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The EVOLUTION Of Cristiano Ronaldo At Manchester United!

Jun 08, 2021
Cristiano Ronaldo was officially presented today as a supplier to Juventus I'm going to give 100 for the place I'm ready for this challenge The defenders were petrified in front of him People didn't want to play against him You're just a big head when you have Ronaldo, it seems that The world has forgotten, the world has forgotten how incredible Cristiano Ronaldo was for Manchester United, perhaps it is Ronaldo's own fault for achieving so much in Madrid that United's day slowly faded into memory, so today we are rolling. turn back the clock on Cristiano's career to remind us of the six incredible years in which Ronaldo truly made Old Trafford the theater of dreams what's up guys, it's football Easter 24th and this is the story of Ronaldo's magical time in Manchester on the 6th August 2003 was supposed to mark another meaningless friendly for Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United in their preparation for the new season when they faced Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon, but that pre-season friendly may have been the most significant match of that season. season.
the evolution of cristiano ronaldo at manchester united
Very little was known about a certain skinny, exciting 18-year-old. The United winger and defenders that night would find out about him the hard way as he tormented them all night. In fact, legend has it that John O'shea, the young Christian, got a migraine and at the end of the game the United players were amazed by the talent they had never heard of, it was as if this boy was auditioning to show his skills. skills against the biggest giants in Europe and Sir Alex had been sitting there watching and knew he had seen enough, so we did a job that we talked about.
the evolution of cristiano ronaldo at manchester united

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the evolution of cristiano ronaldo at manchester united...

The guy after the game we spoke to, his mother bought out her agent, we got him a private spot the next morning in Manchester and closed the deal before people could blink. He knew that he was about to sign the young Portuguese star and had a deal. sign him after loaning him again to sporting for a year but after that performance he had no choice but to speed up the process a week later Cristiano Ronaldo became a United player making him the most expensive teenager in British football at that time 10 days after playing and terrorize United Ronaldo would make his club debut as a substitute with 30 minutes remaining against Bolton.
the evolution of cristiano ronaldo at manchester united
He would be given the legendary number 7 jersey in just 30 minutes. Ronaldo would make the United faithful less worried about the late David Beckham, the previous number 7. That left the season before Ronaldo terrorized Bolton's defenders and set up his team's second goal in the victory while showing off the skills that made him such a prominent star; in fact, at the end of the game a United journalist was quoted as saying that he hadn't seen a debut like this since George Best, he's only had a couple of days training with you, but it's probably been a long time since you've seen a debut. like that one at Old Trafford, isn't it?
the evolution of cristiano ronaldo at manchester united
But it was incredible that Ronaldo's promising first game was a sign of the future, but the present was not so kind to United Ronaldo scored in the FA Cup triumph, but United finished third that season, 15 points behind Arsenal Cresciano . Arsenal Cresciano's early days at the club demonstrated his raw talent, his pace and his ability to beat players one on one. United had yet to win the league at the end of the O5 season. Ronaldo had captured the League Cup and FA Cup in his first three years at United, but not only would there be massive team success but also a massive transformation for Cristiano that we all saw.
The huge potential he had and he came close and his first fight was to entertain and we wanted to win and we knew that with him on our team, if he had a final product, we had a much better chance of being successful, so we set up a better situation. word that we were taking away the entertainment factor to obtain the real product the goals and assists entering the season 0607


had scored 27 goals in 137 games and won two trophies, but the 0-6 summer would transform Cristiano into a beast two In the summer of 2006, great events occurred that would lay the foundation for United's success.
Number one was selling Ruud Van Distelroy to Madrid to allow Wayne Rooney and Ronaldo to develop to their full potential. Rooney and Ronaldo were 20 and 21 years old respectively, but clearly sir. alex ferguson saw the potential in the two young stars the second big event also involved rooney and


