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The Huns | Full Movie | Action Adventure

Jun 12, 2024
the foreign is just the beginning The savage tribes fought brutally four-handed for their lands and it seemed endless who never stood still took what they wanted when they wanted and never gave up foreign laughter Get tired so he doesn't escape and make sure you do it right, listen and you I will tell a story of yours, make sure you pay attention. It all started one day, many moons ago, when the cold wind was blowing. I remember it very well, how could it not be strong? The warriors sat by the fire. to warm himself he looks at the fire even now he only tells the truth this is a very long story I think the time has come to tell it to you I hope you understand that night everything happened this way as I know I will say that today I am as hungry as a pack of laughing wild dogs.
the huns full movie action adventure
It was a very fast and glorious fight today. That's how it should be. Now is the time to celebrate our Victory. We will pay our respects to the dead. Cause it seems the youngest lost control of his ax today if it weren't for no one to stop him that's for sure man tonight are you sure this is your brother? He's so stupid, he better be wiser. being the youngest, yes, junior, he was so embarrassed, foreigner, did he abuse you or something, ah, what, you're not laughing anymore, what are you going to do with your big mouth now, oh, dare to say those things behind my back Now you have nothing to say?
the huns full movie action adventure

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the huns full movie action adventure...

Yo, you are a bunch of cowards, tell all those who think they are looking at my brother to leave, look at this filth that you see before you tomorrow, she will burn herself on the steak, yes, that is the fate that awaits her, come on , that is. Well, that's very good, hey, who's going there, answer me, come out, reveal yourself to me Skye, why are you playing with me? Feel it Skye, you know what I'm doing, I know there's no way to fool you, Skye, I can't hide it from you, yeah. my brother, he will be hurt oh, such a plan, my plan, can you hear that God of Heaven, my way, speak to me because I have been waiting for this day for so long?
the huns full movie action adventure
You know how I want to get into my enemies' lair. Nights and every winter I keep reaching out my hands, yes, towards you to seek an answer, but why are you silent again? You must give me these answers, come on, answer me, show me your thanks, say something, tell me anything, say something, tell me. me anything just give me a sign so here I am I'm like a wounded wolf I've gone crazy talking to myself very well you were the last member of your clan so the question is what do you think I should do with you well talk?
the huns full movie action adventure
Upstairs answer me tonight they killed the chief of the guard ours killed him it's true he was your brother I don't trust him I don't remember you weren't born yet the cold winds began to blow pray for everyone it became scarce and something had to be done about it the darkness tell what happened next near the fire among the ashes I miss what you are doing I am trying to free you if you would let me what will your brother say he is not my brother you are sure, but he will never forgive you, you are free now you can go, but what do you know What are we supposed to do now?
We have to move fast, hurry up, come on, come on, hurry up, come on, hurry up, come on, hurry up, I said, let's go. oh but what happened next you ask me sitting there a story about revenge it is deep in our nature to act and react despite the sky and this is a story of revenge even though it is true that everyone always wants to be in charge always everyone thinks They are the strongest, but how can it be possible? However, this may not always be the case, go and bring me that stone girl and she has great power.
Never alone here, let's get them. foreigner foreigner your sister foreigner stranger tonight our riders are murdered. They are all gone I saw it myself but I managed to tell myself what happened dear brother she is with her but he is unconscious explain how is it possible she killed them all and yet you are in front of me unharmed and without a scratch tell me why I didn't did she kill you too much of a coward let it go it can still be useful to us we all make mistakes in this life but you can thank me for forgiving the pathetic one you have thank your gods if I let you go now as if nothing happened get out now I want you to prepare to the battle I'll show everyone what war really is lol foreigner foreigner thank you you could have already left why did you stay here I can decide for myself you don't have to worry foreigner foreigner foreigner foreigner getting much worse over time we should get going don't wait I must rest come on no man had ever come this far before and the fast planes were covered in grass they continued on their journey without stopping no one could know anything about it or how it could end up on top and what awaited the cautious fugitives the best trackers were sent after They, although being careful not to be seen, easily found their food, however, Kiley was seriously injured, I then injured him quite seriously.
Wild horses are as fast as the strong wind, it's very similar to The Wind in the Pass Strangers never heal completely, they just keep bleeding and always leave a scar. No one knows exactly how they survived, but the power is within us. Heaven always gives us the strength to understand nature itself. We must remember to always listen to heaven. This is life as we know it life is always so much more important than death because heaven will always be waiting so now you understand everything foreign foreign we have to move on it's time to go laughter this is the place we have arrived strangers in guard take cover they won't shoot don't worry these bows are prohibited here they are said to be the best foreigners foreigners my name is time I know this daughter of her foreign father very well ER if I were here tell me immediately why You are here, well, why are you here?
