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The Garry's Mod Iceberg EXPLAINED

Jan 14, 2022
love gary's mod even though the game is not as popular as it used to be there is still a ton of things you can do in this game surprisingly this is thanks to the ever expanding steam workshop and countless community servers of mountain still going be it sandbox treble and terrace town or dark rp there is something for everyone in this game heck to this day people still use gmod for things like videos animations and banners but have you ever did you stop and think about some of gmod's weirder or more disturbing secrets as well as its history, maybe even thought about gmod lore, no well let me tell you anyway lately these actual


explainer videos of the game have exploded all over the internet, so I thought I'd offer my opinion on one of these images.
the garry s mod iceberg explained
I was wondering if there was a gmod


chart and it turns out there are four of them, but this particular one feels more complete compared to the others, no offense so I'll stay put. playing around with this one if you don't know how these graphics work, basically the topics at the top of the iceberg are well known and in most cases common knowledge while the topics at the bottom of the iceberg are more obscure, abstract and sometimes more disturbing now with that explanation out of the way let's get started let's go through all the entries in this iceberg starting from the top and working our way lower and lower until we reach the depths below voila let's do this build gm let's start with a classic if you played or watched old gmod videos then you know about the default sandbox map that comes with the game gm build the map contains all the essentials needed to build or test addons such as a large open field, a large body of water, skyscrapers a mirror and creepy dark rooms, there is also this white room that can change its appearance with the use of the color tool color, which is fine now, this map has been around since the beginning of gmod and has been working. ugh, lots of drastic updates up to gmod version 13.
the garry s mod iceberg explained

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the garry s mod iceberg explained...

I could go on and on about previous versions of the build, but I don't want this video to be any longer than it already is, so in the description I'm going to link to a video made by sir key, who does a great job of explaining the changes made to the build with each update and how it got to where it is today. spawn menu added in version 5 and going through a lot of changes since then, the spawn menu can be opened by holding q or pressing f1 on it will allow you to spawn various things like accessories, ragdolls, weapons, entities, npcs , vehicles and deception.
the garry s mod iceberg explained
You can also adjust post processing effects and load saves on the side. utilities used to clean things up with a single click or make configuration changes on the fly sandbox is pretty much the default game mode of gmod that will allow you to build or spawn anything you want there's not much more I can say about this entry bouncy balls in the fun game plus entity section there are these bouncy balls that you can spawn into that come in many different colors and sizes they do what they suggest they bounce but not just that if you walk up to one and press e you can eat it and get health back from si this doesn't make much sense but whatever machinima if you've been on youtube long enough then you'll remember this channel when it was active machinima was a youtube channel that showed lots of different trailers and videos created by different content creators. of them being alright machinimas you might remember some of the many old gmod videos that came from the channel i used to watch as a kid unfortunately the channel was shut down in early 2019 and all videos were set to private press f dark rp dark rp is an RPG mode found on many servers.
the garry s mod iceberg explained
It's supposed to reflect real life, but most of the time it turns into another crazy thing, even if at the exact moment you think about breaking one of the admin rules. he'll grab you with his fizz gun and ban citizens from having guns huh admins aren't supposed to suck dick other than that i can't say anything more about it v for no clip pretty self explanatory just press v to activate no clip why this specific key was chosen to be the default binding i have no idea problems in terrace town ttt is an integrated game mode where a group of players spawn on a map with randomly spawned weapons after the cooldown period ends setup Players are assigned either an innocent detective or a traitor.
Innocents usually search for suspected traitors or defend themselves until the round is over. The main objective of the detective is to find clues about who the traitor is when they search for the bodies of the players who were killed. they can find out more about what happened to them as well as who they last saw before they died and finally there are the traitors. The main objective of the traitors is to kill all the innocents and detectives in the m. ap while trying to blend in with others and not draw suspicion basically this gamemode was among us before among us was even a thing. father grigory is an animal. when i first saw this i was confused maybe gary can mistake an extang listing gregory as an animal well no chances it was completely intentional if you played the whole ravenholm chapter in half-life 2 then you know father gregory is a little crazy hey Spending most of your life inside a zombie infested city can really help you lose textures pretty simple if you don't have the required game or custom textures for a given map then you'll see These pink and black checkered textures will appear everywhere on the map, indicating that textures are missing, so the map will not appear as a supported skinning gun.
