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The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Topsy Turvy Games - Full Gameplay/Walkthrough (Longplay)

Aug 31, 2023
oh, once a year, Paris turns upside down in celebration of the absurdity of the ridiculous, where up is down and wrong is right, simple peasants gather to show humanity's deepest desire to behave in a completely irreverent, uninhibited and blatantly silly way. It's what you like the fool's festival, the fool's party, but definitely call it all is obsidian, everyone is acting crazy, gold and weeds are fine, that's the way to the top seeds every day on January 6, hey, stone boy, get out of there. They're almost friends, hey, what advice have you ever heard about ringing the doorbell before crashing a party on the parapet?
the hunchback of notre dame topsy turvy games   full gameplay walkthrough longplay
Sorry, but it is completely acceptable to walk onto a parapet unannounced during the festival of fools, miss, you're right, hugo, the more the three, the happier the crowd becomes, have a party, make new friends, but keep them well, I understand. the point as your friends we insist that you let us guide you through the festival


for the wine and cut the cheese you are looking at the best tour guide this side of the scene that's what i love about you hugo you are so humble in We are actually in the middle of the sun, are you okay? so without hair on you we welcome you to the real medley of pageantry, pure madness and glorious chaos not to mention the sinful images that make this festival definitely upside down if you want to play a game just click on the game stone and make your selection, hey look at him with that thing, well that's what you get for living life on the edge, scare the crap out of me.
the hunchback of notre dame topsy turvy games   full gameplay walkthrough longplay

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the hunchback of notre dame topsy turvy games full gameplay walkthrough longplay...

Excuse me, but we'll be ready when you click. I thought this game required special clearance from the sanitation department, but who says you have to ask? It is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, plus a little cream that never hurts anyone. May I suggest? A simple wash and wear set for this game, the rules are simple, clean them before they do you and keep an eye on your food supply, it's better to waste it, not waste it, oh I'll try to stay away from salty foods, your murder in water retention says Yo, how do you want to play this game?
the hunchback of notre dame topsy turvy games   full gameplay walkthrough longplay
Excellent selections, a symphony of selections, the goal of the food fight is tasty. Hit a designated number of suckers with your food supply in the allotted time to advance to the next course. Quickly move your cursor over a note and click the mouse button to frame your food, pay special attention to the fools throwing food at you as their food will block their view and make hitting the fools just harder. preambles, I present to you the chef in blue trip with his first coin, ready! as if the soup of the day was vichy sua let's play in sight of the food oh oh oh and second warning big goal we get to the second course escargo them along with the snails uh um all the food will stop in 10 seconds really clever color sir, it's time for the third course, an ingenious nisswa salad, food ready, oh oh, in ten seconds, remarkable, it's time for the fourth course, sorry, a delicious lobster to sunbathe, let the food fly, phew, how good , you only have 10 seconds.
the hunchback of notre dame topsy turvy games   full gameplay walkthrough longplay
The fifth course, a personal favorite, is served. beautiful clock clock in a room translated it's a dead fish and a little white sauce oh, forget it oh, you've almost used up your food ah, 10 seconds left, too bad, it's not paloma cordon azul, take the first line oh, almost there you finish, how dare you? How dare you be a true achiever? You have reached the seventh plate. It's time to express your claim. Another impressive creation. Meat book about your food. You are about to exhaust the current dish. Wow, second warning. Forget about your figure. Throw away the turnips.
It's time for dessert. of course, a delicious orange creme brulee, fry the brulee, don't make it a little harder to see, right? You almost ate it. Just try to be a little more careful when throwing that stuff away. Oh, they're almost ready. All of the food. ceases in 10 seconds, I proudly present the ninth course, a dish for the seven federals, think of them as French snowballs, oh oh, in ten seconds, the tenth course, you pierce the resistances, the most decadent delicacy Paris has to offer and the best of all is that it is the messiest. take out the antacids it's time for the chocolate soufflé oh wow hmm you're about to use up the current dish all the food will stop in ten seconds bravo again well play kindly enter your name for the history books clever how these things work a real medley of delicious amusements oh, will you play this game?
It's a real humdinger chiseler, a classic game that explores the deconstructive architectural matrix, translated so that the rest of us can understand chiseler is a game where you have to chisel a stone wall by hitting a marble ball with a granite trowel um , that's not quite right, what do you mean? Well, we are almost busy chiseling the marble balls and well, we have a box


