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The Ferocious Story Of Kaitlin Armstrong

Mar 08, 2024
Austin Texas is known for many things, the Formula One American Grand Prix and being the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world, but on March 11, 2022, it would be the center of attention for a much more sinister reason when an athlete Talented Mariah Wilson is found dead after suffering multiple gunshot wounds and the search for her killer begins. Before we begin, we would like to send our deepest condolences to all the friends and family affected by this case, but especially to Mariah Wilson. Mariah Wilson was born on May 1st. On 18, 1996 in Littleton New Hampshire her mother Karen Wilson was a cycling instructor and her father Eric Wilson was on the 1977 US Ski Team with parents so she was destined for a career as an athlete the family moved to Kirby Vermont a scenic area with great mountain ski areas and top-notch prep schools that specialize in training young athletes.
the ferocious story of kaitlin armstrong
Her father worked as a ski instructor at Burke Mountain Academy, a private college preparatory school in East Burke Vermont. As I mentioned, unsurprisingly, the university specializes in training young athletes, especially aspiring alpines. ski racing on the slopes of Burke Mountain Ski Area Mariah and her brother Matthew may also have been born in ski suits, you wouldn't be surprised to know that they attended the college where her father worked when they were young . They were both accomplished skiers. Much to the delight of her parents, Mariah especially appears to have inherited the athletic genes passed down from her parents, in addition to being a talented skier, she was also the captain of her soccer team and a promising gravel racer, this would be where her passions would lie.
the ferocious story of kaitlin armstrong

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the ferocious story of kaitlin armstrong...

In a short space of time she would not only be competing but winning gravel races at an astonishing rate, but tragically her bright future would come to a premature end on May 11, 2022, just before 10 p.m. in Austin. , Texas. A 25-year-old woman is found on the bathroom floor of her friend's house. She is bleeding uncontrollably from her head and torso, unconscious and not breathing. Her blood was splattered all over the bathroom. This was neither a freak accident nor a suicide attempt. She had been shot twice. in the head and once in the stomach in a complete state of shock, her friend immediately called 9-1-1 in an attempt to save the young woman's life.
the ferocious story of kaitlin armstrong
First responders rushed to the scene as quickly as they could and began CPR, tragically it didn't take long. Before they surrendered it was too late the young woman's fight for life was over, but how had it come to this that had led someone to shoot this young woman in cold blood and take her life so cruelly in 2019? Mariah graduated from Dartmouth College with a bachelor's degree in engineering, but as you can probably guess, she had no intention of pursuing a career as an engineer, she had her heart set on a career in sports, whatever Mariah set her mind to, she did.
the ferocious story of kaitlin armstrong
She achieved it and in two years she was recognized. Cyclist who rose through the ranks and shared podiums with established professional cyclists. She had a job as a demand planner for a company, but she soon left that job to pursue cycling full time. Her professional career was not just Lycra and track she had a social side Mariah became more well known she also began to integrate more into the community of cycling athletes she made many friends and new Spa sponsors one person in particular was Colin Strickland an accomplished cyclist 35 years old who shared a sponsor of Mariah, both Mariah and Colin had been in relationships that had recently ended and the couple became close in October 2021.
Mariah was visiting Austin, Texas, which happened to be where Colin lived, maybe as a result of being in recovery. and Mariah entered into a relationship together, but it didn't last long after Mariah returned to her home in California. Colin remained in Austin and rekindled a previous relationship he had ended three years earlier with a woman named Caitlin Armstrong, a 34-year-old yoga instructor and real estate agent. The very brief relationship between Mariah and Colin did not appear to cause any animosity between them, the pair remained friends and enthusiastic members of the cycling community. There was one problem though, Colin's girlfriend Caitlyn on the one hand, you can understand why any woman or man wouldn't do it. happy that her partners were still close with an ex, but Caitlyn didn't know that Colin and Mariah had been together briefly, the two seemed to be just friends and colleagues, nothing more, but Caitlyn couldn't seem to understand this and began taking steps to stop it.
