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The Interrogation of a Schizophrenic 12-Year-Old

Nov 14, 2021
called Creepypasta. Anissa believes that it is real and she also believes that Jeff the killer is real because there is someone in Milwaukee who saw the killer with a smiley face. and she thinks that Jeff the killer is him. It was weird, I didn't feel any remorse. I thought it would. Because I still have the idea in my head that it was necessary. - So, really, you didn't feel any remorse. ? - Hmm. I didn't really feel anything. -Her expression of not feeling anything shows emotionally flat or distant perceptions and behaviors, which can also be symptoms of schizophrenia. - Anissa made me sing for her.
the interrogation of a schizophrenic 12 year old
Because she said that she was scared. and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into…this time.” She explains why they risked going into the Walmart despite their bloody appearance. “We consider the fact that they might ask us why we were covered in blood, but then we decided it's Walmart, so... - Is that normal? - AHA. There are photos. res of people who are practically naked at Walmart. So no one looks twice. -Annisa explained a bit more about her expectations regarding Slender Man through this conversation she and Morgan had while on the run. - So I asked for some water and then we sat down. talked about, uhh, how far we have to go. - Why do you have to go away?
the interrogation of a schizophrenic 12 year old

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the interrogation of a schizophrenic 12 year old...

What was the (indistinct)? - Supposedly, Morgan found out that Slender was in the middle of... Slender has a big mansion where all the Creepypastas supposedly live. And it's supposedly in the middle of Nicolet National Park or the forest or whatever in (indistinct) Wisconsin. So we were going to walk all the way there and we realized that it was very, very far away. A quick internet search reveals that there are many people who have written and read fictional stories about life in the Slender Mansion with the Creepy Pastas. The common fantasy seems to be to be accepted as part of the "family" of misfits, so to speak, and so for Morgan and Anissa, who had trouble adjusting to school and finding others who shared their interests, this kind of life . it was probably very tempting. - Because he wanted to walk to Slender? - Hmm.
the interrogation of a schizophrenic 12 year old
I knew that if we ask someone for directions or something, they'll probably call the police because it's not uncommon for a blonde girl with creepy eyes to walk around wearing jackets covered in blood. Then a girl next to her went like this in winter boots. -As he continues to explain her journey, we see more examples of her not fully appreciating the gravity of the act they had just participated in. - We were walking and I finally said, "Morgan, I'm thirsty, can I please sit down and have a drink?" (indistinct) And she said, "Sure." So we... Then we talked for like three minutes.
the interrogation of a schizophrenic 12 year old
I tried to eat like two different granola bars or something. One was an organic peanut butter one which I was not very fond of. I only took like two bites and said it tasted disgusting. I only took a bite of it and then spit it out because I wasn't feeling too well. Yet, amid her concern about the taste of the granola bars, Anissa shows small flashes of guilt, as her mental processing of what they've done is slowly creeping up on her. (indistinct) I couldn't eat anything. Because I was still thinking about Bella lying in the area of ​​the woods where we left her to die.
Forgiveness. - It's okay. - So... Finally, Morgan said that we should probably keep walking before the police followed us. So we were walking and then I had a total nervous breakdown and blamed Morgan for everything. I said, "You stabbed her, you wanted to do this." (indistinct) Morgan isn't one to cry very often. And finally she just let go of me and started crying and then she just needed to get it off my chest because she was scared. What's intriguing here is how the girls' self-preservation instincts overrode any concerns they may have had for Payton's well-being. nissa is about to name two reasons why she was scared, but neither has anything to do with the state Payton might be in.
I was scared. I was scared A for me and B for my family because I'm sure we left Payton in the woods near the Murphy area, ese (indistinct). She said, "Oh, and there was one thing I forgot to tell you. "I made a deal with Slender saying that if we didn't… "Saying that if we didn't kill Bella, "he would kill our families and everything we love" and not I want that to happen, "that's why I did this. What Anissa just said would become very important later. Prosecutors would cling to this statement suggesting that Anissa was only afraid her family would be hurt after the stabbing to argue that this scenario was never kill or be killed in her mind.A deputy district attorney would claim that, in truth, Anissa agreed to the murder plot because she was desperate to keep Morgan's friendship and said it was therefore a choice for the one that needed to be held criminally responsible." Then I got really scared and started walking fast and trying to get out of there.
