, we'll be back. Hold it down in the meantime. I still have these things. Keep us in your prayers. God knows we need the hat until next time. Turn off the phone, I'll talk to you later, man one.

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