My father Asgard, has been dead for a long time. No, I'm too old to believe this nonsense. That is why I will send you to your ancestors. For this lie, tell me enough about that Court. Can't you see they're hurt? Furthermore, you know the law of passage very well. Let me decide your fate. You just stay out of it. Can you hear me. There is no court. Our law clearly says that everyone has the right to be protected. from heaven for five moons you know this already court and they are our guests now you are very lucky you know that the law of passage is the same for everyone and the law of passage applies especially to you I have made my decision now Get them out of here Court I will make sure be attentive to you You will show yourself foreigner foreigner foreigner foreigner foreigner tell me what do you see in the flame of the fire now I'm looking at the flames now like I'm looking, I see a vivid illustration here, murderers in the dark, yes, he is on a thin path that leads nowhere, meanwhile, that season of fires and burns at the same time like a snake, like a snake, but no one sees its path, it is covered in Such a wound of Darkness is too serious is that all I demand that I explain what this wound means, naturally, I know you have taken the difficult path, there is fear lurking in your Darkness, but there is another path before death that you must always remember has launched never forget that we must never forget that we must listen to The silence that currently surrounds us has listened to the choir because it has the answers to all your fears only the sky reveals the Rays of course I saw the sky revealing it is mystery at dawn yes now I know what answer to give you my answer is that you have to decide what you want for yourself alone feel it as it comes to you but no, death is always close to those who actively desire it, it is like that Those who treat it like a mother treats her child, yes, like a mother treats her child, you are not only taking yourself into a trap, but you also see nothing but death itself as you fall into that same trap.
I hope you think about that when you watch. In the fire, he always tells the truth, no matter what, and always reveals the path to the foreigner. As winters end, we all realize how important it is to maintain the balance of life and soon we will all be able to come together to make it so. bring peace to all clans, which means that in due time everyone will be able to join us, let us recognize that all this is thanks to Kai rachmana and as a token of my gratitude I will make a foreign gift, these are stones and there are no such stones in the lands. of Kai rachmana they carry the knowledge of the entire Earth and in my land we always listen to wise advice look at these Stones here they are unique and very pure these stones are absolutely worthy in fact I would say that they are like you these stones are worthy of Kai rachmana and more let me give you a personal gift as a sign of genuine friendship as proof look at these These are War Mountain Furs and their colors shine They shine brightly in the sun they are a gift fit for a queen accept my gift please I accept your gift I recognize this foreigner whoa well I don't know whoa foreigner foreigner them oh my God day night Die young again our life foreigner you are awake I have been awake for some time today is the duel and do it do you think they will leave anyone alive by the law of passage the winner will be able to leave the camp this was destined to happen we can't change anything after all we've had five moons I understand but you can go now you can always make my own decisions I decide for myself we will surely die in that case we will each go our separate ways I wish the foreign ERS would pass by until I see you I appreciate what you have done for us on behalf of the Hunu tribe I thank you for the opportunity to pass through your lands we will not forget this goodbye foreigner foreigner there is the law of passage and this particular law says the following you cannot kill an unarmed man inside the camp on a whim and you cannot kill him if he is already seriously injured it is known that only in the fifth moon can he be called for his offense that is fair I kogan the son of haran now demands death his blood must be his blood must spilled for Khan his blood must be spilled well his blood will wet the Earth foreigner foreigner oh they are already here it seems we are talking now uh dirty scum greetings to you today is that you really are Kai Rock Mana do you think you can come in here and act like you I own the place, I guess you're trapped, we better keep quiet if he knows what's good for him, oh, then we should turn to the heavens to judge this decision and before we speak out of turn, you should know that I have a right to blood to call my brother to a duel after that I have no problem killing this girl like a vile jackal you all have forgotten the law of passage you should already know this cut that only I and no one else in the entire earth possesses the La life of my brother and the life of this fugitive here Kairok Mana.
I will let you know that this girl killed two of my warriors and now she pretends to be weak. You are the one who brought the jackals to your house. Which Jackal are you talking about exactly? Are you talking about the one who cut the throats of my two strongest warriors? That must be what you mean, only a Slayer acts this way. Don't say she can't even hold the bow properly, no, but I'm sure she can. It's not who she says it is none of you believe me eh are you believing what this girl has to say tonight will you stop now there is only one kairak Mana and these listen to my lands the only one who decides here is me you' You are wrong and You lost all your power once you started arranging things you shouldn't have done with the Northmen and by trading with them you're not a queen, she's a


