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The EVIL Neighbor tries to trick us again!

May 31, 2021
Gary Jocko you are the Parton a is in our name today I am funny brave I am free I own it we are all Brave we can complain the bravest I am the second no I'm joking okay let's do this. I'm very today, we won't lose Oprah, we have punching powers, now we won't totally lose to the


because I'll never get to be the


, except today she's the neighbor, you know why she's mad for bragging, give me a dough . bluffing, I'm going to look at myself with that flashlight, you mean in the eyes, yeah, say that while you tell me right now, I'm not gone, we're getting married, reps if we hit the neighbor, funny, catch, dad, catch, Oh, rainbow , stop if we hit the neighbor.
the evil neighbor tries to trick us again
I told you four times, okay, look at the three of us together and my neighbor and Gold I already have raffles waiting, you're saying, are you hiding?, open that, believe me, I'm finding it cute, you have to stop, you're going to kill me , for. rainbow, but I give you power, stop right now you said you're the neighbor. I get a turn on no you stop yeah knowing can you stop you know me and you're so funny come on it's funny because the harder we hit it's funny yeah guys. She said it's funny, it's funny, bunny, ha, it's so funny, literally, you had someone like a soda and it's funny, and she died, and you get energy, yeah, that's totally how it works.
the evil neighbor tries to trick us again

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the evil neighbor tries to trick us again...

I'm going to tell on you, baby, oh I can. Damn, don't go, rat, yeah guys, we have to stay together because we throw security at him. I love bread, we need yellow and blue keys, guys, okay, I got you. Bunny, no, you, do you know what the yellow and blue or blue keys are? and yellow no one talks to him I need some kind of confirmation we need red where are you? I need to know where everyone is so I can make sure the kids are safe no mmm you're all very good at hiding. I see them. "I'm going to like it a little I don't like it one bit DuPont Eneas Lee screams why is it scary Oh Pookie who likes to ride me uh possess me where is everyone it seems like you're bad at hunting she's bad ah hahaha you?" You're also funny.
the evil neighbor tries to trick us again
Can you stop kicking this soda can? Guys, seriously, where are you? She was yellow. She is hiding. Dracco. If you see fake Dracco down here. What are you talking about? You and your me. And I will take the form of you, come on. you can do that, so annoying, jakka was the worst. I'm back in my safe room, let's make sure there aren't any kids running around, that makes me angry. I'm so angry, I'm so angry. I even know I'm saying something else I'm just an angry neighbor oh hey, who's trying to break down my door, hiding, it's me, it's me God, no, seriously, no, seriously, it's me called, don't use a key somewhere in here, no, seriously, you found it right first.
the evil neighbor tries to trick us again
You can't be good, damn, I mean, yeah, you don't need red. Do you want to know what you need? What is the new Raven? Would you like to know what you need? No, I don't need any advice from you. Alright. You need, you need death, that's what you need, yes, and who is serving what. Oh, I mean, don't you? I don't understand what you're saying, so I'm just going to serve, just put these around, make sure you don't. I don't pass because you never want to follow George, huh, you like milk, come over here, warm milk, so easy, aha, aha, oh, this is the relaxing life, talking, uh, stop talking to yourself, aha, the local is showing up so no stinky kids so what's good no seriously just sneezing that's crazy that's so crazy goal not to jump I found the Buki oh so much work man I like to do so many squats and the last key goal yeah I know That's me, yeah, it's me, it's not me, funny, not funny at all, funny jobs everywhere, straps come in, come here, there's straps everywhere, what are you doing?
Hey, oh, oh, annoying boy, I'll fight with my doll, aha,


