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The Greatest Submission Artist – Gordon Ryan

May 13, 2024
Okay, Gordon, five World Championship gold medals, 54 straight wins and a record


rate. Gordon Ryan personifies total mastery in the science of limb reorganization. He is striking. Excellence on the mat took professional grappling to a level never seen before. one touch 11 seconds it's time to take a closer look at how the Iron Dragon came to be known as the king and


Jujitsu practitioner on the planet as an anaconda and gets the introduction Gordon Ryan Gordon Ryan was born in 1995 in Monroe New Jersey, At the age of 15, the lanky teenager put on his first ghee and soon befriended Gary Tonan, an up-and-coming brown belt who took the newcomer under his wing and decided to dedicate his life to jiu jitsu.
the greatest submission artist gordon ryan
Leaving his job as a garbage collector and focusing entirely on his athletic career, 20-year-old Ryan joined the Henzo Gracie Academy in New York, where a team of promising talents gathered in a small basement under the leadership of John Danaher, a Ph.D. and martial arts fan best known to MMA fans. As coach of George St-Pierre, John's intention was to revolutionize the world of nogi grappling with his innovative leg lock system. Ryan was one of the first to join Danaher's infamous death squad, a group of students who implemented the mentor's ambitious plans on the mats after the fact.
the greatest submission artist gordon ryan

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the greatest submission artist gordon ryan...

A splash into the colored belts and a good start is a black belt in 2016. Ryan first captured the public's attention at Eddie Bravo Invitational 4. Even at that early stage, his propensity for using the inside foot position was evident , so it makes a difference that it wears down Brian's leg punching passing guard also worth noting a nice little pass there when the enemy gets in a leg tackle Gordon immediately gets the underhook and takes out the magician. I'm going for an inverted triangle that catches the backers, but uh blocks the defending arm ended up holding on and secures the rear naked choke Gordon Ryan trying to finish it Jason Flynn has made another constant feature of his game to this day the shoulder crunch sumigaishi AKA the butterfly sweep I can sign the boot oh cute Sweet and mastery of the leg tangles here, but Ryan is still trying to isolate that right leg when he misses a heel hook attempt, there's that Hill hook again .
the greatest submission artist gordon ryan
Ryan immediately switches to a well-positioned knee bar. Gordon has that knee bar opens up the opponent's figure four block now that he's in position he's in the position he wants and forces the touch there he's next here I've got him there he's Gordon Ryan Gordon's defensive skills came into play in the semi-finals against former world champion Yuri Samoish despite a painful face Crush never lost his composure in pain he is grimacing but let's read his hips and escaped danger voice he never raised nor let go once he had Yuri Ryan's back he neutralized one of the opponent's arms immediately and made the vet give up this joke for a long time wow the Russian Bear Rustam Chasiav managed to defend himself from the prospect's attacks in regulation time.
the greatest submission artist gordon ryan
He is a great parrot. Good takedown. He attempted a Hail Mary ankle lock at the last second. Oh Russian, trying to do it here in regulation and managed to shake Gordon off his back in overtime. trying to crown a champion in ebi 60 absolute the young Prodigy readjusted he snatched his neck on the second attempt oh he's in oh he's in oh wow he didn't line up with Apton's bar he escaped to get out Victorious absolute champion Ryan closed his first year in black belt with a match against Felipe Peña nicknamed pegisa for being lazy for being slow as a child the Brazilian became a formidable coach who subdued big names like Lucas Barbosa and Marcus Ryan wasted no time and launched a direct attack on Senkaku cross your hook, ended with his huge Philippe doing the right thing, but the opponent cleared the knee line and placed an ex-guard.
The walls will keep going, the referee won't stop it. Felipe's balance allowed him to block sweeps. a good grip on that arm, now he can use it for a straight armbar and close counter leg tangles, but then the kind Gordon would find the keys to the Brazilian's defense to extend the leg, there it is, but his ashigurami setup Favorite intern meant more deep problems. there, but now a good transition from Philippe, he tried again the internal relief of sankako and again here we go, however, stubbornness finally came to bite him in a good way. Peña grabbed Ryan's open back looking to transfer him back to close the body triangle and he like the body triangle and snatched the victory in the 43rd minute.
