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The Good Dinosaur Animation Movie in English, Disney Animated Movie For Kids, PART 18

Jun 10, 2024
Thunder, can you help me get home? um yeah, oh, maybe oh, but first we just have to check the area, there are a lot of people in very bad condition after a storm like this, don't you know?, oh, I found someone here, you know we could use your help buddy it's a bug ah a bug released thanks to you you know I just want to take a moment and thank the storm for this food do you think you could mess with me I've seen the eye of the storm and I forgot which series I'm not afraid of hey where are you going buddy I need to get home and I said we'd take you home buddy you have a bug of your own oh I smell one of the juicy ones where is it hiding there storm?
the good dinosaur animation movie in english disney animated movie for kids part 18

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