To keep them from communicating with each other, she blocked Mariah's calls and deleted text messages on Colin's phone. Colin was not willing to give up his friend nor did he want to lose his girlfriend, so in an attempt to make his life easier and even in a strange way. way to appease Caitlyn, he hid Mariah's number under a different name in his phone, maybe he couldn't think of another way, but if his partner started saving another man or woman's number under a fake name, he would probably be suspicious too. , so this was not the smartest move for Colin.
Surely a better way for Colin to have handled the situation would have been to sit down and talk to Caitlyn, or say "Hi, Mariah is my friend, nothing more, and I'm not going to stop talking to her," or alternatively. he simply cut all ties to keep Caitlyn happy. In January 2022, both Mariah and Colin attended a cycling event in Arkansas, who came with Colin to Caitlyn, resulting in an awkward affair. Mariah seems to have no idea about the situation with Caitlyn, she didn't know the situation. Problems that her friendship with Colin was causing, although there was no confrontation, the atmosphere was tense the day after the events.
Mariah sent Colin a text in which she asked him what was going on, why things were weird all weekend, but did Mariah have any ideas about getting back together with Colin? the text also said if you just want to be friends, which it sounds like yes, that's cool. I just want to talk about that given the text, it seems like there was some confusion between Mariah and Colin, at least on Mariah's part, was Colin really telling people? truth or was he actually leading Caitlyn and Mariah to try to have their cake and eat it 2. What was already a difficult situation, to say the least, escalated even more when Caitlyn somehow discovered that Mariah and Colin had had a romantic relationship, Caitlyn's friends said she was enraged, shaking with anger, she was even heard saying, "I'm going to kill Mariah," it's not necessarily a death threat, of course, people say things in the heat of the moment, It doesn't necessarily mean that they will move on. them, but the problem now was that Caitlyn and her suspicions were justified in her mind.
Colin talked to her ex a lot, spent time with her at cycling events and now she knew about her previous relationship and it all made sense to her. Colin was cheating on her with Mariah, at least in her mind, not a far-fetched hypothesis given that Colin was hiding communications with Mariah under a fake name on his phone, although it can be assumed that Caitlyn would have done something stupid at this point, otherwise In fact, she didn't months go by, apparently trying to process the situation, but on May 10, Mariah traveled back to Austin to participate in a cycling event called Gravel Locos and stayed with a friend.
It was unclear at this point if Mariah and Colin were aware that Caitlyn actually knew either way Colin wasn't too concerned because he made plans to go swimming with Mariah on May 11 around 5:30 p.m. At this point we have to question Colin's motives because, whether stupidly or in an attempt to be sneaky, he lied to Caitlyn about these plans that night, failing to tell her that he would meet Mariah regardless of the situation. Colin went to meet Mariah, picked her up at that friend's house, and they went swimming as planned in Deep Eddy. They then had dinner together at a place called Pool Burger and then Colin dropped Mariah off at her friend's house at 8:37 p.m.
Colin texted Caitlin that he had been dropping off flowers at a friend's house but was now on his way home. He didn't wait to see if Mariah got in safely. After all, there was no reason to assume that she would. I would not do it. The doorbell at her friend's house confirmed that Mariah walked in at the exact moment Colin texted Caitlin, but there was a major problem fueled by her suspicions that were partly justified by the lies. by Colin. Caitlyn didn't believe a word Colin had told her about going to a friend's house. She was determined to find out what he was doing using an app called Strava.
She was able to discover exactly where she was. Not only was she able to discover the location of Mariah, who had also downloaded that app. People use Strava to plan roots for exercise and then these roots are uploaded for others to view and compare. It can also be used in real time to see where someone is, for example running or biking, or even an alleged cheating boyfriend between Mariah entering her friend's house at 8:37 p.m. m. and her friend calls 9-1-1 just before 10. Mariah was going to be the victim of a brutal and deranged shooting inside that house.
The police had a homicide on their hands to make the case more difficult. The victim was from out of town. Her first port of call was to find anyone who knew her in the area. and that didn't take long. They asked Mariah's friend if anything was missing from the property. There were no obvious signs of theft. The only thing she noticed was that Mariah's bike was missing and the police discovered that she was lying in some bushes not far away. You would expect it to be an expensive item for a professional cyclist, but if it had been theft, why didn't the thief take it, as nothing else from the property had been taken?