I even started singing to myself to calm myself down. A thing that never seems to have crossed Morgan's or Anissa's mind as to be farther and farther from the scene of the crime, it was any conflicted feelings about the possibility that they could go back and help their victim. And then... then I stopped crying. I lay down like there were a bunch of rocks near the road. It's called a shoulder or something. So I was laying there and Morgan thought he was giving up on me and letting a hawk and everything else come after me. “Annisa says that she told Morgan to stop crying, that she was lying there to cool off because she was too hot.
But then she decided that she didn't want to risk contracting malaria from the mosquitoes there and they kept walking. - When I was still lying on the floor, I actually said I've had enough of this, I want to call my mom, I want to go home. And Morgan said, "If you do that, you'll spend your life in prison, that or be executed." - Why did he say that? - Because he told me the consequences of murder were to be killed yourself in at least. - When Did he tell you that? - After I said I wanted to call my mom. - So what did you think was going to happen after you stabbed Payton? - I really don't know. he always says whatever you do catches up with you in the end.
And it did. Morgan continues to demonstrate a complete lack of emotional connection to this crime. "Did they think about what would happen to - I did. Anissa didn't seem to think anything would happen. One time she said, “Can we go home now?” I said, “No, we're going to get arrested if we go home.” She said, “Oh yeah, I forgot, thanks Morgan.” And then I said, “Okay.” Although we can't be sure if Morgan's story here really happened, since she's inherently a source, Anissa asking if they could leave now home would only be based on the idea that this plot may have felt almost "pretend" in her mind.
She probably got carried away by the fantasy of running away to live with the characters she had been reading so much about, but in the back of her mind, it is possible that she was still clinging to the illusion that she could go. . she gets married and has dinner with his family as if nothing had happened. Finally, Anissa described the moments that led to their being caught. She-she started looking at pictures of her and she had another breakdown. And then… And then after 30 minutes of me trying to calm her down and her crying, we… we finally start walking again and then we keep walking straight for a while.
Then we saw a Steinhafels and (blurred). - They went to the furniture store to refill their water bottles and buy some extra fruit snacks for the road. Then they went out and sat by a tree. - Morgan started talking about whether or not we should take our consequences or move on. So I lay down on the grass and that's when one of the deputies said: "Put your hands in the air where I can see them." And then they caught us. - Well. But he started talking to me. I told him: "I'm afraid, they told me-" "They told me that if I didn't do something, my family would be in danger." And then he said: "Now you are safe, do not be afraid." Then he put me in the back of the car and then I looked at Morgan.
I don't know what they told him because I couldn't hear anything. And then after 30 minutes they brought us here. - Well well. -Four hours and 30 minutes after she found Peyton at approximately 2:30 p.m. Morgan and Anissa were pulled over at the intersection of Highway 164 and Interstate 94. A Good Samaritan driving by saw a post on Facebook, spreading the word to search for the two fleeing girls. They recognized them immediately before calling 911, tracking their movements and relaying the information to authorities. As the girls settled in for a break, the police arrived and intercepted them shortly after. The officer drew his weapon towards the girls and ordered them to raise their hands, to which they complied.
The girls were drenched in blood, but things were about to get even more disturbing. Morgan's reaction to the officers was completely bizarre and it was clear that she was detached from reality or she was acting it out in some way. As more officers arrived on the scene, Morgan asked, "Did I kill her, is she dead?" Police found the backpack Morgan had packed that morning and began searching for food, water bottles, the five-inch kitchen knife, and family photos of Morgan and Anissa. As the officers looked at the bloodstains on Morgan's clothing, they asked him where the blood had come from.
She replied that she was forced to kill her best friend. While authorities waited for her to transfer custody to the Waukesha Police Department, an officer asked Morgan what she was thinking. Morgan explained that she was thinking of Spock, the Star Trek character and his girlfriend. The officer was obviously taken by surprise and asked him to explain more. And he explained that Spock and his girlfriend were disgusting since Spock couldn't feel emotion and apparently he shouldn't be kissing a woman. Once stopped, Morgan began to sing softly to herself. When they put her in the back of the squad car, she said, "What, are you going to execute me for killing her? - What do you think should happen to someone who... stabs another person? - I was hoping they would put me in some kind of from a strange place or expected to be put in prison or an asylum, I didn't know what to expect.