There the foundations of their rivalry were laid and then the King, still made of cardboard, He undertook the conquest of the royal throne. The Abu Dhabi Combat Club or ADCC for short, is the


wrestling Olympics where the world's most dangerous limb harvesters gather once every two years; many still considered Gordon a one-dimensional foot player and questioned his chances in a rules set that incentivizes takedowns and top control entering the 88-kilogram division. Ryan faced Dylan Danis in the first round. Today, Danis is primarily known for his friendship with Conor McGregor and his strange behavior both in person and on social media, but in 2017 he was still considered a talented athlete with a world championship gold medal at brown belt a despite a promising start and apart from a couple. of exchanges of catches, the game was not dynamic and ended with a decision in favor of Gordon, who rose in category.
Danaher's Protege faced a legend of the sport. Homolo Bahal. The Brazilian had been racing at the highest level for over 10 years and won gold in 80cc for four years. before, but Gap experience was not a factor, Ryan fired a single, the pipe slid around the guard took the foreign back and decapitated the adversary. In cold blood he was picked up by another gentle hegemon of the art and two-time ADCC champion, Shandi Hibero, Gordon dragged him with his arm. He immediately sought to restore Mount using a Kimura and threatened the opponent's legs without success although the surrender was not achieved the judges had no doubt who won the only obstacle that separated Gordon from the throne was his old acquaintance Keenan Cornelius Ryan immediately made his intentions were clear as Andre Galvao attempted to warn his student to always prevent Cornelius from recklessly changing levels and ending up on the scaffolding once a strong grip was secured.
Ryan rolled back into mount and quickly forced Gordon Ryan to the village. Long live the king! 80cc World Championship cess addict Gordon appeared in the absolute division in the first match, he faced Roberto Abreu with surprising ease, just 90 seconds into the formidable cyborg he fell into a familiar trap that they kept at the top and decided not to bite the bullet leg. the aforementioned Craig Jones was the next victim, the contest between two new wave knee breakers was resolved with a strong pressure of old school Jiu Jitsu to force the half guard, then he passed the quantity and applied the trusty triangle of the arm, the semifinal opponent, Muhammad Ali of Brazil, did not.
He learned from the mistakes of his teammates and shared their unenviable destiny and thus the long-awaited rematch against Felipe Peña approached. Regisa had suffered a regrettable defeat in the final of the 99 kilos, he entered the senior team and strangled the great bucheche himself in the semis. After 10 minutes of springing into a standing position, Gordon finally landed a single-leg takedown, however getting around the Brazilian's defense proved to be a non-trivial task, oh he did it. Felipe slowed down the enemy's offensive with 50 50 guards and the bear trap. He seems to have it in the bear trap and when the frustrated Ryan pulled the ace out of his sleeve within the same conquest position, he got it.
Lightning struck the same place for the second time, took his back exactly, closed the body triangle, an incredible attack, and smiled. until the end, although Beat Again by his archenemy, the American caused a sensation with his first appearance on the main stage, a gold medal and a silver went to New Jersey, oh man, today, shortly after the triumphant coronation, with With a bitter taste, Gordon returned to Eddie. Bravo Invitational as a dominant force after ending 2017 on a high note against Yuri Samoes up with 18 seconds left. The following May, Ryan ran afoul of Jujitsu and MMA veteran Vinnie Magalesh, known for his Mr Fantastic-level plasticity.
Vinnie left openly and tries to break his legs and came out on top in strategically important exchanges and eventually won on points, the loss lit a fire under Gordon, he unleashed his fury at the Pan American Championships and took gold in the 97 kilo division and the absolutely poor Max Jiménez had to play the rear naked. Drowning twice in a span of hours was Kainan Duarte, a student of Andre Galvao. The talented Brazilian threatened with a guillotine, searched from behind and fired with a kick, but in the end he achieved nothing once up in guard, the American teleported behind Kainan's back.