This is a custom weapon that comes with the game. It's basically a smg that shoots skinner shots which if you don't know are projectiles that are fired by the hunter enemy in Half-Life 2 episode 2. If you don't have episode 2 mounted in the game then the game won't give you access to the content weapon css over 50 maps in the workshop and servers require the game's counter-strike source to display correctly if you don't have that game right then be prepared to see a lot of missing textures and bug signals annabelle father gregory wields a double barreled shotgun called annabelle though you can't normally use a normal Half-Life 2 gameplay so what if the player ends up picking it up right?
Once you grab it, the view model will show up as a normal shotgun from half-life 2. it doesn't act at all like apparently, this thing uses bullet shots if it just leaves a bullet hole, plus it has absolutely no recoil , apart from those three things, it works on top of the same manhattan gun, another custom weapon built into the game, although this one is a bit more rand om the manhattan gun is a normal half life 2 gun that shoots manhacks with the click of a mouse, the manhattan auto-welds itself to each surface and prop 2. that's not all though if you press the right mouse button it will fire a Roller mine, yeah it's a bit random but I think I know what inspired Gary to do this weapon and it involves a certain version of gmod in 2004.
You'll see what I mean once we go down the secret iceberg room in gm. build, actually there are secrets in both gmat 12 version of build and modern build. I'll go over the modern one first if you duck under this path near the bunker and head towards the rightmost wall next to the lambda symbol you'll find. this small room containing two sofas, a sink and a doll sitting on top of a table, there are posters and graffiti covering the walls as well, there is also a large poster representing the people who helped build version 13. Now let's back up a version build version 12, if you don't go up to the stairs near the building you start in, you will find this room with stretched textures along with two posters on each side containing credits that are also coming to your house tonight. it says it can disable npcs and prevent them from moving or attacking you, there are actually two versions of this command but both are the same, the only real difference is that one of them can be activated on the fly without opening the passphrase from the menu pause if you type block switch in end game chat you will unlock the secret phrase achievement.
I don't know what Gary was smoking for him to think of the achievement line from him, but either way, this is a very easy achievement to unlock once you know it. the word yes makes me wonder how long this phrase went unnoticed though zombie survival one of the oldest game modes zombie survival allows you to control either a human or different types of zombies. The main objective of the human is to survive well, usually you have to find a place to establish a base and stay there defend yourself with your group until the round is over the main objective of a zombie is of course to kill the humans you can choose between lots of different zombies you can play as each with their own unique abilities overall the game was pretty fun and i had some great memories with it dupes dupes short for duplications is a tab in the spawn menu that allows you to spawn on any creation made by the community these cheats usually contain buildings, scenes, vehicles, machines, poses and more, if you want to save your own duplicate, right click on what you want to save with the duplicate tool and then click click save duplicate under the duplicate tab.
Any duplicates you want to implement can be easily spawned using the pretty neat tool gun npc tf2 ghost this one is a bit strange judging by the name you would think it would spawn the ghost enemy from Team Fortress 2 but instead it spawns mossmen which just they will walk in a random direction before saying crazy i guess you should go with alex then he will get up and scream before running in a panic, he will run to a random point on the map before returning to his normal state thus repeating the process again. it can also be killed with a single hit.
This npc is supposed to demonstrate how nexbot npcs work and if nexbots work on the map you are playing it can be found in the nexbot npcs section but why is it called npc tf2 ghost even though apparently it could be? it has something to do with the npc being used in the same system as the ghost from tf2 but i could also be wrong according to early reports when this npc was first added he was not only found in the tf2 section of npcs but a Sometimes it would clip walls and start flying at low altitude, apparently players couldn't get rid of it either, even with admin reset.
Intended by the wires team, this plugin allows you to make advanced widgets using wire entities and tools provided by the mod. There are a lot of things you can do with this plugin and some people have gotten very creative with it, but other than that, not much. one other thing i can say about this entry if you want to check out the cable mod then you can find it in the steam workshop the meaning of bing bag in the early days of gmod players have to set their name wherever they want in the final settings of the game if they don't, their default name will show as meme bag.