I don't think I'm crazy now. One type of delusion is a grandiose one, in which a person develops an exaggerated sense of power or knowledge and can believe he has great talent. You will see this manifested in the following statement from Morgan. - Have you ever thought about hurting yourself? - I have learned to numb myself to pain on command. - What does that mean? - Vulcan mind tricks. - So, have you ever tried to hurt yourself? - The questioner asks about self-harm, clearly looking to elicit additional symptoms of his mental illness. - Not really, sometimes I do. - What do you mean? - Most of the time I don't even it's not even on purpose either. - What do you mean? for hurting you? - I fall down the stairs a lot and sometimes I do this and then I accidentally do this instead of this or something.
Schizophrenia is debilitating in many ways, and psychomotor problems can also be a symptom, including clumsiness and unusual gestures, which could be the underlying cause of the ways Morgan says she accidentally hurts herself. - So, have you thought about hurting someone else or just Bella? - Sometimes Anissa slaps people for no reason, like me. - What about stabbing people? Have you ever thought about stabbing someone else? - Just kidding. I didn't seriously think about it. - So, not really or not seriously. - Not really. She wanted to hurt people earlier, but they're not nice to me. So they deserve it. - But Bella was kind to you, why did you want to hurt her? - Because I think it was necessary. - Why was it necessary? - I dont know. -His thinking is disorganized on the subject of why it was necessary to kill Peyton, once again demonstrating the symptom of disorganized or disconnected thoughts.
In his


s, the girls were asked about the details of how long they had been planning this murder, which of course will determine premeditation. Morgan's interrogator would later emphasize, "It wasn't until we started talking to the girls" that we really learned they were two 12-


-old girls "who had planned for six months to kill their friend." - So you know, you're very close to Morgan. You've known her since October, and you've been involved in reading Creepypasta since November or something like that. And in December or January, Morgan, who was also in Creepypasta. Did you introduce it to him or did he already know? -He said that he has seen Slender also in old photos that she had.
So I told him about them. And then he was like, "My God, I think I saw Slender when he was like five


s old." Because he supposedly used to live in a heavily wooded area. And Slender likes to stay in the forest. - Wooded areas, okay. A shared psychotic disorder, also known as folie à deux, or insanity of two, occurs when a person begins to take on the delusions of someone with a psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia. It's a rare phenomenon, but this ill-fated friendship created a cycle where the girls would only feed, validate, and strengthen each other's false beliefs and determination. - So, in December or January, Morgan approaches you and tells you, tells you thatPersecutory delusions cause someone to believe that someone is abusing them, plotting against them, or planning to harm them or their loved ones.
These obsessions can disrupt a person's ability to live a normal daily life, as Morgan clearly has. These false beliefs can range from highly improbable, such as a fear of being spied on by the neighbors, to completely irrational, such as believing in something paranormal like Slenderman. Since hallucinations are closely related to these delusions, it's no surprise that the alleged "sightings" of Morgan's creepy man only further stoked the fear of him. And as we saw earlier with Morgan's comments about being left to “rot and die” in jail and not wanting to have her head lopped off, his delusions of persecution extend to real-world authority figures as well. - So you said you were afraid? - Hmm.
What were you afraid of? - Almost everything. - Being afraid of almost anything is a classic symptom of persecution associated with schizophrenia. - Because Anissa had just- I was hoping that playing hide-and-seek could forget- - Who would forget? - Anisa. It was like, "Now, Kitty-" And then, "Oh my God, no..." And I don't know what really happened because Bella was scared and then Anissa would have been scared of me and then we were (blurred). He didn't want to hurt me. - You didn't want to hurt yourself? Did you think about how Bella would feel if she got hurt? - I avoided that, but Anissa said something about us having to do it. - Avoiding thoughts about how the victim would feel is a common form of dissociation among the mentally ill.
As both the girls and the repeals come to an end, there are a few more interesting items to mention. In Anissa's case, one of the most intriguing moments happens right towards the end. - Can I ask a question? - Yes. - Where is Bella's body now? - Bella is in the hospital. - Well. I thought she was still at the crime scene. - Did you think she died? - Yes. - She's alive. - Well. - This curiosity is very interesting. And when Anissa learns that Peyton is still alive, her sigh of what appears to be relief may be a smattering of regret.
