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The Fundamism Podcast: Own It With All-Pro KC Chiefs TE, Travis Kelce

May 03, 2024
story that I wanted to be a professional athlete and I didn't see my moment at the beginning of my college career as I'm trying to become a professional athlete like you're building a base I'm building a base exactly no I was outside enjoying the light I'd turn it off , I was putting out, they're going to get drinks on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you know, just going to practice, hammering and wouldn't you go to practice hammering? I would go to practice hungover. Okay, fair enough, but I mean, technically, if someone stopped me and gave me a break or looked at me, you're done, so yeah, that's just one. as an athlete it's not the way to go if you want to treat your body the right way, it's sure not what you want to do, so needless to say life got to me and that's the only thing I've noticed throughout all this time.
the fundamism podcast own it with all pro kc chiefs te travis kelce
If you are doing the wrong things that will affect you, I'm sure once this happened I ended up getting kicked off the team for other reasons, you know partying too much is what I would like to tell everyone now, so party. too much, so I ended up getting kicked out and not being allowed to play college sports for 365 days, so I missed a whole year of which I could be building a resume, getting better, taking reps and understanding the game better, stuff like that, yeah, I got kicked out all of that because I was very negligent in what I really wanted to do or what I should do and that is building that foundation to be a professional athlete, so how did you deal with that?
the fundamism podcast own it with all pro kc chiefs te travis kelce

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the fundamism podcast own it with all pro kc chiefs te travis kelce...

