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The Estate - Episode 4

May 30, 2021
Malee Sally, on the coal fringe, ran home to almost 3,000 people, many depend on government benefits to survive in difficult times, making it to the end of the week can be a battle, this is the story of a year in the property, okay? Are you leaving? Knowles is on a mission to get his son Aaron out of bed, love, are you worried about what you're shaking? Aaron has just completed a government training scheme as a carpenter, but like his father, his prospects are bleak. Noel has been out of work for ten years and both he and his wife Mandy are worried that Aaron will end up in the same boat, but you just have to keep flying and flying and his old Besant and we will appear.
the estate   episode 4
Where's my cool break? My silly and cool errands. The only option is unemployment, no. one is taking it to the Employment Center to register for the first time. I think around nine or ten, there was a window. There was a horse alarm for two years. I think your alumni today like the evidence of mare government for young people. Guys, after a month of sleepless nights, Emma finally has something to say about her work. Hey, yeah, it's just that I'm here, that's just what I'm calling for. You know I'm back and I'm back at work and we have the fondant, so it's really cool.
the estate   episode 4

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the estate episode 4...

Gimme, we'll catch up sometime this week. She is telling her clients the good news. Thank you. Bye bye. Well, that's a real relief. At least for three years. I can relax a little, I think because my main concern was my clients at that time. Don't know? It's actually starting to get to me, yeah, you know, it's more like thank God, now I can, you know, they'll be okay because I think I was worried just because a lot of them are so vulnerable and such a big change like me not seeing all of them. the weeks. I was more worried about the effects it was having.
the estate   episode 4
I am at least 90 years old. I know how they will have me forever. You for longer. So now I just plan my weeks a little. Your head and trying to make I guess the protectors the best it can be you've never had a day like the last ever I don't think I've ever had a day where it's just a setup for the scene are you working the first day? Kellyanne got a vacation job in a restaurant they are setting up rags I know what's important what I know a little bit before so I don't know I have to go I'm not a loose game and I'm worried voice because I wouldn't be able to pay it is because the Oracle is good for me because I already heard yes, I'm going to play for the first time, capture something nervous, she's not that bright here and she doesn't do it often, no, I'm dead, a keyboard that I don't break when he bribes her AJ they have to go to the man himself it's never worth dollars the same I had some of their dinner and they said it was bad I just bought meat bastard isn't it because I'm your comfortable life I think they don't like it So it just says I'm working in the shadows hard .
the estate   episode 4
They often host Lawrence. They beat me good, so they put our legs in casts, don't we learn to parent this way? Nine-year-old Lauren is in the hospital overnight. Regularly, Jimmy comes straight from the night shift and brings her to today's appointment. Loren is numb from the way she is made and she needs splints to help her walk and, as she grows, they need to be replaced, that's the old one she hired. You see there, the toes are now starting to rise, so when you know, when they're done, they make your feet sweat, right?, or they give me smelly toes.
You get gas before eight. you can see her way in the smaller ones, her D her Lauren's are cheaper, her feet and legs hurt. Lauren doesn't use them. Lauren couldn't really walk. They're fair because, in response, as Lauren gets older, her splints outgrow her like a pair of shoes, it's hard for her to get used to the mass okay, let me think about it here what's up here a lot not up here put the books in the plan all this plan here where is this verse mrs. Potts, where's Bella? Surely other things are just working for you like getting needles and things for the exit from the lake.
Cut off the injection. No, Lauren, or three weeks, three at Lauren for your sponsor. Emma will bring one of her alcoholic clients to court if she is sentenced today, so we. I really don't know which way I could go, boy, it's the message I heard huddling in the cellars that never spent and then I was really valid as a couple of outhouses, that's very excited because they separated, I didn't care that they were going to call the uneconomic university. and I think he was pretty high up, come on like, man, this window up here, but yo, you're ready all day, for coffee and then alone, you know, and there's no one to help them get where they want to go. , so simply kindly. of staying the same while all I'm doing is naming the bait like putting that's like Stanton Stone something I can even make small changes nowadays, I'm actually a pretty big change, right?
I guess we really don't know what's going to happen tonight. All this jovian stuff says it was just for the starter dinner, the only problem, I have a lot of Azhar behavior in you because I haven't been in a year, the photos are dirty, the waitress Gary already has around 50 criminal convictions for drinking. you look great you're saying you know for not drinking over the weekend that your eyes and everything really he just scored another a suspended sentence and a £300 fine for starters, behave yourself Mandy works part time as a cleaner in a hospital learning 150 pounds a week, I personally have a drought, Oracle board is very easy, true, nice, it's hard to get a job for man, but I think what makes people is a leg without eyes to work, Madonna , you know that no.
Maybe you always get the perfect job, but that's the job at the end of the day and it's very hard to get. She is the breadwinner of the family since her husband Noelle is unemployed. I'm here to continue meeting one for two or three years. How to eat work ID. the day you see that the Stata tolls are there, you understand, you just have to hang the door. I have made a knitter of the lot and I will leave, but I am Hamels, I am not legal, now everything has to be. immobilized but with dongseong I will keep her happy the day the moral is a little different story.
I'm unemployed, never say ten years. Those teams are. I would be afraid that it would have gone to the bottom view because maybe everyone likes our box. or a box: I was just lazy when I was at school and no, and I was never bored, I didn't see the need when I was 16? have some devil maybe or maybe get something I don't know but at this moment it was Rory, I guess confidence in his loss to her so I always have to spell things for him, he knows what he wants, put oil and pepper , it was just the spelling he is very smart he has been very involved in the community this year he just wants to make something happen, you know, for them, so they don't destroy things, they will carry the baton, they will destroy things on their own property that they have something today just a few, do you admire the basically great William?
Turn off that gun here, mom, tolerate the war more, daring, corners. I don't use any coordinates. I know they told you that with the shelter in operation. Noel has his eye on another project to occupy his time, sometimes a poor family loves Gary lost their home on the