Although it is difficult to tell from this single indicator. - How does it make you feel? - It makes me feel a little happy. I'm a little worried that... I'm scared, all over the place. - What do you care about? -I know that she will never speak to me again and that she hates me to death. - Yes. Well, that's pretty serious what happened. She came very, very close to dying today. - Well. - Very close. The doctors were able to save her. - Well. - How does it make you feel? - Well. Does it make you feel good that she's alive? - Hmm. -It is possible that she is now beginning to understand the gravity of her circumstances, but it is difficult to gauge it when you take into account her immature mind and possibly mentally ill. - Can I go back to school? - What day is today, Saturday? - Yeah. - You know, I don't know if you'll be able to go back to school on Monday, but at some point, you'll be able to go back to school. - Well.
How many stab wounds did they find? -19.-Okay, Morgan counted 17.-She was she talking out loud while she was doing that? -No, she was counting in her head, I think. Are they cutting our clothes? - No. They're drying to make sure that part is dry. It can also be a biohazard. - Ah OK. I just realized something... If I don't go to school on Monday, that will be the first day I miss school. - Are you kidding, have you never missed a day at school? - Never. The last time I remember missing a day of school was for my great-grandfather's funeral. - Wow. - And that was in third grade. -Anissa is still preoccupied with childish things despite a very adult crime at her hands.
It's safe to say that she has no idea of ​​the serious trouble she's in right now. - Will I ever get my clothes back? - I don't know if you're going to get those clothes back. I don't know if you want to get those clothes back. Do you want those clothes back? I mean you can probably get them back at some point. Yeah, they probably have blood and stuff, I don't know, but…-It also makes me feel so much better to know that she's alive. - Well. - Are you worried that you won't see Slender? Or do you think she doesn't exist? - It does not exist, it is a work of fiction.
I think that people who say they have seen it in person have read Creepypastas and then remember a strange tree they thought it was thin because I know it was one of the cases on the bus, I look at the tree again. , and it was strange. Does Morgan know that Bella is alive? - I don't know, I don't know if Detective Casey told you. Did you expect her to die when you guys ran away? Did you expect her to die so you could see Slender? Is that all...? Part of me wanted this to fail, because I...
I heard about manslaughter and all that on TV and it didn't bother me much, but when I saw it, it traumatized me. to me. But the other part of me wanted her to die. But a part of me wanted, the bad part of me wanted her to die, but the good part of me wanted her to live. - The feeling of conflict between one's good and bad side could be a precursor to


behavior, but it is only a subtle potential indicator at this point. -It scared her, where they stabbed her was close to her heart.
They had to go in and open her chest. And sew part of her heart to repair it. And after that, they had to cut open her stomach because they cut her pancreas, they cut a part of her liver and also her stomach. -Yeah, Morgan said she hit him in the stomach. - So those were very serious injuries. And she was... she was very close to death. So what you were trying to achieve today was very close to happening. But the doctors were able to cure her. "What about the big wound on her leg?" - I'm sure they'll be able to sew that.
There's no major artery in her leg right there. As you get closer to your pelvic bone. But yeah, this is pretty serious and I know you were worried about execution and stuff like that. We don't have the death penalty in Wisconsin. You're 12 years old and I'm not quite sure what's going to happen here. Something horrible happened today and I know you realize it now. - I regret it. - But we have to accept some responsibility here. And by giving me that statement, you're accepting some responsibility. You are very honest with me and you cooperated with me.
And that means a lot. That means a lot to Payton, okay? - From Anissa's calm demeanor, it's clear that reality hasn't settled in yet. Even when the interrogator finally reads her story and asks if there's something wrong or if she missed something, Anissa feels it's important to add more information about another Creepypasta character. - Could you add Slender Man and Zalgo in the (indistinct)? - Zalgo? - Yes. - How do you spell Zalgo? - Z-A-L-G-O. - Does Zalgo also have proxies? - Yes. - Does Zalgo like Slender Man? -He's supposed to be this demon with seven mouths. - Oh, that's the devil.
So what I just read to you is the statement that's written here…-Morgan complies as she finishes her interview and she's handcuffed. In the aftermath of this crime, officers found a message written on Anissa's phone notepad. It was dated May 28 and read: "My last wish to those who care." Don't regret my absence, but remember me for what I was. "I love and appreciate you all and I wouldn't hurt you. I want everything I own to go to my parents" and best wishes to everyone who knows me personally, "don't miss me." Recovery of Anissa and Morgan's notebooks School lockers revealed drawings that appear to show bloody figures, characters with knives, and sketches of Slender Man.
