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The History of Terraria (2011 - 2020) - DPadGamer

Dec 24, 2021
so it finally happened on May 16, 2022. Aria received her last major updates called journey's end and what a journey it's been much like the previous two games we saw in the


series has changed a lot since its humble beginnings long ago. in


so i would like to share with you the story of


to do that let's start with a little bit of my own story first so it was early may


and i was like 16 years old the school year was almost over and i was alternating between playing call of duty hey hello spore and world of warcraft on one of those days in early may a friend told me about this new game called terraria or terraria doesnt matter i only had the short gameplay trailer to get by but still i thought it looked pretty cool so i agreed to get the game and play it with my brother and friend.
the history of terraria 2011   2020   dpadgamer
I was chosen to make the purchase, so I made my first Steam account, bought the game, and played a little bit of multiplayer. very funny I should know that at the time, one of my hobbies was creating Let's Plays for a YouTube channel with a horrible name, which is why I have footage of myself playing it on the day it was released. I wasn't very good at live commentary and still am not. The video wasn't much fun to watch let alone listen to but during the intro I had this to say that this game is definitely a lot of fun from what I've seen.
the history of terraria 2011   2020   dpadgamer

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the history of terraria 2011 2020 dpadgamer...

I can not wait. items that you have come to expect trees grass dirt rocks that obnoxious indestructible a guide NPC you could also get the merchants arms dealer nurse demolitionist and Dryad the latter as you may know required you to kill a boss namely Skeletron the eye of Cthulhu or the devourer. of worlds I won't list all the features of the gamepad but as you can see it had enough features to provide hours upon hours of entertainment still a very different experience from what you get these days there was no crimson meat or Walla or even ha The rd mode and everything that came with it also the game was stuck at 4 by 3 resolution the option to resize the window or change the full screen resolution didn't appear for two weeks in 1.0 0.3 speaking on the game about the first month is five different patches, the first one was a day after launch, fixed a crash bug, added some performance tweaks, and fixed a few items, like removing developer-only items that were meant for testing purposes, the second one a week later saw the addition of sticky bombs as well as fixing more bug glitches and a really fun glitch called sand duping something I covered in my video looking at glitches in terraria heading into june we got a 0.3 point which brought the above mentioned resolution fixes a week later it was the fourth patch which blessed the game with a bit of new content on top we have herpes and on in the jungle we have jungle bats jungle slimes piranhas and thieves making it much deadlier than before, oh and all so a new king slime boss on June 23, a little over a month after the game launched, we got even more stuff 71 different things to be precise between them there was a whole new kind of buff potions consumables things like gravitational potions spelunkers obsidian skin more stuff like that to create them we got new kinds of flora and their purpose each even we got some new enemies like the VOD 'men and unsurprisingly the guide voodoo doll', the wall download didn't exist yet so it's one and only purpose. ito was to let the player vent with the guide.
the history of terraria 2011   2020   dpadgamer
There were also 77 different tweaks to the game, some made the game less deadly, such as making devourers and world eaters not chase you and come out of the corruption that others did. Otherwise, like allowing these newly added creepy plant monsters to the jungle to attack through walls, most of the bug fixes weren't that noticeable, though we did lose the ability to use magic missiles to carry falling clumps of sand . tacks oh and i should mention you can now select hardcore as an option when creating a character the next soft patch 36 new items and four new enemies the new features however are much more interesting to me this time there were now three different modes to choose from between soft, medium and hard.
the history of terraria 2011   2020   dpadgamer
Added critical hits as well as damage types. Previously there was only simple damage but now there was ranged melee damage and magic type as well as a trash can slot in inventory an option to loot the whole puzzle oh and quick stat oh and we even got four new ammo slots to help clear out our inventories after the game went quiet in terms of updates for some time, however, that wasn't due to lack of development, let alone because on December 1, 2011 we got one. -point one with this, our blocky worlds were blessed with about 246 new things, I'm talking about the hard mode, the wall of meat and the three mech bosses, along with that we got the holo many relevant items and enemies as well as NPCs like the mage and goblin tinker relevant to that second type, there were now 21 new attachments as well as mods that could be assigned to tools and accessories, and you could also now recruit the mechanic as such to gain access to a ton of mechanical items like plates pressure gauges, timers, wires, etc. can be used for things like activating certain statues, which was helpful because there were now 39 different statues added, oh oh, and there were now four new hard mode armor sets each with three different pieces for the head. allowing you to choose your play style like never before, oh and to help light our paths we got the first two pets in the game, the fairy and the orb of light. as well as some welcome complexity and RPG goodness, in my opinion this was the patch that evolved the game from a pretty good action-adventure sandbox reminiscent of Minecraft into a great game that really and well it stood alone all of that and it wasn't even out of 2011, however the last patch of the year on December 15th was of course Christmas-themed, seeing among other things the addition of adorable new creatures like the snowball snowman gangsta mr . stabby what fun and again the game was quiet in terms of updates for quite some time a year later in March 2013 terraria came to ps3 and xbox 360 which of course introduced a lot more gamers to the game for even longer months after the PC version saw a 1.2 patch, this made the previous 1.1 seem like a small drop in the bucket as this one had over 1,000 new items among which we got 100 new enemies 50 new paints 31 new brick types 29 new tinker combinations 12 new wire types 9 new or types 8 new friendly NPCs 4 new bosses and a partridge in a pear tree this we have the Crimson aka a nice touch of red to occasionally replace the usual sickly purple we've come to expect, as well as a bunch of welcome quality of life tweaks, like letting iron go up to 999, allowing you to have a thousand different ones. ters character in worlds 10 more inventory slots and double chest capacity overall I think this one made the game much more expansive without ruining any of the features that came before it on 25th oct 2013 terraria got its second update from holiday in honor of Halloween which of course included various spooky things like pumpkins in the game's second holiday update.
