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The Fairly OddParents: MUSIC Melody Episode Compilation! (Episodes 8 and 22)

May 04, 2020
it's guava juice right good morning dimmesdale do you know why it's good because today is my birthday right no because tonight is the night of chip skylark's big concert and here's his new hit song my shiny teeth and me chip skylark that lame pretty boy singer idiot he sucks Don't you wish Chip Skylark was around when you had a band? We would have rocked out loud. Me considering what day it is, yeah shut up so I can play this awesome song from your chip. I can't wait to see what mom made me for my special birthday dinner.
the fairly oddparents music melody episode compilation episodes 8 and 22
Cookies for dinner with our phone number. I'm sure tonight is the night of chip skylark's concert your mom and I are going to throw this at chip while he's on stage and maybe he'll call us and offer to be your big brother you guys are going to the concert tonight every night what's so special about chip skylark open your eyes son what a delicious team omg son we have a special surprise for you. A surprise. money there so they can see the concert on pay-per-view have a fun night full of chips skylark concert no that idiot is pay-per-view which means if i don't see it someone will pay are you right? yeah well you know what i wish i wish something bad would happen to him ok but you can't wish him maimed ok then i wish or injured and beaten or dead well i wish the worst possible thing to happen to him non lethal skylark chip in This moment I in my right mind would think to interrupt me when I'm about to watch the teenage singing sensation. the album comes out july 24th can i use your phone sure use my phone special awesome applesauce day even unconscious he is delicious the worst thing that can happen to chip is to get stuck here with mickey like me you like this what makes me look like mrs chip skylark or this one that makes me look like mrs chip skylark i really dont think it matters i think you will be a great mrs skylark mrs skylark i love youtube skylark i will call all my friends and invite them to the wedding first i have to find some other friends day another wacko holding me against my will hi chip im timmy having a bad day like me ah the only bad day i ever had is a day i let my fans down wait wait wait i didnt i wont let you down for you. you're your friend and your stupid concert everyone forgot that today was my birthday oh sorry to hear that little guy reaches into my coat pocket.
the fairly oddparents music melody episode compilation episodes 8 and 22

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the fairly oddparents music melody episode compilation episodes 8 and 22...

I have something that could make it up to you. oh my gosh it's the new shock nebula action. figure set phasers to fun happy birthday timmy this hasn't even been released yet how did you get it? i got it as a gift from the record company today is my birthday too really yeah what an idiot yeah but they scheduled my concert on my birthday so i haven't even had a chance to celebrate huh sometimes it's hard to be famous talented and yummy what my dad said sorry i would have laughed harder but these chains are crushing my lungs sorry chip oh ok little buddy It's not like you want this to happen.
the fairly oddparents music melody episode compilation episodes 8 and 22
Wow, I thought Chip would be a big jerk because he's a big star, but he's not that bad after all. I wish Chip was free and out of Vicky's clutches. bad good you know how the rules say that ca Don't use our magic to destroy true love so hello my love who I really love with all the love of my heart love oh you can watch this while I find someone who will perform a marriage ceremony between a crazed fan and a famous teenage hostage. The internet is a scene of mass chaos here in the dimmesdale dimmer dome where everyone is angry asking the same question where is chip skylar if the chip doesn't show up i'm going to ground our son for no reason jimmy if you're watching this run oh no fans hundreds of they disappointed my fault fault the growing teeth are getting duller the hair is losing its shine oh man i have to go to the concert before all those women and my dad tear the city apart you and me have to get jump out of here cosmos you have to get to the concert and stop you by any means necessary cool wow im going to get my old band back together or instead please put your hands together for your opening act on pan flute pen and holy drums its better be careful and on the organ beethoven and I am cosmo and together we are the fairy I feel better if I didn't have to go to the bathroom but the sound of the chain calms me down I'm sorry you have to spend your birthday with vicky oh it's ok little friend you have to spend every day with her.
