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Jan 31, 2022
okay hey guys we went on a little field trip today um just got back from the run for a million not too long ago and anyway carmine y'all know carmine he's been in my videos for quite some time , I send it. to a friend of mine, steve ross, reigning and performance horses, which is where we are now, i sent him out for sale just because my schedule has been so busy i just haven't had time to be able to feel calls and stuff well anyway, steve told me that he sold carmine and the new owner um who is looking to buy it or is buying it is here today and i just want to meet this new person i just want you to know to share with them a little bit about my experience with carmine what whatever it is i just want to see what's going on steve he's been fantastic in the past like i've gotten into places where i've needed to know again to sell a horse usually it's because i'm so busy and i can't i can't do everything all the time ha been so good ab matching horses with jockeys and it's always been a great experience so let's go in and see if we can find steve this is the four peaks ranch is where he trains out of here lots of action he has cattle he has e lasso and stuff going on so uh you know damn well those horses get exposed to that too but let's go in and have a look too i brought a little swag i'll show you guys this was from the run for a million hopefully it fits him to someone who got a little hung up on a matte t-shirt with the run for a million logo on the back, i got a black one and we'll be uploading all of this to the store too, we literally just got it back. so there's some new hats we've got some hoodies we've got some really cool stuff grab this let's see if we can find them how's it going? you're very good very good you don't feel very good today I felt better I'm n I'm not dying, but I felt better sure, yes, yes, where are you from again? quite a while he's probably i know all about this house i've been following him ever since you had him so this is a big deal to me that's awesome that's awesome yeah so um so how did you find yourself?
the ferrari of saddles
How did you find? I only sold a couple of mine I had a couple of performance horses I read with Doug in western Washington and had a couple with him that I sold and I was just starting my search and I saw a lot of really good horses on the horse page steve and i went downstairs to try out three of them and by the time i got here the other two had been sold and he was the one i was in love with anyway amazing it seems like a perfect match he did a fantastic job thats news to anyone well , thanks obviously you guys wrote them around and stuff and she wrote to him when he bought it and then he came over for a couple of days this time she wrote to him last night we are going to go stop him today but she went on great with him as soon as she got they met how carmine is happy to operate right there on that non professional level yeah he's not asked as much of him so he likes that he doesn't have to run as hard but i asked a lot of him yeah but it's good like we work on the speed control ad yeah you know the hard stuff for him is as easy as change of lead and stop and turn and um she hasn't had a problem with it she really hasn't had a problem at all but I'm just playing with the little things all the non reigning things because everything I keep saying all the hard things oh yeah it's already there so we don't have to worry about it so much I think we had a couple of really nice stops last time I was here That was the best part, I think.
the ferrari of saddles