The term bag of memes soon became a slur for gamers who are incompetent and don't understand the game at all. actively trying to screw up or crash a server, they are also often depicted by a model bent over in t-pose with a gravity gun at his waist according to


's mod wiki. bags hive mind mean bags miku clones and weenie mean bags the term finally died somewhere in 2008 when steam and gmod updates forced players to use their steam name as their display name therefore meaning that the bag was no longer a ride. Did you know that you can walk slowly? by holding down the alt key, yeah I don't know what the purpose of this is and often completely forget about it, but it's there. weapons assault rifles heavy weapons and specialties you may have good memories with these addons including myself you may have used them in a shootout with your friends or used the davy crockett to kill everyone on the server today in day though with more and more gun packs coming out as well as addons like customizable weaponry and m9k guns are not as popular as they used to be but they still hold a very special place in our hearts the toy box before the toy box was introduced steam workshop for r gmod was toybox toybox was very similar to the workshop where any user with a valid copy of gmod can download any plugin from the menu with ease as well as load their own plugins was launched around July 29 2010 and was closed when gmod 13 was released in the workshop because most of the box pluginsToys have been repaired and reloaded in the workshop, but it is highly likely that some of the add-ons are now missing.
It was a bit unfortunate to see it disappear when I was younger, especially since I had a lot of fun playing with the different types of plugins created by the community, although I can see why Gary had to somewhat redundantly shut it down to have both. toy box and workshop for g mod model cheaple I tried to search for this exact name in the spawnless menu and found nothing. However, there are two models with the word cheaple attached. There is Police Cheaple which is a low poly version of the metropolitan police. enemy with extremely crooked physics and male Cheeble a low poly, low resolution version of the male citizen he's a bit creepy if you ask me anyway this might be what the entry is referring to as the cheap model doesn't get me will give no result. servers connected to a gamemode which causes it to increment to the top of the server list here in this screenshot you can see a couple of them ddos ​​is illegal you know server list gmod awesome sucks period dash wind percentages dash question mark yes None of these game modes are actually game modes.
It is also worth noting. Look how many servers are running ttt and rp game modes. Now compare them to how many servers are running fake gamemodes. Much less, but they have more. players in bone editor if you ever want to create hideous demonspawn abominations then this is a tool for you hold c and right click on the npc you want to edit click edit bones then you will enter the bone editor there you can click any bone on the npc and you can move or rotate it however you want once you are done making your demon spawn you can exit the bone editor awesome g mod m core try one if you ever want a boost in fps so here is a quick tip open your console and type gmod m core try one that will allow the game to use multiple cores on your cpu increasing your fps gm big city uploaded in 2009 by bigwig gm big city is exactly what it says it is a great city ​​while it's fun to explore and play in it with some friends there are a handful of easter eggs on this map that you might not know some of them lead you to a hidden room while others are quite creepy here are two of them hmm there is also this easter egg involving a gnome inside a secret room, you can find the entrance to the secret room near the edge of the map and if you go in and break this part of the wall, you'll find the gnome grabbing it, causing it to yell for help and punching it.
Make him scream. There are also some player reports that the map is haunted, but I didn't find anything to prove that, so move and dance. If you enter this into the console, your character will dance. sure why these are hidden in the console, however if you don't want to use the console every time you want your character to perform an action you can either find it or use a plugin that will allow you to do it on the fly conspiracy maps both loaded in 2010 by megalomania build conspiracy and flat grass conspiracy are two maps that follow the same formula below the map there is a series of tunnels containing a bunch of strange rooms including a security room armory lab and mk ultra chamber according to the description these underground areas are where Gary monitors the player.
I doubt that's what the race really thinks, although we're not really constantly looking at construction or flat grass. Correct. Clockwork mechanism. Another rp game mode. But the difference between this and the dark rp is that this one is serious. don't kid yourself otherwise it's an insta band and apparently it also costs real money to host your own clockwork rp server so yes Gary will be joining the servers before 2018 there would be a chance he won't. Probably, but there is a chance that Gary Newman, the creator of Gary's mod, will join a server if you were on the same server he was on then you would unlock the achievement.
