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The Dark Era of YouTube Is Coming - My Response to Suzy Lu

Mar 16, 2022
Ultimately, I've been talking to a lot of different people on YouTube this week. So they are aware of the situation and they are at that point where the channels were marked. The channels in question are currently being investigated, so that's very good news. Yeah I'm leaving it up to YouTube now and they are aware of literally every hate video and they are investigating all of them. Now I'm going to be honest. My video about Suzy Lu dropped a huge bombshell in the YouTube community, which I definitely didn't expect. YouTubers large and small have made videos about this situation, bringing to light their actions, past and present.
the dark era of youtube is coming   my response to suzy lu
And for that, I am truly grateful. After I posted my complaint about Suzy Lu, Jeremy from TheQuartering picked it up and reported on it on her channel. This set off a ripple effect where many other YouTubers including Optimus, Bowblax, Nicholas DeOrio, Scarce, Upper Echelon Gamers, SomeOrdinaryGamers, Repzion and more covered this story, bringing over 20,000 new people to this channel. So welcome newcomers! I hope you stay. Before I get into the meat of this video, I want to discuss the timeline of what happened, just to bring you up to speed. However, I have to be very careful how I do this, because I don't want YouTube to get mad at me, so I'm going to ask you to look at the screen right now, and I want you to see me looking for Suzy.
the dark era of youtube is coming   my response to suzy lu

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the dark era of youtube is coming my response to suzy lu...

Lou here. She just watches very carefully. Did you take all of that? Good. OK. On March 29th I posted a video on the second channel analyzing the size of the first autocomplete when you search for Suzy Lu. But Suzy didn't like it and the video was removed for violating YouTube's community guidelines on harassment and bullying. It was a light-hearted video and I felt like it fell under the exception for scripted performances in YouTube's community guidelines, but when it comes to Suzy Lu, I don't think she's granted many exceptions. In fact, there's already a precedent for this kind of video on YouTube, namely Meme Insider's video on Jacksfilms, which has amassed nearly 350,000 views.
the dark era of youtube is coming   my response to suzy lu
So this takedown basically said, "You can do this to other people, but not to Suzy Lu." Suzy bragged on social media that that video was taken down 20 hours before it was taken down, so she clearly has information the rest of us don't, and I'll talk more about that later. I was going to include that section in the full video, but because that video was removed, I had to scrap that section entirely and instead say why the video was removed and why I don't think it should have been. demolished. There were no hits on the first autocomplete when you searched for Suzy Lu, and certainly no video issues.
the dark era of youtube is coming   my response to suzy lu
For 6 days, the video was up and it did very well. It got almost 80,000 views and was one of the most popular videos on the channel, and YouTube was putting a lot of pressure on it. But then… But Suzy Lu struck again, and that video was ALSO removed under the same clause, Harassment and Bullying. I submitted an appeal and it was rejected, so I asked many places to try to get a clear answer as to why my video was removed. YouTube didn't tell me anything, which isn't surprising, but I suspected it was because I called Steejo a…. well i cant say it here go to the comments i am sure they will help you.
At this point, I was defeated by the YouTube gods, so I decided to re-upload the video, removing anything that could remotely violate the YouTube Community Guidelines. I removed all mentions of calling Steejo a cu…. You know what I'm talking about, as well as removing all mention of the top autocomplete result when you search for Suzy Lu. The reload was deleted, but I still didn't know why the original video was deleted. That was, until this. Damn, look at that ratio. We apply our policies consistently, regardless of who flags the content. Many users flagged their video before deleting it; the team reviewed her appeal and confirmed that the video violated our harassment policies.
We appreciate you re-uploading an edited copy of the video that complies with our policies and does not include repeat attacks based on someone else's appearance. We also looked at your concerns regarding copyright abuse and found no evidence of it. But the only thing is, I DIDN'T DO THAT! There were no issues with my video, and there is much worse content on YouTube, and yet I was the one who took the hit. And if I can put on my tinfoil hat for a second, YouTube's golden boy H3H3 has a video called Instagram vs Reality, posted 11 months ago, that has 10 million views.
