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The Event That Changed Destiny Forever: Trials of Osiris - Destiny 2

Feb 27, 2020
All the images in this video are from community players, their links will be in the description of this video, as well as all the music too! Before I start the video, I want to thank a few members of the PVP community who helped verify this and provided me with some nice clips. Thanks GernaderJake, TyphoonTrav and itAston please follow them, there will be links in the description, check them out as this video wouldn't be possible without them. Anyway, here we go! This was the day Destiny PVP


everything! This was the Trials of Osiris and it was special!
the event that changed destiny forever trials of osiris   destiny 2
In today's video, we'll go over what the


were, what made them special, goals, players, careers, community, and ultimately what led to their downfall. I want to future proof this video by saying it may be back by the time you see it, but this video from now on will focus on "was" and not "is"! Many of you are excited to return to the Trials, while some of you have no idea what it was all about, so let's take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about a different era of Destiny PVP; one that was exhilarating, tense, and at times incredibly frustrating.
the event that changed destiny forever trials of osiris   destiny 2

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the event that changed destiny forever trials of osiris destiny 2...

But it was, without a doubt, the pinnacle of


PvP, and for me personally, one of the most rewarding feelings of accomplishment this game has ever had to offer. Let's start! As many of you know, I like to start these deep dives with the context of why the setting was so big for these


s, and testing is no exception. The day was April 28, 2015 and Bungie released this trailer in a whole new way, one that gamers knew next to nothing about. Trials of Osiris would be revealed on stream with the assistance of a now legendary PVP player, TripleWreck, to show what was in store.
the event that changed destiny forever trials of osiris   destiny 2
In the trailer, you already see this ancient Egyptian looking gear on these guardians, a new map at the time "Burning Shrine", and what appears to be 3v3 gameplay, not 6v6. This had its own overview for the Bungie development team and during this reveal stream, all employees were sporting the glowing golden eye of Osiris. We were shown some things that would consolidate the evidence


. But before moving on to testing, it's important to know the PvP landscape up to this point. In the House of Wolves expansion, a gigantic sandbox update had occurred, one that would bring about a major change to the crucible.
the event that changed destiny forever trials of osiris   destiny 2
For starters, there wasn't a good reward system in PvP until this point. The only reason to jump into the crucible was to show off the loot you earned from PVE activities, try out some new exotics, or just have some good old fashioned fun. The player base for the most part liked how unique Destiny was with the ability to display loot from one activity to another, but felt something was missing, they weren't being rewarded the way end players were. from PVE they were. The other difference in PVP up to that point was the meta. Wow, I feel dated saying that Suros Regime was the primary weapon of choice for players with shiny auto rifles, but I also can't help but mention how broken the meta was.
You had the exotic Vex Mythoclast that was like that (Clip) and the Exotic Pocket infinity that could do this! Yeah, let's just say they were adjusted a lot in update 1.1 for the release of Dark Below. The Darkness Below would see the benefit of the most infamous Trials weapon ever created, the Thorn! Accompanying Thorn is the most infamous pistol of the old west, the last word! Finally, for PS4 gamers only (xbox gamer salty) you had the RNG machine, Hawkmoon! All 3 of these weapons were at their peak by the start of the Trials. Finally, this was the first time in Destiny to this point where there would be a season without a raid, so this meant this new mode had to be HUGE!
With all of that out of the way, it's time to talk about Trials of Osiris! After the hype from the reveal stream and all the talk about an end game for PVP players, how was this season? Well, apart from the 3v3 pve "Prison of Elders" activity to fill the non-raid spot for PVE players, there was something else the tests would have to prepare for. With the release of House of Wolves, Banshee-44 would now allow Guardians to spend their hard-earned materials to recast House of Wolves weapons, so Guardians can go for their shot pack, final round, and rifled. hammer forged Felwinters Lies or his Spear of Efredeets with final round that would make the final shot kill anyone no matter where you shot them.
This would be a perfectly balanced game, right? The day is Friday, May 22 at 1 p.m. m. EST/10 a.m. m. PST. Xur had gotten up for his morning coffee as usual around this reset and there was something new in the directory, that yellow symbol with an eye. Every time you tried to click on it, it would tell you that you need a Trial Passage, so you went to Brother Vance on the reef, got your passage and these little extra consumables. Brother Vance offered us 3 different blessings each week. One would give us a free win. One did not count the first loss from him.
And one counted his next game as 2 wins on his card (no pressure). You picked up your evidence card, applied your blessings, and jumped onto the battlefield praying that the matchup would put you up against a pile of blueberries (a picture of all white team?). This made the


