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The heartbreaking case of Melissa Platt

Jun 08, 2021
What's up guys? Welcome back to my channel. This is going to be a difficult video. I'm just letting you know that this is the death of Melissa Platt and at this time her cause of death has been determined. The manner of death was labeled undetermined and the


has been closed, but the family and many different people believe that this 31-year-old woman is actually a victim of severe domestic abuse, so I have been working very closely with Michelle, the Melissa's sister. I know you may have seen the coverage. In this


, already in the true criminal community, she is reaching out to everyone she can to raise awareness about our sister's case, not only to hopefully have movement and reopen it, but also to raise awareness about violence domestic and the ways you know. maybe we can help people in our community now, before I dive into this case, I want to literally thank audible for sponsoring today's video days like today.
the heartbreaking case of melissa platt
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the heartbreaking case of melissa platt

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the heartbreaking case of melissa platt...

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the heartbreaking case of melissa platt
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the heartbreaking case of melissa platt
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's sister, and she's been giving me all this information and normally i don't put trigger warnings on my videos because it's true crime and you just get it. that true crime content can be very triggering content no matter what video it is, but in this particular video I want to warn you guys and give you a little warning because I talk a lot about domestic violence in multiple different people.
I will also show very graphic photos that his sister sent me and normally I wouldn't show or delve into this type of information, but I feel like that is the only way to make people really understand the seriousness of this case and why it is so disturbing and honestly It's disturbing that the authorities haven't done anything else and that his case is now closed and has been dismissed completely, so it's important that if you can stomach it, definitely watch and share this where you can, if you don't fully understand it, so I want to quickly describe Melissa through her sister Michelle's words because obviously that's the best way to understand her well and Michelle took the time to write.
You know who Melissa was and the things she remembered. The most I wanted to give you guys, straight from her, straight from her words, Melissa had a great sense of humor and was just silly. I can vividly remember staying up late laughing at random things, she could always make me laugh no matter how depressed I was. At that time I felt that she had a loving and caring nature and I was very aware that she couldn't sing but that would never stop her from singing songs to me and she would make videos of us singing a video of her singing.
Whitney Houston's version of I'll Always Love You and we actually played it at her funeral and I smiled and cried when she played it. She loved children and she always wanted to be a mother and eventually had two daughters. She was very proud of her first job. In addition to being a teenager at McDonald's, where she hosted birthday parties for children, she loved that job and was proud of her work. She was a natural beauty. She was very much in love with Jordan's new kids on the block night. We stayed awake. Spending our bedtime watching horror movies and then having nightmares only to roll over and do the same thing again.
It was great to be around. I miss my sister every day. They ripped a piece of my heart out and it will never heal. If I had had an experience like that. good bond two peas in a pod they would call us she was older than me and very protective she would always give you the shirt off her back if she knew it would help you that's how big her heart was that's the guy What a person Melissa was, she was always there happy, she always made people smile, she was always so generous with everyone to push back further.
She was born on February 3, 1977 in Houston, Texas, to Michael and Marion Mims and had two sisters, Michelle and Maria. and also had a brother, Michael, and spent most of his life in Houston, Texas, at least during his early childhood, he lived there from birth until he was eight years old, when his family moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina, which is an area I am very familiar with. she with her and lived there from the ages of 8 to 12 until she returned to Baytown, Texas, where she lived a lot of life with her family and her siblings, where most of those different events were described.
I saw that she loved going with her. grandmother's house and baked cookies and jumped from the ceiling onto a mattress or slid down the stairs on a piece of cardboard, so she was that reckless and always had fun living life to the fullest, the kind of person her sister mentions in that little excerpt of her she got a job at McDonald's when she was 15, she was in charge of all the birthday parties and, being a kid at heart herself, she had the time of her life at that job and then when she was 16 years. She made a pretty big decision when she returned to Jacksonville, North Carolina, her sister Maria was there at the time with her kids, so Melissa went to live with her and take care of the kids, which meant spending a lot of time playing. and hanging out with his nieces. and nephews, which again was her thing, she loved kids, she loved her family on October 1, 1995, Melissa had her first daughter, Brianna or Brianna, I'm not sure how to pronounce it, and then on October 4 July 2003, she had her second daughter, Chastity I.
I know she was married from 2001 to 2005, but unfortunately that ended in divorce and it seems that towards the end she started struggling with some things. I don't know much about her history during that period of time she lived in Jacksonville. but in 2005 she ended up being convicted of writing worthless checks in 2004 in Onslow County, which is where Jacksonville, North Carolina is, and ended up on probation because of this, but it sounds like you know she was having run-ins with the law , I know that she eventually had problems with alcohol and I also know that her two daughters ended up in someone else's care.
I think she was someone from my father's side of the family. I do not know anything about that. information, so I'm not going to speculate, but it seems like she was really struggling with something at the time, shortly after this divorce in 2005, in 2006, Melissa ended up meeting a man named Joey Tindall, I don't know how old he was. When he met her, I only know that he was a little older than her and they met at an auto parts store in Jacksonville, North Carolina where Melissa worked. I think he was working driving big trucks for contracting companies at the time and they crashed.
In the end, Melissa ended up living with Joey on a single street on Rex Howard Road in Pink Hill, North Carolina, which is like she knows the area, so she tries to describe it the best way she can. It's like a farming town on the outskirts. to jacksonville jacksonville is like the closest bigger city to that maybe you can consider kinston as a bigger city closer to pink hill but a lot of the area where this happened is like east coast farmland of North Carolina, so it's just a bunch of open fields, random houses, and towns with like a traffic light and that's exactly what Pink Hill is.
