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The Hidden Solution to an Odd Problem | Destination Adventure

Apr 18, 2024
new week new project list, although I hope things go much better this week Cs on the fear I have buddy, I'm just curious, have you even considered scrolling through the comments section recently? Mick, you know? I bet they're all handsome too. I have access to the analytics and I can tell you that those comments, almost exclusively from middle-aged men, didn't think it would be sunny today. Mick, we're in, right? because there's a storm The fists are coming and it's about to rain upwards, you know what? But I saw a comment the other day from someone saying we should do something to polish these boxes.
the hidden solution to an odd problem destination adventure
She could be a girl. I'll go get supplies, stupid Mick, we're not going to polish these boxes. When you put them in, it's okay SP on the side, see how big the bubbles are last week we covered a lot of jobs of which only one was unsuccessful and I had my suspicions that of course with the Billet taet cover these grilles crankcase ventilation do not leak. oil, they are literally pouring oil down the side of the engine. I called the manufacturer and explained what was happening and they recommended plugging one port and building a vent line into the other.
the hidden solution to an odd problem destination adventure

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the hidden solution to an odd problem destination adventure...

These ports accept a 12 o-ring connector, so I ordered. some in and my first interpretation of a ventilation system was just 90° up the engine, 90° back and then a drop towards the chassis which seemed to help a little but I was still losing a lot of oil so my second interpretation It was a line that went up to the top of the head and then down to the chassis so I had about a foot and a half of rise before the drain and that actually seemed to make the


worse so I called the manufacturer again today, what they think is What's happening is that the crankcase ventilation here is baffled so it has a mesh like some kind of filter inside and we think that's actually creating more pressure inside the engine instead of letting pressure out, so they recommended just taking out the filter and they are I'm pretty sure that will solve my


, unfortunately this thing is already installed, it's in a really challenging place, but I found that if I take out the starter, at The less I can have a good Vision there, so today's plan is to remove the filter and Let's see if that solves our problem well.
the hidden solution to an odd problem destination adventure
I won't be yet. That location is a nightmare. 3 minutes bleeding everywhere, but this is what we're dealing with. That's what's there for a filter. Just a lot of what it seems. like fiberglass, maybe it's a real shame that this is leaking because the whole issue cover is just one beautiful, quality piece, a little hard to see, but I'm going to try to show you that there's a little peephole down here and they can see back. the vent, so I'm going to put this back in without the filters and then rebuild my vent line. There it is, it's the best view I can get.
the hidden solution to an odd problem destination adventure
You can see I put the plug in the back. that vent line has room to get it up there, so the reason for the 90 is that in theory it can't just blow the oil out, it shouldn't be a concern, there shouldn't be that much pressure there now, so I'll see if that made a difference without the baffles there design-wise. This is back to the original design that was without filters. Everything is ready again to test this baby, but right now it's min-2 outside, so before. we are going to cool the truck with ice, let me explain some of the other projects I did while waiting for parts, I got my trusty GoPro, we are going for a ride, so we covered this on Wednesday, but I installed new lenses on the headlights. new mirrors, this turned out very nice.
Before I just had the original mirrors there and then some convex stick underneath to cover the blind spots. These are fantastic mirrors. It is a jack product with part number 394 9460. They mount directly to the existing hardware of the original ones which turned out very good. I'm happy with the fact that one of the problems I've had in the winter is keeping this 400 amp hour battery full. I mean, 400 amp hours is a ton of power, so I can go with that. weeks in the desert, but then it's just days of running the generator to charge it, so I installed a DC charge controller todc, the switch is here and it has a backup switch, uh, this cable is actually right here, like this that if I'm ever charging and then turn the truck off, it's not only going to drain the truck's battery, which is a key source and trigger cable for the charge controller.
I chose only 20 amps because I don't really like drawing power from the truck even though this diesel engine doesn't need electricity. I just don't like mixing systems, but I really don't know how else to keep that thing fully charged in the tough winter months when I don't have much sunlight. This is where things get super exciting. I have wanted to complete my outdoor kitchen for a long time. I'm very excited about this. I have a small 5 pound procane tank in there and it's set up nicely with cables for me. This is a job I've wanted to do ever since. construction I just haven't had time to get to it but it's still another avenue out of the caravan and of course crabbing season is approaching and the limited dunes inside the caravan are not ideal so to be able to come. out here, I scream and I cook a little bit, I boil whatever is really good and I wanted to have a separate propane bottle for this because I don't want to have the opportunity to use my propane for the refrigerator.
Everything is mounted on these little spacers and it just folds up here beautifully now I also attached a fan in each compartment to try to keep things a little drier this aluminum is known for sweating in there and if I drive for days in the rain I notice it will build up a There's quite a bit of condensation in here, certain compartments aren't that important, but things like the Starlink shouldn't get wet, so everything is ventilated now. I was going to heat it originally, which is why I bought these bus heaters. This was part of my