Police quickly came to the conclusion that whoever did this intended to kill. Mariah and it wasn't a robbery gone wrong, there was nothing to suggest Mariah's friend had any involvement, she was the one who called 9-1-1, she was distraught over her friend's death and the police quickly ruled her out of investigation, but who else did Mariah know in the area? That's right, Holland and Caitlyn when the police discovered that Caitlyn had a class B warrant for her, they decided that was a good starting point, the warrant was not for what would be considered a felony.
The crime was theft. She had gone to receive a Botox treatment some time ago and she told the clinic that her credit card was in the car she left and she never returned. It wasn't really the crime of the century. It was only about $600, but the police did it. She had the perfect excuse to bring her in and see if she knew anything about Mariah's murder under that pretext, believing at first that her previous crime had caught up with her. Caitlyn cooperated with the police, after all, she wouldn't be looking for much. punishment anyway, possibly an apology and then compensation, but her demeanor quickly changed when she was questioned, firstly, about her movements in the last 24 hours and, secondly, about Mariah, as soon as the police mentioned the homicide, her face became sad, she couldn't speak, she just sat stiff as a board and was in total confusion about what to say or do next Caitlyn tried to explain her movements unconvincingly and had no answer for what the police would show you then, in addition to having a doorbell.
Mariah's friend also had a security doorbell. cameras around his house, one of those cameras was pointed at the front of the property down the driveway and managed to capture a portion of the sidewalk and alley that ran past the house enough to capture vehicles and people as they passed by. This was not intentional. Of course, she intended to focus only on her own property, although it was unintentional, it would prove crucial. Security camera captured a black Jeep Grand Cherokee passing by the property on May 11, the same night Mariah was murdered and guess who was driving such a vehicle, yes Caitlyn, the police gave Caitlin several opportunities to explain why. what was in the area, but had no explanation.
Caitlyn cut a frustrated figure, though without uttering a single syllable, she crossed her arms, looked away, rolled her eyes, the police, of course, had talked to Colin like well, he told them chapter and verse about how he knew to Mariah and the situation that had existed between him and Caitlyn as a result of their friendship. Caitlyn's attitude wasn't helped by the police's next line of questioning, they kept referring to the dynamic between Colin. Mariah and herself as a love triangle Caitlyn became agitated and also passive aggressive, but although she didn't know it yet, she had an ace up her sleeve, the police asked her if she was upset about not being able to explain why she was in the area that night.
She nodded and then asked to leave the station, but why would they let her go? Surely,since he was grasping at straws, he had no alibi and couldn't explain his whereabouts, but then there was Ace's upper sleeve that he didn't know about. The police had made an administrative error on the arrest warrant and, to make matters worse, the police database had his date of birth incorrectly on a technicality. Caitlyn was allowed to go free, but she did not leave the police station where she was. to disappear into thin air after leaving the police station Caitlyn worked quickly, she wasn't waiting for the cops to knock on her door, which she was sure they would do very soon, she booked a flight to New York, she deactivated all social media . and he just disappeared after all, if you're going to get lost anywhere, the vast, same landscapes of the United States are the place to do it and what better city than the vast concrete metropolis that is New York, any police search would be like searching . she with a needle in a haystack she was captured on CCTV entering Austin International Airport at 12:30 pm on May 14.
She then took a connecting flight to Houston before boarding another plane bound for New York's LaGuardia Airport in May. The 17th U.S. Marshals finally got the murder warrant they wanted for Caitlyn Armstrong, but on May 18 she would be pictured in LaGuardia Airport. She had clearly been using smaller, shorter internal flights to confuse any law enforcement and authorities who might have been following her. it worked Caitlyn clearly wasn't stupid, she was one step ahead of the police the entire time the day she arrived in New York an ID was issued to Christine Armstrong, which turns out to be Caitlyn's sister's name at the time, not much.
It was known about the sister, in fact, it was believed that she was not even in New York, but that she actually lived in California, that was something we will return to later. Getting the ID was a pretty stupid move on Caitlyn's part. The authorities now knew who she was. in New York and an ID had been issued in the name of one of her relatives with the same last name. Authorities may have been a step or two behind the great escape, but would they really believe this coincidence of a woman, her sister, living in California?