I think their population is now 511 and it's pretty much unchanged since this happened, so it's a very small area and while this seemed like a new beginning for Melissa, it turned out to be anything but that it was clear from the beginning that the Melissa and Joey's relationship was centered around alcohol and Joey himself supposedly drank a lot of liquor and then he also had the tendency to drink liquor while taking paxil which is an antidepressant and according to what Melissa Mattel family said, he became very violent when he did this and Drinking wasn't just something that started at that time for him, according to interviews I heard with his own children and things I heard from Melissa's family.
A long time ago, he had always had a problem with drinking, he had always had a problem with violence while he was drinking. Melissa normally drank beer, but he tied her into this liquor-drinking lifestyle and I think that, combined with a fighting stance, she seemed to be in the we all know is not a good combination and she started spiraling into this. really dark hole, she was drinking liquor according to different witnesses every day and she realized this was a problem and started talking to her family about how scared she was about the path she was going on and how bad her life was getting. way of drinking and that she felt so out of control and that she felt pressured to drink all the time and then there comes a certain point where it's not your choice anymore, it becomes an addiction and you can't stop, so she was going on that address and she decided to check herself and go to the Onslow County Behavioral Health Clinic in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and I'm not sure exactly how.
She many times she tried to get help for this. I've heard in interviews that this was one of several other attempts, but I was never able to confirm it. All I know is that this time she checked herself in and told her family. She was afraid and she wanted to change, she apparently went back to Texas, once or twice, as I understand it, to try to get clean and live a better life. She often broke up with Joey, it wasn't a healthy relationship. she was toxic, she would end up there and he would bring her back.
You can see this manipulative and abusive cycle already starting to spin if you are someone who has been in an abusive relationship before or are very familiar with it. how they can be right away without me having to say too much. I'm sure you're spotting these little red flags now that I heard her trip to the Onslow County Behavioral Health Clinic didn't last long, from what I understand. is that she was only there for a few days according to family members she herself left shortly after arriving and said it was because of threats from joey according to what


told her family joey told her he would kick her out if she continued going to rehab that he would kick her out if she stopped drinking andthis was nothing new, melissa had confided in her sisters and family several times at this point that this was her thing and that every time she did something like this he wouldn't normally like it if he kicked her out and I mean, not even like If he was going to kick you out, go live somewhere else, she had nowhere else to go, he would literally kick her out of the house and leave her outside to sleep. in the front yard or if a car was unlocked and she was sleeping in the back.
I have read of a case where one time he pushed her towards the front door and locked it, so she tried to find a window to get back in, he pushed her out of that. Also, he had to sleep in the back seat of a car that night and that's how he would keep his control over her since he would kick her out the moment she did something he didn't like because he knew that. he had done something. there are no other options and she would stay when you add addiction to that struggle with alcohol it's a recipe for disaster and that's exactly what this became so apparently Joey came and picked up Melissa from the health clinic from Onslow County, this rehab and the first stop he made was to an ABC store again perpetuating that "you have to drink or you're in trouble" mentality and then he immediately took her home and made her a drink so it's understandable that She felt very isolated and couldn't really do much. to get out of the situation because her family still lived in Texas, it was her only hope at that time for shelter, her only hope at that time for care and he seemed to just be dangling it in front of her with a rope under the conditions in which that she's still an alcoholic, she fights, her family begs her to stay with them when she can, and despite trying to give her options, the manipulation is something that can't be explained unless you've lived it and Joey just had this control. she couldn't get rid of it, so on Wednesday October 8, 2008 things went very wrong.
Melissa's mother, Marion, ended up calling her probation officer, John Murray, because she was very concerned about Melissa's well-being. Melissa was someone who talked to her constantly. family, it seems like they were pretty much her only lifeline while she felt trapped and isolated in this house with Joey in the position he was in, so she stayed in constant contact and they hadn't heard from her in over a week and already It's abnormal that she doesn't call them but they started calling her because of this and they didn't get a response during the day or when they called Joey would answer and he would always have a new excuse as to why Melissa couldn't come. the phone and I mean sometimes we talk several times a night, they call, he always says, oh she can't answer the phone right now, so after a while she really started pushing him and asking him why she can't can. come to the phone this doesn't make sense he just stopped answering the phone completely so her family started leaving voicemails trying to get in touch with her and then shortly after Joey turned off the answering service as well There was absolutely no way to contact her, so they decided they needed to call the probation officer to check on her and make sure everything was okay.
Around 5:17 pm that Wednesday, John Murray arrived at the house and knocked on the door, but he was not there. getting any kind of response and again, I don't think she had a job at the time or at least she wasn't going to and he was very familiar with house calls with her so he knew she was probably in and so was he. I knew she was struggling with some health issues and I don't know the extent of her health issues. I know she had precancerous cells in her cervix. I do know that I think she had problems with something to do with her liver. she just had a few different medical issues and he had also seen her a week before and she clearly wasn't doing well.
She showed up to check with her probation officer and he realized she was very intoxicated and when she breathalyzed him, she blew. 23, so he ended up taking her home and if she had kept up that drinking pattern all that week, he was worried that she was basically lying inside, so he decided to call the lenora county sheriff's office to help him and try to contact her and try to enter the home when the first responding officer arrived. Murray explained the situation, explained how Melissa was doing the last time he saw her, explained her health issues and they decided to go ahead and call Joey because Joey owned her. of the house and they were going to try to see first, if he knew if Melissa was okay, if in fact she was home, they were just worrying for no reason and also to get permission to enter the house.