In an elegant move, the finishing touch was only a matter of time, not long after Gordon stepped in as a late replacement to participate in a quintet, a team event hosted by Kazushi Sakuraba. According to the format, the winner remains on the mat to face the next member. the opposing team, in case of a tie, both athletes leave the mat and their comrades replace them on the number one ground in the first fight, the king almost caused an earthquake by sweeping former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett, he eloquently slid into a side control that's like and mounted. the giant, uh, people like to use sometimes just the explosive escape attempt only made things worse, he turned his back without much resistance and politely asked for some fresh air after a short rest after drawing against the champion ryzen Roberto Satoshi Gordon faced Craig Jones once again.
The Australian who fired the first shot was essential for those who immediately went for the guillotine. The target lost freeing his head. Gordon reciprocated to the end, we moved forward to take the destroyed objective. An incredible distraction. Don't wait for Gordon Ryan and finally the king took veter. the hibero arm as a trophy these are the fighters both in the four places in a great position to finish this arm extending his arms in victory for Gordon Ryan the dominance on this night continues ironically there were still people who doubted Ryan's ability to win on a traditional ruleset with a points system and no heel hooks to refute those talks, the American participated in the ibjf world championship, the result is two more manners, two manners and a couple of fun moments for remember.
Walmart knock off. Mark Hunt played a punching bag. motion-based passes, yes, pressure-based passes, effortless backpedaling and the King's Mercy at the end and here's the cyborg Abreu in his preparation for Dana White's slap that resulted in a disqualification. Fasten your seatbelt. 2019 80cc ahead. Gordon was far from his best entering the biggest event. At the end of the season a debilitating stomach illness caused constant nausea and shortly before the tournament he suffered a broken hand, but at the last moment he decided not to retire and moved up to the 99 kilo division. Ben Hodgkinson impressed with a tornado sweep, it's really good, butterfly, yeah, he's sure using his fight to, like you know, get his and hit him to strangle him, as you can see that little face right on the nose, it's over , that is submission.
Jim Spriggs stayed on the mat a little longer. has a defense yet he made it to the date with Morpheus, however, he comes out on top Gordon Ryan subdues Tim Spriggs Otto's representative, Lucas Barbossa, with a nickname that is self-explanatory, Hulk preferred a pushing competition with the feet and wouldn't get involved in the ground when it came. to life only in overtime. Good royal journey there, but he got nothing in return as he couldn't keep the king down long enough. Bob tries to pick him up and returns. Gordon, noticeably cooler. Ryan dragged him down in a front headlock.
He has an absolutely modified arm. Agility broke Hulk's stance and inserted the hooks to get three points. Look at the neck. Now you have to watch the neck if you're the Hulk. However, you ran out of time to seal the deal. Gordon's experience helped him surpass Gordon's performance in the final against Vinicius. Ferreira was textbook, an effortless knee strike, a knee strike again, a knee strike again, unbearable pressure from the top position leading to an easy guard pass, a cold-blooded attack from behind , but Gordon takes the opportunity to create asymmetrytrapping the opponent's arm, this is it and proceeds to merciless oxygen deprivation.
He is a great yes in all the mortal glory of him, he is, but the king would not be on the throne if he were afraid of challenges. The open weight. The conquest began with an external hook on the heel against Pedro Mourinho. Beautiful submission. Gordon Ryan on Pedro Marino. The quarterfinals against Gary. Toden was a difficult challenge mentally, he is difficult to perform against teammates, let alone against a mentor and an old friend, plus the lion slayer was as well versed in leg locks as Gordon himself and was revered for his aggressive submission-oriented style, he was no stranger to scrapping.
With older kids, we don't know each other's styles like the back of their hands either, the brothers in arms jumped into it right away. New Jersey Ryan countered a step-back attempt. I would see it and then you know, according to Gary's Protege to set the hooks. and advance to the semifinals by pressing with that single arm he achieves submission one step from the end Gordon crossed paths with Lachlan Giles the Australian ACL Menace created a sensation by disfiguring the knees of giants such as Kainan Duarte and Patrick Gaudio, however, the best Danhurst students are immune to such tricks, he cut down a skillful defense when the opportunity came.