Yes, I'm the real Gary. If you go for all the achievements, then good luck. trying to get this last chance to get this achievement was 4th march 2018 and gary stopped playing gmod almost completely after that only in rare circumstances does he start the game again it's even rarer if he joins a server and even then there is a very likely you won't be able to get in due to the server's player limit. In general, don't be surprised if he never gets this achievement in his life sweep build kit. This utility plugin allows programmers to create various weapons. designs without making a new model from scratch you can really do some cool stuff with it once you know how to use it if you ever wanted to create a custom weapon without spending most of your time modeling the design then you might like this a dd- on gmod tower gmod tower is a game mode and server developed by pixel tail games with its first release in 2009 in it you can find a theater arcade casino and various shops to buy accessories for your player and suite there are also various ports for the game modes that you and your friends can unite in, there are many things you can do in gmod tower, although on april 8, 2016 it was closed with its successor, tower unite launched in possession of early access accessories if you hold c and you right click a prop you can click drive and then you can control the prop with your mind anyway, in this state you can move the prop where want even across the floor when you're done you can press edex on this police state virus this entry refers to a virus that spread across many servers in 2014 this virus exploited a weakness in the file transfer engine origin and was able to automatically download to a person's computer without the actual computer being attached to a server that is not infected with the virus, then its code would be uploaded to the server and spread to other people's computers and then the cycle would be would repeat, a player infected with the virus would forcibly change their steam name to find the solution and make the player cough spam in chat every 10 seconds, a main coughing sound in-game all the time was also not destructive to your PC, but it was quite annoying, luckily the exploit was fixed very quickly before any more damage. could be made so now we don't have to deal with a police virus ever again oh dammit expression 2 explodes a quick google search gave me different results so im going to check them out.
All these vulnerabilities are as follows. the whole server obscures everyone's vision aimbot with wall hack and probably the team is one of them showing the whole server with different bright colors there may be more but those are the only four i found online malicious workshop plugins from time to time when uploading a plugin with malicious coding inside the lua file in the workshop, the loader can also update their plugin to have malicious coding after it has been downloaded and tested by the player this can also be used for backdoor servers, albeit with how rare it is, and how quickly admins remove potentially harmful files, this is highly unlikely to affect you, just stay away from the latest plugins section and you should be good. rp bane clause underground creature on the rp baneclaw map there is a dark underground system with a very creepy vibe much creepier than an rp map has any right to be also very easy to miss anyway players report seeing a creature on these underground tunnels there are a few too or I guess a report from a player seeing something above ground as well although that seems to be on more rare occasions to add more fuel to the fire the map creator says he an added something in the underground system .
However, these reports are probably false and the creator of the map is probably just trolling us to back it up with the fact that there is no video proof and statements from people saying they didn't see anything and yes this is likely false. but it wouldn't be a review video without my own research, so I not only explored the entire system myself, but also decompiled the bsb file for the map so I could open it up, hammer it out, and extract all the custom files for the map. I didn't find anything the only notable thing I found is that creepy ambient music will play in the background which is weird but that's probably not what the iceberg is referring to so gm shambles shambles is a themed map from zombie apocalypse made by farto magikatron.
Good name for this map. its own sets of mysteries with people saying it's haunted and as before i found nothing not even the older version of this map had anything though there is one issue worth noting if your towing Put this well near the edge of the map and jump you will find this dammit i tried to tell everyone that gnomes were the root of all evil and y'all didn't believe me in fact you all laughed and made fun of me. guess who's laughing now huh fizz maps if you search the workshop you will find a whole subset of maps with destructible buildings you can destroy them yourself or use one of the main buttons provided on the map it's a lot of fun destroy these buildings and watch them fall apart but apart Other than that, there's not much else I can say about these maps being flush according to the valve software wiki.
This command empties and reloads the lods. its singleplayer fps vibe have you ever noticed that when you're alone in singleplayer you get this unnerving feeling that just doesn't leave you feeling like you're not really alone on some map that you're playing as you? you will hear traffic and sirens in the background and sometimes even people talking but find no one, some older maps even use the dystopian environment of Half-Life 2 in their background, usually in normal Half gameplay -Life 2 doesn't notice the environment as you are always in the middle of the action, but having it loop in the background of a seemingly normal map is unpleasant, actually the environment on most of these maps is always so unpleasant , but it really doesn't. you get the same feeling when playing with other people, if you want a better explanation of this I recommend you watch this video of the librarian source machines, ok I'll be honest I have no idea what this entry is referring to, I might be talking about the source engine or you could be talking about the various maps and machine duplicate tools found in the shop but I couldn't find anything specifically called source machines if you have any idea what this entry might be referring to, Let me know in the comments tf2 freaks if you remember the early days of gmod animations then you will remember these guys the tf2 freaks there are too many freaks and monsters to list so to keep it short I will just list some of the more well known ones. some penis cupcake vagineer c-man and christian brutal sniper again there are many more i can list here so if you want to look them all up yourself then there is a whole wiki dedicated to tf2 freaks dead game modes if you go to the server list and Scroll down and you'll find a bunch of empty servers that had little to no player traffic for a while, but are still up and running for some reason.
