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The Hammington family's table manners. [The Return of Superman/2018.11.25]

Feb 26, 2022
(Toddling) - I'll let you eat this. / - Watch this. It's not allowed, but I'll let you eat this. The Hammingtons' day begins with a smile from Ben. (Waves to the cameraman.) Look at this. (Sam is putting on a show for William.) (This is fun.) (Bentley lies down as William.) It's all mixed up. (William accidentally steps on Bentley.) - My God. / - No. - He stepped on Ben's arm. / - Kindness. Hey, you have to be careful with the baby. Stop. Arrest! (Whatever evidence comes my way,) (I, Bentley,) (I'll get up like a chubby toy.) It's fascinating that I don't cry. (Bentley doesn't cry.) - My God. / - Are you OK? (Bentley smiles.) - She doesn't cry. / - Well.
the hammington family s table manners the return of superman 2018 11 25
I'll make you something tasty, okay? He plays with the baby. (Laughing) Are you okay? (Dad, I...) (What is Bentley doing?) Bentley. Be careful. Be careful out there. What do you want me to do? (Bentley's blanket is under Sam.) Ben wants that. What do you want me to do? - You have to get it out. / - You don't make sense. What are you talking about? It can be difficult even for an adult. (He focuses on retrieving the blanket from him.) He's working hard back there. That? He succeeded. (It was an arduous task.) What? (William unknowingly takes the blanket.) (William, stop right there.) (I worked very hard to rescue her.) I'm not going to do that.
the hammington family s table manners the return of superman 2018 11 25

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the hammington family s table manners the return of superman 2018 11 25...

What is? (Sam goes to the kitchen to cook.) (What is the menu for the day?) Meanwhile, Sam begins to prepare breakfast. The cooking method is a bit unusual. (William ruefully combs what little hair Ben has.) William, let's eat something tasty. Well! What's wrong with Bentley's hair? What's wrong with it? These are balls. Table tennis balls. - They look alike. / - I know. shouldn't - He opened it! / - This is stressful. (He is self-impressed.) Honey, these are balls. Come here. Bentley has been summoned. He's coming. (Wait, William. I'm coming.) (Look at these.) (What are these?) I'll get them out. (He falls over.) (Fortunately, the eggs are still good.) - Oh, no. / - No, they're still fine.
the hammington family s table manners the return of superman 2018 11 25
This is stressful. Children shut up when they cause trouble. (Unexpectedly they have a touch game.) The touch game has started. OMG. What are they going to do? What are they going to do? They burst. What went off, William? burst. What blew up? OMG. William. (It was like giving a cat a fish.) What are you doing? William, this is food. Eggs need to be cleaned well as they are slippery. I was going to make food that you like. You know what fried eggs are, right? (William is scolded.) This is food. Balls. They are not balls. Move out of the way.
the hammington family s table manners the return of superman 2018 11 25
Wash your hands first. Hold on, hold on OMG. (I'm not done yet.) (Frozen) (They take Bentley to the bathroom.) (Sorry, Dad.) (Staring) Alright. - Sit down. / - Is Bentley feeling bad? - OMG. / - It's a bit like revenge. - Sit down. / - He doesn't cry, though. It will be dangerous if you don't sit down. - Dads are tough. / - I know. (Rubbing) (The unexpected bath ends.) (I changed.) Please, let's eat in the easiest way. (It's not easy raising children.) (Adds eggs and ingredients again.) Shall we shake it? Shake it! Shake it up, shake it up! (Eunpyeong-gu wrestler will help).
Will you punch him? Shall we jump on the couch? Dad, shake it off. What did you say? Dad, shake it off. What did you say? Wait. - What did you say? /-Looks like he swore. What did you just say? (Give me food, dad.) Hello? Hello? It looks like an egg. To watch. This is Ben. They look the same. Watch this. He looks like Ben. It's like cracked eggs. To watch. The color is the same. After much wandering, Sam frys up the egg mixture which he diligently stirred. Sam's omelette is complete in an instant. He even makes tomato paste.
Sam has fast hands. I know. (Sam's breakfast is complete.) (Exclaiming) (Bentley reaches for plate.) (Bentley, we have a nice breakfast today.) Yes, I did. Hey! Stop. (William eats the sauce first because he can't wait.) William, listen. You shouldn't suck your fingers. Now you are older. This is your fork. He is of age to use a fork. That's how it is. However, it is more convenient to use your hands. / - It sure is. What are you doing? He got trapped. He first he takes the food to his mouth. What are you doing? (What's happening?) - What did you do? / - I ate the food.
What did I tell you? You can't use your hands. William usually eats with his hands. A habit that you acquire at the age of three continues until the age of 80. I need to change William's eating habit and teach him how to use cutlery. I'll start teaching him some


. Manners make the man. (Hammington




) What did I tell you? You can't use your hands. - He got stern. / - Understood? (He uses his mouth instead of his.) He Surely he's not using his hands. He is frustrated. Hey! Mind your manners. (Slip) he fell. (Dad, what about my food?) When will Bentley eat?
He is smacking his lips. Let's wait a bit until the food gets cold, shall we? (Bentley's hand doesn't know where to go.) Can you wait three seconds? (What? Three seconds?) (reaching) Wait. (Pausing) Mind your manners. (Sam is stern when it comes to manners.) Wait. I'll let you eat with your hands. You can eat with your hands. (Sad) Instead... We need to eat properly. Wait. Stop. In three, two, one. You can eat now. Eat. eat up (Dad, you almost made me very angry.) - Eat. You can eat. / - He loves hearing that. Eat. What's that? it's pasta.
He is happiest when he eats. (He tastes It first with his tongue.) (Then he nibbles it with his lower teeth.) He Dances automatically. He can't use it very well. (He uses his hand.) What did I tell you? You can't eat with your hands now. (William is struggling today.) He tries to keep his promise to dad. He is cute. - Dad. / - Yeah? (Sam looks at him until he does it himself.) (Struggling) Dad, blow. - Dad, blow on it. / - Well. (Eating good. Well. (Good.) (He refrains from touching the food.) (He blows on it and eats gracefully.) She's tasty.
I'm proud of him. I know. He is doing a good job. (Meanwhile, Bentley) (licks food with food in hand.) - Manners! / - "Manners!" - Manners! / - Learns fast. Honey, mind your manners. (Is he talking about food?) Look. Bentley will learn fast as he watches his brother. He will learn to use a fork fast. Looking is part of education. It's hard, right? You have to do it. we are practicing. It will be very important later in life. What are you doing? (I'm tired now that I'm full.) Does he feel sleepy? (Didn't you forget something, Ben?) He's sleepy, but there's food left. (Come here.) (I haven't forgotten the taste.) Look at your brother. (Looks at Bentley.) Look at your brother.
Look at his face. He's happy. He is so happy. (Happy) Why are you so cute? He is full (I don't regret it). That's why you can't eat with your hands. You are eating with pleasure. Alright? (I'm a big boy now.) Thanks for the food. And you? You're done? (Bentley, are you done yet?) (The thing is...) - Are you going to eat? /-Why did he stand up? (He stands up suddenly as he eats.) Are you going to eat? (pushing) You're shitting, aren't you? (He admits it quickly.) I know. Go ahead and poop. (Sam gives up.) (That feels good!) (Sam goes to clean up.) He was wearing rubber gloves. (Bentley is arrested twice today).
That happens several times a day. That's how it is. (Hanging up) How many times are you bathing? (Isn't that a good way to wash yourself?)

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