Joey informed the officers when they called. He told her that they could actually go to the house, but he also told them that she hadn't been well lately, that her drinking had been getting out of control, and that he couldn't take care of her very properly, so he had actually been contacted her mother to try to get her help to try to get her back into rehab, that's what she said, but in this phone call she didn't really indicate that anything serious was going on, just that she had been drinking a lot and she was probably in drunk and passed out, so at that moment the officer and Murray entered the house through the back door and found Melissa in the bedroom wrapped in very thin blankets like sheets and from that moment on practically all the details. in this case she is tremendously disturbing, so again here is his last warning to get out of this video if this is going to bother you.
They made her presence known to Melissa and asked if she needed help, but she was largely unresponsive. Melissa was lying on the floor. On the bed she was trying to move her legs and it seemed like she nodded yes she needed help so the officers immediately called for ems to come for help while they waited for ems they wanted to see more of close up the situation and what they saw was horrible the bed had no sheets at all and melissa seemed to be wrapped up and not even a sheet but like a dust ruffle, it's like she tried to grab what was left on the bed and warm herself, but It only covered the upper part of her body and she was completely naked from the waist down.
She had a shirt on but only her head was through and one of her arms was shaking violently so the officer and John Murray tried to cover her up. They lifted her up as best they could and at that moment they realized that she was covered from head to toe and in bruises and when they looked at the nightstand next to her they saw that she had two different cups placed on the nightstand, one of them had a straw and I think it was like a coke can or some kind of soda can, but it was clearly full of liquor and then the other bottle was filled with a darker substance that was also liquor, so she had just been drinking liquor from a Straw, the The extent of the bruising on Melissa was very severe and it was very clear that they were all in different stages, so it's not like she had just hurt herself and that was like she had almost healed the bruises, the bruises in the middle of healing. fresh bruises and they were so shocked the officer immediately asked if someone hit them like what the hell and according to the officer Melissa indicated that no one had hit her so they asked her how the hell she got all these injuries and apparently she did too I tried to report, not sure what exactly that means, to the officers that she tried to answer the phone and fell hitting her head.
I don't know how well he was able to tell this to the officers because they also said that the entire time If I were there, Melissa wouldn't even open her eyes and she really seemed to be in so much pain that she couldn't even say more than a few staccato words and it was the bare minimum. whisper possible at that moment, Ems arrived and Exactly the same time that Joey Tindall also showed up, EMS noticed upon arrival that they went through the back door like everyone else and upon entering they were hit and I quote a strong smell of possible smoke from cigarette and bodily fluids, so the moment they walked in the door, they were immediately hit by this horrible smell, like someone was just sitting in their own feces and urine and that's exactly what was happening.
They also stated in their notes that when they went to the room where Melissa was, she was unresponsive, they said that if they spoke to her too loudly, she would open her eyes briefly but then immediately close them. The bare mattress she was on and almost most of her body was covered in urine, feces and blood. They also noted that there was very severe bruising, but were a little more specific in their notes. They said she had bruises all over the left side of her face down to her jaw. She had a very bad black eye on the left side of her.
They even saw that there was some blood pooling in her eye. They tried to check the inside of her mouth because her entire jaw was very swollen, but because it was so swollen they couldn't see it well, but they thought they saw that there was some tissue damage, some soft tissue damage, and she also had damage to some of her mouth. his teeth. They also noticed that she had new bruises on the left side of her neck that measured, I think, two by five inches, if I'm not mistaken. I don't know why that measurement stuck in my head, but she has, um, but two by five inches was a big new bruise on the side of her neck.
She also had older bruises along her ribcage, on her upper arms. Old and new bruises covering all of her limbs that they said were too numerous to even attempt to describe, but the worst bruising she had was on her pelvic bones and lower abdominal area. It was a very, very deep, very serious bruise and they also noticed that many of her toes had been broken and had healed on their own at some point. They also noticed that she had a lot of blood that I talked about before, like it was coming from her vaginal area and it was covering the top of her thighs.
They said they weren't sure if this was due to sexual assault, but when you add that to the severe bruising to her pelvic bones and abdominal area, I feel like it's a big indicator of sexual assault, plus the fact that she was found naked . from the waist down and the sheets only covered the top half of her body, it was a horrible scene and one of the first responders in their notes even said it was the worst state they had ever seen someone in, it was clear that Melissa wasn't She got like this in a matter of a few hours and it seemed very strange that Joey said on the phone that he had been having trouble taking care of Melissa, but didn't mention that she was lying naked in a bed being fed. liquor through a straw into her own urine, feces and blood completely unconscious and if he had just left for work that morning there is just no way this was going to happen in a few hours and she had bruises that were fixed again from new bruises to bruises almost healed for them to be over.
He took Joey aside to ask him about this and Joey said that the simple explanation of his black eye, his very swollen jaw, bad teeth, bruises on his neck, bruises on his pelvis, the fact that he couldn't even stand standing, moving your mouth or speaking. It was because she fell a lot, she was a clumsy girl and she drank a lot, so she fell a lot. She said that she had been in and out of bed for the past week since September 29th and that since the day before from that moment on, she had just to be solidly in bed, which would have been from Sunday until that Monday and he also mentioned that there had been some incidents that could explain the severity of his injuries during the past week, so he mentioned to the authorities that at some point that .
Last week he had fallen in the bathroom and I guess he had been trying to poop and it got all over him, he didn't make it to the bathroom and according to him he was cleaning or something and then he fell and got between the toilet and the toilet. bathtub and got stuck there. He also said that at one point and she didn't even have a specific time for this, she actually took the car that was in the front yard possibly drunk and drove and crashed, um, but I have more. He goes into a lot more depth than in the interviews that I'll talk about in a moment, but he had these two different excuses for why these different injuries could have occurred.