This could be the case of a child using his parent's credit. card to pay to get your server up and then forgetting to shut down said server once people stopped coming, this results in the empty landscape of what used to be a thriving server a bit unsettling to explore backdoors and servers community there have been many cases of servers having a backdoor, this commonly happens when loaders update their plugins have the ability for backdoor servers to run them as I mentioned above. There have been several occasions where backdoors have been discovered in plugins, but the two most infamous cases would have to be that I know the drugs mod and g-bombs five if you run your own server and want to be sure then I recommend looking carefully at the files. lua of the plugin you want to add first before extracting the file gma extracting the file means it won't update automatically, so if the loader updates the lua files of plugins to have backdoor capabilities, you're most likely right. they spawn fine while others spawn as an effect instead of a model for some reason you can also spawn on arms yes normal polygons shader gmod has an anti-hacking measure where if you try to cast a copy gmod illegal, the following message will appear unable to shape normal polygons followed by the user's steam id, although this is not an actual error message that a normal game will encounter, this was for the sole purpose ofidentify pirates and boy did it work alot pirates who found this message flooded the facepunch forum hoping to find some answer to fix it what followed was many bands as well as a little reminder that hacking is illegal I remember this all too well now and I'm sure many of you watching make it too before there was a workshop or even toy box gamers would have to go to the

garry site to download a plugin they want to use then they would have than manually dragging the file to the plugin. ons to be able to play around with, while I'm glad we now have a much easier way to install plugins, I still have very fond memories of this site, even if I and many other people stopped using it once the workshop came out, but ya you know whats up rd and kinda mind blowing this site is still to this day like what gm construct suits any game mode while you can play game modes like ttt prop hunt assassin and dark rp on construct, they will all quickly become bland after six or seven The minute build was mostly intended for the sandbox so moving on to the reason behind the male popularity 07 take a second to look at this face who does it remind you of?
John Freeman Gary's mod version from December 27, 2004 also known as gmod 2 this version is very different compared to what we have now first of all when you load into the main menu you can't even get into the game for what you will need to use the console to load into a map when you load it will appear in the first build version we discussed earlier on the top right there are instructions on how to use the weapon you are currently using we have the fizz gun that looks like a gun normal gravity though something just doesn't feel right with this version of the fizz gun besides the spawning ce, maybe it's because grabbing items with it makes the item bounce too much for precise locations, the fizz gun isn't the only weapon which is different compared to the final build, we have the super Gravity Gun which replaces the normal gravity gun.
The pistol's primary fire connects a manhack to an object and its secondary fire fires a scanner. Instead, it looks familiar. adjust the window with right mouse button too and yes I don't have a player model, crossbow is also a tool in this build, primary mouse clicking on two different targets will connect the rope to each other and secondary mouse clicking will weld two objects together and finally the rpg instead of launching rockets launches objects based on what is currently selected in the list pressing r will allow you to switch between objects so if you ever wanted a rapid fire baby launcher , go crazy and that's it no build menu no just flat grass a map builds although yeah it's really hard and not much to do it would be one of the starting steps for what would eventually become the mod g which everyone knows today finally a gray one this has become something of a meme in the gmod community this entry refers to a gray ball that has a very very rare chance to spawn if ever This time spawns will unlock the secret achievement called Finally a Gray One, that's what would happen if that were true, but it's not.