a bit more accessible for less experienced PvP players (me) to participate with more confidence. Now that you have your card in hand, you can enter the trials like a Costco (points if you get that one), but wait, I can't enter alone? Yes, Trials of Osiris would make players need a team of 3 to even look for a match, this forced players to team up, come up with some strategies for team composition, and ultimately blame someone else person. .
Also, he separated the tests as an endgame


, one that required at least some form of communication AND TRUST ME, you were going to need it. So you found a match, with your Thorn that would touch TWO enemies in hand and your final round sniper, you were going to be victorious, you were going to be the first to reach the new area some had rumored about, you were going to be worthy of Osiris…. After…. *FAST* GiggleMonster comes in with the hammer (Gigz), TripleWreck hits you twice, Poshy Blade dances your ankles off, GernaderJake just blows you off, TyphoonTrav gives you sauce in the EYES, RealKrafty takes the money from your lunch and hit you with it, Dr.
Lupo Teabags your dead body, and *SLOW* (breathes) you have to buy another card, then another card, then another card, then another card, until you come across another of them again. So what was the problem with completing a card anyway and why did you run into these players? So the reward for players who would pass the test of Osiris would get the best reward I think possible for Destiny, a journey to a whole new planet. (clip) This was the first time players were introduced to the new planet in their directory, Mercury. Now we think of Mercury as this place of the Curse of Osiris and soon as the season of Dawn, but back then we were full of mystery and curiosity.
When you landed on this planet, you didn't just land, no, you got a sunset scene that you were about to walk into, then a social space just for you, isolated from everyone else in the game. Then the most beautiful chest in Destiny lore, with an eagle on top, you opened it up, to an Adept primary weapon, meaning it was a kinetic weapon with arc, solar, or void attached. This was especially nice because the only expert weapons in the game were raids and the Prison of Elders. But what also made the trip to the lighthouse special was the first and, to my knowledge, ONLY exotic emblem, the "Eye of Osiris".
This emblem showed that you did the hardest thing in Destiny, you were perfect in Trials, PVP players would be a bit more baffled, while PVE players would finally let you attack with them. Also, the lighthouse was mysterious because it was small and walled up, maybe for future content one day? There was even a secret rift in the starting area where a dead vex body, a book, and a skeleton were seen. Theories of the death or disappearance of Osiris added to the epic scale of the Trials. Speaking of Epic Scale, let's talk about how many Twitch Streamers for Destiny got their foot in the door with Trials.
It was safe to say that in 2015, Destiny dominated the Twitch top 10, even reaching #1 during the high point of the Trials, but why? Well, with the dominance of players like the ones we listed above and MANY MANY others, players who weren't that skilled could hang out on one of their streams and ask for help, this was free in some places and not so free in others. , but Bungie hit the point on the head, that players should come together to celebrate this epic event that happened since Friday to reset every weekend. For me, the viewer, I would liken this to taking a trip to Blockbuster for a movie on Friday night, picking up a broadcast, and watching it overnight to catch some amazing plays at high stakes, who wouldn't tune in when you have plays. how are you.
As time went on, streamers got more and more creative by doing 1v3 challenges, sharing a controller, and even bringing their own parents to the lighthouse. Trials became the home for Destiny content creators. I could talk about the downside of this with expensive paid services taking hold, that some people get scammed by websites, and DDOSing of players and streamers, but that only comes with the territory of something on this scale, this epic. We've already talked a bit about the weapon meta, but I want to emphasize how important it is to the popularity of Trials itself. So when House of Wolves was released, everyone was using Thorn, Last Word, and Hawkmoon.
Why? Thorn had the ability to double-tap a headshot on anyone on the map. There were no healing cracks, no healing grenades, and only the red death had some healing buffs, so the thorn, at max range, was destroying players. Last Word was strong due to his Last Word perk which caused him to do bonus hipshot damage 111 to headshot precision, 2-touch potential, and hawkmoon could be great since he relied on RNG if he were to hit an enemy for a headshot 2 or 3. These all got arrested, but was that really a good thing? I leave you with that question, do you think basing the best PVP meta on 3 primaries like this was a good thing for testing because it balanced out the mode and made primaries relevant or do you think it was wrong to have it like this?
Regardless, players would be eager to get these weapons out to anyone anywhere. I specifically remember seeing some players go 6 shots and finish a round, that's how crazy these guns were on top! But speaking of spikes in Destiny, let's continue! The Taken King is considered by many to be the greatest moment in Destiny, but why? Aside from the dramatic overhaul in the leveling system and added content, Taken King would see a dramatic change to the sandbox, one where those prized 3-handed cannons were gone and a new era of weapons would take shape, No Land Beyond. , a sniper without a scope that allowed for play with high ceilings, Invective, a shotgun that automatically reloads the magazine, and the centerpiece of it all, the Mida multitool received an upgrade along with all scout rifles, now allowing it to cause Serious evidence damage.
But, what is it that also made all the trial players fear? Boom boom, boom boom, boom boom boom boom boom boom is a Hammer Titan! Yeah when this came out memes were rampant and gamers wanted this to not be so loud. You could stay in your super