He maybe he decided that they would take Melissa right away. At that time, at the Lenora County Hospital, EMS and officers informed Joey that they were taking her there, but he informed them that he was not going to go with her and would instead stay home and I would call the hospital for updates and this. He feels so bad to me, so on the phone when the authorities first come to the house to get permission to enter, Joey says, "Oh yeah, she just drinks a lot, she'sWell, I just can't take care of her very well, you know, but no." It doesn't look like there's any kind of emergency, but at the same time he rushes home when the authorities say they're coming in, he immediately appears like it's an emergency. , but the moment they say it's an emergency and she's seriously injured and it's life-threatening, he's like oh yeah, I won't, I'm not going, I'll stay home and just call for updates, in my opinion it seems a little backwards and knowing that domestic abuse is an accusation in this as someone who has been through domestic abuse as someone who is very aware of what abuse is like him running home like that it sounds like he's trying to make sure he could immediately plant an idea in the officer's head and then once things got serious he backed off again, that's just my personal opinion, that's just my personal speculation from experiences I've personally been through , I may have been worried, I don't know, but since domestic abuse is something that's a big allegation in this.
I'm going to discount that side of the story too, so upon arriving at the hospital they discovered that Melissa had suffered a closed head injury due to trauma and they believed she needed better care that they simply couldn't provide there, so it ended. She being flown to Pitt Memorial Hospital, which is in Greenville, North Carolina, the hospital. At this point I know that an officer went to her and escorted her to the first hospital, but at this point I think she transferred and they didn't follow her, but once, the second hospital really. I took a good look at what was going on here, they called the different officers involved and said she had a pretty serious brain injury, so Lt.
Powell, who was actually one of the first officers to respond, I ended up talking to the Deputy Whitley, who was also one of them. One of the first officers responded to the scene and Officer Whitley was told to go to Pitt Hospital to photograph Melissa's external injuries for further investigation. The hospital staff once she got there ended up informing her that they know that she is very bruised and injured everywhere externally, but the internal injuries are also just astronomical, so they basically raised the alarm that they believed this could be a very serious domestic violence situation.
Deputy Whitley had even noted that when he went to Pitt Memorial Hospital he noticed many more bruises than he had noticed. at home and at the first hospital so all these early descriptions I'm seeing of how they were the craziest injuries ever seen were even worse later on if that tells you and you'll know. see for yourself how serious this woman turned out to be so after the pictures were taken the case ended up being taken on by two detectives detective brayden and detective herring so as the investigation begins into what may have happened to their pitt county memorial, sprang into action and Melissa was immediately given a CT scan which revealed that she had an intracranial hemorrhage that can be caused by physical trauma, which is what the first hospital concluded can be caused by things like a stroke, but in this case it was a serious physical trauma that she also had. a lot of bruising around his jaw because his jaw was broken in two places and they also did an EEG which showed hemispheric dysfunction in his brain which they believed was probably not necessarily related to this, more than likely it was from medication use and then , later during her tests Melissa also ended up developing respiratory failure probably due to her brain injury because the oxygen just wasn't flowing as it should and she also developed tachycardia which means her heart was beating too fast in layman's terms and I basically attributed this to who was terrified by the stress of everything that was happening the next day due to the extent of her head injuries.
Melissa had to have emergency surgery where they performed a frontal craniotomy and while they were performing the surgery they found a second brain bleed that occurred in a previous incident, so guys that's what I'm really hoping for even if you're not very familiar with medical injuries, who understand that it is a big problem to have two separate brain bleeds. separate incidents this is not something that happens by chance this woman suffered many very serious injuries they also found out while she was in the hospital that she had been shot at some point i have seen that she received medical attention for this and in fact she told everyone that she hit herself shot, but I have many family members who say they have seen the trajectory and know more about the injury that I really wasn't able to see and that was inconsistent with her shooting herself and the original story that she She shot herself came from Joey, so something else is up in the air, but the things that this woman went through, guys, the things that Melissa went through, were clearly in very bad shape, but she was in the best of hands. that he might have been in at the time, so the authorities, well, the new detectives at least on the case decided to go interview Joey because, as I understand it, they hadn't spoken to him yet.
They hadn't been to the house either, so they wanted to talk to him to get his side of what was going on and they also wanted him to show them these different places that he says Melissa fell and suffered these injuries, so Joey He explained a little more about it. melissa taking her car that was one of the first conversations they had when I was listening to the interviews she said something like a very open story that she didn't really say when she took the car what she said happened if she even agreed that she took it only that he believed she took his car while intoxicated and crashed it and destroyed most of the driver's side of the vehicle and said she even went to different grocery stores in the area because there was red paint. on the side of her car and he was trying to figure out if maybe she hit a pole somewhere or what exactly happened, but he could never figure it out.
He also said that on the 29th, the day she was bedridden for about a week that something else happened something that he never mentioned to the authorities basically the first time they talked to him he said that that early morning of the 29th I think they were like At 12:31 in the morning he approached and did not feel Melissa there and continued saying that he always woke up when Melissa woke up because she made a lot of noise and moved a lot it always bothered him but despite saying that he always woke up he said that he did not she woke up like that some time and that there were also numerous occasions where he would wake up and she would have fallen in the middle of the floor, he would find her like that, so I don't know if he would wake up or not, he said both ways.
In the way he said he didn't wake up tonight and he realized when he got closer and she wasn't there, so he walked around the house and then he specifically said he walked up to the front porch, turned on the light and then looked and saw to Melissa in the back seat of the car and her head was on the driver's side and then her feet were on the passenger side, so he claimed that when he found her she was not unconscious and she was not. asleep she was just very drunk and completely naked he said she had obviously fallen because the side of her face was very red but she wasn't bleeding or anything like that and he believed she came out there basically drunk and had fallen on the concrete slab of the garage, which was only a few inches and he could have hit the doghouse that's above or below the garage or there's like a metal pole there and then, I guess after he fell, he claims So she then walked to the other side of the car, got in and closed the door and just stood there and I guess this is what started her week-long period of her going in and out of bed again, then a laboratory and that.
