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THE GREAT AI WAR: Microsoft's NEW AI Announcements (Supercut)

Aug 10, 2023
There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a massive platform shift with the new generation of AI. This is going to transform practically all sectors, all categories of computing. The entire history of computing has been about digitizing people, placing things and making sense of them in that sense. context now we have a new superpower we have a reasoning engine that gives us predictive capacity we have a reasoning engine that will give us more knowledge when we talk about AI you can summarize it in a more natural interface using natural language a reasoning engine that works on all your data , giving you more power.
the great ai war microsoft s new ai announcements supercut
Every category of software as we know it will be fundamentally transformed by these two platform changes. Now, of course, it will create a massive platform opportunity and we've seen it before. whether it is a PC server, the web, the internet, the mobile cloud, they have been huge in terms of all sectors of the economy, there is no doubt that the opportunity is tremendous now the question is what will happen next, believe me, we have been working hard for the last few years. We've built this copilot stack and everything from the infrastructure layer all the way down to how we manage the data, how we think about the fundamental models themselves, these reasoning engines that then reason about that data, the orchestration layer that goes.
the great ai war microsoft s new ai announcements supercut

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the great ai war microsoft s new ai announcements supercut...

To be one of the most important pieces of the mid-level, it is not about autopilot, remember that it is about putting humans in the circuit and designing it in such a way that the human always has control with a co-pilot who is powerful and the help with every task. The co-pilot ecosystem is what drives the AI ​​advantage for us collectively and really the AI ​​advantage for our customers that we can deliver, so that's what's really exciting. We will have more than 40


, more than 40 innovations and I wanted to highlight five. Of them, the first is that I am very excited to announce Bing Chat Enterprise, because this is the feature, this is the product, this is the moment, in a sense, that every enterprise user CIO CSO has been waiting for, give me GPT chat with which you can use. all the enterprise data security and privacy guarantees and you have them now with Bing chat Enterprise between Bing chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 co-pilot knowledge work and the knowledge workflow will be completely transformed to give you a little idea of ​​​​this, let me invite you up on stage to show you a quick demo of all this Yusuf innovation.
the great ai war microsoft s new ai announcements supercut
Good morning everyone, how are you? We introduced the new Bing, your AI-powered co-pilot for the web, and the response has been nothing short of incredible. we've had over a billion chats to date and since that release we've had literally over a hundred new improvements and new features that we've implemented and today I'm excited to introduce you to two of them, multimodal visual search and Bing. chat Enterprise that Sachi just announced let's first talk about the new visual search that leverages the power of gpt4 Bing chat now accepts images and text, it will actually analyze an image that you upload and give you information and answers related to that image. a look now I love architecture and I want to learn a little more about the interesting details of a building I've seen when I walk around, so I'll take this image, upload it and it will tell me.
the great ai war microsoft s new ai announcements supercut
Hey, this is actually a Cartridge and you can actually detect in the image elements such as the presence of a map that means the representation of the Age of Exploration and there is a crown of leaves that speaks of Victory and a kind of Age of Exploration. The Glory of the Romans and the Greek inspiration of the architecture is incredible. Imagine being able to take pictures of anything and then come back and tell you, for example, that we are an international adapter working in a certain country, it is rolling out today, and we can't wait for you.
To try it out next, let's show you Bing chat. Start your AI-powered chat for work. I think this might be one of the biggest things to happen in generative AI this year since we launched Bing. We have heard from many corporate clients who are crying out. in fact, some of these concerns from businesses have led them to ban AI at work today this morning, all of that is going to change Bing chat Enterprise now offers business data protection for its AI-powered chats, which means that your sensitive business data will not be leaked outside your organization. Your employee data is not mixed with web data.
The data is not saved. No one at Microsoft can see your data and chat conversations. in Bing chat are not used to train the underlying AI model, okay you are ready to see how this works, let's take a look, here is Bing chat Enterprise and I can take full advantage of the power of AI to research and create everything What I need. What I have to do is log in with my work credentials and now you can visibly see that the experience has changed and that in every search and every chat your data is protected and you can see that Bing chat Enterprise combines the power of gpt4 with the data Bing search.