Emails were also recovered between two addresses named HermioneG516 and alexandriaweier, exchanging surreptitious messages, such as "Make sure leave no trace", because when said events happen, "the school will look for your email". And, "I told myself not to feel emotions and it worked." One that appeared to be from Anissa read: "But smart girls dressed to kill are bittersweet. I think it could be us." Peyton was interviewed after recovering. asked what Morgan specifically did to her, she replied, "I can't say, it's so sad. She revealed that Morgan whispered to her, "I'm so sorry" before starting. She claims that Morgan told her it was the only way to save her life.
Peyton's life because one of the Creepypasta characters was stalking her. Peyton told Morgan she doubted it, but Morgan said, "We're not kidding." To this day, Peyton bears emotional scars that will affect her for the rest of her life. her life. For months after the attack, she slept with a pair of scissors under her pillow for protection and kept her bedroom windows closed and locked, refusing to open the curtains just in case. She was excited to be back at school uela that same September, eager to return to her normal routine after working to recover from the traumatic event.
Her community came together by wearing purple to honor her favorite color and raising thousands of dollars to help cover her medical expenses. Morgan and Anissa were charged in adult court with attempted first-degree manslaughter. Morgan pleaded guilty and was convicted. But as part of a settlement he was found not guilty by reason of mental illness or defect. Anissa pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of being part of attempted second-degree manslaughter, but a jury ultimately found her not guilty by reason of mental illness or defect. Psychologists agree that Morgan and Anissa's friendship created a perfect storm of shared deception.
It was revealed that Morgan's father had suffered from a mental illness similar to his daughter's as a teenager and was hospitalized at least four times, showing that Morgan's early-onset schizophrenia may have had a genetic basis. Doctors testified in 2014 that he believed he had Vulcan mind control abilities, that he could talk to Voldemort, that unicorns and pegasi were real, and that he could communicate not only with Slender Man, but also with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In recent years, her mental health has reportedly seen significant improvements. Still at one point, a state psychologist told the judge that she would not support granting Morgan parole as she had been hearing Maggie's voice, a hallucinatory voice that she had been hearing for years again.
Anissa was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depression, and Personality Disorder. Her defense argued that she was under the command and control of a delusional disorder related to schizotypy, a diminished ability to separate reality from fantasy. While no amount of apology can erase what Peyton endured, it's interesting to note that both girls have expressed their regrets for what they did. Anissa was sentenced to 25 years and Morgan, the maximum of 40 in a mental health facility. However, in the summer of 2021, there was a recent update on this case. A judge granted Anissa's request for parole, arguing that the 19-year-old is no longer a threat to herself or society.
Based on reports from hospital staff that Anissa did not exhibit psychotic behaviors, state officials were ordered to submit her release plan and a hearing was scheduled for September 10. In a letter to the court, she claimed that he has exhausted the resources available to her at the mental health institution and needs to rejoin society to become a productive member of it. And when the anticipated day of the hearing finally arrived, a Wisconsin judge ruled that Anissa would indeed be granted a discharge from the mental hospital on September 13. The full report on her release conditions has not been made public, but the judge has stated that Anissa had a clean mental health record and that there is no clear evidence that she poses a substantial risk of harm to others or herself. .
Anissa herself informed the court that she plans to live with her father and seek part-time work. She will remain under constant GPS monitoring until otherwise determined. She also hopes to pursue higher education. She expressed: "I want to reiterate that I am not saying that she is done growing, changing, evolving or adapting." "I just can't do it here anymore." Reports indicate that she will be under strict regulations, as she will not be allowed to use the Internet except at home, and every time she uses it, her activity will be monitored by the state Department of Corrections. You will not be able to consume alcohol or drugs, enter a bar, possess a weapon, "or have any contact with Payton or her family.
Peyton has expressed that she is not afraid of what could happen with the release of her attackers. She is sure that if they try something fun, they'll come right back. She's even said she's grateful in some way for what happened to her because it inspired her to pursue a career in the medical field. Coming out of such a horrible situation, she said, "The Parents need to speak directly to their kids," saying, "This isn't real, this is fake," when it comes to online figures like Slender Mun. And to kids caught up in bad friendships, she's advised to listen to their instincts. and leave before something bad happens, even if you feel guilty for still being friends with that person.

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