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The Hu "Wolf Totem" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera Singer

Jun 07, 2021
Welcome back to the charismatic voice today. I'm going to see a new band for the first time that seems particularly interesting. This will be the one that Wolf Totem will play. Thank you very much for this recommendation. I examined them a little. and I found out that they do some throat singing so I'm really excited to hear that and also their description is a Mongolian heavy metal band so I'm really curious how you're going to combine this sound with this throat singing, what kind? from the throat singing that they are doing and combining it with heavy metal music that sounds fun, let's do it, okay, this preparation so far is amazing, I love it, it started with that


friend right away, so I feel like we're really going to playing a lot with that


thing in this song.
the hu wolf totem reaction analysis by vocal coach opera singer
I love that it went from a horse game to a motorcycle game. It felt like this modernization at first. I thought we were going to have a lot more, maybe like a warrior scene or something. the dress looked very traditional I thought, oh, maybe we're setting something in the past or we have a lot of horses writing and then we move on to the motorcycles, what a cool way, not only do I already know the band is going to do something. Great combination of continuous traditional music and heavy metal. They are also doing it in this video.
the hu wolf totem reaction analysis by vocal coach opera singer

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the hu wolf totem reaction analysis by vocal coach opera singer...

I like it a lot. And this instrument is great. What they are using. I saw it in another video recently. I think it was in uh. I want to say swan goose if they were using this uh it's like a violin I almost think it's called I think it was called a horse violin maybe I'm wrong, although correct me below in the comments. I love learning more about various instruments, so please do so. Go ahead and write one or two long paragraphs. Now there has been a big improvement in rhythm and dynamics. Plus, he's getting stronger.
the hu wolf totem reaction analysis by vocal coach opera singer
It's raising my expectations. Guys, let's move on, wait. I need to go back and capture. that transition again I stopped being foreign, okay, I'm going to pause, I needed to hear a little more of that voice before I could talk much about it, this is the kind of throat scene I'm not that familiar with, so you know I'm much more familiar with throat singing which involves overtones and creating different harmonics essentially above a fundamental. This type of throat singing is the one that's really very low and when I've seen people doing it, it's usually men, uh, the same way I've seen a couple of girls and, uh, it seems like to me. if they were using fingerlings, it's really, really, really low, it's like it's really really low down there, I couldn't, I couldn't get that low. and I'm always looking for a girl, uh, it's in that fry register in her voice and it almost sounds like a drone in the way that there's a group of them singing together, all on the same note harmonically, this song isn't really doing much .
the hu wolf totem reaction analysis by vocal coach opera singer
It's just generating a lot of anticipation by being in the same place and it's attracting a lot more attention than this solo instrument that can break up a simpler harmony and also generate a lot of rhythmic energy. It's fun, it makes me nice. about wanting a headbang I'm not going to lie let's go back and catch some more they're just singing the name of the band I think that's what I'm saying I heard them yelling who but I didn't realize I didn't connect that to the name of the band band at the same time I thought it was like a casual syllable uh that's funny this feels like a gang that's about to fight uh it feels very uh very loaded uh and even in the words you see a lot of aggression that's in there too and the way he pronounces his words has so much percussion in his consonants that he is very aggressive with his addiction, which again gives him this added advantage.
I'm really curious where it's going to go um that was definitely something very loud voice down there really very low uh that was great that was so loud I liked it I really liked it um I feel like this is such a good piece as primary it's definitely generating all kinds of energy and for me this music is uh It makes your heart pound and makes you want to dance ah, I love this primal feeling. I want to hear Diana in Kudinova sing with this band. You are fans of her. You know what I mean. I think that primalist and her voice.
She would go incredibly well with them uh I love what they're doing and the way they're playing with the energy. Let's back up a bit to listen to your fry again abroad. I want to give that part. Listening to it again, it sounded like they were playing with some overtones in there over the higher


content, yeah, I don't know if that was intentional, or if there were some overtones in there on purpose, but partly because they're buzzing a lot. in the fundamental tone, like there's a very strong octave, uh, there's a very strong octave that you can write up in harmonics in general, but the higher voice in its sound, like it's playing with that, maybe a little bit, which makes me wonder if they might feature it at some point or maybe they're making a different music video, I don't know horses versus foreign motorcycles, oh okay this I need to take a picture of Jordan there so they keep growing in an E flat that It is under the base. class, that's a low note to sing, I hear that most or many of the guys there are using some fry to reach it, which helps extend the lower range, but I love the addiction they have there too, to sometimes, um, sometimes when. you have a guy who sings very, very softly, a little bit of the addiction wears off and instead his addiction is really aggressive, it's very agile, very progressive to the point where they go to the consonants before holding the vowels quite often , what people usually say you sing.
The vowels and consonants are like cherries on top, but in this case, they are definitely using the consonants a lot more to shape the sound they are going for. I was a little surprised. that they say most of the song in one note, right, I was thinking, okay, this needs to go somewhere else, but I love their momentum. I wouldn't expect to like a song so much in one note, yeah, they had, uh, they had this harmony. a little bit later with the higher voice there and it sounds like he has something on him, like he could do a throat scene that involves the nuances maybe in a different piece.
I would really love to hear that so bluntly. recommendation below, um, but also the overall harmony says that it stays the same all the time and it feels like it's the movement of a song to cheer you up uh, I'm going to go back a little bit to this very end because the thing that made me cringe It was the instrument, the way it slid down, uh, we tend not to put that in traditional Western music that comes from the foundation of European classical theory, we tend not to put slides that are so obvious and unless it's like a very fast one. one that rises or falls like something empty um they're really leaning into that here and to my sensibilities it made me cringe and then go "wow" that's a very visceral sound so I want to do it again oh I love the way I incorporated some natural sounds into them, so the only word I would use to describe this song is primitive.
I was fascinated by the way they created this vibe. I felt like there was a kind of ritual before going to war. I felt very manly but also. I was really impressed that they managed to create that vibe primarily on one note in a way that I'm not particularly used to hearing. Yes, I hear Fry's voice a lot, used mostly as an extension, but the way they continue to use it. Being really in the pocket on the court all the time as a large group is very curious and makes me want to study a lot more about throat singing, so if you have any recommendations for places to study throat singing, please let me know. in the comments below or come say hi sometime in one of the live chats during the premieres on Mondays and Fridays at 8am Arizona time, and also celebrate with me today because we just launched patreon, so if you want get more involved with a community of charismatic voices, I suggest you go and see it.
I'm so excited that it's finally released. There's a lot of fun stuff in there, including a video that's about to premiere right after this one today, so stay tuned and I look forward to seeing it. soon

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