and do a lot of damage. Not to mention that sticky grenades were guaranteed to kill with a stick and with how easy they were to use and how you could stick someone with them on the hammer titan, it became ridiculous to stop them. Players were opting to run away rather than challenge the super, which was new for D1 players, but not so new for D2 players.
This also had some funny moments. Overall though, Trials returned in Year 2, this time with a spicy new emblem and a few new seasonal variants, including Halloween. But was there really anything new added here? No, actually, if anything, did you take a step down? Yes, you were able to make it to the Lighthouse again, but other than the new weapons and armor, don't get me wrong they were great, there was no expert variant of these weapons. With TTK, the expert weapons were completely gone, but at least we had new things to collect and farm. Streamers continued to rock the tests and many of the top streamers were now able to go full-time as a result of this event, making it really special for content creators to showcase their talents.
After all, this was the perfect platform for streamers to showcase theirskills, and it was one of the most entertaining games on all of Twitch. On its own, it kept Destiny relevant and always near the top of streaming games. Trials has now been out for a year and a half. Players start to feel mode fatigue at this point. Don't get me wrong, we loved the mode, but like I said earlier, there just wasn't as much of a reason to get to the Lighthouse anymore, especially with the changes Rise of Iron made to the game. Special ammo


massively, not allowing players to start with any in the first round, which led to one of two things.
One: Players would opt to go with sidearms, as they were the only special weapons in the game that allowed you to spawn in the first round with the special option OR 2: Use the Icebreaker exotic, an exotic that literally regenerated ammo for you and ofc he was a sniper, so a headshot was always on the table. This made a lot of players not want to play the game and streamers were starting to not enjoy it as much. With players leaving the mode more and more because it's the third iteration of a similar concept, this meant that the people left behind were probably not your average Joe, so achieving perfection also became more difficult.
One more thing, Taken King introduced us to the Artifact, an item that would improve your Intellect, Discipline, Strength build. However, in Rise of Iron, the artifact granted you abilities based on which one you had. Some of these were awesome like Memory of Radegast which made it so you could deflect nova bombs with your sword and play ping pong with another player, or Memory of Timur which made enemies able to fight on your side for 30 seconds when you body attack them. to body One of these wasn't that great for testing though, Memory of Skorri, this made it so that if you were around other members of the fire team who also had this artifact, your super would regenerate incredibly fast.
This made the Icebreaker camp very strong and was beginning to annoy trial players. However, the mode is always fun as, let's face it, it wasn't a hit or miss for many players. He was allowed 3 losses on his card, with rewards of 5 wins (weekly armor rotation) and 7 wins (weekly weapon rotation). Sometimes, even though the dream of perfection had ended, you still wanted to see if you could get hold of a piece of gear you didn't have. However, the Trials of Osiris at the end of 2017 was about to close in Destiny 1. August 11, 2017 was the day the curtain fell on the Trials of Osiris, so many races made, so many memories made, what? what would come next?