He brought you down, what brought me down? You know, there are heads present. You know, I'm with you on that. I guess that's the only thing that ruined it the most. I really couldn't care less how people see me, but what it did to my family how upset my parents were so I can't even say they were really that upset, they were just disappointed you know and that's worse, that's what The worst thing that can happen is to disappoint you like your mother, your father, you know? who are so proud and happy, yeah, you know, they just love you and care and will do anything for you, you know, you know, that killed me and from that moment on, actually, my dad did a quick shop, my barber gave me a 100.
the fundamism podcast own it with all pro kc chiefs te travis kelce
I was in high school. my barber gave me a speech to watch and it's a professor from Carnegie Mellon who gave the last speech, yeah, I think it's something that passed away, but I could give you the name, but either way it's um, he finishes his speech or his him. he ends his last lecture that's what the last lecture was called yes, I'm there he ends the last lecture with it's not how you achieve your dreams it's not the way or yes it's not how you achieve your dreams it's how you lead your life, whether you lead it in the right direction , your dreams will just come to you and from that moment I told myself: just live genuinely, make the right decisions in terms of where you want to be in life, that is, if you want to be a national athlete leave on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday the week is not the way to go maybe after a game yes celebrating after a game is completely fine or something like that if you want a party in that aspect or if you want to Get out, get out, but don't make it detrimental to what you're doing in field.
the fundamism podcast own it with all pro kc chiefs te travis kelce
You know, it's just living, living the right way. You know there is a right way to do things. wrong feelings and you know, I've never been a big believer in religion, but I've always been someone very genuine and I feel like there's always a right way and a wrong way to do things absolutely and I believe that. In fortune, I believe there is good fortune, bad fortune. I think you can get some bad karma if you are doing the wrong things. I agree, so you mentioned genuine and you use that term a few times and you know, I think that's a thing.
What many people appreciate about you is as if you could receive a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct but it is your conduct, it is you although we know who you are, what you are going to be and you are going to enjoy every moment and I think that many people identify with that because many People fight to be someone and feel that everyone wants them to be someone and that's not you, but could you identify a moment in your life when you felt like you were? put up a fa├žade and like it's hard for you to be your authentic self um yeah, without a doubt, I think my first few years in the league, although even though it seemed like I was myself, I feel like I was trying to portray an image that I wasn't. necessarily me and it wasn't Morse, I was in the field.
I mean, once it's about being a competitor like me. I'm in a gamer zone, you know? I totally agree, but off the field I feel like I was trying to be someone that everyone could love and that's, I mean, that's good luck, yeah, you can do it, good luck, that's what you know and by doing it you know that you start to fall away from who you really are and you know, I walked away from a lot of friends and family that I've always been the one to answer a call. I've always been the one to answer a text and he just did it.
I walked away from a lot of people who were always on my side, of course, and you know, that killed me and I had a being, so I mean a guy named Dan Giordano who I loved very much, he's one of my favorite teammates in all. time I missed his wedding because I was doing stupid things that I shouldn't have even done right and it was taking my concentration and trying to become something I didn't really want mmm show my TV show, yeah, I don't necessarily think it was me, obviously not, yes, in the flesh, yes, that was me, that was me kissing every last one of those women, but at the same time it wasn't genuine and who I am.
He was portraying a certain image, sure, for a certain thing. I mean, the team didn't want me to do well. In my mind, oh, I have to be this nice gentleman, this straight and narrow. I do not do it. I didn't live a crazy life, you know, I didn't want to, I didn't want to give the Chiefs any reason to try and me somewhere else because what I'm doing off the field, you know, there's that aspect and there was the aspect of just you know, not trying to portray an image that everyone would know, kind of a question, right?, and instead of just going out and accepting being myself and whoever accepts me, accepts me, yeah, well, I thought the show was fun, it was fun to watch you and specifically I think what a lot of people enjoyed about that is seeing your personality because again I think you're better than a football player and that's saying something because you're totally fucking professional. true, but being able to see that and how you interact with others and how you run the game, you know the bags and you know the wormholes and all that and it's like, speaking of which, when are you going to stop dodging me?
I'm not going, I've been avoiding you for a long time, I don't know and I also feel like you consider yourself a Hooper, so you know, I like to dabble, I'm a naval, I dabble a little bit in raindrops, etc. I guess my question is if we had to play horse, how many letters do you think I would allow myself to have before you walked out alone with hurt feelings? Five, oh no, you know, man, you're overestimating me. It would be ugly. Yeah, revisiting that time was the lowest and you got kicked off the team and your mom and I know that your and your mom's relationship is very, very special to you, what did you do because again I think on a different scale. for all?
I could relate to that challenging moment, right, everyone goes through that moment. It looks different for them now, but they are going through a challenging time and what people don't realize is that it will go down as the most challenging time in their life that they have ever gone through. It's okay and that's why you're here today. What helped you get through that moment? That's what I call bottom of the ism, what are the things you did to get out of that negative space? Well, the first thing I did was I found a new routine, okay, that's the most important thing.
I mean, it wasn't necessarily it wasn't, it was never the people I was with, it was always my decision making, so that's the first thing you have to do, know how to own it, yeah. own it whatever you're going through own it you know if it is if it's not even if it's not under your control the only power you have in this world is to make a decision that's all yeah there will always be someone stronger than you, there will always be someone more powerful, faster, you know, a more agile fit in terms of athletics, but even outside of athletics, in the business world, there will always be someone with much more, yes, smarter, whatever it is. characteristics but no one has more power than you that when you make a decision spend the data here I say it like this right left up or down it doesn't matter what the decision is you know, I'm going to eat with my right hand today or my key with my left, now you know, just controlling those decisions correctly and so my decisions made my decision making I'm going to have a whole new routine.
I'm going to wake up early. I'm going to wake up early. I'm going to do something productive with my day early and what that does is it gives you confidence, man. I do it when I get up early and work out or I get up early and just started. Reading some things Watching some movie Listening to something motivating that makes your mind attack today or at least have a positive outlook on everything that happens there. That's you, yes, you know that, so from then on you can always roll with the punches. I would also say that the most important thing I did was, aside from finding that routine, finding something else that I loved in that routine.
I started playing a little summer baseball. It really did what it did, it keeps you focused on finding. This other love does it, it keeps you focused on what you should be doing, yeah, instead of thinking about what's already happened, that's amazing, that's exactly why you're here, so it's finding that new routine, finding something that you enjoy and that it can be. something new, I mean, baseball is something that I've enjoyed my entire period, it can be something new, you know, and it's um, I think that whole mentality of okay, I'm going to change my life, I'm going to start to start doing this. different and on top of that you can you can you can visit the past that is not bad to visit the past and feel how you felt in your worst moments is something very I feel that it is something very good absolutely because it keeps you on the safe path, here I mean that it keeps your mind and it goes in the right direction and keeps you motivated to make sure you never get to that point again, yeah man I'm sitting here, I'm an emotional cat I don't know how you handle your emotions, but when I see a lot of passion, when I see something creative for art or I feel like someone is saying something that I really connect deeply with, get excited about, and sit here. with tears in my eyes because I know everything you're saying can help someone and I know everyone is dealing with something so you know I think you've come a long way in your career and every year you're getting better right I know You've dealt with injuries, you've dealt with difficulties, talk through them.
I think it was the great Christopher Wallace who said Super Nintendo Sega Genesis when he was broke, man I couldn't imagine this. no mercy and screams money green leather sofa I have two chauffeured limo rides so my question for you is have you ever had those pinch me moments and still like what was the last pinch me moment you saw yourself Same as that little kid growing up in Cleveland and I never thought you'd be where you are today, dude, I drooled, what's that temple? Allen, no, no, it was on Nickelodeon Kids Choice, that's right, yes, where the kids are here voting for certain athletes so that even one is recognized, but tutitu. eventually they come and be part of the show and what I did on the show or what I did at the awards was a competition between me and Martellus Bennett to pull a bus full of kids and whoever won had to go down into the limo.
I was sliding and eventually submerged in a puddle of slime and sure enough, I pulled that bus like I had never pulled a bus before, which I don't have the style of a strong man, yeah, exactly I just used my entire torso, but before that was a bicep curl. I did it with kids hanging from the bar, no, it was um, it was cool, man. I literally froze on the way down. I can see the image. I literally felt like I was freezing while I was sliding down the slime slide and when I got it all. the slime on me all I could imagine was double dare like oh I look so stupid like all those parents are double dare oh this is funny and who cares and who cares that was the point where I was like a man I'm, I'm at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards getting slasher and I've evolved, that's always been on the list, you know what's so funny about that story, look, that's how we said it and who cares, and I know they like you. under a microscope and I was chatting with Colin here at Charlie Hustle and talking about you and really awesome guys and kids and Danny Duffy and how sometimes it sucks to never know if someone really cares about you or they're just trying to get to you or they are just trying to get something right from you and what's surprising to me is that you don't seem like the person who at least outwardly seems to be very protective so when you tell this story I know a lot of people make decisions based on what they feel other people want them to be.
Can? I'm sure you can imagine moments. in your life where you did something not becauseYou can attack it like a new day as much as you like. If you are in the same world, you can change your world and the perspective in which you live it every day, man Travis Kelce, you are a man among boys. I, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate you being here. I really admire you today, I hope you don't take this lightly because I'm not saying that to everyone or the kids that you're helping as a result of this


and the foundation through the Noah's Vantage project and pediatric cancer research. thank you and I personally thank you ladies and gentlemen mr.
Travis Kelce, if you want to learn more about the fundamental book, check out Paul Jay's book with long slash for more information. It just went to the publisher today, it's going to sell, so if you want to learn more about perspective and how to think properly. and the funding is to incorporate them, right? Incredible calm as always. We appreciate you being here and tuning in. Have a fun day and we'll help you next time.

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