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Horse, I mean, talent wise is amazing and I think you know in the future. Turning it down just a little is going to be perfect for me. He is as well behaved as you are. I can see that you get along very well with him. I told you from the beginning. He is a peculiar horse. He is a good horse. he requires a lot of attention she loves these quirks though yeah you know I love it too so do I you know sadly we can't keep them all so it's great to see them go somewhere someone you know I appreciate that Somebody do good with it yeah I noticed it was always one of your favorites oh yeah when I jumped out of it from the last cowboy that was maybe a little you know that was a moment for you two . well it was a monday and um you were being smart i knew i was like you know what i'm on hard ground let me jump and that was when he was a stud too which is funny he has a stud that wasn't around as nice as he is now you know as soon as we yelled at him he turned into a big dog like a big dog yeah so you gonna ride him now let's go guys let's wait a bit for a meet and greet and then we have to fix Brady's feet and main tail again and then we were going to ride after he did.
the ferrari of saddles
I didn't know how you wanted to set this up, so yeah, I just wanted to see who was getting my horse. Make sure you're okay. Steve told me a bit about you. trusted him steve you get uh you get all your action where on your facebook page how people find you all of that just from facebook and many networks you know but um our facebook page has done a great job for us our social media um because it allows us put full videos, photos, all the information about the horses so, and you know you warned me when you sent me this horse, so he's quite a well known horse, yeah people will know him and you will more or less. smirk I didn't realize how well known he was yeah it was fun because Brooke knew more about him than I knew I loved him but it was great when she came down and tried it and just to see her connect with him and we had a few conversations with his coach and I think he called them too yeah everyone was on the same page we had a real understanding of where he was and what would have to happen for these two to make a good power couple and I think we're on our way to doing that just to you and me Look, she's already wearing a Kyme hat, which I love.
the ferrari of saddles
She brought you a nice low-cut V-neck shirt. That's good. It won't make my butt look fast. I'm back from the run for a million and I've got some new merchandise that hasn't hit my store yet that, um, we're going to have to figure out what size you're going to be here for a couple of days, yeah I think tomorrow you're leaving tomorrow, so that maybe, maybe, we can set you up with some of the new things I have and would love to hear about. t how things are progressing with you and karma any questions and things you may have yes it really means the world thank you yes absolutely I'm so excited he's been great so far we get along great and he's very talented so give me back a shirt anyway , it really wasn't for you it was for her but anyway i think this looks fantastic on me it looks like a great combination thank you so much that's great if you want if she doesn't stay away maybe it could happen around the ranch and you could cheer her up with some merch or I'm sure she'll come show you around yeah yeah yeah come check it out this has all been a dream come true for me yeah that would be great.
I'd love to do it, I'd love to do it, it's not too far away and yeah, we can get you some shirts and hats and stuff. I'm going to let you guys do it again, but I appreciate you coming out and meeting us. brooke and just helping in this transition you know I always feel it's the greatest benefit to an owner when the person who has developed the horse can just cut down that learning curve and say well this works that doesn't work he likes this he doesn't like that and i've done it as far as we know it's quite an open book but it's great for our business and for our clients like brooke that we can have someone like you care enough about each horse to invest a little bit of time come check it out um i know i speak for brooke when i say i'm so thankful you took the time to do that because we know how busy you are oh my my pleasure well all the time you spent talking to my trainer and for Coming here I really appreciate it oh I absolutely know you've got a bunch of other stuff going on I've got a couple things going on I think I'm going back to the ranch I gotta go mess with a mustang go do you can see it my mustang i would love to be one of the first to see your mustang would you be the first first person to see it i'll take it yeah did i tell you about that?
I heard a rumor about it. I have a mustang named Raven. boy hey guys it was great to see carmine's new owner yesterday today actually we got to go back to rio verde again go to andy mashke's his shop see where he does everything see his tools really excited for you guys Guys see that's amazing honestly you're going to like going to a museum almost yeah I'm running out of time but I want you guys to see Raven let's go check him out I've been doing some stuff. with him, I don't have time to take him out and show you where he is, but let's take a quick look at him, check him out in a stable, check out Raven, you all saw his hooves were about a mile long.
I cut it once, but it's time to do it again. I've been working a lot with him to try to get hello. m to where it will be very easy and safe for the farrier until trimming hey bud so much better i already had to remove my dreadlocks if you saw my instagram story you saw bath day and i was the one who did it which is kinda how it is a bit funny i guess it's not really funny but i don't normally like to do this but i feel like this is my horse so i wash it myself.
Alfalfa isn't huffing and puffing at me anymore you can see he's not missing any food now that's fine there's your crow sighting we have to go to andy's we don't want to be late that's one thing with andy he has to be on time or he's definitely going to make it to me see, see you later, raven, I don't know, it seems to me like any other horse. I get a ton of messages from people, which is amazing, like it's all good, like telling me what to watch out for. for etc etc that's cool i love all of that um and then i have some people that's like you have things to say but whatever who cares about that this has actually been fun it's been so much fun ok come on come on andy feels young but they treat me like the og and they want the t on me i sweat nosy 29 g5 seesaw i've been losing friends to find the beast but honestly that sounds like a fairy tree to me who needs willie nelson when you've got drake ok we're here annie mashke's place top frames that's andy mashke we're here at his store right here in scottsdale not many people get a chance to see where the frames come from andy makes this he's at his house he let us in come on let's go see him this guy is like he's a real artist he makes


but i think you'll see i've been at his house he's like an amazing chef he's a musician he makes the


to ride, he is a photographer afo he's like one of those guys who's kinda likes a little bit of everything and he's really good at all of them hey man and nice to see you thanks for having us sure i was already telling everyone we were coming here and we would get to see the guy who makes all these amazing saddles and then everything else and that's what I wanted everyone to see it's like you know your store and you know they see the final product but they don't get a chance to see how it's made and so the top saddles are yours, yes they're mine too. that's where I do more like a semi-custom saddle where we use components that fit together really well, have been tested over many years and, you know, not on the same artistic level, yeah, like me, but the guys that work for me and the girls I personally trained for many years I have my employees have been with me for 15 20 years some of them and I am very proud to have a team that is you know with me for so long well and I have I have almost all the things you have Lo i made just for yourself so i'm a little spoiled that way but their top line we have a couple of those i mean that's a great name because i mean those saddles are so good compared to some of the other ones that's out there so that's a testimonial that they know the artists they have there but let's take a quick look we actually have to see this mount right here every time I walk into Andy's house I feel and m and I stay watching. it's like walking into like the