There is no overlay in the bouncy balls lua file which suggests that it would spawn a ball with a gray color variant and even if you were to force it, you would not get the achievement. g-man virus around 2009-2010 there were reports of a virus spreading in gmod supposedly through plugins known as g-man virus there are varying reports of what exactly happens to your computer if it is affected by the virus but this is the most common if your computer gets infected with the virus then whenever you start gmod your whole screen will be covered with g-man face when you start to hear a long loud screeching sound you will not be able to move your mouse like it will get stuck at the top ri If you try to force close the game with alt f4 or task manager, you will get a message saying that the virus will open various virus and porn sites and keep opening them until your PC crashes like if you doubt this. its actually real to one there is no real proof of this g-man virus no photos or videos or anything at least with the car virus it was well documented here we are supposed to believe a couple of forum posts unless you see more evidence of the existence of this virus i will call it a hoax sb omen v2 artifacts this map was released in 2013 by user victor k and in it you can fly into space and explore different planets the main objective of this map however is to collect four different artifacts , each one is located on the following planet: Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. up into the sky what follows next is this so go congratulations you have reached the end of the universe thanks for playing not just king you can exit this door once you reach this room not really you'll be stuck here forever signal map anomalies the envq the map renders a texture of the surrounding area and creates a reflection that matches the area you're in, at least that's what it's supposed to do because according to various reports, players have had issues with cube maps, either because they are blindingly white showing missing purple and black textures. or showing the wrong reflections entirely why this is further down the iceberg.
I have no idea it could be referring to something else entirely, but I found nothing on the crow's tracks. really weird behaviors if you spawn them, for example if you spawn them in a building they will all fly to this corner of the building and keep jumping on a Y on top they love this corner for some reason spawning them on top of this skyscraper doesn't help either , it's like they're having a hard time deciding which pillar to stand on by looking at the air nodes you can see. it's fully mapped so I'm guessing the bird npcs are just silly weapon icons they're fonts, if you go into the game files and go to the resources folder you'll find the font file this entry refers to named Half -Life 2.
Kind of an odd design choice for the source games to use a font of all things to display a weapon icon, but if it works then it works with black figures in singleplayer. or Downtown v2 or Big City but on any map spoiler alert most of these are from rp downtown v2. Yeah, I couldn't find any forum posts from players saying they saw these numbers. of them being recorded at t lowest possible settings and no non existent fps let's be real all these videos are fake most of these sightings are a black colored npc or if someone's friend acting as a ghost prevented us from seeing them on back then, in fact, I didn't.
I found them quite creepy and funny, just like many others escaped the box. This is an old entity plugin that dates back to when the toy box was still in business. The object of the game is to escape the box, except you can't. anyway it's not a normal medium because every time you break a box more and more spawns create an endless fight, it was actually a lot of fun back then so Shaymin never got poor in the workshop even though the tracks of murder tell a story, I'm assuming you mean a theory that the location of each clue and the murder have some sort of backstory, ok I can't find anything on this one also it's also not really specified which map it is or what story it's trying to tell so i don't know this could very well be the case for people who read too much into stuff if they consider random clue locations real knowledge if you have any ideas as to what this might be referring to please let me know at the comments because i legitimately have nothing for this coal sighting like the other cyan entries on this iceberg this one focuses on the supposed counters with the paranormal this time with the model reproduc coal ctor.
I found this post and that's it. I'm pretty sure it's just a player going crazy over another player having a carbon player model a way to access the toy box while there is a way to restore and play most of the addons from the box of old toys There is no way to access the actual cloud toy box site as it was shut down years ago. GM Flat Grass was the original GM build. There is a rumor that the first version of gm construct later became gm flat grass now, unless Gary decides to post the development history of him on both maps.
We'll never know if this is actually true or not, but it's good to think about connection compatibility. Did you know that you can use Xbox 360 Connect in Gary's mod? It's always so amazing. to me because you would think it would be one of the few things that wouldn't work in this game however it works anyway once you have it all hooked up and you have the drivers downloaded hold c and right click on the dummy of rag that you want to control. in control with motion sensor and you should be good you need me at the end of half-life 2 spoilers btw after you destroy the dark energy reactor the brain says his last words andy this is in half-life 2 whats with this ? to do with g-mod well glad you asked dear viewer the reason i mentioned half life 2 is because that same voice clip is used in this video also called you need a note al margin, what the hell is that thing? billboard in 2015 this video was uploaded by cr izzle angleton or mostly known as craig it shows him using a glitch to exit lobby 2 in gmod tower when he exits he finds this mysterious billboard near this corner when he pressed e the game loaded on a new map what he found next was a twisted version of the regular gmod tower suites with very ominous ambient music playing in the background and faces flashing on screen when you enter a room within a suite see the shadow of a dark figure projected on the wall turning the corner and fraps fail disappointing now there is some speculation if this is real or not most people first dismiss this video as a hoax due to players going out of bounds and not They find no billboard, however, counterarguments claim that the billboard was there for a short while before the admins removed it. ran.