By the way, it also happened on Monday, so he then explained the fall in the bathroom that occurred on October 3rd, which was just a few days later. I think it was like a Monday incident and then a Friday incident and then she was hospitalized the following Wednesday. Then he said he came home and saw the bathroom door closed and the water running. I've already told you a little about that and that when he opened the bathtub it was overflowing, he started spilling it and she was putting a pen between them. bathtub and toilet with her shoulder down and it was clear that she had tried to get up and just didn't have the energy to do it because I guess they had some things leaning on the back of the toilet that had fallen and broken so he ended up helping her to get up, cleaning her and putting her on the bed, he said that her chin was red from this fall and that her lip seemed to be a little messy and raw and that she had redness again in her face and In fact, he showed the authorities, from what I've gathered from the interviews, which was only audio, so I'm not 100 sure, but it sounds like you showed them the towels she tried to use to clean.
She said she washed them a lot. A few times she also said that she fell on a plastic trash can as if that's what hit her in the face and she showed them that too and according to Marianne, her mother Joey called her that night about this incident, but she only said that she It fell and he put it down. her in bed and didn't really mention that this was a big deal that had happened twice, that she had fallen and hurt herself that week or that she was badly bruised and hurt, he really downplayed the scenario, which seems to be exactly the same.
The same thing he did when authorities first arrived at the house. Now I definitely have some questions after hearing this information, based on other things I know and the first of which was him saying that, by his own admission, she had been in bed. from the 29th until that time, from Monday of the previous week until the following week, Wednesday, when she was hospitalized, but I also heard that her probation officer saw her the week before she was hospitalized. Now I don't know if it was the Monday before she fell. I don't know anything about it, but he said it was Monday the 29th at one in the morning, so I guess it was early Monday morning as if it had just happened on Monday, so I'm really curious. to find out if John Murray, her probation officer, when he saw her he noticed these, you know, scratches and things all over her face that Joey claimed she had when she fell out of the garage and then if he saw her that week and the only thing he really stood out.
In her mind was how intoxicated she was, that means that in the span of a week or at least the time that had passed since they met, she ended up with this new, gigantic bruise on her neck, a jaw broken in two places, a black eye and So all that happened because of a fall in the bathroom. If she was sitting on the toilet or trying to clean, I can't imagine she fell very far and I'm not sure how she would have broken her jaw, esp. if it was like a complicated situation that she got caught up in pretty quickly, it's just not like that, it doesn't add up and honestly all these interviews bother me too because I know she's innocent until proven guilty but it seems like just talking like friends like the detectives and joey and obviously yeah, you don't want to really intimidate this guy that you think might be involved, you know what happened to her, but you're not his best friend either, um, it seemed that way throughout the interviews the ones that talked like chickens, i mean, they talked to him about the most random things more than melissa and asked him to explain the situation and it also seemed like every time joey came up with something that was questionable or the detectives asked him something that was questionable, one of them veered completely in the other direction it's like the detectives went totally off topic or Joey no, I never got the feeling of wait a minute, what was the The answer to that question on the 17th, Melissa ended up having to have surgery again and at that time they also discovered that she was severely suffering from necrosis, so her brain was simply dying and appearing more and more each day.
I know. After this surgery, she was conscious for a while and was able to talk, but in reality she was still very out of it during her entire hospital stay. Then, in early November, Melissa ended up developing bacterial pneumonia and from there she declined rapidly. At the end of November she had another surgery because they detected hydrocephalus, so she had spinal fluid building up in her brain and they needed to relieve some of that pressure, but her body just wasn't healing. She started having seizures that happened daily and then they went away. from occurring daily to occurring every two minutes and after it was discovered that Melissa was not likely to recover on December 17th, they had to make the very difficult decision her family made to take Melissa'slife support, so at 6:58 pm, after nine long weeks of fighting for her life, Melissa was pronounced dead, authorities had apparently come to the hospital at some point during all of this to do a follow-up interview with Melissa, but They decided to come after one of her surgeries, so clearly she's already going through a lot, there's a lot of trauma, there's surgery, there's medications, so when they asked her questions, she was just ping-ponging all over the place.
She initially said that she believed all of her injuries were due to a car accident and then she changed that. until saying that he had no idea how his injuries occurred and then finally saying that he was just clumsy and fell a lot and maybe that's how all this happened now because he couldn't tell a clear story, the authorities decided that he would come back every time. healed, but unfortunately that did not happen, so Melissa's story was never known to the authorities. An autopsy ended up being performed and, in fact, it was discovered that the closed head injury they initially detected was the cause of her death. and they mentioned in this autopsy that there were scattered bruises of different ages, but also keep in mind that this autopsy is being performed nine weeks after all of this initially happened, so the manner of death ended up being undetermined and I think the fact that So much time had passed that they couldn't say for sure that this wasn't foul play or, you know, due to someone else's actions, because a lot of those indicators would have been cured at that point, but one thing I want to clarify. make very clear even though his manner of death was labeled undetermined is the fact that every piece of paperwork I have ever seen, from EMS police officers to the trauma unit to neurology to every medical expert who put their hands on Melissa, everything says and I quote from her own writings possible abuse and admitted after the assault, so medical professionals in all areas the first thing they thought when they saw her was that she had been beaten to that point and all this time this is So her family was fighting with the authorities to show that they really wanted to charge Joey, but they had basically ignored them within days of her being hospitalized.