Let's pull some clips from that video. H3H3: Ha ha ha, that's why I love this. This is the same person, the same day, in the same outfit. Every time I see something like this, I'm like, "Listen, you can fool the whole world, but you can't fool yourself." The one on the right is on the beach and the one on the left has just arrived at the beach. Ugh, yeah. This girl is the spokeswoman for Instagram vs Reality. Why are you going to be a model if you are going to modify your appearance so much? From beauty queen to WWF fighter in two seconds.
This girl tried to wear a face filter and her phone blew up. Here's another one of hers. Would people recognize her if they saw her on the street? I mean, she's unrecognizable. No ha ha no. She that she can't be the same person. Dude, Coachella vs open casket funeral. Oh damn, Tana is looking pretty good these days. Oh. Oh ha ha ha. I can't believe it's the same day. She looks like a Twinkie. (back to) John Swan: If you watched the original video, link in description, then you could easily see that I didn't make fun of anyone's intrinsic attributes, but H3H3 can somehow say all this wrong stuff without any repercussions, and even Get meetings with Susan Wojcicki.
How did this happen? People have likened my situation to Late Night Show hosts making fun of Donald Trump's looks, asking if YouTube will remove them all as well, but YouTube actually has an exception in their guidelines for politicians where it's allowed. make fun of them. But I'm sure if you dig around, you'll find plenty of clips of well-known talk show hosts being based on other people's appearances that don't fall under these exceptions. If my video is a precedent for what is not allowed on the platform, that means that people can't even mention that there is a physical characteristic of someone.
But I can tell you right now that YouTube is making an exception for Suzy Lu, just like they did when they violated the safe harbor law to reinstate her channel. And speaking of making exceptions, I think we need to talk about the support Suzy Lu receives behind the scenes. But to do that, we have to go to Twitter. After the influx of videos that surfaced criticizing Suzy Lu, Suzy and her cu... I can't say that her boyfriend Steejo took to Twitter to respond to her criticism, because that ended very well last time. that they did. In these tweets, Steejo said that he didn't go to college, and Suzy admits after an entire year of denial, that she did bookmark Tipster's channel.
Yeah, we finally got confirmation that she was the one who got the interview with a lawyer. But she gets even worse. Someone said that community guidelines flags aren't usually checked manually, and they're not. And especially during this pandemic, YouTube has stated that automated systems would step in more to account for understaffing. But Suzy seemed so sure that a team reviewed the video, and when questioned, she responded in the best way possible. Suzy: “I have a managing partner idiot lol” So far this has all been speculation. But Suzy has confirmed, as she did over a year ago, that she sends critical videos to her partner's administrator for removal.
Suzy: I am a channel with over 100,000 subscribers. When you get to that point, you get your own personal partner manager. Ultimately, I've been talking to a lot of different people on YouTube this week. So they are aware of the situation and they are at that point where the channels were marked. They're basically just looking into it right now and I know for a fact that a lot of the videos are just hate videos for the sake of it. The channels in question are currently being investigated, so that's very good news. Yeah I'm leaving it up to YouTube now and they are aware of literally every hate video and they are investigating all of them. (Back to) John Swan: That's definitely what happened with the Tipster videos and with my video.
I think there's an important point to make here about the support Suzy gets behind the scenes. I've been in conversations with many YouTubers since the start of this situation, many much bigger than Suzy herself, and they all seem baffled by the amount of support she gets from her. From being chosen to appear on YouTube Rewind, and fans of hers receiving gifts from YouTube for being Suzy Superfans, to being able to call her YouTube contact 2 days after Christmas to reinstate her suspended channel. Suzy: I called my managing partner and asked him what the hell was going on, and I felt really bad because my managing partner and then everyone who works with him was supposed to be on vacation.