dealer like this saddle just says my name and i have two nice sets on display really look it already set me up for a sale so tell me what's the deal with this saddle ok this is really the first saddle i ever built when i said i wanted to make it as a signature line i was working out of my shop in texas and um i saw people like don lauzon and some high end and custom saddle makers making their line and selling the saddles riding for a lot of money and i said i can do that too and i wanted to make a statement so i included the first time i think of an acting sale i'm not saying at all in a buckaroos they used exposed wooden horns with wooden horns before but also wanted to do it on a performance saddle also the alligator seatamerican inlaid silver was my first project huh gun etching yeah you made the silver yourself like that i dont think you understand this doesnt often happen someone do everything i knew we had andy and he showed us the trees , which I learned a lot about that from if you haven't seen it.
The episode go back and look at the saddle fit, but the fact that he told you to come like crazy, told you that he's a wizard who can cook and you do all these things like you're probably a great wife, but the fact that you look at the silver that's crazy, he's doing everything right if this saddle goes missing. I tell you this every time you probably know where that thing will be, it will be at my house, okay, can we see the store? Of course of course we're going to see that guys you've got to see this I mean we could be at andy's house I told you like a museum look at all the artwork and things he has how about this here?
I mean you come here and you look around and it's like now you can understand how much time goes into making these saddles. I'm working here. This is a little project I'm doing for your favorite major company that has to be small yeah hey bobby hey shorty they asked me to do a head tin so I was working on patterns this last weekend my wife left so i had nothing else to do alright a nice glass of wine and then i was trying to figure out how this little turtle case is built here and i had to figure out that it's not symmetrical so each part is different for that you can create some sort of pattern that works, but when you see this all come together, the tool part will be here and here and the logo on this side. and this will be exotic leather and i use elephant just for the prototype because i had it available we can use alligator we can also use exotic prints which is nice and then it will have like a border around it and the border looks like this here believe it or not you know it will fit perfectly and that will be stitched to the exotic leather then the top piece here get a picture look at it and then it will be stitched around your nice bow basically that's awesome leave it at that shorties to drink and find someone to make it better I mean look look at this too this was something I wanted everyone to see I said I've been bragging to you about you not just doing saddles like you I mean look at that hea d stall the uh the stirrup the spur straps i mean look at that where they can find them they can order this because those people can order it um i always have samples with me um i have different cheek pieces you know the one you have with the square bottom they are going to upper or they are going to the am saddles that's my stop because i really put a lot of effort and to make the stitching more beautiful look at the detail square check here or even a quarter drop check looks good on this one we're not at the ford dealership here Right now we're on a whim what's your favorite European sports car I like the mercedes amg they gave me the inspiration for the wooden horn you know oh really when i was sitting in my car i thought well when they put wood in a car why cant i put wood in the saddle? you know and it seems to work like that look this was actually uh the first one i built was for taylor to run for a minute oh yeah yeah there's a run for milli the first one sitting at his house right now watching it and the idea was the carbon from the saddles they drive, they always have an exposed sail but it needs to be sturdier than normal sails for example here this is a normal one can you see how thin? that compares to that one yeah so i made a prototype scan it then cut it cat corrected it on a computer to make it absolutely symmetrical then i got the wood here for example this is called quilted maple when you have your finish. at all it's really you know it really has a lot of 3d features and that's what it is this is like the latest like you like to have the best of the best this is right here but as you know like you we were saying top line is very very good, but if you want to take the next step, yeah, who doesn't?
Now like you said you can see why there's so much going on here it's overwhelming so I mean like this chair right here this is like a cow h saddle orse yeah that cali saddle is actually one of my shelves from uh oh look oh yeah look at this yeah look at this look at the quality on this this is one of the top ones just like i said i want everyone to get a chance to see where you are doing these mounts and crafting you know the time that goes into each of the mounts and, uh, I can't thank you enough, you have to play, can you play a little on the keyboard? something y'all need to see this this guy can do everything you care about no we had to do a little ok this sounds like phil collins to me mike tyson and we need some tigers nice and you had something , you have some talent so if someone buys a saddle and gets a concert with it or a free dinner a free dinner you can cook too or a bbq dinner any concert all you can get dancing thank you please no dance no dances ok well i have to go back i know you i'm busy thank you for spending time here i It was really a pleasure thank you for having us.
I guarantee everyone likes to see these things, so that's it guys, I've got to go back and ride some horses. Now follow me on Instagram. something else actually i'll have to do it i got a mustang i think i told you maybe i watched some videos oh yeah so when the time comes i think we'll need a raven saddle to come and fit a saddle to raven this mustang i think its going to be really cool i have big plans for them so y'all watch that on youtube and uh check out andy we have a link down below for you guys to see superior saddles you'll see it on the road at a show, I don't care if he looks like he's not accessible, he's very accessible, so if you see him, if you see him in a booth, go up and say hi and go through his stuff. some amazing crews catch you later you ain't filming yet right no no

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