His mother, Marian, ended up receiving a very strange anonymous phone call from someone and this person stated that Joey Tyndall had a history of domestic violence against women and that he was always protected and always got his way somehow and they really urged Melissa's family to continue pushing for justice because he was a dangerous man who had to be put to an end. away, so when they looked into it, it opened up a giant, scary can of worms that no one really knew about. So Joey had been married twice before dating Melissa. His first marriage was to a woman named Kathy Adams, but their marriage ended in divorce on September 4, 2001, after Joey pulled a gun on her and her two children, the children corroborated the story to authorities when they were interviewed. and they also explained that Joey frequently physically and mentally abused his mother and that she usually had bruises all over her body.
Kathy I ended up getting an injunction against Tyndall for this assault, but then it ended up being dismissed just six months later, Joey married a woman named Jamie Duff and I've seen her pass away since then. I am not sure of the cause of death. or anything, but at this point it only took seven months for this relationship to go downhill and they got married, I believe, on March 15, 2002. On October 18, Jamie ended up filing and receiving an abuse protection order from Joey domestic because she claimed that in an aggressive, crazy, drunken rage, Joey grabbed her by the hair and threw her against a washer and dryer, then, just as he had done with Kathy in his own two children, threatened her with a gun and then He threw several objects at her before grabbing her again and throwing her. she was out in the dirt, forcing her to seek medical help for her injuries.
All a judge told Joey to do was stay away from her for a week. That's it, a year later, on November 24, 2003, the divorce papers ended up being filed, so we have two. separated women who were in his past who had tried numerous times also according to family members people who knew them Joey's own children on numerous occasions tried to accuse him of stopping him from getting away from him after being threatened by him and basically had no more remedy than just being They shut up and ran as fast as they could, so Joey's children had also been interviewed and I also listened to these interviews and they explained a little more what exactly was going on and the state of abuse that they witnessed towards their own mother and The women who followed her said that her mother, Kathy, usually never went to get medical help after being physically abused by Joey because she was afraid and that, again, is another very common thing with victims of domestic abuse or any abuse victim he was terrified to go to. and asked for help because he didn't want anyone to ask questions because if he said it was Joey, Joey would come back 10 times stronger, so they said, but they did say, that they called the police on numerous occasions when things really came to light. of control, but it was always his word against yours, I mean, these two kids defended their mother, this mother tried to defend herself and the authorities basically told them we didn't catch you doing it so we're not going to press charges. him, so again he got his way, but the only thing that really stood out to me about his interviews is that the authorities asked them, you know, no one in your family asked about your mother's bruises, no friend asked about them and both boys said that.
Yes, people asked about them and our father Joey told them that my mom was just clumsy and she fell a lot. Sounds a little familiar here, he told anyone who asked questions that Kathy was just a very clumsy woman and she fell down. and that's why he had all these bruises and then it got to the point, according to his own children, that he started telling people that she was just clumsy and that she fell a lot and had bruises; It is a


situation and knowing that her and both her children had to witness this and grow up with this and fight for their mother is very disturbing and furthermore this was not the only form of abuse, according to both of her children he would also sexually abuse her. from younger women, even family members.
They said that or at least one of the reasons his and Joey's mother separated was because they had a sleepover one night when one of his children was about 17 years old and there was a friend of theirs who was part of the cluster. She had a sleepover and she woke up with Joey's hand in her pants and that caused quite a commotion. They again tried to fight his father and he ended up basically running away and leaving and were never allowed to return. They also said that there were many times when they were. Growing up you know they heard that he was paying young women for sexual favors like he was forcing them to do it and then one of the sons even woke up after a cousin stayed over and they heard all these noises and they woke up and looked.
He walked over and saw Joey, his dad coming out of the room and his cousin was there with her underwear down and the blanket up and it's just you guys it's a fucking nightmare to know that someone like that can just walk and why when you're like that? As manipulative as it may seem like Joey was and you are so secretive about things and know exactly how to scare people into doing what you want, it is very easy for victims to get trapped in silence and that is why so many abusers turn away. They get away with it and they may seem like great people to others, but man, if you're being manipulated, it feels like a trap you're never going to escape from.
Their children also said that it was very clear that Melissa and Joey's relationship was purely for convenience for both of them. Of them who didn't seem like they were really in love with each other, they had a lot of connection, they just knew that she wanted a place to stay and someone to help take care of her and that he wanted a new one, a new one. basically she was younger, she was beautiful and he wanted to be able to show her off and have someone to manipulate, that was apparently what he liked to do the most.
I also heard that one of his sons, I guess, stayed with Melissa and Joey for a while. a month or two and they had once witnessed some physical abuse, but they witnessed mental abuse almost daily. They said that in one particular case, Joey walked up to Melissa and pretended with his hands that he was pointing a gun at her head and cocked her and shot her and then laughed and mocked her basically knowing that he was pointing a gun at her. his two previous wives and that he was joking about shooting Melissa in the back of the head and then she ended up getting shot and told everyone about it, as well as Joey. she told everyone she did it when it came to melissa being hospitalized apparently joey told her two children a completely different story they asked her where melissa went when she was no longer there i know one child was closer to joey than the other but He told them that she had been drinking one day and that she was getting out of control with her drinking and she pretty much told everyone about it and according to her blood alcohol level, I can totally see that, but He told them that she was back home from work. one day and found Melissa lying on the concrete slab of her garage and she had split her head open and was bleeding, he said that's where he drew the line and decided to put her in rehab and that's where she was now, apparently they went and he told her this to her mom, who had unfortunately gone through abuse from this man, so she was like, hell no, there's something else going on here, and she made some calls herself and found out that Melissa was in the hospital, but also keep in mind tells what he said happened.