court, so what's going to happen to us now?
It was intended. by the sky it was dusted by the sky that may be but we must avenge Khan's death we really need to attack tomorrow is the duel so there will be a fight we must take revenge like this then we will take revenge on you I know I wasn't always like this. This time has passed for all of us. Somewhere in the past there is another version of me. I felt like I was talking to the sky at all hours of the day. You see, back then I had so much power. so much power so many things are hidden in the night things cannot be understood they are not revealed to everyone foreigner foreigner I see you thank you I came to see you as you had asked yourself what was so important that you called me with such urgency foreigner has been shown to me I see a hand here jeez with us here you are where the wind of the step is this hand that you feel is the one that holds a baby and that means that heaven will give you a new life it is inevitable I think you need to choose a husband oh yes, it is imperative, there is no Doubt about it tonight, but that's impossible, listen to my words, you heard me, don't you agree?
So let him prove himself in a duel. I'll give you that chance. I appreciate that you have decided to be wise. and to listen to me, Guy rap Mana, go ahead, you can speak considering that we are from two incredibly large clans, it would be beneficial for us to unite with you, oh, so you have already made a decision for me, then tonight I should have a strong man. your side to protect you I needed time to think that I will win the fight and kill my brother then I can stay here with you it is your choice you know it with confidence my warriors catch prey better than Khan they can too I offer much more too, but as you know, my clan It has its own laws.
Tomorrow I can announce my offer for everyone to hear. Worry about himDuel first, then we can see what you offer. You must accept what I am saying because it will bring. peace for our two clans you don't make decisions in my house we can unite the two clans what do you say a united clan will there be more hunting grounds and furs? I promise you, I guarantee that tomorrow's fight will decide everything you see. the result of the fight will decide everything I hope for the sake of the clans tomorrow you make the right decision I await the news thank you like me I already mentioned it before, people do what they want, they kill on the spot leaving their hearts completely empty, it is a dark moment for all.
Revenge turns their minds black and takes them nowhere. Lies are unpredictable. where was father father had all his eyes right oh no oh my dancing eyes stand like fire Flash ES foreign grapes foreign oh I'll drink them foreign I hate everyone who was here before us they destroyed my clan I've decided who's going to choose first going to being Chile of this step will now make its choice very well I chose an eye now we swear by blood it is life for life it is my turn and I choose you Cut so be it I will destroy you as a prey would you do it try death with my sword rise thank you foreigner hello foreigner thank you foreigner oh My God, anything goes and war is not fair.
I'm taking this because it's right


y mine. Don't you dare die on me, not until I let you die. Listen to me this is my revenge you're going to feel what I feel I promise this is how it ends for you sister I serve tonight for over two years what was all this for anyway you don't see it They're all dead right? Now is your time to die, it just so happens that I'm afraid of having a jackal like you around. I look at you before me as a reflection of your mother, but do not fear, your time will come, you already know, even if you don't do it.
You, your mother, are Hora. Everything will start to change soon. You will lead. Nations. Come here now and take this sword from me. Remember that revenge is just the beginning. Foreigner, yes, it's just the beginning. Know the truth, never tell you what I am. waiting for you there is no time again Without fear, although I know I have to die, when do you know how I lost my words? I know I have to die when I blow free

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