when he was sent to prison upon his release, they rehoused him in time, but with a view of the prohibition of the river, I have seen myself fall into history, now settled in Gary, saving for curtains and a washing machine to make the apartment more homely, something I have never used again, which was about 10 years old or so, what about me ?
I have never seen this birth. The fun things for our left eye were done before also thanks to the help of a group. They will take them over and Vera can't reach me and I will explode gently. I have done it before. It's my fault. They were difficult, so I don't know what some people think. I love him. He has directed the. They're red and drunk and he's having fun with what they don't know started because of the looks you know you can get. We never enjoy it because I want to see it. Watch Peony Goofy every time you know about I Don't Know.
No meanness required. but people don't want time, some people don't, that's what this shift work means Jimmy and Denise rarely go out at the same time trips to the beach in a rare opportunity for the family to be together these are everyday, they are our memories when they have grown up, the simple things are usually the best things that the British do, and even more so because if we are busy in a hurry, you know he has a kind of mark, it is just fun, but he knows that we love them, he always comes to this moment. piss them off night-night oh that's getting to me responsibility response don't go near Darwin you're going to gather energy my good day darling I'm just worried about her getting older, she'll spend more time in her chair, you know it's all these kinds of things they're not nice and there are others that you can do, but there are many that were good tonight, you know that she gets bigger, she won't be able to do them.
Gary hasn't been able to stay out of trouble, he's just been given disability living allowance to help him deal with his alcoholism, but his drinking is getting worse. Well correlated face. I fell into the frame. I have both hospitals with a suspended sentence on him. If Gary doesn't comply with his bail conditions, he could be done for. there in prison I'm already in a bar Corinne noticed this clap oh my God up I'll tell them bury them my friends are the bar next door Eliane has a decision on what to wear to her new job The first shift starts in just an hour, I see the cell line so I'm really nervous but I'll try to pay it's like I don't like it so you know there's nothing even though look I tried before. get in the smoke first it's my mom that there oh my god Claire just takes my real hair oh my god look at mine with my help this one I did because all our health guys thanks for a response no .
You live for my own good, so the smoke is here, but thanks to Miraval tomorrow, do you want Dynami to be cut? The last few weeks you've reviewed, you could say yes. I think you really need it. to get you back to where we were before the last few weeks and we need to use this to yellow my knife or something you know better, yeah well next DLA we're getting your washing machine so then It's not going to cost you a Tanner every days Emma is trying to keep Gary's downward spiral going before he ends up in jail again, let's cook, just great, what's the point of me telling things, but at least you don't know for sure?
All that happens, you have this, but of course. and then you go in front of the judge with no money and you haven't done anything to Alice and he asks him if I mean worse at least if you go and you've done everything, but this is good, you're already off to a better start, boy, you know? but you were having a bit of a tough time, you know, maybe you were trying to read that more, but if he can see, look, they navigated himself dying again, you know he's done everything else, you know it turned out okay, you just you do not like. cut off your nose to mess up your face, you know you want the afternoon city to be over anyway, stay away and stay up at two o'clock, I'm pretty, silver and alcohol-free, minute ball on me, but never we've done it, yeah, well, I took You home, I'll chase Marion's homework, it was okay getting stronger, we just had one broken wall, but you know we can build them back up again.
Moshe Zalman, delicious fire, oh, I have to pay, oh my God, my eye, I'm shaving. true, no one goes after only one hour at work kellyanne is proving to learn quickly Issei Oh Mariana now the monitor only the young birds of the Millat school do their thing well, well, I don't know, starting the last null deceptions The new project will encourage the young people on the farm to listen to him. Come on, you're not solemn because he can't understand you. He started a band that we don't do and they didn't have a name that I was here for. say my business that's not just the origin of the step all the hazing of the seal steps very little for them to do you know and then they get involved and the drugs and the lover won't keep them away from our place they'll have to do that on their own account but we will try to evaluate them my friend is still there Emma managed to persuade Gary to take a break from drinking, it's okay for a baby.
Thanks Otto, ran out of cash so Emma recommended a food giveaway run by a local church it's about crack - possibly need your foot, you did well in this area no, they come here yes, we've soaked almonds, I zoom , yes, humans, I can have him away, so he is what they do. See, yes, but they are not here yet. I think you can handle it. Hello, Emma received the worst news possible. Gary has been found dead. I'm so sorry to hear what you thought was a big fish. I'm sure it is for you, Gary. The body was pulled from the river a few meters from his apartment.
Police were unable to discover how he fell into the water. I see your dad at least twice a week and I've never had any worries. I'm and That way there was no drinking and the system well, so he definitely became Danaher Solly when he was sober, right? Okay, Val D.I've lost young people, you know? It's not the first time I've lost something. working with but it's the first time in this job that I've lost someone, but I just remember some of them telling me when I started this job, you know you're going to lose Pickle the way he was at the time, I thought no, my nerd, you know the miner so bad, you know I'm like God, I never thought you knew that was going to be 9, Kai, the first to make trouble this year next year.our butt next time on the farm as practice bomb, not as a joke, so you can later, there will be a day when you go down there.
I know we are going to put ourselves on the poster. A little practice with the bottle on the weekends. The skin removal varnish really brought depression to the k-loaders. Now the property continues at the same time next Monday here on BBC One Northern Ireland and don't forget if you've missed any series so far you can watch it on BBC iPlayer.

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