It sounds a lot like one of the stories he told the police, except with very different details, he told his children that he came home from work and found her in the garage bleeding with her head split open, but he told the girls authorities that when he found her in the garage she was inside the car and this happened in the middle of the night and that she was not bleeding. Her children also said they didn't even know she had been in the hospital the whole time. He just completely ignored the issue and I found out from someone else a couple of days before he died that he was in fact still there and Joey was just ignoring what was happening now, unfortunately the authorities just didn't want to press charges, he They told the family they wouldn't do it. even giving into something like neglect, which is what the family was initially really trying to push because joey had clearly left the morning they found melissa, left her in a state where she was covered in days of fecal matter, urine and blood and clearly couldn't move couldn't talk without responding left her like that now apparently told authorities initially she didn't call 9-1-1 because she didn't want to go to the hospital she had already been in the hospital long enough to he was refusing medical help, which unfortunately legally we have the right to deny medical care, so I understand that, but the problem is that he also later changed his story and said he didn't call 9-1-1 because he called them so many times. times before like they've been called to the house so many times before that he didn't think they were going to come and that's literally the opposite of how it works no matter how many times they have to come to your house. house it's his job to show up so not only was he contradicting the reasons why he didn't get your help but he's also stating reasons that don't make any sense at all so they're really pushing this negligence like I said and he seems lo have been avoiding according to the authorities and they also said that the main reason they couldn't charge him with neglect is because he was taking care of her, he was giving her drinks and he was feeding her because according to Joey, the day before. she was found in the house in the state she was in, he found her this delicious meatloaf dinner and everything was great, however, I personally questioned how the hell he fed her a meatloaf dinner when they broke it jaw in two places, unless that happened maybe that morning.
And if so, how the hell did it happen? And I also have no idea what it's considered to give someone liquor through a straw, give them something to drink, and take care of them, especially since he claims so many different times in his interviews, all from start to finish. that he was doing everything he could to help Melissa put her on a better path, to get her to stop drinking, um, to take care of her, if you're trying so hard to take care of them and get them on a better path, you're not going to do it. . feed them liquor through a straw like it's a coke can, you just aren't, so the family was devastated.
Michelle said that she specifically remembers asking one of theDetectives, you know, why can't we charge him with negligence? and he said, "Oh, we." he took care of her, fed her and watered her and just walked away from the family and I can't imagine the kind of pain that would bring, but the biggest problem I have with this is that the authorities seemed so uncaring and uncaring. In this regard, I want to make it very clear that, being from North Carolina, I know a lot about the laws here and I know that there is no duty to rescue the law in North Carolina and, in reality, there is no duty to rescue the law and in most places. a lot of places have a good samaritan law which is somewhat similar to what we don't have here, so you're not legally obligated to save someone's life and it's actually a very slippery slope and interesting if you like different laws and you understand them. one that I really suggest many of you look into because while morally I think we should all feel obligated to save someone, the problem is that sometimes we are not professionals and don't have the means to save someone and it doesn't matter. what our intentions are, we can cause more harm than good and in fact there are more laws and states that protect people from that exact scenario so that they don't try to help someone and end up making it worse because we are just doing the best we can, but that's a lot.
The reason why a lot of states don't have these laws, you know, the Good Samaritan duty to rescue, because it can actually lead the person who's trying to help someone into legal trouble that no one wants because usually, everything is based on wanting to help and do good. intentions but from what I'm investigating I'm not a lawyer the closest I think they could come to accusing him of negligence is simply his lack of action when she was clearly in a state where she needed help but either way From a point of view From a legal standpoint, I've seen that there's really no way he can be charged with anything unless it's completely proven that he was the one who inflicted these injuries and I'm not sure how they would prove that other than him admitting it. or if she admitted it directly to the police, which we'll talk about in a minute, or if he maybe just let her die in that bed and didn't report it or something, I feel like she died. in that bed, the authorities probably would have gotten the kick in the butt they needed, like there was something wrong here that indicates more domestic violence, but because they found her as she was and took her to the hospital, I feel like he was. has given her a way out, this should show you what kind of broken legal system we have and to make it even worse, when Melissa was in the hospital, one of the times she was aware of her family saying, Look, Melissa, did someone hurt?
You like me? Did someone do this to you because you fell? This doesn't make any sense and she said yes, she said that someone did do it to her and when they asked her if it was Joey, she got a horrified look on her face and wouldn't answer, but it was very clear to them that it was and She was too afraid to say it. Now that the authorities were notified of this, they were told that Melissa admitted to the family that someone did hurt her and that was why she was in the state she was in. was in but unfortunately that is considered a rumor because it didn't come directly from melissa to the authorities and she never directly said it was joey to the family or the authorities but the fact that it was this third party and it wasn't very specific I considered it a rumor and I hate it because that's how the laws work, that doesn't mean I agree with them or that I morally believe that or that I think it's right, but unfortunately I think that's why the authorities had to do what they didn't do.
I really have a choice. There are laws that the authorities are subject to. There is due process and as much as it makes you want to scream in this case, I think that's why things didn't move forward. The dad apparently also told his mom about it at one point. point that they strongly believed Joy was responsible and they just didn't have enough to prove it and again, as much as this sucks, due process, the laws they are subject to, I'm not sure what evidence would be needed to file charges against Joey because from what we're seeing it could be considered circumstantial evidence basically because we have his injuries, but when someone says it's a fall and you know injuries happen from falls and when you drink alcohol, the situation can escalate, you know?
I don't know any way other than talking to medical professionals to say if a fall could cause that or if it has to be abuse, but what bothers me is that we have so many medical professionals in this particular circumstance. that that raised the alarm that he said this looks like abuse, um, so I'm not sure if it's just because the medical examiner who performed his autopsy didn't see things right away, um, I have no idea, and also it sucks because he has this. story, but while it makes it more plausible, it was domestic violence. I also don't know if that's enough to help prove beyond a reasonable doubt to jurors that this happened because of him and that's why this sucks so much, because I feel that way.