Get the latest and updated information, we also provide you the links so if you want to know more about that information with just one click you can reach there. Now you can do all this with complete confidence that your data is protected and If you love what you can do with Bing Chat Enterprise, wait until you see what you can do with Microsoft 365 Copilot. It has all the capabilities of Bing Chat Enterprise Plus and much more. Let's take a quick look. Here I go. Now I'm in teams and can ask the co-pilot to access information from a PowerPoint presentation to create a starting point for my written proposal.
Notice how nice it is to use these powerful AI capabilities within the flow of my work. I'm only in teams. He pointed to the document and up. This fantastic analysis comes. Microsoft 365 Copilot is built into the world's most popular productivity app tools, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Teams, and as we shared in our initial announcement, there's an incredible array of new capabilities, like automated equipment. that I use every day and that offer me a completely new way of working today, we unlock a new era of creativity and productivity as we bring the power of AI to work.
Thank you very much, thank you very much Yusuf, a multimodal chat work identity and Microsoft 365 co-pilot is going to fundamentally transform knowledge work as we know it and it's really exciting to see another third announcement that I have also related to business process, In fact, the most important tool that perhaps we're all going to use is to identify the opportunity for how we drive that AI advantage for each customer, it's process mining, so I'm very excited to announce the general availability of the process mining tools in power to automate, this is the tool chain that each of us can use. to be able to first map the processes, sales processes, finance human resources, everything you can think of, which is a business process, and then optimize that business process with the power of artificial intelligence, things that can be automated where Co-pilots can be implemented to give the human being in the loop the advantage to advance the business process, so process mining is perhaps the tip of the spear so that you can generate additional value in each interaction with the customer, in every customer implementation on every customer project you are involved in now.
Talking about the fourth big area of ​​announcement is the Azure AI updates, the first thing I want to start with is open AI, we built the infrastructure to train their big models, they are innovating on the algorithms and training of these Frontier models. In addition to innovating in applications, everyone can innovate. It's a unique way for us to do things that will really fundamentally shape the ball in the future. Today I am also delighted to take advantage of what we have done. been doing with Open Ai and expand it to the next phase, the regional expansion of Open AI APIs, now we have more regional expansion in North America and Europe and for the first time we will be able to implement this in Asia, so we are very excited with everything that comes with open AI and what you all can do on top of open AI.
Now we talk about all the innovation in AI. The other element is that Microsoft loves open source and so that's one of the things we're very excited about. I'm excited today about the announcement that Llama 2 is coming to both Azure and Windows. Now with Llama 2 it takes it to the next level and we're going to bring all of that to Azure and frankly one of the most exciting things is to see These models are even being optimized for Windows so that application developers can now take advantage of both the cutting-edge models of open AI such as the models that are available in open source to be able to transform all the categories of software that exist, so my last announcement is around the partner program well, good morning, good afternoon, good evening to the partners who watch us around the world.
I'm really excited about our Microsoft AI Cloud partner program and everything we're going to do together to really help customers embrace what I call AI transformation. I want to build on a slide that Satya showed a little bit earlier, this notion of the co-pilot stack, the co-pilot ecosystem and the AI ​​advantage, of course, we're very excited about all the first-party assets that we're bringing to Microsoft. cloud services you know and love and all the new generated AI capabilities we'll have there, but honestly, that pales in comparison to the value we'll be able to add together because, at the end of the day, AI transformation is about Solve business impact and application of technology to help customers achieve more than ever before.
We're bringing generative AI to all the Microsoft cloud services you know and love, and I'll show you most of them here in a moment. I'm going to ask you to play with me a little. I'm going to use a metaphor that I like to call selling every room in the house, so why does Judson like to talk about a house? Well, this is the reality. of the situation, customers are not monoliths, anyone who tells you well that the customer really wants to do stakeholders, multiple lines of business, companies are made up of individuals trying to find their own career path, everyone is trying to leverage technology to get the best out of their thinking about achieving more and then there are the teams, the organizations, the lines of business and stakeholders for AI to change everything, effectively make every room in the house new Again renovating the entire house with AI so that my house that I am going to share with all of you here has a floor for each of our solution areas and behind every door is a new solution, it represents a new opportunity for us to add value so that's really what I'm going to start with and a lot has been put into the Microsoft 365 copilot and there's so much excitement out there I like it. start here, so when I appear on this floor of the house I talk about how the co-pilots have been woven into the entire portfolio of creativity.