They went straight to the office and found out what happened. (Back to) John Swan: YouTubers with many more subscribers than Suzy Lu can't even come close to this amount of support, and it clearly shows some favoritism within the ranks at YouTube HQ. In true Suzy Lu and Steejo fashion, once all the heat got too much for them, they deleted their Twitter accounts and passive-aggressively retweeted TeamYouTube's


. But while we're talking about the answer, I just want to draw attention to something here. YouTube said my video was reported by many users, so who could have reported it?
As some of you may know, Suzy Lu has a discord, which is an exclusive invite-only club. She posted the invite links in the description of some of her Patreon posts, but I didn't think I'd join until I saw these tweets. I still had the screenshots so I tried to log in. But all the invite links were invalid. Hmmmm. Strange. There were rumors that Suzy Lu's server was the platform where her members would launch massive complaint campaigns, but there was no evidence of this, so I dismissed it as another exaggeration by her detractors. But over time, things became more and more suspicious.
Suzy desperately tried to hide her discord from the general public, with even her own fans wondering where she had gone. Jeremy from TheQuartering even offered a $200 bounty for any link to a targeted harassment campaign. But nothing came of it. For a while, I thought it was all a dead end. Until we found someone who was on the server and shared interesting information with me. I went into this knowing that if there was any evidence, it had already been cleared up. But he hoped to find some evidence that the conversations had been cleared up. And evidence that I found.
Now what's really interesting is that we scrolled to "yesterday" and there was no evidence of a conversation taking place, and Suzy's admission that she doesn't know who Steejo is talking about probably means someone is constantly cleaning up the chat. . Very interesting. There is also no mention of my name or any video links or tweets related to the situation that were sent to the discord, which would be a natural reaction to some drama involving her favorite reaction channel. Now obviously I don't know if Suzy or her fans were running some sort of mass whistle blowing campaign as everything that could have been incriminating is gone but we do know that she or one of her moderators is monitoring her chat and even kicked some of their own supporters, which is quite an interesting move and definitely not suspicious at all.
I can't make any assumptions, so make up your mind on this. While all this was going on, Nick Rekieta, a lawyer and YouTube creator, went on a livestream where he took Suzy Lu apart and recaptured, as I did in my video, that her reactions are not transformative in any way, and it is, for therefore, violating copyright law. Nick: Oh, she's about to talk, wait for her. That was not transformative. Let's be clear that "oh God" is not transformative at all. That's not going to do it. We'll see. Do you have something better for me? It is not that either!
He must be criticizing the composition of the work. This is not critical in any way. Let's see if she does better. better Nope, it doesn't help- Oh no shit it isn't either. You're not doing it. You are not doing it correctly. This is not transformative at all. What the hell was that? Again, nothing. another dimension that we do not know. I guess it happened. I guess it happened on the show. Thanks for telling us what just happened! That's not a transforming doll. This girl has 372 thousand subscribers for what? What does she do? (Back to) John Swan: Great stuff.
And that's where this video would have ended and where most people's coverage of this situation would have stopped. But Suzy decided to go down an even deeper hole and made a video responding to all the criticism she had been receiving. Because we all know that the last time she did that it ended very well for her.and definitely did not further incriminate his position. This video is a quintessential misrepresentation of the facts and naturally there are multiple issues and multiple


s from many different people involved which I'll link to in the description so I'm just going to separate the most important points and respond to them. here.
But for this I think we have to change the configuration a bit. Hello everyone and welcome to John Swan's new and improved shooting setup. As you can see I have some lights in the background to look a bit more professional. Today we're going to respond to Suzy Lu's video because I really couldn't be bothered to edit the footage anymore and couldn't think of any way to make it interesting so today we're just going to do this. Please ignore the stain on my lip right now. Just ignore it, imagine it's not there, and we'll get back to this video.