Santa Claus had a much larger variety of Christmas gifts to sell. this patch increased player perk slots to 22 which as a result fixed a bug - we are maxing out your perk slots could allow you to become invincible thanks to titanium armor which was the last patch of the year but the game broke through on iOS and Android as well as the now forgotten Windows Phone and PS Vita jumping into the new year the next patch we got was 1.2.3 in February 2014 it brought more new features many new pieces of decoration boundary changes both hard and pre-hard modes, as well as many bug fixes and performance optimizations. fisher team missions and of course the boss duke fish run it also brought minecarts with it as well as some items as part of the pixel hack crossover events a game published by reel aaj ik after that it happened a little over a year until we got the next major update as had become something of a tradition, but in november 2014 rory made his way to both ps4 and xbox one at one point three point zero point one basically one point three we got 800 new items, new bosses, events and an expert world mode that provided greater challenge and great rewards among those many new items was a whole new class of melee weapon yo-yos.
I personally never played with these much but it essentially created a whole new class which is great, this patch also included a number of aspherical improvements namely new mini biomes for world spawning underground deserts, revamped liquid imagery and improved NPC graphics Related to the last town, the NPCs have now been completely redone, scene of wedding monsters socializing and now fighting back. against enemies there had features before but now they felt like real characters, the game, at least on PC, now also had achievements, a better character select menu, steam cloud saves and the ability to join games multiplayer via Steam.
Not specifically named in the patch notes meant to be discovered by players themselves, Lord of the Moon was among the new bosses, which of course meant that plenty of other late-game elements were introduced as well. this patch where Kirara reached a total of 3,000 items which is absolutely mind blowing a month after the pr In the previous patch we finally saw Arya coming to Mac OS and Linux and in the following wait for the next patch the game will also be released in 3d s in dec 2015. revisiting and improving the wiring and mechanics so as not to compare them too much, this was quite similar to the minecraft redstone update as the terrariums now had logic gates, logic lamps, logic sensors and liquids, conveyor belts, many other technology related things, I'm too dumb to understand that there was also.
Improved 1800 sprite graphics, as well as inventory sorting, improved keybinding options, and controller support using X input, which is pretty cool after of course it was an effect as well as the game launches on the super-loved Wii U platform on July 20. the game has a patch celebrating Tori's fifth anniversary while the party girl had been around since patch 1.2. This patch added parties as an occasional event, as well as some more fun things like the ball. With festive animals and ants that were released in early September this patch focused on improving deserts and underground deserts instead of just being patches of sand and cacti the desert was given new life because now sandstorms could occur bring with them new loot a new soundtrack and overall more interesting encounters.
The next major update in November was one point three point four, which was a crossover to Dungeon Defenders 2. This added the old army invasion events, which was kind of a dreary kind of tower defense. It was one point three point five. polish by adding professional localizations for eight different languages ​​4k support and options for UI zooming and scaling They also included some new furniture Improved visuals for a lot of things Retro lighting consistency Improved rendering and gameplay at resolutions above 1080p The game had It's come a long way since the days of Forced 4 by 3. The game launched on the air switch in June 2019 and the crop received various patches in its intervening time, but it wasn't until May 16, 2021 that we got our final update now don't get me wrong reel aaj ik wasn't active till now i've avoided talking about anything so let's do it terraria Otherworld ya see if we talk again a bit feb 16 2015 they are illogical Oded a video causing a new game terraria of the world this was going to be a kind of sequel derived from the construction of some terraria s of that game's systems and features, while also including a ton of new stuff, as explained in the description.
It combines the experience of a sandbox game with elements of role-playing and strategy. Terraria of the World explores the Terraria experience in an innovative and unique way. providing a new approach to the open world genre. I think it's fair to say that terraria fans, myself included, weredefinitely interested, if not overwhelmingly excited. I mean, until now the game had become a favorite of many people. under the sun with a huge following spread across many different platforms and countries on May 10 of that same year, they uploaded a trailer made up of gameplay footage that was first shown at the Game Developers Conference just a week earlier. .
It definitely looked like terraria but had a different look. the art style and something about the physics and movement of the character just felt different as you mentioned there were definitely some strategy elements as there was some emphasis on protecting these blue floating crystals held in a couple of different mechanical gadgets as well some defense turrets were used. to fight enemies we've never seen before based on the ratio of likes to dislikes of the video, even today this is received quite positively if you're interested in seeing a longer video reacting to the game announcement made during this time in advance my genius clown friend made a great discussion video on the subject, he also made a follow up video two years later because in april 2018 it was announced that Ari Logic had decided to end development of terraria Otherworld in the release of the terraria forum announcing this news admin loki stated that we know the cancellation of terraria Otherworld will not be happy news for anyone, it is far from a happy time for us when we look at all the time, effort, resources we invested in the project However, we strongly believe that we owe it to our community and loyal customers to uphold the standards they see and expect and ce Let's try to offer the best possible games that we can for all of you. to play no matter what quality is just not something we are willing to compromise on to make a quick buck that refusal to compromise quality for compensation is that much more important because in March