I heat the camper while driving and dry the boxes, but I don't know if heat is necessary to keep them dry and I decided not to use the bus heaters to heat the camper because this 12 valve damn is nice. He's already cold-blooded so I don't want to rob him of any more warmth because it's already hard enough for him to stay warm when he's - 20 and in the grand scheme of things, I don't know how much we're really going to accomplish. I'll be exploring when it's -30 outside now I think it's time to try this new ventilation system, first things first.
I think we'll just check and see if any flow comes out of that line, well it's definitely venting well, you guys aren't. all the heat here we go, the engine came up to temperature, gave it a little boost, went full throttle, well that's a good sign, just a good amount of steam coming out of there before nothing came out of there and then puddles of oil. I'll make the whole trip to the city just to double check and then let her sit for a while, but I think we've got it figured out fine now. I'm not sure if this is the type of work that would contribute to any kind of performance change, but let me tell you, the truck is running very well.
I also removed the exhaust brake and dismantled everything, cleaned it up so it works great. I feel very optimistic. I have good news and I have some bad news, the good news. I officially found a


to this problem, the bad news is that it was nothing we tried in this video and nothing I tried in the following days, in fact this problem has haunted my life for over a week, luckily It's nothing I did wrong with the head gasket job this is a poorly advertised product straight from the factory. I can't show you how I solved it yet because I had to make some custom parts, but I will explain my diagnosis.
Firstly after finishing the head gasket job I was really worried that the exhaust gases were pressurizing the crankcase so I went ahead and did the new hot torque that everyone was recommending, unfortunately there was no improvement with the problem, but it's good to have done that work. Also, these 12 valve assholes, if you have vacuum leaks, the excess pressure will vent back through the vacuum pump and into the crankcase, so I checked the entire vacuum system and had some minor leaks, but I got it right. brand new 100% sealed with no oil leak improvements, unfortunately the guys at Steel Horse were a great resource in solving this problem because they ran into it again.
They had a factory new 12 valve with this identical top cover and it did the exact same thing, so what we think is happening is that this tapet cover is actually built specifically for a 24 valve, but is marketed for 24 valves and 12 valves because they both bolt on in the same place with the same mounting hardware, the 24 valve vents the crankcase pressure out of the valve covers and the 12 valve vents it out of the taet cover, but with this Billet taet cap looks like the vent is too in or too low or maybe both and the oil is literally splashing out. from the vent hole and then the crankcase pressure pushing it up through the vent system and I think that's why I was seeing it worse with the filter and with the high vent that I built because you're making that excessive pressure so how do you ?
We diagnosed this by literally just removing the oil filler cap, put a rag on top so nothing could get in and I drove for a day with a Gatorade bottle under the truck with the hose in it, not a single drop came out. outside the crankcase vent, so we are building a custom vent system on top of the engine, in addition to leaving the existing vent on the bottom. Now this top cover was a $500 upgrade and I think it might be the right item for someone who is putting big power into an engine or if you have the 24 valve, I really trust the top surface of this product but I can't pull oil everywhere and it's actually too much oil to even do a can style.
I was losing about a liter per 100km of driving so it's something to really think about if you're installing this on a 12 valve and once my parts are in I'll explain how I did my Top Vent. anyway, a little shorter video this week because I got completely sidetracked with this issue I've been having, but at least there's officially light at the end of the tunnel and we should be back on the road here very soon, thanks again. for your patience and thank you for watching everyone

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