Many different people involved in the situation have already responded to this video, so I'll try not to echo exactly what they've done and try to bring something new, and link all their responses below. This video is like 25 minutes long and I'm not going to respond to everything so I'm just going to play the clips that I think are the most important and respond to them individually. So, let's start with the introduction of Suzy Lu. Suzy: Basically, YouTube is already out and they had a tweet, they let the affected people know why they removed some videos from YouTube.
There's a lot more behind the scenes that you probably don't know. So let me make this very clear. There are two channels that I am going to talk about here. Tipster and John Swan because those are the two channels where YouTube removed the videos. Let me get that into your head, YouTube. You heard it here. John Swan: Well, Tipster is a person that I already mentioned in this video and I also mentioned him in my last video. He has done a lot of coverage on Suzy Lu and he has done a great job. In fact without the coverage of her it would have been a much shorter original video so yeah he has done a great job and Suzy unfairly removed some videos so I'm interested to see where she goes from here.
But first I want to show you the clip where he summarizes the copyright incident with MarkAfterDark. Suzy: So what the hell happened? Well, it basically goes back to March 2019 I would say. So this is when it all started. Basically, I came across a creator who wasn't very happy with the way he had used my video. Like, it wasn't a video that was criticizing me in any way. He took my Let's Play and then put it at the beginning of her Let's Play, but only to make me look stupid. Because I was there? It made absolutely no sense for it to be there and that's why I issued the strike.
Because I wanted it removed. So at the time, I have to say that I just didn't think anything of it. It was just one of those things I said, "I don't like the way you're using that. Get rid of it." So in the Youtube team's response, they noted that they couldn't find any instances of copyright abuse and I'm guessing what they're talking about is fraudulent DMCAs, trying to silence critics by submitting copyright takedowns. I mean they didn't specify exactly what they meant, but I think all the anime present on the channel and the fact that the channel has been suspended twice before is a good indication that something is not quite right.
But anyway, if you're looking for an admission of DMCA abuse, YouTube has it here. She literally said she wanted it removed because it made her look stupid. That's definitely a violation of the DMCA system, so there you have it. There's your evidence. She literally admitted it to herself in this video, so that was smart of her. Suzy: A couple of months ago, a creator, I won't name them, was being harassed by Tipster off of YouTube. It happened on Twitter. and they threatened her and it really annoyed her a lot and she complained to




came to me, because they said "listen, we have received numerous complaints about this channel" this is tipster's channel "and we want your site.
All the things all the times you've had to deal with this person." So I told them. I told them I was like this person recently even tried to become a Patreon of mine to subtly try to get some insight into what I was doing regarding my website and stuff like that so my PR had to shut that down and it was like what is it your problem friend like what's your problem John Swan: So in this clip, Suzy is basically trying to say that YouTube came to her on behalf of another creator to do some research on a channel that had less than 40,000 subscribers at the time.
Suzy Lu, how do you think any of us are going to believe you? This is the most outrageous thing I've ever heard. So, you were approached by a high-level person at YouTube asking for your opinion on a creator they are investigating, and they informed you that this creator was being investigated. Now if this happened, that's a huge violation of the chain of command, but it didn't happen, so we won't even bother with it. And then he tries to pretend he's doing research for Tipster News *coughs* Tipster News is a *news* channel. The investigation for her news channel is that somehow you know how bad he is doing.
You are not allowed to pay for your Patreon to collect the news, apparently you are not allowed to do that. I mean when you cover news and reporting and when you're a journalist you usually have to research and research your stories, but a lot of us think that what you do requires more attention and more reporting and that's basically what Tipster was trying to do. Suzy: YouTube was investigating this channel because they had received numerous complaints from different channels, but when the videos were taken down from your channel, I had no idea they were being taken down.
They didn't tell me anything. Basically, I got a couple of messages on my Discord saying "oh you've seen tipster take down three videos and I was like what? And I even said at the time that I was like they took videos." that only have my name attached to it, I'm going to get mad because I know what that looks like. John Swan: Now this is quite interesting because remember that we now have access to Suzy Lu's discord and there were no conversations about the Tipster video unless she was authorized. all unless people have PMed you, which is always a possibility, but I guess they only talk about it on the Discord they're invited to.
