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The Forgotten Psychopath Killer - Patrick Mackay | Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

Jun 29, 2023
custody, Kent and London Police, in those areas, began reviewing some of their unsolved cases to see if anything matched Patrick. And this is what they found. Let me tell you. It was believed that his first murder was simple, I guess as simple as murder could be. So Patrick was never able to keep a job. He would get a job, work for a day or two, and then it wouldn't work. He just didn't fit his personality. So he was always broke, he never had any money, right? So his first crime started with burglaries, he would break into people's houses and steal everything he found, right?
the forgotten psychopath killer   patrick mackay mystery makeup bailey sarian
And this became a pretty solid outlet or source of income for him. He was good at that. He excelled at that. I mean, being a


, I imagine he was pretty good at it. And not only did he steal from Father Crean, he stole from anyone he could. Money was the motive here. Well, I think that's what he thought, but really just In my personal opinion, I think he liked the excitement of it all. But there's always a second impulse or, let's say, organization to Patrick's attacks because I think he just killed for the sake of killing.
the forgotten psychopath killer   patrick mackay mystery makeup bailey sarian

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the forgotten psychopath killer patrick mackay mystery makeup bailey sarian...

But he often blurted out all the Nazi stuff. That's why he was killing. That could be true too, right? Anyway, in July 1973, two months after she stole that check from her friend Father Crean, an 18-year-old babysitter named Heidi was stabbed to death while on a train and then her body was dumped into the air. the tracks. The police were confused by this because it seemed like there was no motive, and they didn't even know where to start because it was so brutal but they couldn't find a motive. Another woman who was taking the same train that day allegedly said that there was a man, a very intense looking man who fit Patrick's description, approached her, held a knife to her throat, asked her if she was German, and then he said He hates Germans, especially all German women.
the forgotten psychopath killer   patrick mackay mystery makeup bailey sarian
You think he would like Germans because he's a Nazi, right? Hmm, I didn't think about that. Anyway, this woman gave the description. Fortunately, Patrick didn't kill her, he killed another woman, but she gave this description of this attack and it seemed to investigators that it was Patrick. So they think, "Okay, it could definitely be Patrick." And then they go and question him and he actually confessed that. But even with his confession they couldn't prove it. There was no evidence that he actually did it. He also murdered an elderly woman named Isabella in 1974, on Valentine's Day. So rude.
the forgotten psychopath killer   patrick mackay mystery makeup bailey sarian
Well, it's not that you like me, still, I could have waited. Isabella was a fairly well-to-do widow and apparently Patrick was on the prowl to mug someone one day. Then he sees her, goes up and talks to her. He was enchanted by her, he just liked her. Or maybe she thought there were more things for him in his house that she could steal. So instead of assaulting her on the street, he offered to help her carry the cat food home. That's so sad. Yeah, so he's like, "Yeah, I can help you," whatever. So he brings the cat food, she helps him, and then once they get to her house, she invites him in and they end up chatting, you know?
And I guess they got along really well because she told him to come back anytime, you know, "Come visit us!" and he did. They became some sort of friends or he was planning an attack that was taking a long time. Either way, he comes back, they're like friends. She would give him cash to go shopping and he would do it. I don't know if she kept the change. Maybe he did. Unfortunately, that didn't last. There was one day, again, Valentine's Day, this happened on Valentine's Day. He went out to a Valentine's party and came home quite exhausted.
She was 87. So doing one thing was enough, she comes home pooped and who comes knocking on the door? It's Patrick. Patrick is there and this woman tells Patrick, "Oh, not tonight, I'm really tired, I'm going to bed. Maybe another time." Then she closes the door on him. Well, Patrick didn't like that. He didn't like the answer no and this made him angry. He ended up breaking down her door, okay? And he goes into the house and ends up stabbing her to death just because she wanted to go to bed, this poor woman. Patrick has confessed to killing up to 11 people in total but there are believed to be more.
Like I said, it's very difficult to get a straight answer from Patrick and he would confess something and then just recant and then confess something and then recant. And since they had no physical evidence linking him to these crimes, we thought he did it, but maybe? But the police never gave up. I mean, they would push him and push him during the interrogation and sometimes, when they pushed him hard enough, he would remember a little detail that no one else would know. There was no media coverage, something had published this, so it was like, mm, mm-hmm.