Ryan went on the offensive mounted the rival and completed the task at hand now he goes straight to punching the face. You got it. Gordon Ryan gets the submission. Only one obstacle separated Gordon. the coveted Throne of the absolute division Hurdle's name was Marcus Almeida, one of the


Jiu Jitsu practitioners of all time, a physical specimen with feline dexterity. One girl promised to be the toughest test of Ryan's career in our lifetime, which is often the case when two geniuses clash his abilities. they neutralized each other Ryan was a slightly more aggressive sweep from here to there goes wow and more solid defensively a negative point for passivity became decisive the open weight target that had treacherously slipped out of his hands two years earlier now it belonged to Ryan only one peak remained he did not win a super fight with the big bad wolf Andre Galvao to diversify the diet consisting of the best that Jujitsu had to offer.
Gordon participated in a series of fights against big names and other combat sports. First up in this fun race was the infamous UFC veteran. and the best friend of the traumatologist, Russo Mar palharis, throws Ryan and timed the opponent's attempts to pull the deep half guard, considering staying lower and easily took the back in the first minute, looks for that foot immediately, but gives the back just to spend. the remaining 14 going for the neck from a dominant position were unable to defend, but Russo Mar's head was apparently stuck directly to his chest, so Gordon had to be content with a decision win in December 2019, the challenge was accepted for Bo Nickel, a star of American Collegiate Wrestling, who is now a hot prospect in the ultimate promotion, competing in traditional takedowns, was a plan designed to fail, so Ryan turned to Connie Basami, aka the scissors takedown he's using to take him down, however, Nick managed to escape in the end, he said, "screw it." and he took the bait down there, I didn't know it was poisoned a triangle there's the triangle there it's going to be here I think it's going to end it's trying to hit oh yeah wow only five days later Gordon returned to the quintet for a showdown against the boa constrictor of UFC Alexi Alainik happened exactly as you would expect, there he is, above all, say hello to king Gordon Ryan, the match against another UFC veteran, Gabriel Gonzaga, followed a similar script after having a social media fight with another.
College wrestling standout Pat Downey Gordon agreed to have two matches, one wrestling and one with a grappling rule set as expected. Downey mastered the element of him and decided to show him off limits immediately. Shucks gets behind him and tries to pass. You'll get two for that, two for that, so that'll be nine. He passes again and one for Tech Fall, but once the submissions came into play, he was completely out of reach for three heavy quarters. Here you will get a second hook. and touched the pressure on his neck will look to put Downy back on the mat again will take the hit here Ryan was confused as to what happened the middle power melting that was not a submission during the pandemic Gordon never stopped honing his skills despite the obstacles, perseverance paid off as soon as the flow wrestling promotion resumed activity, the New Jersey native returned with a winning streak over highly ranked opponents, arms broken, dangerous pressure on the shoulder, there it is, there it is the end losing position. extended, that is a very simple domain was not enough and the King came up with a new idea entering the stage against Wagner Horsesha Gordon held an envelope in his hands gave it to the commentators and told them to open it after the match while everyone was perplexed by this stratagem.
The arrogant innovator was taking his time to torture his counterpart as he moved towards this. The tough Wagner spoke backwards started yesterday, but arrogance and toughness don't help against a reverse triangle. The top view of this has a triangle attack here. In the post-match interview, Gordon surprised the community by announcing his retirement from the competition. The stomach illness that had tormented him for a long time became incompatible with normal. training process so I had recurring staph infections in 2018. I was on oral antibiotics and they just cleared out everything that was in my stomach but it ended up being a massive yeast overgrowth in my small intestine and a huge bacterial imbalance and then H .pylori, which I partially had.