the game was over 30 million sales on all platforms in At the time of writing, just before it had to generate a huge influx of sales, there is the thirteenth best-selling video game of all time.
Hey, the point I was trying to make was that terraria has been very successful, so any title directly connected to it as another world would have been for them to release would also be very successful and therefore very lucrative and despite from that they chose to stay true to their customers their fans and not put out the game they don't fully believe in which i think is a good thing is a really good thing they also said they have all the content they have put out in another world that could make its way into other things like say 1.4 speaking of let's talk about journey's end 1.4 as explained in a forum post back in april this would be an absolute mountain of content first of all there are two game modes new, the trip mode and the master mode, the trip mode is a fresh approach to the usual.
Kind of creative gameplay where you can research and duplicate items, adjust the weather game difficulty, and a bunch of other game mechanics for a bunch of potentially cool stuff. I look forward to seeing what the scientists do with this master mode is meant to be an ultimate challenge that is super punishing and probably impossible to beat. I can't wait to play it. Now you can also play golf, which is pretty cool. wind affecting gameplay as well as immersive activities like sitting on chairs lying down petting animals there are even emotes they have also improved world generation adding new mini biomes and dozens of new biome backgrounds and you can even now create a graveyard biome by having enough headstones close to each other, which is a feature I've wanted for so long.
It's great to see that there are two new bosses. I have no idea where in the progression they are going to be an expansion into the city system. the block swapping mechanic that allows you to replace pre-existing blocks with new ones, including swapping out chests and vanities while keeping inventories intact, that's like not even half of these things l Write it in the changelog, but i would like to point out that there is now official text support built into the game and the mod loader from the previously independent modding support tools team is now coming out on steam as a free DLC for tory and making playing with mods is much easier for new players, as I mentioned at the beginning.
I've been a fan of this game since day one and I'm honored to witness such a wonderful end to this journey now that we're finally at the end of this video, I want to say a huge thank you to my channel members for the support, especially thank you to the pseudonym Christy Country, the player's strange tongues, to thank 199 and Achilles Rhodes for being super fans. to support the channel or just this video be sure to leave a like if you liked it, maybe subscribe for more content from me. I have to edit this video so I can start playing the update as soon as it's available.
See you next time. goodbye you you

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