, do it, yeah, clearly, you're bad at putting the keys down so you should you should stop doing that to my window food fire bootcut Jack oh come on oh come on Jack oh okay oh oh oh bun Jack oh that's right get out of my house jump to golden death she thought she was so funny trying to


me but she doesn't know I'm a secret neighbor I'm probably on the run no your neighbor creepy. I'm a creepy neighbor, if I was creepy, can I do this here is someone coming up the stairs?
I like it, I should continue, no, why are you laughing? what's so funny, you're never actually going to make it to the door, oh, so you might as well throw in the towel right now. I'll know there's like 20 traps, almost oh, I think your traps are going to stop me, yeah, and I'm going to I'm not going to let you grab any stupid tomato because you're annoying, I just left you on the ground. I'm a song, dad, whatever I'll do without my tomato. I think it's a joke. Are you afraid? It is funny. I don't know, how could I be afraid?
Look at these hot guys coming, yeah, scary, Jack, oh are you the boat or not, did you just be home alone? Not me today, that was beautiful. Wow, hit the like button for the best. That was great. I have to say I won, of course not, no. You're breaking all my traps. They told me that I am an innocent child. Nobody can be wrong. Nobody believes me and nobody gets paid. Yeah, hey, you know I'm actually the neighbor and you find out I'm actually the neighbor. like that it bothers me a lot, okay I'm so upset, it sounds like a problem if anyone sees some sprockets with claws, give them to me, I need them, okay, I'll start a new life, some good wheels, yeah.
Oh, the big, shiny neighbors are really going to lose this one because I've got a second key in Drock Oh, golden run, there's a creepy Snoopy and I think so, he's clearly lunar because she can't even contain her laughs, we're all making clear paths to get there home, it's a Radke moontail, help, no, no. No, Luna, is she cool, girl? No, I don't know, okay, so no, yes, there is a key in this room. Oh, chocolate, how do you eat this accelerator? I don't see anything, by the way, neighbor, are you moving soon because you have a lot of boxes? at your house now I plan to keep my boxes rude question rainbow yes rainbow that's the treasure for her are you doing what are you doing?
I don't know what normally I'm going to go open the door, get everyone out the door. push it, yeah, it's over for her, lunar, stay back, I'm going to open the door, lunar guys, I've got the key, it's time, good night, oh creepy neighbor, could I tell you a knock-knock joke, rude, it was a distraction, mole, you know? I clearly have tinnitus if you touch me, you got it, okay, then Scott okay, why do we have it, we have it so scary, very good, I'm going to put this in my backpack and everything, he's going to grab a tomato key, key, key .
Someone opens, wait who is opening the doors, why are you then why are you so worried? Rainbow because I thought this door was closed and I couldn't escape hmm sounds like someone is strange, yeah I'm running, I don't like the way he looked. I don't like the way they look at me, they took down this Pavatt chair. I need help. I'm putting down the ottoman. Jump. We're going too short. How sad to look at it. I have the key. I have a wheel. Hey you. Not my wheel, we both think the same eh oh thank you run thank you come on let's go he's fine here we go shout neighbor locked in everywhere your neighbor you're so stupid we have one more left am I done?
Oh, what else is the rainbow moving away from? Yo, rainbow, rainbow, guys, cool that door, what do you mean? Stay with me, guys, you know, I like bunnies alone here, all together, oh yeah,


, what not, she's literally okay, hair cell, you're


, you're good, oh good boy, you're evil, how she laughs. Ass yeah, she's fine, bad boys, we got a bottom to go. Lasky and I think I know where he's going. Upstairs, guys, wait for me all the way. Okay, everything is locked up here. Rainbow being him. There are two girls fooling around. Oh Jules, what are they?
His face. Oh. They died, they got well, where's the belt? just be a bad boy, oh good, oh rainbow, what fools we are, we're smart, gold, use your man, oh oh, I found the key, he's right, yeah, we need red, okay, I have it in the window too , oh good goodbye, it wasn't like that. I'll protect you, oh I guess she waits, let's have a food fight before she comes down, no one's going, I already did it, rainbow, we'll let you win, come here, come here, come here, hey three two. one is good, three no, no, no, my goodness, look at what she's preparing, locate it, ah, she's crazy about bad traps, well guys, that's all good neighbor, if you enjoyed it, make sure to press the Like button, don't forget to subscribe yes Jimmy, thank you.
Too much to watch and the team will see you all in the next one, bye.

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