Suddenly she took up sticks and moved to New York at the same time her sister was on the run, of course they wouldn't. The police managed to obtain a copy of the identification issued to Caitlin that had Camp Haven as the address at which Camp Haven is a nature retreat in Livingston Manor New York, as mentioned above, it is a nearly impossible task for police officers. Police officers did not give up on June 15, they received a potential lead when they received a tip that someone told them that they had seen Caitlyn in Camp Haven just a month earlier, right around the time she arrived in New York, a common mistake made by many. criminals is to believe that they are less likely to be found in more rural areas, what many do not realize is that people who live in the countryside are much more intrusive than those who live in more densely populated areas;
They are often very close. communities, everyone knows everyone and newcomers are quickly noticed. The camper who tipped off the police said Caitlyn wasn't the only one there. They also said her sister Christine worked there and had been a resident of the camp as a result of The police forced the camp to close and posted no trespassing signs around it. Press reports at the time speculated how it was possible that Caitlyn was still there hiding from authorities, police and camp officials actually confirmed the tip. Armstrong had been working there, the police spoke to his sister and informed her that the camp was part of the search area for Caitlyn, but to the disappointment of the authorities, after six weeks, Colin had also gone into hiding because he was afraid that if Caitlyn was talking would come back and kill him.
Caitlyn's sister Christine was also in hiding, avoiding media attention and had not spoken publicly about her sister. Caitlyn still managed to avoid the authorities and the theory that she might have been hiding in Camp Haven. she had long since lost her credibility on June 29, 2022 sent Teresa Costa Rica US Marshals and Costa Rican police swooped in and surrounded a shelter, word had spread to every country that Caitlyn was on the run and the network was was narrowing, her world became so small that there was nowhere left for her to hide without being recognized, a Joint Task Force entered the shelter and reappeared a short time later escorting a dark-haired woman with a bandaged nose and discolored eyes.
This, of course, looks nothing like the cute Caitlyn who had long, wavy ginger hair and bright eyes, but she was the one the authority finally got her wife. Police were able to determine that Caitlyn had left the US through Newark Airport using a fraudulent passport on May 18 around seven or eight o'clock. That night she had never been to Camp Haven. Her plan to use several different flights to confuse authorities had worked perfectly as they searched the length and breadth of New York. She had landed in San José, Costa Rica, since her arrest. Speculations and theories have been rife.
In particular, was Caitlyn working alone? Was anyone else involved? Caitlyn had a comfortable life. She was a yoga instructor and a real estate agent, but she was not a millionaire. In less than 50 days she had managed to pay and board numerous flights within the US and then pay. for an international flight to Costa Rica, the bruises and bandages around her eyes and nose, while she had managed to get plastic surgery almost as soon as she landed in Costa Rica, these things cost money and watts, the police finally found her Black Jeep in a store. On May 13, at a car dealership, Caitlyn had sold them the car for twelve thousand two hundred dollars, which would help explain how she had paid for some of the services, but twelve thousand dollars doesn't go that far when you're on the run. and it is unlikely that she will cover all the flights she took plus living expenses and plastic surgery suspicions point to her sister Christine.
Now we have to emphasize that this is a theory, not a fact, no one can be sure if anyone else was involved let alone. her own sister, but it's not as conspiratorial as it seems. She needed money one day after arriving in New York. Caitlyn gets an ID in her sister's name and when she was pulled over she had a copy of Christine's driver's license the day after she arrived. In New York Christine applied for a new driver's license. We also know from Camp Haven staff that Christine had worked there before and she knew in which area she was helping Caitlyn avoid the authorities.
We just don't know. Another theory is that Colin may have had more. of involvement in this case that he hinted at sounds conspiratorial, but some have speculated that Collins' text to Caitlyn just a minute after dropping Mariah off at her friend's house saying he had been delivering flowers on the way to house now was actually some sort of code for Caitlyn to know where Mariah was, there's no evidence of this of course, it's just speculation, but Colin has proven to not be the most honest guy in the world. Of course, he hid the fact that he dated Mariah and changed her name. his phone so Caitlyn wouldn't find out, he also told the authorities that he and Caitlin had broken up before Mariah came to town and that Caitlyn was okay with him dating other people, if this was true, why What did he send you a text message telling you where he was?