Yeah, there was no talk of that at all, so that's quite an interesting point from Suzy Lu. So here is another question. If Tipster has a history of this and has done multiple harassing occasions off the platform and is very well known for all these disgusting things he said, why were only your videos removed? ?There have been no other takedowns to date. The first warning he received was from an interview with a lawyer about you. And then the other three strikes he took were all on you. So why are his videos the only ones that got deleted?
I just don't think YouTube came to Suzy Lu at all for Tipster. I don't think this off-the-shelf harassment investigation is a thing. I think Suzy Lu sent these to her partner manager and the partner manager sent a warning to YouTube. And I'll explain how I think she's doing this in just a second because there are a few more clips here that I want to play for you guys. Suzy: And let me tell you this. To all the people who are like you and have the power to delete all these videos. If I had the power to delete all these videos, do you think my YouTube search would be filled with so many lies, toxicity, people transforming my face, doing all these things?
If he had the power to end all of this, why is he still there? John Swan: This is what I really wanted to talk about here. How does Suzy Lu delete all these videos? How do some videos stay but others go down? Well this is what I think she does. She takes the smallest thread, the smallest chance of a video being taken down, and amplifies it to an obscene level. She goes to great lengths to frame herself as offended beyond the limits of Earth. And if she's a creator, she has a contact, and that contact favors her, all she needs to do is expand on it as much as possible, say she's really offended by something, and then all of a sudden, BAM, the video can be deleted.
There was nothing wrong with my video, my video, it didn't violate any guidelines, but it was removed. You know why? Because I said the first autocomplete when you searched for Suzy Lu too many times. Although I didn't inherently insult her, and she thinks she can use that as an argument to delete my entire video. If she pretends that she's offended enough, she can delete any video she chooses and I think that's a bit messy. Suzy: Regarding the other channel in question, uh, sorry I forgot her name, huh, John Swan? John Swan: Understand guys, she forgot my name because I'm irrelevant.
I'm not relevant enough to her. Yeah Suzy Lu, you literally mentioned my name earlier in the video and now you forgot. It's very easy to see how she's framing all of this. It's like she doesn't really care, but deep down you know she really cares. I want to get into some more recent developments at the end of this video because it's pretty funny and I think she really cares about all these things. Suzy: So she caught my eye. The video barely had any views or anything, but it caught my eye on my discord and people were like, have you seen this video?
John Swan: Again, she's talking about my Discord, so she would assume this is the Discord server. There was no discussion of my video anywhere on that discord. There was nothing there. I don't know what it is, literally nothing. So the fact that she found all this on her discord is a complete and utter lie because we had checked everything there and there is nothing so I don't know what she is talking about but this is blatantly false. Suzy: So I watched the video and thought why? That's gross. I had never talked, to this day I never talked to this person and they put up a video where basically the whole video was talking about the size of my forehead, talking about my features.
You can't do things like that. At the end of the day, people say "oh, that was just a joke". It was about me and I didn't think it was funny at all. John Swan - She Acts like a school teacher when you make them too angry. She's pretty condescending and I think she knows it's not as bad as she seems. If you want to see the video you can. It's not that offensive at all. I did not continue talking about other features. I don't know what she is talking about there. It was literally supposed to be critical analysis, so there were no jabs or anything like that.
That's just it's completely and utterly ridiculous how you're framing this. Suzy: So I talked about it a lot. I told you guys on Twitter or wherever I was like I didn't like that video. I was pretty upset about that video and all that happened in regards to that video was a bunch of people came up to me to basically be like: oh my gosh look at the size of your forehead *meh meh meh* and that's what which was constantly getting and I was like, no, you can get mad, you know what, no, I'm not happy about it.
