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The 'Golden Bachelor' Is Revealed | The View

Jul 18, 2023
Well everyone knows about the Golden Bachelor right, he's a 71 year old retired widower, his name is Gary Turner and it was just


that he will be the Golden Bachelor for the first season of the new ABC show, take a look, essentially it goes I know the representation of what it looks like to date at 70. I think my thoughts always go to the way I've done things, don't give up, there are always possibilities, oh, that's nice, could you buy me a drink at a bar, who's a handsome, 71-year-old, grew up right up my alley, you know, no, I don't really like these shows.
the golden bachelor is revealed the view
I hate the idea of ​​people competing, huh, when it comes to love, but apparently I'm in the minority because there's been a Bachelor since 2002, Bachelor since 2003, Bachelor in 2010, Bachelor in Paradise in 2013. They go crazy now you know what. I would like to see. I would like to see some queer singles competition and let's compete, I think they talked about it. at one point I would love very late I'm very excited so I'm a



ette and bachelorette thing when we had Rachel Lindsay I was like stalking her because she was the former bachelorette. I love this idea because what they tend to think is that what's wrong with single and single relationships is that they're very young, they're like 23, half of them keep going because they're like, you know, maybe we want to become influential people, they are not necessarily. ready to get married some have been uh these are people who know what they want.
the golden bachelor is revealed the view

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the golden bachelor is revealed the view...

He had been married for over 20 years before and I love that they choose women who are also seniors so you know how much a 40 year old is worth. there, so I mean, maybe not, let's not say older people, let's say, let's say, mature, mature women outside the house, okay, older people or older people, older people, God, we're just older, we're mature and It's true, well, not all of us are. older than you, yes, but the only thing that worries me a little is that he has a great job, he is a retired restaurateur, he is a loving father and grandfather, but he married his high school sweetheart, who he says is the love of his life, yeah, I feel like a man, that's kind of hard, okay, let me do it with Timmy Lock, who made um uh, what's from scratch on Netflix?
the golden bachelor is revealed the view
I had the opportunity to inter


her and we talked about how she had the most prolific love of her. story what dreams are made of and now he's remarried and now he loves his partner and he talked about his partner he walked in knowing he said I'm not upset reading all these things gave me a cheat sheet on how to love you and her I think he was lucky. Her husband, who passed away, was part of her new ceremony. Her daughter backed him up and said: When you are in heaven, mom, when I was younger, who will you love? and she said: you know, my heart will be. big enough to love, it was the most beautiful story of resilience and I think that could have been done and no one who left and passed away wants you to mourn them forever and be in a curled up ball, they want you to love again, like that Do it for the family, no.
the golden bachelor is revealed the view
All of us, these shows can become like the hunger games, so I had a classmate who does it. I had a classmate, a brilliant woman, an oncologist doctor who competed in one of these things and lost her mind, you know, during the show. so I don't like it, I don't like the way that, you know, it too often turns women into cannibals, you know, fighting over a little rib, yeah, but it gets across the board because when you look back on the real world original, you remember the character. Puck was really everywhere, he was like Wow, but you can find out that on Bachelor in Paradise, trust me, they can take him down as long as there's another person.
Puck was the crazy one he was, he did it. Sorry San Francisco, I was very irreverent, it's a nice way, the fact that you know, it's impressive, it's the original, yes, it was the original, I don't know what it is, it did something, it was the fourth season, it was the first , I think it was on the map, it was new. York L.A. What are we talking about about the guy with dirty feet? Yeah, I have no idea what they're talking about, no, but I think the real world was, actually, this is MTV, right, yeah, that was the first reality show.
How do I know that? question, actually, the first reality show was on PBS, what was it?, is it love?, Brian, are you like, are you sure it was love? I think so you have to look it up, we'll be right back and let you know. What it really is, yeah, you want to shout it since you shouted that it was an American family on PBS, it was the loud family. I can't call you as a friend for a Lifeline anymore because you got it right. I will disappoint you. I simply like the confidence, he arrived very sure of himself.
He was right about the real world. It wasn't the original real world you were talking about. You hadn't corrected yourself. I would never know the difference. He needed it to be corrected. It's honest because would he go in hard and sometimes you can go in hard and be wrong, yes, or can you go in luckily and be right? You know I'm usually wrong, but I like it, but I remembered PBS, yeah, you didn't remember the name right. got the L right, he got the credit for that and that's the son who was our first introduction in America to a family with a gay person in it, his name was Lance out loud, there we go, that show was a must watch in the T.V. because no one had ever seen anything like that, I mean, we were in his house, we were in his kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, I mean, we were everywhere, yeah, we didn't see everything in the bathroom, but yeah, you know , they were like us.
You're here in the bathroom, but I was extraordinarily vulnerable. I would hate for people to see what really happens in my house. I mean, I think it's such a vulnerable thing that it takes a lot of courage to do that and you have to know what you're signing up for if you enter these reality TV worlds because there's a lot of scrutiny, yeah, well, one of the ones we're watching now. that the Real Housewives crew, oh my god, they end up in jail and I'm thinking to myself, right, if you're defrauding people, committing crimes and not paying your taxes, people aren't on TV, yeah, this isn't it a really smart strategy, he's not running for congress or president.

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