of hand-chiseled marble doves to play with. You mean we're going to play this game with little marble pigeons yeah, isn't it wonderful? This game sounds better and better, so let's play.
Tell me how you want to play this game. It was exciting. Hey, look at the options. The target chisels your stone wall before your opponent chisels theirs. Simply move Hugo's paddle or my chiseler to the right or left to deflect the marble dove that smashes the stones blocking the image upside down. A game point is awarded to the player who chisels all the stones first, last, there is a rotten pigeon egg ready to roll in the same way, you know you are always pecking at anything you can reach with your pickaxe, she is talking to a rock, I think I finally found the ultimate pecking rock, have fun, go, bring the rescue pigeon, come on, here's your pick, next stop you can. do better than that yes, I love this game, I will lose it, use your head, keep chipping pigeons in the clay, persevere in the blizzards, here's another one, this one is on me, work with that paddle, be careful, you don't want to chop a beak look at his twin rock and roll cute chisel looks like the game is going to victory an exciting game indeed a well played game I love our reward for sitting oh sure what you're made of usable looks like your bird is roasted sally want paddle who said pigeons were useless daring maneuver I'll let this slip away concentrate don't lose it you're making mom proud my intrepid marble bird pigeon power this is the nest in my mouth it seems the game wins thank you thank you thank you I was surprised here it is for the spots on the wings, this is better than playing with balls, the power of the pigeon, come on, here is your big, pretty and pretty one, don't lose this pigeon in the play, you can do better than that, here is another one, this is from me, look it's twin Got it, I'll let this one get away, keep chipping, looks like the game is victorious, an exciting game in fact, congratulations, I didn't thank you, go find them, stone girls, keep sending your group of rock vultures.
I like this game. Look at this. You're doing a great job, you're sure we can't use real pigeons, bringing the relief pigeon, my pigeon, I'm the Notre Dame birdman, I'll lose this one, be careful, you don't want to break a beak motor. play with a bird that comes yes, here is another one, this one is on me look at his twin who said that pigeons were useless it seems that the game goes to the winner reward clever how these things work one there is a gargoyle morsi so what Do you feel that the choice is yours? here is a game that requires raw courage and stamina, I guess that means you two will be sitting, stop it, you're killing me in Upsy Daisy.
You must navigate through different air currents while defending your supply of balloons in order to stay in the air. Look, there's a whole festival of fools waiting to burst your balloons and send you screaming to the unforgiving cobblestones below, so if you know what's good for you, you'll burst their balloons before they burst yours. It is also an opportune time to learn about the characteristic properties of active gases like helium and their effect in different atmospheric scenarios just take the sucker out of the sky and have fun, tell me how you want to play this game, so what do you want to take flying ?
Please make a selection. Better yet, who do you want to play against? It looks like everyone is fueled up and ready to float, so let's start the clock. Click Upsy Daisy. The goal is simple: pop your opponent's balloons before yours pop. Strategically navigate your character through different updrafts to place yourself in the perfect spot to pop your opponent's balloons when your character is positioned next to an opponent, you can pop their balloons or defend yourself with a right or left attack, You must also defend yourself against enemies that can deplete your supply of balloons or put you in danger, the best thing about three rounds is winning, match point rounds end after 60 seconds or when a player has no balloons left, good luck, so watch those air currents that keep kicking you, throw some off balance, watch out for the stilts that are always looking. something to hold on to keep kicking throw them we have reached the second round the middleman the median halfway there you would play yes yes who is the winner and who falls to the ground the bells of