Here's a screenshot of the same billboard from a different angle. The actual answer is complicated. There was supposed to be an event call. led the streamer into an interactive based short horror movie where players had to make decisions throughout the movie by voting, the movie would have also featured various puzzles for the player to solve and unlock the secrets of the story of background, though it would have been pretty cool if it had finished. sadly it wasn't in this masaki forum post he pretty much reveals everything in terms of what happened to the event and why it got canceled at this point you might be thinking to yourself ok but why was there a hidden billboard out of balance? led you to parts of a movie surely this would have been more of a secret secret enough for some random guy to run into a glitch well what if i told you craig was actually in on the whole thing when the lobby 2 started masaki? leaving hints for the next movie for people both in the lobby and on the form to find this is probably what led to the creation of this video i want more proof well let's go to your channel and there are only two videos and they are both a bit based on horror if you ask me if craig was just a normal gamer who came across this easter egg then why would he just leave his channel?
Why would he leave his viewers in the dark and never? give them an update on how convenient the accident was right before the reveal of the alleged hanging body. in the post so we know the backstory of the video and probably know the motivation behind whoever uploaded it so one last question remains if the billboard was really there for a brief moment then what would actually happen if someone interacted with the? well nothing it was just a prop sorry gmod is a dreamscape in this post asking people to come up with some kind of gmod related backstory reddit user gudek came up with two theories the second is what we will focus on, he describes that every time you play. gary's mod, you're actually entering a lucid dream of a steam player known as gary where he uses items like the fizz gun or tool gun to control his dreams however he wants each time you spawn an item that also gives scary to conjure up every time you subscribe to a new plugin, that scary scene said the plugin is a new idea inhis head, and so on, although I think it's a bit silly to think of a backstory for a sandbox game, it's a cool theory to think of meaty this entry refers to some dark kind of creepy pasta rumor of a creature that inhabits the dark room of the build known as fleshy you may have never heard of this rumor because it originated and is mostly talked about in the Russian side of gmod anyway at first the media is passive just watching the player from a distance however is there a way to trigger a midi to make it aggressive if you kill a series of npcs in a specific order you will see shadows in the pond once you see these shadows then you will know you have done everything properly head into the dark room and you will come face to face with fleshy, quickly followed by reports of death differing on what fleshy actually looks like, some say it is humanoid while others say it looks like a supernatural entity while I think this is all quite interesting it's obviously fake, in fact it's pretty well known in the Russian community by now that this isn't real and has become something of an inside joke regardless that I have always been a fan of reading about foreign games. myths and this one is no different the truth about single player do you really want to know ok you're not really alone since version 2 you were never alone those conspiracy maps those are actually recreations of what the loader actually saw garrett isn't quite gmod he just said it as an excuse to spy on more players underground those black figures the meaty coals those are just people who found out the truth and are now stuck in the game the call virus wa It's just a warning from a trapped player who knew how to time travel you know the toybox was closed for a reason a link to the source code and everyone would notice and you know i was actually wrong about plugins not being dangerous . all of them and i mean all of them are hiring a player inside of them as well as something that will track your every move the ravens they're on so are the gnomes those damn gnomes and the vibe you hear in the real background the noises not the audio files anyway back on track the truth about single player it was all a front they are always monitoring you every time you play single player everyone its data is transferred to the source machine, now that i got everything out it may not be alive. much longer after the release of this video if you hear this stop playing single player or there is no truth about single player and i'm just having a mental breakdown over nothing and that's all covered in the iceberg it took a lot longer time than i expected but i would say it was worth it plus i learned a lot of interesting things from this iceberg which is good although as you saw there were some entries on this iceberg i just couldn't find any info on once again if Do you have any information on those entries please let me know in the comments section plus there's a very good chance I've messed up a few things in this video so if I did please let me know where I went wrong if the lawsuit is sufficiently popular.
I'll do an update video covering things I missed or messed up, as well as some entries I think should have been on the iceberg. It's fun making this video and I hope you enjoyed it too and as always I'll see you next time.

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