Or there would be times when Patrick would have flashbacks of the layout of a room where the victims died and no one else would know. So even though he was lying left and right, lying all the time, the police were still able to investigate the lies a little bit and see some moments of truth emerge. And one thing that made investigators pretty sure it was Patrick was that when he killed someone in a house or home, he always closed the door behind him. That was Patrick's thing, he would lock the front door. So with some of these previous murders, the front door would be locked and they would think it was him and really build on that.
I don't know. Well, the trial happens, he gets arrested, the trial happens, right? And as you can imagine, there were tons of questions at trial about whether Patrick was fit to stand the trial. I mean, Patrick was known for these horrible murders, but when it came time to be questioned, he simply had no memory. He was like, "Oh, I didn't kill anyone," whatever. And then behind the scenes in jail he would brag to his cellmates about his murders and just be erratic and his psychotic brain was even more messed up from drugs and alcohol and he just didn't seem to be quite there from an age. too early.
Authorities then decided that since Patrick had a diagnosed psychiatric disorder, prosecutors dropped the murder charges and only tried him on a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. That? Excuse me? Yeah, when I read that I thought, "No, no, don't tell me he got out. Don't tell me he got out." But yes, he was charged with five counts of involuntary manslaughter and was only convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of Father Crean, Isabella, and another elderly woman named Adele Price, whom he had also murdered in his own home. I think because these were the murders that Patrick left fingerprints on.
I didn't get any clarification there. And you'll probably say, "Bailey, manslaughter? What the hell? That's nothing." I'm pretty sure the judge or whatever realized, the writing was on the wall with this guy. So Patrick was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 20 years and was denied parole each time he stood trial. And probation has been in effect for 28 years. Where is Patrick now? Well, Patrick is still alive. Oh yeah. He is 69 years old and has been behind bars for 47 years, making him the longest-serving prisoner in Britain. (applause) Congratulations Patrick. You did it. Wow, what an achievement.
Congratulations. Dream big, they say. Hey hey. And on top of that, just to change things up, I wanted a little refresher or something. He legally changed his name to David Groves. I hope you never leave David Groves. Yeah, I don't think you do. Let's hope not, but sometimes these people really let us down, huh? The justice system, huh? Sometimes they have let the crazy ones out. So I'm guessing he would be out on parole in November 2022. But something delayed his hearing and he was reportedly furious, livid that he wouldn't be released by Christmas. He said, "How dare you?
I needed this. We all needed this." He has also been constantly saying for years that there is some kind of conspiracy to keep him in jail and that is why he is there. Yes, David/Patrick, there is a conspiracy against you. It's called the judicial system. I'm sorry if. That's where he is now and I hope you never come out, my terrible friend. I finished just in time. Wow, look at me. Well, that, my friends, is the story of Patrick Mackay and how horrible he was. I gave him the toned down version. I would highly recommend it if he wants to know more because this man did a lot, do your research, well I wouldn't suggest researching them because they are all very brutal.
But this man 100% deserves to be locked up forever and I hope he never gets out. It's scary. Dude, he would attack anyone at random. These are the ones that really scare me because they have no rhyme or reason to their crazy stuff. Well, yes it is, he had a bad upbringing and all, but obviously he's on the extreme end, right? Anyone who saw would attack him. Animals, plants, stealing things, walking around the neighborhood with a rake to attack people, stopping children who trample. What the fuck? They should have locked him up a long time ago and his mother got in the way, mother.
Look, if your son is crazy, doing something crazy, you can't rescue him. I'm sorry, you have to leave them, I shouldn't be giving parenting advice, I apologize, but you know what I'm saying, right? Anyway, I'd love to hear the guys' opinions on it below. Let me know who you want me to talk about next time. But other than that, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, make good decisions, and I'll see you later. Please be safe out there. Thank you. Bye bye. I should write a letter to Patrick. Hi Patrick, you suck! No, I don't want to be on his hit list.
Oh God! (creepy music) (creepy music continues)

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