If you write documents and author materials for your company, we now have co-pilots who can help speed you up. In fact, your draft can be refined by creating presentations for audiences around the world. The co-pilot can help you make them more inclusive. They can help you embed content that is more powerful to connect with your end users, and of course, co-pilots have arrived in the world of teams and collaboration, so we're driving true inclusive collaboration like never before using AI generative that brings people together on this floor that we call the modern floor. From there, I get invited to talk to people who maybe It's like owning a line of business because we've unlocked value for an individual, so show me how generative AI can make a sales organization more effective and to do that , I will invite my dear friend Charles Lamanna to the stage to show us. all how I'm going to do a demo pretending I'm a sales rep preparing for a client's media and opportunities, so the sales co-pilot helps me always be sure I'm ready and prepared for the meeting, so , as part of that preparation, I can go directly to Outlook and I can easily see information about the opportunity, get a quick summary, and understand what the client has in mind.
I have so many meetings like this every week, which makes me more prepared for dozens at a time. without having to be worse in the meeting or having to spend a lot of time preparing now that I've prepared and gathered all that information, I have to go create the presentation for the meeting, so I became a sales co-pilot that fits in perfectly. withthe co-pilot of Microsoft 365 so I can get an easily customized view within PowerPoint based on the list of documents, as well as all my CRM data, so this combination makes it easy for me to have the perfect presentation for that medium.
Pilots are even better than one when you put these things together. Now I have the platform. I'm ready to meet, so I go and answer a team call for the co-pilot to generate suggestions in real time to help ensure we have a


conversation. and when the customer refers to a competitor, it gives me real-time information on how we compare, helping me communicate why our products are the best and once I've done that, of course the call went well, I'll follow up , so I'm going to send some sort of action items and next steps and the copilot is integrated within Outlook, so it can help me compose that email based on midi notes as well as information from my CRM , so with all that configuration I'm ready. go and communicate with the client.
I just attached the proposal with the price and information and it's in the customer's inbox in seconds, so in this example the co-pilot saved me several hours of work for a customer interaction, making me more productive every day and it works. that about two-thirds of a salesperson's time is spent on communications and preparation, and this helps use generative AI to improve all of that. That's awesome and the two best things, though, is that the number one sales co-pilot is generally available today for everyone to get started. With it in a second it works with all the leading CRMs, like Salesforce or Dynamics 365.
That's fantastic, let's say I have a more generic problem and I know a little less about where the messes might exist in my house, how could I use generative ? AI to explore more about my opportunities there, so in this case we turned to something called process mining as Satya announced earlier, which is now part of Power Automate and what process mining does is ingest data from your systems of records so they can be Dynamics Sap Oracle. servicenow Whatever. We can probably connect to it and it takes all that data and gives you a view of how his business actually works, what the common workflows and processes are, and if I look at this view here, I've configured it to do something.
It's called acquire to pay, so this is once you decide to buy something until you actually issue the money to the supplier and if you look, there are a lot of steps, it's very complex and it's not easy to understand where you could use it. Generative AI here, but the good news is that process mining also has a co-pilot, so on this right side I can ask the co-pilot what are the main insights that he has for me based on all the elements that have been executed as part of the process. Mining and I can see where the common bottleneck is, it's something associated with the request, approve how many times it happens and each time it runs, and I say, okay, what's driving that bottleneck.
The co-pilot can also help me with that, so he analyzes the process information. and it uses a large language model and tells me that I have a problem associated with compliance checks to prevent Maverick mine, so that is my opportunity to improve and use AI gen to improve processes so that the co-pilot can also help with that. I can ask you to fix it. my bottleneck and I will make suggestions for power automation and power applications and I can look here as this passes to the co-pilots there so I can get a workflow to automate tasks or a power application to help me perform Keep track of these requests and if you go into the future, by 2025, 70 of enterprise applications will be built with low-code tools like Power Platform and process mining makes it easy to write, identify and incorporate AI into Bear Charles.