in the world cup 06 was a round of 16 match between portugal and england in the 62nd minute of the quarterfinal showdown rooney ended up receiving a red card for his trampling of ricardo carvalho castaño perpetuated the situation and irritated rooney so that he was sent off giving a cheeky nod towards the portuguese dugout after this event led the english media to crucify ronaldo and paint him as a villain upon entering In the new season, Ronaldo even publicly stated that he wanted to leave England that summer, but this was just another burden on Ronaldo's shoulder to prove that he was the best player in the world.
While the 067 season was about to begin, one thing was Sure, Ronaldo had been lifting weights that summer and it was evident with the extra muscle mass he had added, but the season started with English fans in every stadium booing Ronaldo for what he did against his country, but Ronaldo just destroyed everyone. scoring free kicks with headers and being the best player of the match. performances against chelsea and everton, among others, which led to him being named first division player of the month in november, cr7 was sending a message to the world that he was not just a guy who turned up once every few games, but who was a constant player. force to be reckoned with night after night, season after season, he had become increasingly influential to the point where he played every game in which he contributed almost every moment he was on the field, whether it was a goal, whether Be it a pass, later in the season, Ronaldo scored a penalty to beat City, leading to the first Premier League title of CR7's United career.
He ended up scoring 23 goals in all competitions and was a constant threat throughout the season. Ronaldo ended up collecting three individual titles that season PFA Player of the Year Young Player of the Year and Football Runners Player of the Year Cristiano was starting to fulfill the signs he had shown at the beginning of his United career, but this season he showed what he could do. Now everyone knows about him, his hunger and value ethic are unmatched, whether you love him or hate him, no one can deny that Cristiano Ronaldo has the drive and hunger to become the best.
He wasn't satisfied with the level he was at, so he moved up. the next level and 2006 was a turning point in Cristiano's career but season 0708 would elevate him to the highest stratosphere of world football. The 2007-2008 season would be the year Cristiano Ronaldo announced to the entire world that he was the man. main Bernaldo tore up the Premier League that season scoring a staggering 31 goals in 34 games, scoring a goal at a pace of 88.6 minutes and let's not forget that he started the season when he was 22 years old playing as a winger. Ronaldo broke George's best record of 32 goals.
From the wing in one season he scored a staggering 42 goals in all competitions, Ronaldo actually started the campaign under huge pressure being sent off against Portsmouth for headbutting Richard Hughes which led to a three match ban which sparked a flurry of goals. after goal after goal and of course the legendary free kicks ronaldo's free kick seriously defied gravity with the way his knuckleball style froze goalkeepers and left them stranded cr7 redefined the meaning of what a winger could achieve that season and responded to critics who had claimed that he was not consistent when it mattered most against a big rival, scoring his first goal against Liverpool that season at Arsenal and also proving his worth in the knockout rounds of the Champions League.
Ronaldo himself scored half of United's 20 goals that The Champions League campaign scored decisive goals throughout the season that season also marked the beginning of Ronaldo's long rivalry with the other boy Lino Messi and Barcelona came between on the road in the Champions League semi-finals, but Ronaldo would come out on top in their first battle against each other and unite. would go on to the final where they would face chelsea and ronaldo of course he scored again in the champions league final and the match would go to extra time before the red devils lifted their third champions league trophy in the penalty shootout.
Ronaldo had now won everything. You had to win with Manchester United and he was the catalyst for the team's success. Ronaldo was the best player in the world and his position was validated by winning his first Ballon d'Or in 2008 at just 23 years old, the first United player to win the award since the great man George Best had officially arrived as the best player in the world. world with unprecedented success that did not have much more to prove to the world, but that was not the Christian mentality, in fact, it was getting started when a player leaves a club in his prime, leaves a feeling of disgust in the fans and He is usually made out to be a villain or traitor in the eyes of fans, however, it was quite the opposite with Ronaldo, who gave everything to Manchester United and won everything for them before pursuing his childhood dream of going to Madrid.
Vanilla was actually set to leave United at the end of the 2008 season, but Sir Alex Ferguson convinced him to give him one last chance. Fergie reportedly didn't want to sell Ronaldo to the then-president. Real Madrid's Ramon Calderon, with whom he was not face to face due to comments in the media, Ferguson promised that if Cristiano gave his all the next season he would sell him to Real Madrid and the new president Florentino Perez Ronaldo finished his final season at United with a record. of 26 goals during the year and securing United's third consecutive Premier League title. Ronaldo was a threat from everywhere on the pitch, with 33 percent of his goals in his final season coming from outside the box.
His punching technique was unstoppable. he can make the ball sink and deflect in ways that most players simply cannot. His wonderful 40-yard long-range shot in the Champions League quarter-final against Porto, which was voted the best school of the year, followed by a bullet free kick against Arsenal in the League semi-finals of champions were just two of the many examples in which Ronaldo had no right to even try to shoot at goal, but we are talking about Ronaldo. It's incredibly difficult to stop someone like that because his counterattack ability, his speed, the power is absolutely simple, it's phenomenal, you mark him on the ground and he'll do it to you in the air if you stop him from going left, he'll go right, if you stop him from shooting from distance he will dribble into the box if you think your left back is doing well against him he will play against your central defender if you also return against him he will play against your right back he will really pose all the problems that you need to raise in a Game weeks after lifting the main league trophy, United participated in the Champions League final for the second year in a row and Ronaldo would also face his eternal rival for the second year in a row, this time, However, the young Argentine would take the lead despite Cristiano's best.
Efforts to keep his team in the game in Guardiola's newly revitalized Barcelona would prove too much for Sir Alex and the Red Devils, but Ronaldo put in a fantastic individual performance; He would have loved to end his time in Manchester with another Champions League trophy, but that does not take anything away from the six magical years he lived there. Ronaldo would end his last season with the national double, lifting the Premier League title and the Cup. league in that summer Christian would move on to his next challenge which made him the most expensive signing in the The time Real Madrid got their man for 94 million euros, Ronaldo would return to Old Trafford four years later, but this time as an opponent where he scored a goal for Madrid, but of course with a show of respect for the club that made him a superstar.
The relationship with United remained strong and a return to the club was considered over the years, but nothing ever happened as Ronaldo matured, grew and played his best football during his time at Madrid, but what Cristiano achieved in the United cannot be underestimated. It is forever etched in red. Devils history as one of the greatest players of all time and Real Madrid grabbed a football genius ready to pick when we saw a young teenager reach his potential and become a global superstar. Thank you all for watching, subscribe and like our channel and see you next time.

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