Again, and this is what amazes me is he also came out and said okay that was risky he shouldn't have done that and it's like the two of you have literally admitted numerous times that you know you were wrong about what did. You know you were wrong, so why am I the one who gets the brunt of your mistakes? John Swan: Now this is very interesting. I pulled this clip now that she includes it. I took it from the beginning of the video that I just put up here because it was more relevant, but it's very interesting the way she frames this.
She's using my three-minute section that I uploaded to the second channel as an argument about the main channel. That never happened. That's just the most manipulative way you could say this. Using the video from my second channel as an argument here. I don't care so much about the video on the second channel. I don't agree that it should have been removed, but can I see why it might have been removed? Yes. I don't think it should be removed besides the point that I really don't care that the video was removed. I was on the second channel, whatever it is, a warning, I really don't care.
But the main channel video where there was no jam than the first autocomplete on the first autocomplete when you search for Suzy. There were no problems with that, that's the video that everyone is fussing over. That's the tweet that has over 7,000 likes talking about the video being deleted. That is the problem here. not the video that had 300 views on the second channel. I don't care about that video, I care about the main channel video because that's the one that will set an important precedent. Can we even mention the physical features that exist? How far is this going to go?
How many people can critical videos be taken down if there is a simple insult? If there is a single mention of an attribute. This is a very dangerous precedent that has been set. This whole video is just manipulating the facts and this is the most manipulative way you could respond to the situation and it really shows that Suzy Lu is just not going to change. She's never going to change. The way she addresses criticism is possibly the worst I've seen from any YouTuber. she doesn't apologize for anything. She doesn't say sorry. Nothinghere is an admission of guilt.
She doesn't tackle uncut anime on her Patreon. She doesn't say anything of substance, and yet she expects us to just agree with YouTube and YouTube's decisions. I saw a tweet today from Brittany Venti. She had a problem with the live stream. Every time she went live, she would get a Community Guidelines prompt for no reason, so she did a test that she went live while she read a book silently for eight minutes. And she got a community strike of guidelines for reading a book quietly and it was removed for harmful or dangerous content. So this argument I've seen floating around a lot.
Even Suzy mentions it in this video. If YouTube believes that your content violated the rules, then it is your responsibility and not YouTube's. YouTube is on the right. No, they are not. They clearly are not. For example, reading a book in the corner is not harmful or dangerous content and certainly should not have received a warning from the community guidelines and the appeal was rejected. That's just ridiculous if you think that's correct in any way. And if all YouTube decisions are correct, I guess when Suzy Lu's channel was terminated for the three warnings Tokyo TV gave for using copyrighted content, she should have accepted it and not called her partner manager because all those decisions were 100%. correct.
Yeah, no, that's not how it works. That is a terrible argument to make. Just before I go, I just want to mention a few more things that have happened. Basically, there's been an influx of privacy complaints and captioning complaints against people for their YouTube videos, so Nicolas DeOrio got like three privacy complaints, I got one on my video, The Quartering got a few, and all of us got closed captions. . complaints too. Basically, Suzy Lu or her fans are doing everything they can to remove any content from these videos. It's really funny how people approach them anyway to get these videos removed, but I guess that's just the life of a drama youtuber, right?
And one more thing before I leave you, me and some other youtubers have created a parody channel called Suzy Lu reaction reaction where we are reacting to Suzy Lu's anime reactions because if Suzy Lu thinks her reactions are okay, so our reactions on this channel should be fine. There are many videos, there will be more soon and we hope you enjoy them. It's just a really fun side project we're working on. A bit of fun so go ahead and replace each other with some great memes, anyways guys I hope you enjoyed the video. If you made it this far, I congratulate you.
Please give me a like if you liked it. I have a feeling YouTube won't be monetizing this or pushing it in any way, so any support and sharing will be fantastic, and I'll see you all in the next video where I hope you don't have to watch this for like ten minutes. Thanks so much for looking and see you next time.

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