It's exactly amazing, but I would really like to unlock the AI ​​transformation. For our entire organization they use multiple cloud services and I understand that the data needs to be in order for you to get a real transformation from AI, so to show what we can do there, I will invite Amir Nas to the Amir stage , how are you? How are you Johnson? So how do we solve this data problem? We have data everywhere, in multiple clouds, so we're going to use Microsoft Fabric. Microsoft Fabric is the product that takes care of all the analytics for you on a unified platform.
So everything from the data ingestion to the data lake to the delivery of the information to the business user, everything else we do with Microsoft Fabric and since you have the data everywhere, both in Azure and in Amazon AWS , let's do it. to try to put it all together so let's take a look super so what we're going to do is start building a lake house with the One Lake fabric it's very easy all you have to do is give it a name. hit create in a couple of seconds, you'll have an Enterprise-ready lake house ready to go, so we'll use shortcuts instead.
Shortcuts now allow us to link to data wherever it is, so we'll only connect to Amazon S3 buckets. point to the data we have there and in a couple of seconds we have linked our lake house to the S3 bucket, so just like you have one drive that shows up in Windows Explorer, you have another one that shows up in Windows Explorer and inside from a link you can see the work spaces that we have, the lake houses that we have, you can see that this is the asset of the marketing campaign, the lake house. Now to do the analysis we need tables and we're going to use the shortcuts again, so we're going to target some Delta. tables again we have an Amazon S3 and all we have to do is reconnect, configure the settings for those tables and in a couple of seconds you will be able to see the table appear here.
It's amazing, so we are not actually moving any of the data, we simply have access to it, no matter where it is, yes, they are just linked, there is no data movement of any kind and now we can start running queries through of the data. Now most of our users don't know how to write SQL queries so we are creating them for Here are semantic models and those semantic models include relationships between tables and measures so that business users can use power bi to simply slice and dice the data very easily, so we have prepared the semantic model and now we are ready to head to power bi. so in power bi we have the power bi copilot and what we want to do is create this marketing analysis report and all we have to do is tell the copilot what we want to create and we give it a detail like the ability to split by the client feed and other things and so on, all we have to say is go and it's creating an amazing report for us and it's really interactive, completely interactive, so of course I can highlight and you can filter maybe . by the client Source very very easily so I didn't have to know power bi nor copilot to help create a power bi dashboard yes I would know how to create such a beautiful report and it has even changed as a compiler to change the layout for me , you can see two columns now that we have established it, now we can do even more, not only present the data, we can also ask about the main drivers for repeat business from customers, a more business oriented question and it will create a New page on the report we will put that Visa AI, it will tell us that if the customer purchases a spa visit, they are more likely to return to our queue chains, which is incredible, now let's go back to the original page. that we asked the co-pilot to change the layout again and this time we are going to point to another report, the sales report that we are using with our SLT and so, it matches the report styles and is still completely a power bi report so we can still have control total of what's in it and being able to break it down based on customer interest, yeah, or if I want, I can even change the chart type to make it look a little bit fancier, so let's do it on a ribbon chart, okay, yeah, The last thing I want to do is replace the last chart and ask the compiler to give me the best highlights from this report and just like that, the compiler analyzes the data and gives me three highlights complete with quotes. and these highlights are always dynamic when the data changes or when I filter the data, they will always reevaluate the super classic.
I think I'm ready to go back and see the CFO now that we have the data assets to get invited to one of the most important floors in the house and that's the CSO floor where there are a lot of security analysts working to thwart all the bad actors. Unfortunately, if there's one thing that's not slowing down today, it's the rise. Bad actors and co-pilots can really help streamline the CSO floor in the building and we'll show you how we get Olivia on stage and show this now by resolving an incident that could take several Specialists using dozens of different tools spend days or even weeks doing it, which is simply not realistic now, so what we will see here is how the security co-pilot is making an investigation faster and easier for teams, allowing them to do more with less good from a simple natural language message like analyzing incidents, the co-pilot then suggests some of the highest priority active incidents that the analytes can dive into, so what we're going to look at is how the copy creates a simple English summary of what happened and this is based on trusted authoritative information like Microsoft Defender and log files and then we'll see down here that there's even a diagram of the attack path and now some incident responses may require these specialized skill sets that not all analysts have called on. reverse engineering and that's where we can examine a piece of malware to see what it does, but with security copilot, every analyst can reverse engineer it with the click of a button, so from here the analysis of the code by the copilot shows us that the malware is trying. to access this group policy object using this ID number of this hidden folder, now these details can help teams find other effective devices and cleanup analysts can also use security copilot to help neutralize threats active and this is using the container's prompt book, so what?