the fairly oddparents music melody episode compilation episodes 8 and 22
I'm here until it breaks or the SWAT team arrives. That's Vicky for you. about your chip just because you're rich and famous doesn't mean you're a jerk i'm not really that rich the record company pays for everything i'm broke but if the fans knew they might not love me anymore but neither does vicky well there's that she wouldn't want you anymore hello chip honey look who i found on the internet the only justice of the peace on earth will marry someone against her will when vicki finds out that chip is not rich she won't love him anymore, yes, but how do we let Vicky know that we are gathered here today to forcibly bind these two teenagers against their will, is there someone here besides the boyfriend who has a reason why these two should not get married, oh oh my gosh it's the record company guy thanks for the advice pink haired mystery woman i represent chip's record company since you're going to be chip's skylock's wife you get chip's skylark's debts this is for the car it's ta is his cell bill this is for the pager and this is for everything else 6 million dollars a chip i thought you were rich nope he's just cute and talented wow you broke up disgusting loser i don't love you this wedding is off oh no never i'll be at the concert on time here you go chip wear this let him know you're on your way thank you dude the album is coming out july 24th i wish we were at the concert i got a floating shriner hang back hey they like us they really like us hey that's me are you ready get ready hey dude how did we get here so fast hey the power of rock on hit


hey vicky you're so disgusting just thinking about being around you makes me feel so bad hey vicky can you explain to me why you enjoy making her so Be a fire-breathing dragon in a pair of black jeans?
Worry about forgetting that my birthday was today. you forgot your birthday we would never forget your birthday tommy your birthday is until tomorrow what a happy almost birthday to me hey vicky won't you tell us we are never unlucky enough to stay with you oh vicky can we say one thing it's your super total disgust that makes us want to sing icky vicky vicky i hate


we have a problem and that's why i'm afraid of the big round so you and your friends pay to fall on your face in the skate park someone's coming fast i wish you the boys were my skate team all their face hit at the same time he must be really good your dentist buys you tickets to this place yeah why damn all good y'all look there i like to learn wow i've never been that good before honey you've never had magic skating team before wow look Timmy nimbly roll back and forth I mean shred that's a little trick I like to call the scrunch on the munchkins just because you're the best skater here doesn't mean you you can bounce off our heads actually.
You idiot, it makes me the queen of the skate park, and as queen, I decree that you have to be at least this tall to get on this ramp that isn't fair, so what are you going to do about it? I challenge you to a skateboard contest tomorrow and whoever wins becomes the new queen king good catch but tomorrow when I kick your ass on all three ramps you and every other punk under 16 will be banished from the skate park forever, see you at the big ramp, jet, you'll have to escape the big ramp, aren't you a bit scared but with you helping me I have nothing to worry about ah oh no no the group ah that's usually followed by bad news life uh according to the rules we can't help you win a contest timmy that would be cheating we can help you brag but for fun not as a teacher.
I would never have challenged Vicky if she had known that all the children are counting on me. I still have a chance, though you're actually pretty uncoordinated. I'm not. I am doomed. What you need is a death defying cheat. own timmy what you need is a testifying trick of your own you need this combine a 1400 degree spin with four aerial spins i call it the 1400 degree four area flippy trick yeah that comes off the poindexter tongue how about we call it timmy tuck Damn , call it impossible. I can't do this, but I can. I can't wait to totally steal that gimmick and make it my own.
It's good to be clean. It's not very good. good enough in time to do that trick i know you can't help me cheat but can't you train me you know take me somewhere i can do it very well very fast zero gravity is perfect for practicing spins Houston, we have another problem. It's always a problem, a problem, a problem with you, don't you ever? all just to say hello skating in the jungle is a great way to learn to drift learn to skate in tough environments you must do it because descending a pyramid is a great way to learn to speed up the skies this specimen is perfectly preserved ever mind i'm still using this , the mummy's curse oh man i'm still beefing it up with the simplest tricks don't worry timmy win or lose his friends will still love him really timmy you better win we ain't gonna love him no more. welcome to the skate park and the big skateboard contest today is the big match between the evil 16 year old skate punk babysitter vicky and timmy wait where is timmy i knew i knew he would go punk i win by default and you know what that means where could be oh man if i go down there i'm going to lose and have to go to the big ramp there's no way i'm humiliating myself no way it's ok asshole line up say bye not so fast vicky you want to win you're going to have to do it to the old being better than me im timmy good luck timmy thanks guys i'll do my best yea just remember it's not about whether you win or lose it's when or never we're coming back here again thanks vicky no really i mean break a leg and timmy in reality wins the first round and vicky unfortunately wins it all comes down to this the super colossal gigantic freakishly big ramp of death don't worry timmy just do the timmy tuck and you'll be the new king queen whatever it's vicky i'm about to do the trick totally original and completely mine la vicky what what she stole your trick oh this calls for dramatic background music now all timmy has to do is survive the big ramp and he wins oh no the big ramp i can't do i won't be fine well it's been nice meeting me going down the pyramids skating in the jungle can i do this i can do this oh no she's cheating i mean cheating no if i can help it and now for some gravity flips zero watch him do a 1400 degree turn with a twist two three so what Is it after four past three and that's why it's called no wait you idiot how could you do that when I couldn't because Timmy is getting small?