I took a leave, I guess I like to retire from wrestling for a year because I couldn't even function as a human being, nevermind, I couldn't even hold the conversation. I was so nauseous all the time during the treatment and the subsequent return took almost a year. The accused prospect's couch Jacob volunteered to ruin the king's party. Hardly a successful undertaking in retrospect, after 13 minutes of pain and humiliation. There he has what he wants. Here now, the isolated couch took advantage of unbearable top pressure and high exhaustion. against the finns there this time the envelope contained a message instead of a prediction it will be interesting in july 2021 it became known that danaher's death squad had split the members did not elaborate on the specific reasons that led to the rumors Gordon and Geary remained loyal to their mentor, however, Craig Jones and Nick Rodriguez, who joined the team, later opened their own gym and went from comrades to rivals in August 2022.
Gordon and Penna faced off again this time in a submission fight without a time limit on the day of At the Big Event, the public learned of the tragic death of Leandro Lowe, the loss of a close friend was a hard blow for Felipe, he asked the promotion to postpone the event , but they refused to submit only under the circumstances, Penna could not perform at his best. of his skills, Ryan beautifully countered their pass attempts, not wasting the Brazilians' chase, he looked back at Felipe's captain and, with more success in the wrestling department, great cross as well, Felipe used his old tactics to stop the assault, but refused to continue in the In the 45th minute, finally, on the third attempt, the king achieved a victory against the rebels, originally planned for 2021 due to the epidemiological situation.
ADCC took place only in 2022, being the current absolute champion, Gordon was to have a unique fight to fight against. Andre Galvao the long conflict with whom he had reached new heights however to cement his place in history Ryan persuaded the organizers to allow him to enter the heavyweight group also the Finnish hiki jusilla met his Doom first the favorite quickly teleported behind his back he put in both hooks I'm back control now I isolated the victim's arms and strangled the defenseless guy there is beautiful submission newly crowned nogi world champion Victor Hugo is the only one who is able to defend himself from future triangle submissions for a second oh, but he was a step behind in positional exchanges and lost 8-0 beautiful pass to the semi-final against Roosevelt Souza no comments here under the legs immediately receives the touch 11 seconds for Gordon Ryan enters straight ashigarami picks up the leg and grab your heel turn and enjoy here wow at the top of the pack Gordon was facing his former teammate Nick, black belt Slayer Rodriguez okay we're live despite Matt's countless hours with Gordon Nick fell in the shark-infested pool Gordon was already attacking Gordon's leg and inevitably drowned recorded Ryan had just submitted Nick Rodriguez, everything was ready for the long-awaited showdown since he won the absolute gold in 2011.
Galvao had been defending his champion title super fights every two years and had never stumbled until now, but on September 18th he was there with a completely different Beast that flashed. taking down the experienced beyond belief Andre fought off the leg lock attempts very well, but Ryan changed tactics immediately, pulling Galvao on top, grabbing his free leg and using the leg tangle to sweep, instead, The batter uses it to reach the top of the turtle firmly. Establishing a sweep with his foot in the top position trying to place the girl on his back, Ryan controlled Andre's head and slowly but surely deconstructed the redoubts of the heavily mounted enemy.
Now, once in his favorite position, he used the control of Side wrist crossed to trap the left arm, sit here and go isolating the arms isolated arm leaving the legend practically defenseless, he slid the forearm under the chin and put an exclamation point on the Rivalry like an anaconda and gets the submission Gordon Ryan , the last Bastion fell and the title of the best Grappler in the world was no longer in doubt. Facing the biggest challenge, the American magician not only strangled Kingpin but also tore through the big boy division like an asphalt paver. Three tournaments, six medals, five of them gold and an unprecedented result for a guy who once left everything in pursuit of a dream, the king.
The foreigner Gordon is that rare breed of athlete who transforms his disciplines by dedicating himself completely to his craft. He reached incredible heights and became a role model. He immediately receives the tap 11 seconds at the same time his Persona regularly generates headlines bringing greater attention to submission wrestling by the At the age of 27, he had already conquered everything there was to win, building a 54 match undefeated streak. and he submitted 82 percent of his opponents along the way and, most importantly, he hasn't even peaked yet and here comes the back check, now there it is. There it is, wow, if you enjoyed the video and want to see more fighting sorcery on our channel, hit the like button and vote for the sports masthead.
It's all of you who thought I would lose someone on this planet.

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