It's just the typical way abuse situations play out: the victim is so afraid that they remain silent until it's too late and then, at this point, they are manipulated into basically saying exactly what the abuser wants them to say, for example. what is contradicted. what the truth may be through their own words and that goes against them, manipulation is something very scary and I feel that the authorities say over and over again that no, that they do not have enough evidence, that they did not have, that they did not have. I don't have that, I really wonder if they even tried to get any of the evidence that was necessary because, from what I've heard in the interviews that I've seen, I don't see how you can look at this woman and her injuries and see the Joey. story, I don't understand how you can listen to his own son talk about him pointing a gun at them and his mother, um, about him pretending to shoot Melissa in the back of the head.
No, I don't understand how you can listen. the fact that he convinced other women's families that she was just a clumsy person and fell a lot and that's where the bruises come from, how can you hear all that and see it all and then casually go talk about this man, talk to this man about chickens, which is exactly what they talked about most of the time in the interviews. I just don't understand how you get from point a to point b and it seems like in the beginning there was so much momentum that they could have rushed and pushed towards interviewing doctors more in depth putting their opinions in writing talking to ex wives talking to family members you know questioning joey more seriously and i feel like they just didn't just didn't do what they could have done that maybe they would have done led them to the evidence that they needed to get justice for melissa and hopefully prevent anyone else from coming to harm and I know the prosecutor said, I think in 2016, they investigated it again and they still couldn't file any charges.
He said they investigated any subsequent criminal behavior and there was none. I don't know how that indicates he's a good person. He could easily continue abusing people and they are simply too afraid to report it. That does not mean anything. I also know that they contacted Roy Cooper about this and from what I understand there was no response from him either. It's upsetting that her family had been in town months earlier in June to see her, they were with her when she had been drinking and she didn't fall. Everywhere so many people didn't see her fall and the only place the accusation and that claim comes from is from Joey and you know, I know she said it herself a few times, but again, she usually said it was first for another reason or reasons. and there is a strong possibility that she was pressured to say this by Joey and that is even more possible with the fact that he had used this excuse for other women who had reported abuse by him to the Law several times before, not I can tell if Joey is responsible or not because he also said that he was having a hard time with her and taking care of her and that she was drinking a lot.
We know this because she lost a 0.23, so I guess yeah, maybe there's a chance that he just couldn't take care of her and just let her do whatever she ended up doing because at the end of the day she's responsible for her own. actions, we have as personal responsibility. but why didn't he intervene to ask her for help if she claimed that the authorities cared so much about her? Why didn't she just say, forget the fact that you don't want to go to the hospital, you can't move, let's get it? You can help? Why was he so intent from the beginning on immediately saying that she falls, she's falling, she drinks a lot, she's just suspicious and then with this story you get where I'm going?
I've said it a million times in this video. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of pain, frustration and helplessness that Melissa's family has felt since this happened because being from North Carolina and knowing that this is how bad it was for someone to end up in a hospital like this is the level of injury. someone had had it and is connected to someone with a history of abuse and they said yes she fell and everyone accepted that it's just embarrassing and devastating and very dangerous for all the other people from that moment on who suffered domestic violence or any type of abuse because this simply sets the tone for what is okay and what will be accepted and what will be overlooked.
I saw on the Facebook page that in November they were trying to raise funds through a gofundme to pay for a private investigator. I'm going to donate to this gofundme. I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this video to the gofundme. I highly recommend you guys do it too because this family has literally fought on their own, there is absolutely no media coverage about this because from the moment he said she fell, it was just accepted, she fell and no one questioned it except the family and the previous wives and their families. On the Facebook page you can see all kinds of comments about other families involved that they witnessed previous abuse by him, so you can't get it. virtually any information online.
I will also leave you information below. I'm going to put the number so you know the domestic abuse hotline or any type of abuse hotline. I can find places where you can donate. Help people like this feel like they have a safe place to reach out. There is a place called I've talked about it on my channel before. We recently talked about it on the crime after crime podcast. John Lord and I and it's a very important resource for those who are victims of abuse, there is a way to teach you how to make sure you delete your entire history so that your abuser can't figure out that you visited their website or possibly called them there .
There are so many things that are beneficial for those who are struggling with abuse and to help them get out of it safely. I know that even taking that step is a scary thing and can be overwhelming and that's why this is a cycle for those. Of you who want to comment below, well if this was abuse it was a problem why didn't it go away? You can literally leave my channel because I've had enough of dealing with that kind of reaction in my comments section if it were that easy this wouldn't be a problem now right?
So please watch for the red flags and those around you find ways that you can help donate or perhaps offer your time to these different abuse and domestic abuse hotlines. I really hope this private investigator is beneficial to the family. I hope that raising this type of awareness about this case is beneficial to the family. Share this everywhere. I know many of you are from North Carolina, so send this to Roy Cooper. Instagram through Twitter, wherever they can email you, make sure you get this information so maybe you can take action. I know I'm just a small person, but you, it's me and you, like an entire army, can do something for these victims.
Now is a good time for you to act and help me make a difference in that regard. Guys, I'm going to move on and thank you so much, first of all, to Michelle for trusting me with Melissa's story and trusting me to understand it. This information means a lot to me. Also thank you to each and every one of you who help me spread this information and also who took the time to listen to this video, but on that note I'm going to Keep going guys if you haven't hit the subscribe button below yet so you can become part of Helen's fans and hopefully we can bring you home together or do you justice together and I'll see you in my next one. goodbye video

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