Well, you're tall and he waited too wickedly that he knocked you off balance. I'm going now oh no I won I'm queen now king give me that crown oh you want this crown you've got a better chance at being a loser a waste of 12 years falling from the sky and knocking me to the ground here you go , Thank you. thank you and as the new queen of the state park i decree in a crater and the kids are free to skate very good day don't you think i want a hot dog it's half time you still did it buddy you beat i mean hit vicky and save the park and best of all i did it all by myself the most coordinated skater ever and best of all timmy learned some great new tricks and one not so great one you're watching teeth tv all the teeth excitement 24 hours day hello hello i'm brad cuspador with teen singing sensation chip skylark here to talk about your amazing new hit song my shiny teeth and i'd be nothing without my teeth that's why i dedicated a whole song to you guys, i, i , but aren't you worried about the emerging teen singing sensation, skip sparky pants?
I've been living in your shadow forever. His pants may be sparkling but his teeth are weak. I heard you want to get that out. After you, I should have warned him. it's dis and chip skylark word chip rocks two words why is everyone getting their teeth cleaned today because everyone wants to be in chip skylark's video for his new song me and my bright teeth and only the kids with the brightest teeth can be in the video that follows hey timmy please pull my teeth out by the roots turner i want my teeth pulled there is no reason to be shy i will be happy to pull your teeth outand here to help me is my son wendell and his yanko rippo matic pull and rip and now i'm going to go medieval in your mouth my teeth aren't perfect oh celebrity teeth i could pull the end or pull you out' I'm done come on wendell it's time to meet Mr.
Chip Skylark and pull his teeth out. That's my Boy.Goodnight. skylak's teeth were stolen straight from his musical mouth bender you must have gone medieval in chip mouth that's wiggity wiggity whack what did you want some what i'm jet i bet with the feeling of singing toothless chip skylock and some kind of the record company sir with chip skylock missing teeth you will replace him in the video of course not this is chip skylock's song it's his vision and no one i repeat no one could look better than chip skylark we are willing to wait until chip gets his teeth but you have already spent 20 million dollars on the video.
I will do it for free. Meet the new Skylark chip. Hello, there is a boy trapped in a well. wanda, i wish chip's teeth were back in his mouth according to the rules, tooth recovery falls under the jurisdiction of the tooth fairy, we are powerless, so there is only one option, we have to get the fairy help us, I'm sorry, I can't help you, but why is it that I'm very busy and I'll be right back. 10 year old jellybeans get them every time I can't just go and get teeth anyhow. There are very specific and intricate supernatural laws that have to be adhered to like what has to be under a pillow, but it's not about just any tooth that was stolen, they were chipped larks, chipped lark that changes everything, their teeth are my best work , who knows what harm someone with those teeth could do, then you. they will help us, which is four words, yes, too busy, it's up to you, i decree for you, my most powerful toothpaste weaponry, these toothpaste bracelets, this magic dental floss of truth, this electric toothbrush giant and these amazing indestructible braces, what is the tiara because it hides your secret identity and matches? rots yours from the inside out oh my god they're filming the video in an hour it's up to me to get Chip's teeth back you two watched that video by any means necessary let's get dental. now's my chance to show that sparkle pants trump shiny teeth any day word you come back in my sparkle pants look at them wendell the biggest teeth in the universe and they're all my perfect teeth belong to the world dr bender who's that pop i can't say goofy teeth look familiar but the tiara has me baffled but whoever you are you will never get these teeth they will make you tell the truth does chewing gum after meals really help reduce down plaque the jury is out some dentists believe that but we're not entirely sure i have to get out of here you're a triumph and as soon as i take that tiara off i'm going to find out your identity and pull or rip your teeth out there's no escaping my dollar two two superhero theme me only a quarter well jump sparkly no pants and chips shiny no teeth we're going to have to cancel the big video shoot 20 million dollars res you are the next skylock chip oh my god not so fast who is that i think these are yours now come on you have a video to film thanks timmy you are the best word don't say that come on let's all film a video on teeth action baby when i feel lonely just an uncharted island in endless what makes me happy fills me with joy those bones in my jaw that don't have a flaw my shining teeth in me my shining teeth that tweet only yes they are all so perfect so white and pearly brush gargle rinse a couple of breaths my bright teeth bright teeth in me oh me no no no no no no you didn't say a bite dad you should earn yourself while you drive no and i probably shouldn't have replaced the steering wheel with