What else he didn't tell the authorities but, in the interest of justice, lying about a contact on his phone is a far cry from participating in a murder. Since Caitlyn's arrest, police have been working hard. To gather evidence, one compelling piece they found is ballistic evidence that was connected to a nine millimeter pistol purchased not by Caitlin but by Colin. He gave it as a gift to Caitlyn in January 2022. The gun was found in Colin and Caitlin's home by Investigators are also looking into the possibility that Caitlyn was helped by another third party. Authorities held a press conference after she was deported.
They focused on how quickly Caitlyn managed to escape, how she managed to take so many different flights between Austin, Houston, LaGuardia, Newark and the San Jose airports, what's more, she had a passport that didn't belong to her police, She said the passport was owned by someone she was closely associated with in the United States, but they did not specify who a journalist asked directly. If the rightful owner of the passport could face criminal charges to what the investigator responded is an ongoing investigation, it appears police also suspect it was too big a job for one person to complete a loan on July 21, 2022 Caitlyn He attended his first court hearing via Zoom in which he pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and theft of service.
She was given a three and a half million dollar bond for the first charge and a $3,500 bond for the second in October 2022. She attended a second hearing where it would be determined if she could be released while she awaited her trial with jury. All options were discussed, such as a GPS tag. Hand over her passport. Caitlyn is convinced she will go to jury trial on the murder charges and insists she is innocent, she will continue to be held in the Travis County Jail until trial prosecutors, her attorney argues, were reluctant to go to trial. because they did not have enough evidence to convict her.
The defense claims inexperienced officers were put in jail. case and did not act after a tip given about her ex-boyfriend. They also allege that Caitlyn and Colin's home was vandalized the night Mariah was murdered and say they want to know why this wasn't properly investigated and who may have carried out the crime. The last point they are making, which can be a difficult path to travel, is the incompetence of the police. They say that Caitlyn is being judged by the media that is being fed falsehoods by law enforcement involved in the investigation and that they are biased and not true.
Claims about her believe authorities are doing everything they can to cover up misconduct and errors in the handling of the case. The trial hearing was due to take place a week after the bond hearing but the defense has since filed motions to suppress evidence. recovered by law enforcement officers because because the police did not read Caitlyn her rights, they argue that this nullifies the evidence obtained, including her original arrest for the warrant related to the Botox Clinic, the judge has suspended the trial while they consider these motions like a new preliminary trial. The date has been set for June 22, 2023, but is not fully confirmed yet.
This is certainly a case that raises more questions than it answers. Did Caitlyn act alone? Is she a cruel criminal whose jealousy led her to murder Mariah in cold blood or was it Colin? Looking at both women, one thing we do know from the autopsy report is that Mariah was shot third in the torso after being shot twice in the head and was presumably dying. This clearly indicates that whoever shot Mariah had no intention of leaving him. In her life, they made sure she was going to die, this was a premeditated murder, of course, if Caitlyn had planned to kill Mariah, she had enough time to plan her escape route, but the fact that she sold her car way under of the market value just a few days before. her flying from Austin to Houston suggests that she may have been rushed and that she wasn't all that well planned.
She also drove her own personal vehicle past the property where Mariah was staying right under the surveillance cameras, not really the act of a criminal mastermind if that were the case. It was all at the last minute, so who advised her on the best way to avoid the police if they came after her, her sister Colin or someone else? There is a lot unsaid in this case and a lot more information will come out through the courts if Caitlyn is found guilty. She will spend a lot of time behind bars or she could also face capital punishment, so it is unlikely that she will cover for anyone else who may have helped her.
Our deepest condolences to Mariah Wilson, a young woman who lost her life and left this world far away. Too young under horrible circumstances, she had a lot to live for during the years of life ahead of her, as well as the bright future of an athlete. We dedicate this documentary to her life and memory. May she rest in peace if you found this case convincing, don't forget it. Like the video, comment below and subscribe to the channel. Did you know that less than half of the people whoDo you see our videos? Are you subscribed? It is easy and free.
Also hit that notification bell to stay updated. time we reveal a shocking new case until next time, stay safe and keep your eyes peeled, you never know what lurks in the foreign shadows.

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