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'The Further Adventures of G.I. Joe' The Pyramid of Darkness Pt. 1 | G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

May 05, 2020
never gets up it's always there I see I pigo is the code name for America's dairy highly trained special mission force its purpose is to defend human freedom against copra a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world talk to me Lady Jaye what do you see from your point of view? nothing Flint serpentine so far the launch looks like WOC without I think I'm picking up enemy reads Oh battle alert we have snakes in the ground we've caged a big birthday mapped yes tomax now let's get birdie home too completely disoriented this shadow will be executed again from the seats we were waiting for you alpine bazooka it's time for a little tile oh hey I never put a glove on you I feel what my brother feels great this is the ferry Joe sharks down Wow keep kicking snake we have another race Watch me change them from Cobras to water rats.
the further adventures of g i joe the pyramid of darkness pt 1 g i joe a real american hero
I'm glad you could join us. Stop giving up and listen to me. They give Match Lights. Rufus may be a coward, but I never will. Yale will suffer sushi. Far from losing the Cobra bigwigs to underwater weirdos, shipwreck, you and Snake Eyes lead a detachment into the river and find Cobra Commander and the cruiser twins first they want me to fly now they want me to dive in the moment They asked me to dance. Coming out of this suit Flint looks like Destro is playing hide and seek in the skyscrapers this is a fool who won't get caught at all watch the robots return to the river and he intends to GI Joe a plan is working perfectly and the poor fools don't even I know guys, keep an eye on your tattoos, Joel, come back after these messages, now back to GI Joe, guys, let's see if this gets us anywhere, put it in reverse, oh it's going to get worse, your aquatic robots have cleaned up the intruder area tomax now all we have to do is wait for destro to join us we are waiting for you I have just been waiting for your invitation My dear Cobra Now I will finish this little game of Fox and Hounds moving forward fully my pursuers come on Raj get up from the other side mix we have where did performance go yes then the city must suffer from indigestion let's go back to headquarters gie gel's forces were so involved with the light of the fire that I never felt the addition of my special condom in how the single charge will be activated and lovely inside the capsule, how would she get on board the spaceship?
the further adventures of g i joe the pyramid of darkness pt 1 g i joe a real american hero

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the further adventures of g i joe the pyramid of darkness pt 1 g i joe a real american hero...

Oh, booster separation complete, next stop. GI Joe Space Station. Delta felt like we hit something, but there's nothing to hit here. Are the retrorockets there activated to keep us on course? You must carry extra weight. I'll check the level cargo compartment, dog, you're out, an authorized and stylish car is making this Pelican leave its side. Sorry, unauthorized upload. This is Scarlett, dog. I want you to locate and identify that charge as a large permanent. the chunky red scrapyard just focused on it when the dockings were complete the hatch came out too much my first mission in Delta and I have command responsibilities good job the scrapyard looks like someone managed to snag a cargo pod under the top shelf he says without heart let's do it get out of here and make sure the red punches get ready for action be ready and waiting sergeant Dad sir whatever's in your junkyard you don't make mistakes hey there's a cardboard box these adorable ones Fatal creatures are called Fluffy's.
the further adventures of g i joe the pyramid of darkness pt 1 g i joe a real american hero
I'm sure you'll enjoy its lethality. secret Sincerely, but Cobra Commander fatals Fluffy, what the hell do you mean? deadly secret GI Joe will return after these messages now back to GI Joe we are surrounded which this doesn't look good we are in some kind of airlock between the river and the inside of this structure but I have to swim to reach it. Snake eyes and time keep quacking and you will turn into a goose. What is this place in an underground tunnel beneath Enterprise City's regular subway system? Let's recognize the snake eyes. Try not to. to attract attention surely who would notice a wet sailor with an anise parrot a silent masked man with a Timberwolf I think we're in big trouble funny looking travelers on this line I think we should see what they're doing and here come our passes train now, a good day, huh, or a good night, who cares here?
the further adventures of g i joe the pyramid of darkness pt 1 g i joe a real american hero
I'm right, I see that no one wants to meet a subway philosopher. Try to relax and act naturally, thinking it through. Just enjoy the ride. This has not been our best. time Cobra Commander, the Crimson twins and the destruction slipped or our fingers were shipwrecked and Snake Eyes are missing and now we can't make contact with the shuttle or the space station. What the force does not know is that the position of the Delta space station is nothing more than the first step in the migration of the most powerful weapon in history, the Pyramid of Darkness.
When these control tones are placed in each of the four corners of the Earth, they will link with the space station to form this


beneath which there is no power source to function without power. to power its vehicles and factories or manage its military and defense systems, the world will fall apart, what are we doing? That splint I will form a unit and establish headquarters in a new location, the rest of you will begin rebuilding here. Cobra has also bit us once. often and we'll start biting back I don't know what those cubes are for, but I'm sure they're not dice for a giant shitty game commander, that's his password, say hello Cobra Commander, the big snake rules forever , repeat, repeat, greet Cobra.
Commander the great snake rules forever intruders intruders intruders must be exterminated exterminated exterminated di Joel will return after these messages in our next episode snake eyes and shipwreck they steal a top secret laser disk what Cobra catches them red-handed and this chase through Enterprise City's treac


us subway system Injury aboard the Space Station Tell Me What wreaks havoc on gravity as Dusty risks his life to reach the command center and related Lady Jaye makes a fatal attempt to Stop Destro from planting the first control cube in the next exciting episode of GI Joe, Pyramid of Darkness

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