Destiny 2 has officially launched and with the promise of being a sequel, it will feature Trials of Osi. Of the Nine? Interesting, but nothing too bad, right? Well, since the Destiny 2 beta game and the changes that were going to be made, yes, this was not received at all well. 3v3 game? No, 4v4. New weapons with random rolls? No, there are no new weapons throughout the year outside of release and no random drops, once you get the weapon that's it. Elimination? No, a search and destroy/CS:GO variant, countdown, and a new mode that many gamers would describe as "Did I die once and I'm out?" Survival where your team shared 6 lives and you could only be one kill and lose.
Time to kill? Much longer... balance, right? Goal? Restricted to two main weapons! Hurrah. To their credit, they added a whole new space and a pretty cool visit to the emissary, which got us excited to meet the nine, with a new emblem. But this didn't have the same effect as the D1 tests, it just turned into team shooting and slowly killing enemies for the exact SAME loot. Once you got it once, that was it and it coincided with the Destiny 2 year 1 crash. The worst part for me is that nothing was really added to the testing systems, no new endgame rewards or even anything to do. make it feel new, just a watered down version of what came before.
Many streamers expressed concern, and many major streamers moved to other avenues. I bet some who watched were shocked when we showed videos of Lupo, Tfue and Krafty even playing Destiny, but it really launched their careers and after this real downfall to a once special mode, can you blame them for moving on? I don't want to sound negative, but the community objectively agreed that it was bad for the game and Bungie removed it on August 24, 2018 to completely revamp it. So you may be wondering if my future test has worked. Where the hell has he gone? The last update we received on Trials was on Valentine's Day 2019, in which Bungie said: "Until we have a solid prototype for a pinnacle PvP endgame activity, Trials will remain on hiatus indefinitely and will not return in the future." of the next seasons". .
When we have those new plans ready, we'll be sure to share them with you." So testing hasn't come back since season 3 (Warmind) and players were frustrated by this decision not to bring it back but understood that Bungie temporarily focused on competitive crucible with all new pinnacles like Mountaintop and Recluse but why? Haven't they brought it back to this point now? It's been debated a lot, but here's my two cents on why it hasn't or wasn't if you're in the future. The crucible sandbox right now is really, really bad. Mountaintop, recluse, One Eyed Mask, Handheld Supernova, Skill Based Matchmaking, and for some, but not all, dedicated servers to avoid some difficult connection issues, plus a long list more.
Not only that, but how can Bungie find a way to reinvent the wheel with it? It's very difficult when the rewards were so powerful and the system worked for so many players. It's a frustrating process for both parties and both parties want him to come back in the best possible shape, so it would have to be perfect. This will bring me to my final question for you, what would you do to improve testing? Leave me a comment. In general, Bungie and the player base want nothing more than to see the return of the king of PVP and with Season of Dawn just around the corner and Osiris on the cover, nothing sounds juicier.
Maybe I'm romanticizing the tests of


. He had his problems and it caused me more anger than I care to admit. But I still look at him fondly. In fact, I still have friends to this day that I met through an LFG group from this activity. It was something special to have 3 guardians fighting to reach the same goal. Being the last keeper standing in a 4-4 tied game and landing that knockout blow was a rush that hasn't been matched since. I know testing will come back one day, and I look forward to seeing you all at the lighthouse when it does.

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