horse showers either but safety is for yellow bellies you dad sure is excited to take you on these scouts squirrels field trip he's dragging us back to the place he went when he was a scout squirrel dimmesdale flats dimmesdale wild west heritage this is going to be great just me and my son and all those other kids are here whoa faithful steed ooh dimmesdale birthplace dimsdale flats abandoned and empty like my childhood this street here was the home to each and every one of your ancestors i have four parents i thought i was lucky to have one this is the best day of my life wow and this is the legendary masked stranger the handsome and mysterious lone ranger of dimmesdale justice, wow , this is even more boring than I thought it would be. n and i replaced it with a mini mall by now don't say they would never tear down my most precious childhood memory and i explained that the line of bulldozers from the demolition construction company of your most precious childhood memories our master scout has fallen like a squirrel scouts is that as the manual says to treat emotional pain nobody leaves the manual hello partners that's right doug deminol billionaire real estate magnate and destroyer of childhood dreams terrorists like yours what are you doing here well everyone knows that the writing of the dimmesdale flights has lost 120 years ago that means this land is at stake and i am going to take it.
Look at the pieces and build myself the biggest mini mall in the world. scouts handbook a squirrely scout always defends his scout master is that an emanuel you read the handbook no one reads the handbook let's stand up for our rights well i'v got a great place for you to stand you are putting us in jail oh don't think about it like a jail think of it like a rustic nursery with big iron bars bye i have some childhood memories to destroy like yours hey why does this cell have a coyote shaped dog door because fate is cruel?
It's okay dad, we'll find a way to save this place and your childhood memories. You have a plan, yes, but it's quite complicated. we dont know where the writing is we are faeries not psychics i cant even read my own mind no nothing you can make me a fake writing sorry timmy according to the rules that would be forging documents what are they going to do? him in jail oh great you read your manual i'll find the latest deed myself i wish we were back in dimsdale flats 120 years ago. who are you calling babysitter this gadget is an amazing device of my own invention t That is going to revolutionize the way you all live.
It's called a home computer. Do your homework. Track your stock portfolio and make their lives easier. All you have to do is read the manual. real man and support can't be hey wow even in the old west she's a heartless wicked witch hey you can't boss us around like this and since it's a dark and poor town here your parents had to pay me with this is the deed to dim the flat candles someone should do something if only there was some kind of pink hat-wearing symbol of justice to bring some justice back to this lawless, justiceless town are you thinking what i'm thinking pink and justice don't really go together , well, that too, but i wish it was good to be the lawless who is the dead jerk who said i did the masked stranger and i'm his trusty sidekick native american dance with wands and let's give a big western welcome to my trusty steed you're supposed to what you owe i know his trusty steed steed i thought i said drive still nothing dean dimmesdale flats does not belong to you and you are going to give it back one two draw paper cutters rock better two out of three go ahead one two scissors paper one two draw i still have the d i'll be back bye mask stranger we'll never forget you yellow tummy memory so mask stranger are you sure the writings are in a safe place yes i hid it somewhere none of these illiterates would think of master ok let's get ready to tear down this forgotten city free of ancient facts, tear it down to the ground, on the way to chester, your gadgets were a great spike to help us out of that cell and your body made the most wonderful shield to hold. coyotes away from us im gonna take my eat by coyotes badge now well its all good and fancy son but unless you somehow magically get that deed this land is mine its actually mine because i found the deed in the only place no one in the old west i would ever look it was in an old computer manual dammit no one ever reads manuals the writing is mine and i will give it to the only man i know who will take care of this place the way it deserves to be take care of it my dad, thanks mate you gave me the town that represents everything that was good and wonderful of my childhood I will give you eight dollars for it I sold what the coyotes ate me and they locked me up in a jail it made me realize that my childhood it sucked started guys this town is going down why so glom whitener i thought i'd be a hero if i saved the town for you you're a hero timmy you made me eight bucks richer so here a sheriff badge i crossed out the word sheriff and i wrote new words it's you i made my dad richer badge thanks mate but i keep thinking maybe just maybe we forgot something and now you're gonna get hit with a chester badge bring it on wiley where did my ancestors find out ? hey ok you're right

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