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The funniest and most bizarre Premier League manager interviews

Jun 01, 2021
oh the best part I can say, what will describe this was really good. I'd rather not talk. If I speak, I will be an introduction. You don't know the answers to that question and I think you're an ostrich. Hello ma'am, we are. in the Champions League we are in the Champions League a man called Billy dog, come on, can you give us an idea of ​​what your transfer strategy will be? No, I don't know or anything, no, I normally have a second one, but until now I didn't find it because it's really difficult to look for glasses without lenses.
the funniest and most bizarre premier league manager interviews
Do you know if there are any difficulties in having break agreements. It is my fault. Your wife. Hello when you see a girl lit up with a pool at the last minute. of a game like some days, do you sometimes think that fate or appearance is on her side or do you think that all that kind of talk is irrelevant, not when you see them sitting next to dr. For ten minutes, a nice, big Matthews fan, he came here, it's his 18th birthday and he was with us before a game in a locker room and we just liked each other, yeah, I often play very well.
the funniest and most bizarre premier league manager interviews

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the funniest and most bizarre premier league manager interviews...

I will often see those great players that are seen. stop that bad story or we stop the press conference don't always come back with the same story I think you like a little creativity in the press at the moment you follow a train that is very very very very boring you know he is a specialist in fatal no I'm not, I'm not, so if I am, if he's supposedly right and I'm afraid of failing, it's because I've failed many times, but the reality is that he's special. It's because they tear without a piece of cutlery. That's further and if I do that. in Chelsea eight years as if it were London I'm not coming back what your head should be in the sand is your head in the sand can you be flexible enough to put your head in the sand? my suspicion will be no, I can, guys, Johanna Spencer, I can't, I can't, I can answer, okay, good morning, afternoon, hi, I'm Emily, how are you working?
the funniest and most bizarre premier league manager interviews
They won every first ball, every second ball, tops on every second ball, running forward and running back and they did it much better than us, so when the Academy coaches and all that nonsense that comes out about training a small peak of Liverpool tonight and I said they played in second and third gear, but still, Millay and her desire to do it as well as world champions as European champions and as an obvious life well on the way to being Premier League champions look another clown even people think I am I don't always laugh like crazy and as always and of the completed ones I said that in reality they were sentenced on the sidelines I thought it was in you know, the reaction of the players seems that it was in so who invented that goal line technology was kicking ass today now the fence is screaming every week Louisville girls I don't even have to do it Look at it, the lines were in a terrible position, you should know that someone is back, we'll get out of that stretch of corner and it's miles away, it's not even close.
the funniest and most bizarre premier league manager interviews
Honestly, at times like this, I still wish I worked for BT and I could say exactly. what I mean and not get fined, you've been here often enough that you can ask that question. I think you're either being very, very stupid or you're being absolutely stupid, one of the two you see today's performance that came. On Breiner, I can't imagine how well he played in terms of the ball, but you see how he runs, so it gives us the opportunity to say: "Okay, one of the best players is complaining, as you know, how it was played in the Conference


, so when this happened.” everything is easier for the club directors as my friends deserved it, I deserve the yellow car because I was rude but I was rude to an idiot so clearly I deserve that card I was rude when I responded to always touch my wife at the worst moment, yes you can fine me now yes at the end of the day I can choose as many systems as I want if I play with a player who plays like you played today and I'm talking about all 11 in the first half. so you really have no chance, tactics and systems mean absolutely nothing, but do you have any reaction to the news that Frank Lampard is staying with them until the end of the season?
Now they can drink any New York FC player they can. They can drink anyone and no one is going to stop them, they should be punished when that's it, it's a game changing decision now, how many times do you have a chance to score a goal, you know we've worked really hard together, it's a great goal and so we have, we have it choked because someone can't do the job, it's great, what's it called? The team that Jesus has to go, yes, but at 12 o'clock, at two, he has to walk with the cross you know I'm sorry, but when you want to say happy, okay, happy Easter to you, but it's a little early, since I can't keep the players happy, now you always are.
I can't keep you happy, so if you're happy you're happy if I'm not happy or but don't be happy because I'm saying it be happy a friend of mine was telling me this morning if it rains in London tomorrow it's my fault now I'm going to London tonight Yes tomorrow The rains in London are my fault.

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