are ringing oh come on if you have any tricks under the manga you better take them out now because you only have 10 seconds left awesome i knew you had it in you round one a new beginning you're doing an excellent job work those drafts those drafts the agony of the streets yes You have some trick under the manga, you better take it out now because you only have 10 seconds left face to face.
It's round two, oh look out, good job, why don't you make Laverne proud? She goes out and pops some balloons. Oh, blow them up. the ropes catch you later yeah, sharpen the pins and stretch the balloons, it's round two, come on, give it to him, yeah, watch out, stop circling the bell tower, you only have 10 seconds left, congratulations, score one for our boy , a symphony of selections, an impressive performance. deserves recognition, enter your name as friends, we present the game banner, round up the band and prepare the goat, we are playing monk, more commonly known as jolly bowling, a game that is also a functional showcase for gravity and the many laws of physics involving Goats are willing targets and an aquatic monk named Bill, believe it or not, is telling the truth.
What you need to do in this game is place Jolly the goat in the perfect spot to knock the fools off the stage. The more you send flying, the higher your score will be. Go up, take it from an old probe, Jolly always checks the speed and turning directions on the signs at the end of the level, so experiment with different combinations, how strange that a kid who listens, tell me how you want to play this game, has you taken enough time. Meet the one and only jolly, the monk duncan goat actually, hugo jolly doesn't dunk the monk that only happens when our friend gets hit ah details details just choose a lane on the stage uh running speed on the banner and the headbutt of your choice then give jolly the word to go and be careful, fools, good luck, click to zoom out the goal, take as many fools off the stage as possible, smartly select jolly's lane position, speed and headbutt in the combination perfect for removing fools from the stage, click the cursor. one of the five arrows on the stage to select the jolly position, choose one of the three headers from the header sign, then choose a running speed by clicking the cursor on stop on the speed sign when all three have been performed selections, click the cursor as you go, sign this tells jolly to run towards the fools with the selected directions remember that you can change jolly's position or headbutt him at any time before clicking the go sign, But the running speed can only be chosen once you release the catapult, so let it fly, you really know how to do it. goat, you should think about acting on the road, ready, aim, shoot, release the catapult, stir, let us rake, oh, ready, aim, fire dog, release the catapult, get the mind so you really know how to work with that one goat, you should think about acting. the way please write your name for all to see and admire a symphony of selections see you on the balcony so how do you feel the choice is yours?
Tell me how you want to play this game magnificent selections inside out and excellent selection in this contest of questionable intellect I have prepared a series of words and phrases that have been inverted and turned upside down in an upside down sense hey isn't that what they did to you to remove the moss that grows on your elbows is nothing sacred anymore for example hey Look at it if the backwards riddle was vanilla Monday the correct answer would be chocolate ice cream oh something like intelligent opposites you lost me oh I have one that I knew flying rats could spell gotthe answer maybe you would like another example?
Please, I'd rather be sandblasted than have to go through this again, okay, let's play, just press the key when you have the answer, here comes the first puzzle backwards, oh, come out girls, definitely, backwards , reverse your thinking, come on, sorry, it seems like the bell is tolling and the answer is here, here we go again, hey, look at the options, the inside-out goal is to solve as many jumbled puzzles as humanly possible. Riddles are common words, terms and phrases that have been jumbled with their eyes on their opposites. After a backwards riddle appears on the poster, you must try to find the normal answer before the multiple choice answers appear.
You must call when multiple choice answers appear to win the chance to choose an answer. You have one chance to answer correctly. by pressing the one, two or three keys that correspond to your answer in two player mode, if the first player chooses a wrong answer, the other player has the opportunity to call and select between the two remaining answers, points are awarded depending of the difficulty of the game. riddle oh oh nowell, what's your answer, it's taking you a while, the solution is the next riddle, ah, please choose an answer, oh, don't give up yet, come on, I'm ready for the next one, easy, clever , how these things work, quick, choose an answer, well, I thought it showed. real idea, can we please tell the correct answer?
Here we go again. I understood. You can choose from any notable. Bring the next piece of cake. Reverse your way of thinking. We are walking around the bell tower. That was fast. Try this. Oh, no idea. hurry up that was quick look how this works you got it please choose an answer sorry that's wrong what's the right answer come on I'm ready for the next one it's solvent with your eyes closed backwards your thinking beats me smart next easy not a clue, you better think fast, time is running out, definitely, backwards, try this challenging, go, time is running out, wow, fly, my prettiest fly piece, ok, good luck, mark, exceptional, the next one, oh, you can choose from any of these answers, oh, don't give it. up still a piece of cake next riddle oh oh no well go better wow can I introduce the next piece of cake riddle please choose an answer stop walking around a bell tower exceptional answer fyi only five questions left and the next riddle is upside down quick pick an answer we're waiting i was quick look how this hits you oh oh no well i'll take you a while print bring the next one easy please pick an answer hurry up wow it looks like the round is almost over fly my prettiest fly easy good luck beats me smart look how this hits you definitely backwards you can choose from any of these answers oh don't give up yet that was fast what a game and that's why another game has come from the inside out to the end and yet like the sun setting on the horizon, we know that once again we will meet it, take her to dinner, what's next, bravo, a game, well, play, please enter your name for the history books at your request, lead the way, take your time. "We're not going anywhere, we're just part of the architecture, hurry up, I can't, hey, that's a real surprise for you.
Bye, see you next time and without further ado we roll the credits to the end, okay" . I didn't understand all day how these things work now these are real foods

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