What we see here is how Co-Pilot is describing some steps to us: the first is to isolate the effective devices, then revoke access to any compromised accounts and finally, of course, restore the devices to a healthy state, so basically we Explains how. manually managing the threat exactly, that's really cool, yes, even with secure or security code, but even aging or analyzing, then doing the most advanced research or investigation in just a fraction of the time it would traditionally take us and I'm excited to be able to do it. announce that this fall we will be opening our early access program to our customers and partners who use Microsoft Defender for Endpoints to experience the body of the security code for themselves, so if that seemed like a whirlwind tour of the house and a lot of of technology demonstrations was and is actually very emblematic of all the value that this partner ecosystem can bring to customers in the AI ​​transformation.


to see that real use case directly play a transformation opportunity in today's production, so now let's shift industries to building industrial metaverse solutions. not just to build design and involve Infusing AI into them, if you're in consumer goods, manufacturing or energy, your house is probably a factory, so to show this example, I'd like to welcome Andy Pratt, okay , today we are going to dive in. in the work that we're doing with Ecolab, so if you don't know Ecolab, they are literally a world leader in water and sustainability solutions, but they also have thousands of frontline workers who go to these really complex industrial sites every day, so first.
The first thing we have to do is convert the physical world into a digital one, and to do this we have partnered with Hexagon, which among other things has these incredible handheld scanners, allowing me to literally walk through the facilities where millions are taken. of laser measurements. in real time you take photogrammetry, you put it all together and I get this amazing high fidelity twin and a representation of space, so from there we move on to one of my favorite things, which is building a complete digital twin, so what I have here . You can see that this is a digital twin of Azure.
We've done that scan, we've modeled it all, we've simplified it, so we focus on the water processing facilityhere, but I have all kinds of information. I need it now, I have Heights diameters pipe flows, but we really need to start now to bring this to life, so I will connect to the existing sensors so that partners like Rockwell and all the controllers we can get the infrastructure that is already in place, but actually. I often need to implement new sensor structures; However, to do that, there are literally hundreds of different types of sensors, we have thousands of different mounting points, and it can be a really complex problem.
Now I can have an AI agent directly in the digital twin. Supporting me on what type of sensors I should use, here are specific data sheets. I can learn about proper mounting and mounting considerations for all of this by having an expert in my hands, millions of technical manuals and documentation that can help me figure it out. with the correct bill of materials for the sensor fabric, so now we are packaging that, we are getting it into the customer's hands, their sensor package arrives instead, inflation is not always very simple again, we are taking advantage of our mixed reality capabilities here basically taking the client exactly where to mount how to mount and get the telemetry feed so now we've moved forward again we've integrated Power Platform here and specifically power bi we've got our telemetry and our industrial iot assets that we have completely secured it with Defender and now we are orchestrating the engine cloud with the base, so with all this together The telemetry is live, the twins come to life.
I can see notifications. I can get information. Well, we have made great progress. and we potentially have this predictive trend of increased water consumption. I want to mark the areas that are potentially causing the concern and here I'm not entirely sure what is causing it. May I introduce the AI ​​agent. I can go ahead and ask questions about what is causing it. This increase in water usage and the immediate context of the telemetry from all the different data sources, even highlighting the fact that it's actually a batch chain, is a change in what the facility is doing and very quickly we have from digitalization to AI insights. to the capabilities and we make that, being a customer, achieve sustainability, you are essentially creating that carbon footprint, but if you can simulate that infinitely in the cloud, you can create better products to process better more effectively, more efficiently and ultimately, most sustainable absolutely Andy, so I think that gives you an idea that these results are driven by our unique go-to-market strategy, which is a combination of our world-class extensible leading innovation, the largest sales force in the industry and the scale of Microsoft's commercial market, the Microsoft AI platform creates an unmatched opportunity to increase the success of everything we do together in the future, thank you for everything you do as partners with us.

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